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    Ghosts, demons, evil things that prowl in the dark. A special team called Shibuya Psychic Reasearch have been excorsizing and purifying these things for a long time, and they're very good at it. However, they have not dealt with a haunting of this magnitude. The mayor of a city called Merry has asked for their help, claiming a large tale. The entire city is haunted by extremely powerful spirits. Not only that, but the town was cursed long ago and is now attracting evil beasts and monsters of all sort. It is up to SPR and their new recruits to cleanse the city and save themselves. The most intense case they will ever do is building up the body count, and they have to do something fast.

    Rules! 8D
    1. No PowerPlaying. Or GodModding.
    2. Exception to the rule: Since I play ghosts, I get to GodMod! 8D
    3. But don't worry your pretty little heads about it. I won't kill you, I'll just put our characters through morbidly gross and disturbing situations. Not kill you. 8D
    4. Post at least a seven to eight sentance paragraph per post. More makes me happy.
    5. Respect the limits of the human body.
    6. Please, no cybering. I do not want a ghost baby in the RP.
    7. Exception. I probably will have dead ghost children attacking us, but that's beside the point. They were made a long time before the RP started. So there's no reason for cybering.
    8. PM all profile skeletons to me.
    9. Try and make your posts pretty. Follow something like my first post, and FH's first post, and you'll understand.
    10. FH is co-founder.
    11. If you bug her, I will eat you. I am a werewolf-humans are tasty creatures.

    Profile Skellies!
    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Sexual Preferance:
    Religious Affiliation:

    Canons! 8D
    Naru Shibuya
    Mai Taniyama-FH!
    John Brown
    Hara Masako-Me!

    Username: Friendly Hearless
    Character Name: Rowan Sern
    Character Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexual Preferance: Male
    Crush: None yet
    Bio: Rowan has been very senitive to the other side ever since her twin brother died when she was ten. She's sometimes is stern, but she can be soft around the edges. She's the kind of girl who can handle most rough or gorey situations and tries to think fast in times of panic of how to get out of a perdicament. She has a fear of water, but not the little sprinkles of it. Just the deep pools of water, river rapids, and being totally immersed in it. She doesn't like talking about her brother's death or showing signs of 'weakness'. Therefore, she tries to keep most of her true emotions hidden from others. If somebody pushes the right buttons, Rowan can become and open book to that person.
    Other: Rowan wears a dragon necklace around her neck all the time. It was a gift from her brother, and it gives her some protection from evil spirits.
    Religious Affiliation: None, but she sometimes believes there's a God.

    Username: Death_Of_Saint_Micheal
    Character Name: James Farine
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Sexual Preferance: Female
    Crush: Rowan/Mai. 8D
    Bio: James is mildly sensative to the other side-not like Hara Masako or anything. He can sense faint and strong spirits, though sometimes has trouble with the ones in-between. He's a very offensive fighter, because his father was a Catholic Priest and his mother a Shrine Maiden. He wasn't exactly sure how he came into the picture, but whatever. He grew up a different religion from the both of them, and retains attributes from both to exorsize in odd manners. He fights spirits very well, though isn't really good with defensive barriers. James's mom died when he was ten, but his father's still around. The funny thing is-he's a skeptic now. Anyway, James grew up a good childhood, realatively, and is now ready to help SPR with anything that they need.
    Other: James has a black, serrated earring through one ear and a collar that kinda gives him comfort at times.
    Religious Affiliation: Presbeterian Christian.​
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    Twisted Zion

    Well, my first story posting here. I'm nervous...>.> <.<

    Ugh, I hate her, Nova!†A kid complained to his friend at the lunch table.
    “Don’t do anything stupid, James.†She warned him between bites of the apple she was eating. “Like that time when you put that pig in the sub’s purse. Genius, but it got you detention, which in turn left me all alone…â€

    “But it was fun!†James retaliated. “I like how you’re wearing your hair today….†He muttered, trying to change the subject. Nova’s hair was bright red, and pulled back in a complicated knot. One chopstick miraculously held it all together. Nova didn’t wear make-up, as her bright blue eyes didn’t need any more encouragement. Her dark red t-shirt fit perfectly, and her jeans reached down halfway her shin. She also wore heavy black boots. ‘All the better to kick your ass with.’ She’d always say.

    James, on the other hand, had dark brown eyes, with reddish brown hair, sprawled about like a mop on his head. He wore a blue-t-shirt, with an interesting Vans design along the front. His dark jeans easily reached down to the floor, but that only happened if they went too far down his waist. He wore grey tennis shoes. Like Nova, James was thin, and had olive skin.

    “Doesn’t help, James.†Nova said angrily. “Oh, whatever. We have our next classes together, then, the sweet weekend.â€
    “Oh, thank God! Only two more classe-“
    “Darn it!†James muttered to himself.

    James walked down the hallway with Nova, keeping his mouth shut as she pushed through the crowds of people. “Outta my way!†Nova yelled angrily as she slammed a kid into a locker. She opened the door to the classroom, pulling James in.
    “Must you really injure kids every time you change classes?â€
    “Would you rather me use you as a battering ram?â€
    “Then shut up and sit down.†James and Nova took their seats as their English class began.

    Nova drew out a piece of paper, scrawling a few words on it. She passed it over to James. ‘I’m soooo bored!’
    ‘It’s been five minutes!’
    ‘Oh, Jesus. Look at our homework.’
    ‘Are you kidding me! Four chapters!?’
    ‘It’s not that bad…’
    ‘I can’t do that…’
    ‘You have a week…’
    ‘I can’t do that in a month!’
    ‘Stop whining!’
    ‘You wanna die?’
    ‘Not yet…’
    ‘Then shut up!’
    ‘We’re writing a note….’
    ‘I’ll be quiet now.’
    “Stupid broken bell…..†Nova muttered angrily. James hopped out of the classroom and into the adjacent class.
    “Thank God we don’t have to go across the school, else people would be dead.â€
    “Again, do you want to be one of them?â€

    “Hello, class. I’m your sub, Mrs. Potter.†Mrs. Potter had a grey-ish granny afro, with a shawl and tight-fitting pants. She wore stilettos, with a chain-link belt. “Class, today we are going to watch a news reel, then you will write a one-page essay in-class about it.â€

    Mrs. Potter clicked on the TV, rewinding three hours. “And a new development! Apparently, the renegade group harbored in Alaska has many more nuclear missiles in their silo. We don’t know how they managed to launch, but Russia is now almost all destroyed. Lucky, no more have seemed to have been fired.

    Pictures began passing across the screen as Mrs. Potter answered a phone call from the school receiver. The pictures captured the class, videos of fleeting figures and horrific sights. BBRRING! “Sorry, class! That paper is now homework!†Half the class moaned, including Nova. “Students, after you put up your chairs, you may leave the classroom.â€

    James placed his chair on the table and left the schoolroom with Nova, stepping into the hot Arizona sun. “Bah! I hate walking home!†James muttered as he walked through the marsh of tumbleweeds that covered the road to his house. “You gonna stay, Nova?â€
    “I guess.â€
    “How long?â€
    “Hopefully, for the night.â€

    The two trudged up the steps to James’s front door, and he quickly unlocked it. “Go ahead.†Nova stepped in, immediately kicking off her boots.
    “I’ll play you at Halo!†She yelled, running and turning on James’s dusty X-Box.
    “Fine.†He muttered. He hated playing Nova, she always won.

    End Chap/1

    After many sleepless nights....:

    James smiled as he picked up a rocket launcher. "Noova.." He said happily.
    "Guess what I have?" James looked around as he heard a soft mechanical whirring. "I said, guess what I ha-" A loud bang almost busted his speakers.
    "I think you have a face full of laser."
    "You cannot comprehend how much I hate you right now."

    James picked up an energy sword, spying Nova with her back turned. HE ran forwards, and pressed the button to swing. A loud bang again sounded. James’s character flew back, dead. “The hell?†James said angrily.
    “Radar….and gravity hammer.â€
    “My volume of hate for you has grown tremendously.

    James, still fuming, picked up a laser. He spied Nova far away. He began charging. The familiar mechanical whirring happened, except it was him this time. As he was about to shoot, there was a small ‘Tink!’ sound. His person fell down, dead. “NOVA!â€
    “I’m good with snipers!â€
    “You’re good with everything.â€
    “I know!â€
    “I quit. Let’s go to bed.â€
    “Whatever. You’re just jealous of my totally mad gaming skills.â€
    “Nuh uh!â€
    “It was 47 to -1.â€
    “Shut up!â€

    James, lying on the floor of his room, wondered about the news. Nova moved around in his bed, distracting him for a second. What were those fleeting figures? Could those things have been people? They looked do deformed…it must be horrible to have that happen to you. He leaned back against the floor, trying to coax sleep into his restless mind.

    He pounded the pillow, then fluffed it up only to pound it again. What was keeping him awake? If felt like there was something…just…wrong. Eventually, the night prevailed and James fell into a light, dreamless sleep filled with images of deformed people and nuclear bombs.

    “James! James!†A voice called out. He tried to ignore it and keep sleeping. “JAMES!†It was Nova’s voice….wait….wait, what? He ignored Nova? Three hard kicks to his ribs woke him up roughly. “Okay! Damn, I’m getting up! Wait a sec, will ya?†He said while yawning.

    “NOW!†James awoke to Nova hiding on the bed, head buried in her hands. “They’re everywhere, James! A loud crash, then the tinkle of glass. “They’re coming in through the windows!†Vicious growling came from beyond his door. He locked it quickly, grabbing Nova’s arm.
    “What about my parents?â€

    James ran up the stairs, slowly pushing open the door to his parent’s room. He closed it again, running back down. “What was that?†He said, scared. His parents…they were..all that blood….that white thing…
    “J-James?†Nova stuttered.
    “Are your windows barred?â€
    A resounding crash sent broken glass flying everywhere. A brown shape grabbed nova, busting out the other window and flying away. “Nova!â€
    “Help! James…please help!†Her cries grew fainter with distance.

    An eagle sound echoed about the house, and the brown shape slammed down in front of him. “You’re next!†It looked like an overgrown bat! Huge wings tipped with a claw, and paws with wickedly curved claws. It’s snout was filled with sharp teeth, and had two large canine fangs. The brown fur that covered it’s body ruffled in the breeze that came in through the broken window. “And there is nothing you can do about it!â€

    “Wanna bet?†He yelled angrily, throwing a lamp at the thing. It smashed against it’s shoulder, and the creature hissed. James leapt out the window, and the bat screamed angrily. It couldn’t get through without momentum.
    “I. Will. Kill you.†It said in a deadly voice.
    “Go ahead and try!â€

    James ran to the parking lot, fishing the keys to a motorcycle out from under a pot. IT was his dad’s…but… James blinked back tears. He heard a crash has the bet got through the window. He revved up the motcle, slamming it into third gear and taking off. He barely managed to hold on to the handlebars as the wind howled in his ears to fall.

    ‘Where can I go…Where can I go?’ As he calmed down, reasoning set in. ‘What were those things? Are there more?’ AS if on cure, a green flash ran past him, and he swerved to avoid it. A monstrous human-shaped praying mantis stared at him, licking it’s lips. “AAAH!†James yelled, trying to go faster. But….the thing didn’t follow him. IT looked…sad. ‘What’s happening here?’ James though, utterly confused.

    ‘I’m sure the other creatures won’t be as kind….I gotta find some place to hide!’ What’s the best weapon to kill something? A rocket launcher. ‘But a gun is close enough…’ he thought, taking a sharp left. Gerald’s Gun Store! He parked, jumping off and running toward the shop. He opened the door, looking around at all the guns. “Jackpot!â€

    James eyed and odd un on the table. “The hell?†It was huge, and looked like a cross between a shotgun and a hunting rifle. He picked it up, then his eyes widened. He felt the muzzle of a gun pressed to the back of his head. “And who are you, love?†A British accent whispered in his ear.

    End/Chap 2
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    A group of teenage friends at a party, having fun and dancing 'till they die. Real party animals, huh? Their friend that's hosting the party, Yushi Potatsku, (Yeah, he's Japanese.) is a real freak. Fruit-punch fountains with God-knows how much liquor in them. How did a kid like him get all this stuff? Pretty lenient parents, or a really sneaky kid.

    All partied out, they start to head home, driving on the road, thankfully at least one of them isn't too drunk that they think roadkill are demons trying to eat the car. Wow. Damn GPS, it's not working. They took a wrong turn. Where was this? Crap, it's getting late. The driver's getting sleepy, which is always a bad thing. Is that a house?

    They walk up, knocking on the door. A sweet lady answers the door. To one of the guys, an even sweeter young girl is behind her. But that's for later, now isn't it? They're hospitible, feeding the group and offering to house them for a night. Nice Creoles, huh? That voodoo crap can't possibly be real. These people are great!

    The next day, they leave. The old lady seems displeased somehow. One of the teenagers did something not to her liking. Still don't beleive in voodoo? Maybe you should. The students leave, feeling uneasy. That old lady, who was she glaring at as they were leaving, anyway?

    Those damn kids...I know one of them touched beautiful granddaughter. No one gets away with that. I have to get my revenge.....

    And so, the college students go on with their life. Still unknowing of the voodoo being cast against them, they still party, still have fun. Meanwhile, the lady has different plans.

    "Oh spirits of the wind
    I have been shamed by these people
    These humans
    With their evil lusts
    Animals have no lusts such as these
    So make these humans into animals
    The way they should be."

    And the lady throws envolopes containting parts of the kids into the wind, somehow they float. They fly off into the sky, never to be seen again. And so, the old lady goes into town. To watch. To see if her spell worked.

    ((Okay. The voodoo spell is pretty much explained in the chant, so here's what determines how fast your person will turn.

    1. Blood
    2. Hair
    3. Skin
    4. Saliva
    5. At the very worst, the presence of them on something.

    Profile Skeleton:
    Voodoo Animal:
    Part left behind:

    1. We can have someone play the Creole lady-witch, if someone wants.

    2. Up to 3 fully human characters per person.

    3. Post your profile in the thread.

    4. Follow the rules of the thread subcategory we are in.

    5. I love you. Just kidding. Kind of. ^^

    User: Death_Of_Saint_Micheal
    Name: Demian Nyite
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Orientation: Straight
    Voodoo Animal: Lion
    Part left behind: Skin
    Personality: He's sarcastic, a lot. He loves to be around his friends, even if some of them piss him off. He doesn't like bulls, or horses, or things of that nature. Hooves aren't his thing.
    Crush: Kyrina
    Other: He wears a small charm around his neck, given to him by one of his friends.

    User: Friendly_Heartless
    Name: Kyrina Rintsu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Orientation: Straight
    Voodoo Animal: Tiger
    Part left behind: Saliva
    Appearance: girl with orange hair/Shadow-sin/Random/Random-77.jpg
    Personality: The outgoing, sometimes shy, cannot make up her mind how she's feeling type of girl. She can be angry one minute, and then happy the next in an instant. despite the sudden mood swings, she is very loyal and friendly to her friends.
    Crush: Er... none yet.
    Other: Likes to read books and to make crazy art that doesn't even look like art half the time
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