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  1. Night_Zane
    The Life of Shadow

    The life begins as the the mysterious Shadow comes out of nowhere. Shadow:Maria!!As Maria fell a mysterious anger comes over Shadow.Losing the only person he liked.Shadow wakes up, Maria is on is side.Shadow: Did i really save her?Maria wakes up.Shadow:Are you alright?Maria:....How*Fainted*Shadow:Maria!,Mariaaa!

    Robotnik:Shadow how is Maria?Shadow:She....FaintedRobotnik:Take her two her room.Shadow:what the heck is that. G.U.N. Robots came in as the shooting Maria.Shadow:Noooooo!Shadow:Chaos Blast!!!
    To Be Continued by you or me

    As Maria dies in Shadows hands. G.U.N. takes over the ark. And Shadow wakes up in a ship wondering how he got in the ship. He landed in Crisis City as a blue hedgehog comes to figure out what just happened. Sonic: Hello? Tails: Is he Dead? Knuckles: Poke him with a stick. Sonic Wow..Knuckles what a stupid idea. While Knuckles gets a stick. Shadow wakes up. Tails:Sonic!! Hes waking up!! Hes waking up!!.Shadow:............who are you what happened to me.Sonic: Come on lets help to a place that he can rest at.As tails gets the Tornado. Knuckles pokes Shadow with a stick. Shadow wakes up. And pushed Knuckles away. Shadow: Why are you poking me?!?!?!
    Knuckles and Shadow started to fight as knuckles punches Shadow and as Shadow kicking Knuckles to the ground. Shadow remember how he got into the ship.***Flashback***Robotnik: Maria!!! Gamma get Shadow out of here!!
    Gamma:Ok Gamma shoots through the forces of G.U.N. and pushes Shadow into the 1st Escape Pod. And Gamma in the second.***End of Flashback***
    Sonic:Lets Go!!! As Shadow jumps on the Tornado Sonic asked him his name he said Shadow The Hedgehog

    The tornado lands in Soleanna. Tails: Hi Shadow!!! Sonic: come on tails lets get him some rest. Knuckles: . As sonic takes shadow to their house a mysterious blue water comes up and tries to get shadow. Sonic: Watch out!!!
    Shadow: Chaos SPEAR!! The water disappeared into the drain near by. Sonic: What was that. Everyone looks at Shadow. Shadow: What! I dont know anything...Nyah. A huge ship passes by. Sonic: Eggman! Shadow: I help you. Let's go. They were running to a city, Crisis City to exact. Eggman: Ha ha Sonic you will never get me. Eggman looks at Shadow. Eggman: Is this the creation my father was talking about??... It is. Sonic and Shadow uses Homing attack to get on the ship. Then they enter the Falcon. The went to the command room and saw the mysterious blue ooze. Shadow: Hide!! They hid behind the walls. Eggman:Chaos one day, you will destroy this planet and that blue hedgehog. But dont kill the black and red one. Cause he is the ultimate life form. Chaos:*makes a weird noise*. Sonic: Eggman! Your reign of terror is over!! Shadow:Chaos Spear!! It hits chaos forcing him to leave the area.Eggman: No! Chaos! Grrrrrr. You'll never catch me. Escapes in small ship.

    Powers:Chaos Spear, Chaos Control, Chaos Blast, Chaos Difinty
    Bio: a unknown hedgehog that was found in a escape pod

    Username: ( it could be taken by anyone)
    Name: Sonic
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Powers: Chaos transformation, Chaos Control, Spin dash, Homing dash,Fire dash,Ultimate WereHog
    Bio: A hedgehog that saves the earth from Eggman

    Username: Curse_tail
    Name: Tails
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Bio: a 2-tailed fox thats wants to be like Sonic

    Username: Shadow_rocks
    Name: Knuckles
    Age: 17
    Gender : Male
    Powers: Dig
    Bio: Unknown
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