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    Okay so I KNOW I've seen a photo of someone cosplaying as Xaldin but he has Belle's dress on. I'm tried looking for it but no luck. Does anyone know where I can find it? I want to show a classmate that it's a real thing.
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    Title: Blood Skies.
    Author: A.L. Star.
    Release date: 3rd March.
    Genre: Fantasy.
    Blurb: In the magical world of Eden, Heidi Cole lives a quiet life in the middle of Ivy Forest with her grandmother until the shape-shifting Prince Ibis Serpell of Solaris crash-lands near her home. Heidi and Ibis set out to help Ibis escape the captain of a band of sky pirates known as Blood Skies, the malevolent and power-hungry Captain Shani who needs the prince to restore the sunken island Estrella she wishes to rule, in hopes of gaining more power.

    The longer Heidi travels with Ibis, the more she finds that he isn't the only one Shani needs. The captain also needs her. What connection does Heidi have with Shani?


    *Edited* I released it early, link in my signature if you want to buy it.
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    (Posting it here and not in the literature section since I'm not published yet. Move this if it should be there.)

    That's right everyone. The very same person who had issues with typos a few years ago has written a book. I've been working on this project since I was 18. it's only taken this long because of college, family and depression got in my way, as well the problem I had with spelling which I have under control.

    The title of my book is Blood Skies

    The genre the book is fantasy and set in the world of Eden where the people have elemental magical skills based on where they live. A small percentage of people also have the ability to transform into non-human creatures.

    The protagonist is called Heidi Cole who lives in a large forest with her grandmother who most uses Earth magic.

    The antagonist is called Shani, captain of a sky pirate ship called Blood Skies.

    That's all I want to give away for now when it's close to being published. I'll give you all more details.

    (I need to raise some money to get it published, commission information in my signature).
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    View attachment 45546 I was going to draw vent art since I woke up feeling meh this morning. However, the urge to draw Heidi, the main character from my book grew much stronger until I gave up on vent art and draw this. The cat with her is called Gus who is also a character in my book.

    Pose from here
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    Last night at 10 pm I was working up my street to go home after spending the weekend with my partner and I notice a phone on the road. I pick it up and see it still has power, so I take it home with me in hopes that a friend of the owner would call it. It's been just over 24 hours and no one has.

    I've seen names pop up on the lock screen because of facebook and PMed them to say I have their friends phone but no reply yet. How can you lose a phone and not have someone call it to try and find it? I wanna give this thing back! If no one calls by tomorrow I'll hand it into the police. I didn't today because I expected whoever owns it lives near me.

    Just something silly to share with you all.
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    Little back story: Between 2011 and 2015 I was good friends with this girl who goes to my anime club. At one point I started to feelings for her and I admitted said feelings, however, she said she only saw me as a friend. Not want to ruin our friendship, I didn't push it. We did however flirt with each other but I knew not to push things.

    In September of 2014, some of the anime club members went to a con and I noticed she would say how shitting most of the other cosplayers were, and how the person HAD to know everything about the character before they could cosplay them. After this, I found the feelings I once had for her was gone, but continued flirting because that's the type of friendship we had.

    Then came August of 2015. We were at another con and for most of the weekend I was chatting with someone I had met the year before. We had hit it off so well that we got together. (Note that before every con I would say to the girl I was friends with that we might meet our partners there and she agreed it would be nice). However, I noticed that she didn't talk to me as much as we use to since going out with someone, to the point she'd talk to someone else more and when we did talk, she would drop our conversation to talk to someone else. At one point she even told me she did like me that way and regretted not saying yes to me as well as asking if she'd have a chance with me if my current relationship failed.

    I told my partner about this and how I was willing to drop her as a friend if we didn't sort it out and she offered to talk to my friend who said that I had dropped her as a friend the moment I started dating my partner. Naturally, I was highly annoyed by this since I had tried to talk to her more. I sent her a message telling her the reason as to why I wanted to drop her as a friend but was giving her a chance to save out friendship.

    Then came Tuesday, after the club, most of us head to a pub to chat for a while. She came up to me and asked me if I were okay. I asked her if we could talk about the last message I sent her and she replied with.
    "No, I don't want to talk about it." This hurt me of course, but at one last attempt to save our friendship I asked.
    "Can we at least text, even if it's once a week?"
    "No, because we can never go back to how we use to be." Was how she reply. At that moment, I gave up trying to save out friendship and walked away, sending her one last message telling her I no longer saw her as a friend.

    And that is the story of how I lost my best friend. There is more to it, but this is basically what happened. I just wanted to get if off my chest.
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    So I made this for my Let's Play I'm doing, and just want to show it off. The main pose is traced from the same one you see KH1 Sora make but the hands and feet are from KH2 school girl Kairi (Background off google). Other then that, it's all my own (Minus the basic shape of the keyblade).

    Let's play can be seen here
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    View attachment 37557

    This is from a Creepypsta I wrote last week. not much else I can say about it.
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    This is an RP oc I made with one of my friends, although he's more of a side character, I really like his design. Also this is an AU version of him, since the main RP is more fantasy based, while this feels more futuristic.

    I know the hand is too big, and some of the lines are too wavy, but other then that, I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

    And I used this a reference

    Other then the two things I pointed out. How would you improve this?
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    ((Think this belongs in spam so heh))

    So I've seen something on Tumblr that in Japan the game is really called 'Kingdom of the Hearts' now I know this isn't true and even if it were a miss translation we would have heard about it by now right? But anyone know why this has started to come up? And why now?
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    I'm posting this more of wanting to get this off my chest then wanting help.

    Back story time; Between the ages of 13 and 17 I was suicidal due to being badly bullied at school and one morning last year when I woke up and wanted to put a gun to my head. But I no longer want to die.

    Why? Because I know the people will remember me and known I once was, and I don't want my family and close friends to be hurt like that.... But now when I feel that down, I want to cease to exist so every memory of me is erased and I won't be missed nor will people be hurt. I have only started to think like this, this year, and I hope I get rid of this state of mind soon.
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    Hi... So yeah... I kind of like your face.... Can I eat it? Please? It won't hurt.... Much
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    Okay this looks like it should be in the gaming section but something about it makes me think others wise.

    So anyway a guy who is a game designer promised himself and his dog Buck that he will make a game where his dog is the main character, but sadly Buck has been put down... But the game is still being made

    full story here
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    So I'm in 'The end of the World' and I keep running into the invisible walls, but I don't recall them being there in the original game. Is it something added to FM or am I just not remembering?
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    I'm putting this here because it's more of something that makes me chuckle then bugs me.

    So on Saturday I was at a con with some friends and while walking around with one of them and guy comes up to us and asks us for a hug, (best was to describe him is a fat nerd) being nice and something that happens a lot at cons I go to we both give him one and then he turns to me and say 'Are you a girl?' Because I was cosplay Link and it was hard to tell if I had a rack or was a big guy (Since I have a masculine face thanks to my dad) so I tell him I am to which he replies 'Oh I'm looking for a girlfriend' my friend says she not looking for anyone and I tell him I'm a lesbian (which I am) and right away he says

    'I knew you would say that'

    I look at him as if to say The f**k? then tell him I have male friends that I hug....

    So apparently I can't hugs guys because I'm a lesbian? .... lol wut?
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    I'm putthing this here because I don't think it belongs anywhere else. Anyways
    This is a rant/needs to get things off my chest. So anyway since the 27th of last month I've been in this weird state of being both fine and feeling down. It started when my mum rang me to say that her brother-in-law might not live the night since he was dying of pancreas cancer. So until that Friday I was home alone (While my mum was her my aunt and uncle) and during that time I had no motivation to do anything. Then about 5 am on Friday I'm awoken by the door bell, when I let my mum in (She would have let herself in but I had left my keys in the door) she told me that he had died. Unlike Tuesday where I cried my eyes out after hanging up, all I could do was give a sympathetic 'No'. I continued on with life as normal the best I could, but I found myself zoning out a lot and just giving up on things I could normally do. I even gave up my voluntary work at my local library because of lack of motivation... The only thing that gets me out the house is when I'm meeting my best friend. If it wasn't for her I know I would never leave the house unless my mum dragged me out. I did cry at his funeral on the 10th. Another downer is that while at the doctors herself about her bad legs (She has a lot of pain in them) my mum told them about a small lump on her head that was eczema and they said it could now be cancer and for her to go and have it checked out again next week.

    So with my uncle dying of cancer and the high risk of my mum having cancer my emotions are a bit messed up, but I'm forcing myself to be fine because I don't want to be depressed again. I've not long gotten over it so I don't want to go back to being like that. But I feel like it's already taken hold of me. I know I would never do it but the idea of ending it all has crossed my mind. I know what the worst could be for me right now and I'm trying to now think about it, but anyone who has been depressed knows it's not that simple. And that's it really I know it's nothing compared to other peoples lives but I just needed to get it off my chest.
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    It has come to my attention that you all have...........

    Eyeballs..... I see them all
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    One saying that urks me a lot is 'What is the world coming too?' sure in our day and ages things are bad, but I think it's nothing compared to what we've seen in history, so I've been wondering; are people who say this just say so because they want to forget what's happened before them or have they really no idea that things have been much worst?
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    I've already done this with friends of FB but I wanna know how much you guys think this costed me?[​IMG]
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