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    Just cause she has big tiiiitties?~

    Rep to whoever knows this song and what popular show it was featured on a while back
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    Just a note this time around..

    I, Asterisk, was asked to repost this in extended section and I have gotten timexhasxgone's permission to do so.She asked me, why else would I touch this?

    And let it be known that we will be sharing the power in this roleplay.If you've got questions or concerns, direct them to me or time ..but mostly time, considering I have no idea what happened in the last thread at all.Capiche? Okay.I have altered no spelling or OC formats while reposting this.

    Just another note
    This is an rp which only uses the storyline as a guideline; use it as a building block, if you wish. Everything else that happens, such as fights, romance and other occurrences are up to you. Just don’t get too carried away with your imagination; make it make sense to others other than yourself, and make it subtle... Y’know, PG-13 stuff. I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, anyway.

    Okay, here we go.

    Organisation VIII, having been defeated, are sent to the underworld. They were sent there to perish there for all they have done.
    Here’s the twist.
    They didn’t suffer, they didn’t stay there. There was a glitch.
    Instead, the organisation were reincarnated and sent back into the world. What will happen now? Who is born where and when? Have their names changed?
    That’s for you to decide.
    But life isn’t going to be one straight road; the mistake the underworld made has been identified, and “retrievers” have been sent to capture the members once again.
    Which side will you join?

    Here are the rules:
    • Change the member’s name, if you wish. And change their looks little, but keep them close to their original form.
    • Keep it PG-13; meaning, no sexual themed stuff, although putting innuendo’s into certain scenes is okay.
    • Don’t start arguing over sh!t.
    • If out of character, do the ((OOC :)) thing.
    • Don’t be bashing other rp’s whilst here. Please.
    • I want good grammar and spelling. I have an OCD for them.
    • No one-liners. Go into detail, if you must. Just don’t be going all: He walked across the hall and sat down. << That annoys hell outta me.
    • Have fun. That’s the main thing. Don’t be too serious.
    • Say Silly Piggy at the end of reading this is your post [:

    OC Form:

    Organisation member:
    Original Organisation characters name:
    Description: (what has changed?)
    Picture: (optional)
    Weapon: (picture optional)
    Preview Post:

    Underworld Retriever:

    Rank: (from 10 – 3, 1 being the highest (but I’m not allowing high ranks, or there will be God-modding happening, 10 being a new officer)
    Preview post:

    I'll add my own when we are about to start [:

    Accepted Organization:

    Username: water mage
    Name: Myde
    Original Organization characters name: Demyx
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Description: Basically looks the same except he has blue streaks on the tips of his points with black streaks on the longer parts of his mullet. He wears the same black organization cloak but now parts of it are blue. He prefers to be called Demyx.

    Weapon: Sitar remains to be able to control water, but can also can heal injuries and illness and can transform into a water dragon when seriously prevoked.
    Preview Post: See signature except with different hair color of black and blue tips.
    Personality: Still the same fun loving guy he was before, but now his other entity doesn't take crap from anyone and is more aggressive and dangerous when he fights. Due to his new look, he has become more cocky to those indivduals who deserve it.

    Silly Piggy

    Awakeing from the darkness he felt that he was forever tormented in, his spirit felt heavy as he felt like he was appearing somewhere else. Knowing he had been defeated by the key blade hero, he cursed the boy and his friends. It seemed like all was a blur, from instead of traveling somewhere else, he saw a light and traveled through it. Perhaps this was another chance to escape what would be his final resting place, but he saw himself as being good for he remembered the bright intense blue light that shone after his defeat. Running towards it, his spirit was changing, the light and darkness coming back together around him forming him to what he was before, but with some differences. Emering through the light, his spirit woke up which recalled his body to arise thus opening his eyes. Looking at the familar surroundings, he stretched out his hands only to shoot water into a puddle on the ground. Looking at his new visage, he liked the differences about him especially his cool hair with blue points, dark blonde/ light brunette remained with black streaks. He felt his attuide had changed, but something else was different to and he didn't know what that was yet. He searched his surroundings to see that the other members had changed and where he was.


    In his dragon form.
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    I am playing with a little 6 year old and a 9 year old poser on Xbox Live GoW 2 ..and they both play as Cole..

    God...first time playing Gow2 online and I get stuck with this..
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    I believe so, but if Nomura couldn't have added another then I wish he'd have replaced Alice with her. Alice was just so ..non princess-like. Jane cared about Gorilla's and didn't like anyone who'd hurt them. I say she deserved the title more.

    What do you guys think?
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    ~ This roleplay takes place in an alternate universe, keep this in mind ~

    |Friday the Thirteenth|

    Vexen, brilliant scientist and the Chilly Academic of Organization XIII, had thought of a brilliant plan to increase the aggressiveness of the lower Nobodies under them. What if he placed the mind of a true killer into an empty shell such as a Dusk to help increase the chance of putting Sora and his meddlesome friends out of the way of the Organization? Immediately he took to work on finding a way to find the mind of a serial killer and contain it within an empty shell.

    It had taken months of searching and planning, but finally the genius had done it. Scaling through Twilight Town, he had entered the prison facilities one by one, searching for days on end to find the most insane man he could. Finally, he had found him, the most bloodthirsty genocidal man alive, Michael Voorhees. Waiting until dark, Vexen had snuck past the security and underwent the process of taking his mind by means of a special glove device he had developed, the Mind Robber. Using that device and waiting until the man was sound asleep, Vexen merely placed the device onto his head, holding it there and transforming the man’s mind into data, something many thought to be impossible.

    After that night, the next day Vexen had requested that every member come to his laboratory, claiming that he had found a way to turn the tide in the fight against the King, Sora, and the do-gooders of light. Each member watching carefully, With a samurai borrowed from Roxas strapped to a table, Vexen placed the gloved device onto its head, sending the stored mind of that crazed killer into its train of thought. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Unable to contain such horrible, sick thoughts and desires, the Mind Robber could not complete the transfer and went haywire. Fearing it might detonate, Vexen pulled the device from his hand and threw it away, but as it flew it exploded in a flash of light, blinding everyone and causing each to fall into unconsciousness.


    Approximately three hours later, most awoke, finding the lab in ruins and Vexen dead, throat slit and face mutilated with cuts and punctures. He was dead, but had not faded. It appeared that he had undergone severe torture before life left him. Some held fear, nervousness, and worry inside themselves seeing that body covered in blood, lightless eyes wide open as the man lost his sanity and wished to be put out of his misery.

    Thunder and Rain poured outside, not adding to the dread each member felt. The power was out, it was dark, and to make matters worse, the killer was gone, proof being the blood prints leaving the lab.

    The question now was …who was going to get out of this alive?

    1. PG-13 and UP. (sorry kiddies, might be gore)
    2. No complaining if your character is requested to die. After every 30 pages or so, someone has to die. If your character does die, you may request another via pm.
    3. No Yaoi or Yuri.
    4. No all-knowing crap, meaning you automatically know who it is or who’s died without a clue or seeing it. You can be suspicious, sure.
    5. Stay in character to the best of your abilities.
    6. In each post I’d like at least five sentences or more, if you can’t do it each time that’s fine, but try to make it a personal goal.
    7. Post a sample of your skills with the character you’ve requested if they are available...unless I've seen you play
    8. There will be no OC’s in this unless I make an exception, sorry.
    9. Only members of the Organization will be used, sorry again.
    10. You break any of the rules repeatedly, I reserve the right to kick you out.
    11. If you have any questions, contact me via pm or vm.
    12. Do NOT make up anything you see or hear, only I and my trusted ‘advisers’ may do this. *TwilightNight* and *Deathsight44* are these people : D
    13. If you’ve read all the rules, put ‘Viva La Veterans’ in your post. Oh and no asking to be the killer ..if you do, gtfo. ^^

    Xigbar: Hellkitten
    Vexen: - DECEASED -...or is he?
    Lexaeus: Deathsight44
    Zexion: Last of the Organization
    Axel: Gatekeeper
    Demyx: Gatekeeper
    Marluxia: Last of the Organization
    Larxene: *TwilightNight*
    Roxas: *TwilightNight*​
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    It's real.It's in the making right now and I gotta say it's blown my mind.Bigger and better stages.Graphics are awe-inspiring.Ship to Ship combat looks intense and much more impressive than in SWBF2.Ground combat looks brilliant, just from looking at the Hoth stage.I haven't been this excited about a game for a very, VERY long time.

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    ...They discuss Vin Diesel's sexuality. I mean, really..
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    I didn't know him or anything, but I thought I'd just wish him a happy birthday both here and on his profile..he would've been 19 today.God bless him.
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    Okay,so I'm replaying KHII and I just saw Sora seal another keyhole after the 1000 heartless, but he's still somewhere in Hollow Bastion, right?

    Why did two keyholes need to be shut in Hollow Bastion?

    If it wasn't Hollow Bastion, what was it?
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    Okay, so I'm on the last Paradox Cup you need to complete, but around the 48th round I get owned entirely by the Crescendo's and Morningstars.The Morningstars come at me constantly and when I hit them the Crescendo's just heal them.

    I'm lvl 99 and I use Ultima Weapon.

    Any tips?
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    ..If you guys think about those words you laugh?..Do you imagine a Scotsman with bagpipes and a goatee saying them?..I I take that too...Serious?
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    May as well ask..'Why so Serious?' so we can move on with our lives..who will it be...?
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    -editted for plan mentioning-
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    My NAT for Live is strict and I want to get it to open,though I really don't want to go through an assload of trouble.I hear its simple but I can't find clear steps.

    Could anyone help me,its on 'Strict' and luckily I only disconnect once in all,though I believe it makes Matchmaking take longer.
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    I found this pretty may or may not.

    10 Husbands, Still a Virgin
    A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands.

    On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin."

    "What?" said the puzzled groom.

    "How can that be if you've been married ten times?"

    "Well, Husband #1 was a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it was going to be.

    Husband #2 was in software services: he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me.

    Husband #3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up.

    Husband #4 was in telemarketing: even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver.

    Husband #5 was an engineer: he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method.

    Husband #6 was from finance and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it was his job or not.

    Husband #7 was in marketing: although he had a nice product, he was never sure how to position it.

    Husband #8 was a psychologist: all he ever did was talk about it.

    Husband #9 was a gynecologist: all he did was look at it.

    Husband #10 was a stamp collector: all he ever did was... God! I miss him! But now that I've married you, I'm really excited!"

    "Good," said the new husband, "but, why?"

    "You're a lawyer. This time I know I'm gonna get screwed!"
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    Anyone else find this awesome?..I love it XD

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    That sig is so cruel,I feel bad for him...Pika_Power would prolly kill you >.>
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    ..You licked your Rubix Cube...what.the.****?
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    I love each and every one of you..even a certain group of people that made me seem hug nao plz?
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    Eagle Eye

    trailer for 'Eagle Eye' - starring Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Azizi, and Billy Bob Thornton.

    A slacker and a single mother are framed as terrorists and forced to become members of a cell with plans to carry out a political assassination.

    Release Date: September 26th, 2008

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