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    Yeah she runs away and hides and screams at me
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    Now she's only doing it when I'm moving around. She's fine if I'm sitting down
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    Ok so tonight my cat got frightened when I jumped up suddenly and run to the bathroom (I really needed to pee) she started hissing and screaming at me. Now when I even open the living room door she growls and hisses.

    8im worried she won't calm down by morning and will act the same way when I try to leave for work.
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    I was bored and thought I'd check in on the site and decided to make a little post just to say hello again since it's been awhile.
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    so yeah my grandfather passed away quiet suddenly last june. He wasn't ill or anything.

    Obviously I was heartbroken but I thought I'd move on from the grieving process but it's now going into April and I find myself being suddenly stuck with crippling grief to the point where I'm sobbing in bed barely able to breath properly.

    Surely I should have been able to move on by now? My grandfather wouldn't have wanted me to be like this.
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    I'm a girl ...but yeah
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    I'm good thank you!

    That's what prompted my return I was looking at them too !
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    Profile Post

    It's been awhile.. hi

    It's been awhile.. hi
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    How is everyone doing?

    I decided to come back for a bit.

    Shocking I know what with the amount of times I've left and come back. But as I was remenising about the old days I realised I miss this.

    So anyway hi!
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    Like I said I'm not complaining I was just making an observation
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    The last time I was on here was 2013 I'm sure like I said I'm not on a lot just when I feel like seeing what's going on and I wasn't complaining I was making an observation
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    I'm not on here much but when I am it makes me sad and reminiscent of years ago when I first joined... There would be over 100 users on at the same time... Now you're lucky if you see over 10. What a difference 8 years makes
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    Heya :)

    Back again, briefly though.

    Wow its been awhile seems quiet here now. not as busy as it used to be
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    AWOL sign-up

    You are trained not to think.

    You have been raised not to feel.

    You were brought up to be suspicious of everything.

    You were bred to be a warrior.

    You’ve grown tired of that life style.

    You’ve gone AWOL.

    The year is 2040 and the Government army came up with the idea to genetically bred the best fighters ever to exist in 2020. They take mother’s who would otherwise abort their children and pay them to carry the child to full term, constantly injecting them with hormones to make the baby stronger than any other human.

    Once the baby is born it is taken away from the mother to be cared for by a private nurse for the first five years of its life. When the child reaches the age of five, they begin their training. Again for the first five years the training is of the mind, when the child reaches ten, it becomes more physical. Some children ease into the training, while other’s struggle. Those who do well, excel and are soon moved up with their training, while those who struggle are taken away and not seen again.

    But something has happened recently, after a fake rescue operation some of the teenagers have started acting differently, acting out, sneaking out of the compound out of hours, un authorized. The military is worried that they have been compromised and have started to rebel against their trainers. They fear they are becoming…human and they consider that a weakness.

    One night a group breaks out and steals a jeep and narrowly escapes, they make their way to the nearest town where they hope to begin a new life, a normal life where they can learn to love, sneak out to parties and go to school. But the Military will not let their best weapons go that easily and pursue the teens.

    They are officially AWOL.

    Note: This is my first RP in years and it may not sound that great but Im open to adjustments so anyone feel free to PM me and we can talk about tweaking it J


    Age: (15-19)



    Date of Birth:

    Status: (Inservice or AWOL)

    Name: Scarlett Jane Chambers

    Age: 19

    Apperence: [​IMG]

    Gender : Female

    Date of Birth: 27/11/2021

    Status: AWOL.


    No power-playing.

    Ask permission before controlling someone else

    Keep it PG 13
    I must be notified if you wish to leave (so no characters are left hanging)
    You cannot kill anyone without permission unless they are controlled by you.

    We need at least four people before we start.
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    Hi again!

    Hi again all, I'm back.

    Ive been on and off the site for awhile now, just checking my inbox and stuff and left months ago. Things just got a little too much for me what with my break up and college, I just didn't have the time anymore, but that's all in the past now and I have a lot more time on my hand than I'd like. So I figured I'd give the site another shot ^^ hopefully I can get back to what I used to do on here.

    So yeah, Just thought I'd say Hi, though most probably don't know me or care :/ Oh well.


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    Ok so my lecturers keep giving me remediation-meaning I didn't pass the first attempt and now I think ive just had enough. I just broke down and cried and start up again when I think about it. My parents aren't that sympathetic as they just keep telling me to get a job. I feel like a failure and a complete idiot- who knew someone could be too stupid to look after children huh?- I love what I do but its too much.

    I feel like my life has just gone to sh*t since I broke up with my ex in June, things just keep happening and it's not getting any better and if I being really honest I wouldn't really care anymore. I'm fed up with everything. Most people probably think their life is sh*t ...but mines will be in ruins if I can't pass college and then I don't know what would happen.
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    Ok so in June I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, since then my best friend and me have gotten really close( sharing his bed, stealing his clothes, cuddling up to each other ect) and I've had two dreams about guys I've never met kissing me and I had a third last night... It made me happy and I felt loved but here's the thing the guy turned into my best friend ( who says he's gay) and he told me he loved me in the dream and kissed me again... Now I've woke up and my heart is racing and I've stupidly told him a bit about my dream ( not the bit with him) I'm worried I may be starting to like him as more than a friend
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    Eva turned quickly and moved off down the street all but dragging her younger brother with her,who was staring back at his brother,who was still writhing on the ground,thrashing about
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    "Lets go Rhys!"Eva said tugging his hand
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    User Name:SORA!
    Character Name: Imogen 'Immy' Holls
    Blood Type:O
    History:Immy was an only child,both her parents died when she was young and she ran away from every foster home she's ever been in. She turned to drink,drugs and prostitution just to keep herself going during the harder years. She is clean now,though often drinks to forget what is going on around her,her last boyfriend was killed in front of her by the infected and this still gives her nightmares.
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