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  1. hahannuh

    just wanted to see if kh-vids was still around and i'm soo thrilled to see it alive & well <3
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  2. hahannuh
    i was looking up videos of kingdom hearts today and became reminiscent of this old forum. i was incredibly surprised and happy to see it going strong.. i was more surprised i remembered my username and password. i'm guessing everyone on this forum is really young.. i feel so old thinking about it. T^T but ANYWAYS i just felt like stopping by and leaving a little message.


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  3. hahannuh


    hehe haha hohoho

    ding dong
    who's there
    pikachu who
    i like to smex you

    i want big snowman in my backyard
    too bad i life in california
    and there is no snow here

    spam is good with rice and eggs.
    i will teach you how to make it korean style because i am korean.
    and koreans make the best food.

    okay bye bye! <3
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  4. hahannuh
    is he? and is sara still around?
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  5. hahannuh


    anybody play omgpop?
    if you do i cannot flippin believe they changed blockles. seriously i dont even know what to say.

    i'm actually at work right now and should be working. but i'm bored and was in some utada hikaru - simple and clean mood and i remembered my beloved old forum.

    yeah isn't it weird 3 years ago i was just some random teen going on this thing like every hour clicking new posts in hopes of seeing someone respond to my thread??

    now i'm at work.. crazy how time flies by.

    spam spam spmaspampsamp and cookies.
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  6. hahannuh
    lmfao i'm bored. and i feel like eating marshmallowsss!!! it was so hot today 97 degrees or something. i miss everybody and i'm HUNGRY.

    reply and keep me alive
    don't reply and suck a go choo
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  7. hahannuh
    423. page 17. my heart stopped.

    it can't happen and if it does. i think i might just be the most depressed person ever.
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  8. hahannuh


    i am a senior in high school
    and my head hurts
    and i dont want to look at college apps

    i miss being on kh-vids a long time ago.
    when i was not worried about **** like school.
    **** it. i'm over school.
    i just want to get a job to pay for my home
    and to support my kids
    but what the eff.
    this stupid economy just happens to **** us all over
    so i'm done.
    i'm just gonna get boob surgery
    and be a gold digger.

    done son.
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  9. hahannuh
    a jack russell terrier
    i'm really excited (:


    i have a few name ideas:
    bruce (yes inspired by the sexy dark knight)

    but i still need some more ideas...
    and if you guys think of a name i absolutely love.
    i will give you my money from my gb account.
    woo thanks<3
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  10. hahannuh


    i ate too much string cheese and coffee today. now i feel like i'm going to either hurl or cry.

    gg bb

    now my right buttcheek is numb.
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  11. hahannuh


    ok so i know there are a lot of naruto fanatics up in hurr... so for those of you who use does anybody know when they will post up naruto shippuden the movie??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

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  12. hahannuh

    poop monster

    so my name's hannah
    i'm the biggest noob in the world
    i've been stalking this website 24/7
    and i only see breathe and eat kingdom hearts
    i missed everybody
    like darky roxas mish and all the other regz around.
    i hope you guys are still around and about
    because it's pretty sad thinking we probably won't ever
    speak to each other again throughout our livess
    gah :(

    lol the welcomings never change

    yes sir/maam whichever you are. i shall follow the rules!
    except i never read them.. i just learned as i went along.
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  13. hahannuh
    i got caught shoplifting.
    they called my parents and made them pick me up.
    and now we have to pay for some stuff.
    it was a stupid pair of 18$ mittens.
    and i do feel really sorry.
    i guess i never realized how stealing, even the smallest things is still wrong.
    i mean yeah i jacked a few sodas here and there
    but i never stopped to think, "did i even need it?"
    i don't know, i just wanted to stop by kh-vids
    and let you all know that material possessions
    can only accent who you are but cannot make who you are.
    i hope everybody's good. i miss kh-vids.
    happy holidays! and i'll stop by again (:
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  14. hahannuh

    okay okay a guy leaves a comment saying

    gangstagarfield (1 day ago)
    the lyrics are sooo mushed together...

    like "He comes, lemon peas, see the guy, see you pee, Sephiroth!"

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  15. hahannuh
    OG kh-vids poem

    OG kh-vids POETS

    started 01-12-2007, 10:03 PM

    there was a gangsta named deathspank who was in a clan
    he made a cool website and that's how kh-vids began
    He is the god of the website, he is cool indeed
    But there's only one problem... he is too cool to see!
    He was busy so he made a proposition
    And asked Sara and others to take the mod position.
    Sara kind of scares me so i say "yes maam..."
    each time she tells me to stop with the spam.
    The members are awesome, 'cept Mari, she is a bish.
    And the staff are sweet and cool, especially Mish.
    Mish had a pic, and posted it on a thread
    Now every single member wants her in bed
    Some member's posts get on other's nerves,
    Especially when the posters are total pervs.
    Some members here are complete n00bs
    And randomly say things like "kittens!" and "boobs!"
    Mari and Mish are scary yaoi lovers
    They think that boys can be mothers.
    No offense taken, I'm not offended by you,
    because I know for certain that you like yaoi too.
    Roxas writes stories about the members here
    about how they KILL eachother and live in fear.
    Darky's rank was blue, then green, poor him
    Then he stayed purple, supermod, for the win!
    Mari's life was fun, then emo, then fun, then emo,
    Then she stayed emo, and said: "This is not fake!"
    She is emo, and she doesn't care
    She is so emo, you can't help but stare.
    mari made an rpg name organaztion
    she made it in this nation.
    Everyone on this forum is engaged
    Except poor somebody, she's very enraged.
    i will get engaged if shes says yes
    and if she does i will do my best.
    cloudfinalfantasy spelled "she" wrong
    and this poem is getting pretty long
    Mish is a girl, Darky's a bink
    Marluxia's hair is layered and pink.
    there are some talented kh-kids
    they make sigs, avys, and really dank vids.
    Mish has a secret that no one must know
    ~tReAh~ lives in a room full of snow.
    from all over the world, members click
    from the us to england to the dominican republic
    In our RP, Xigbar gets kissed
    Demyx is 5, and Xaldin is missed
    cause she didn't read, hahannuh has no way
    in getting in organization 13: it's a beautiful day
    Someone got mad and stomped on the floor
    And that announced the start of N00b War
    hahannuh thinks that mari is so very nice
    and that she is cooler than ice
    Mish's name color makes it hard just to see
    It's red, color of blood, and it does make your eyes bleed.
    Unfortunately, people do not post as much anymore,
    because of the boring threads and noobs galore.
    Resulting in mass inactivity of the forum.
    Which is causing my soul to suffer from bordum(sp?).
    darky can't spell boredom, poor him
    for spelling wrong he should lose a limb
    Yummy yummy yummy
    Stick a straw in hahannuh's tummy
    hahannuh's tummy doesn't taste good
    but at least it tastes better than wood
    In Mari's life, Zexion stalks
    Nobodies and hearts is all he talks
    Members like to post their piccys
    hoping to get comments on how their sexy
    but some get dissed
    so the mods get pissed
    sometimes it gets really boring
    you can almost here people snoring.
    But it's always quiet in the night
    And you can never forget the sight.
    We talk about movies and music a lot
    and how borat is funny when he says "NOT!"
    i like when people post stupid threads
    it seems as though they have no heads.

    finished 02-14-2007, 10:08 PM

    if you want to keep adding more
    only two lines or you face will be smashed on the floor.

    -don't copy and paste the whole poem i'll just edit the first post and add the new lines
    -keep it pretty clean
    -have fun, be creative, and yes try to rhyme
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  16. hahannuh
    warning: everything doesn't really make sense.

    what do you do when you can't even cry? that the emotions you feel are so overwhelming that death seems like the only way to escape? what do you do when you're surrounded by people who are constantly aggravated over the silliest things? what do you do when you should scream but you find yourself speechless? what do you do when the most unexpected thing could happen? what do you do when your mood changes like crazy every day? what do you do when it feels like nobody is listening? what do you do when it feels like they hear the wrong things? what do you do when sorry isn't good enough? what do you do when there seems to be an easy way out? what do you do when you can't think straight? what do you do when you feel hurt? what do you do when crying seems stupid? what do you do when you can't see your future? what do you do when you can't stand life? what do you do?

    so much stuff has been happening lately. and i feel like nothing is right. i can't seem to grasp onto any positive aspect in my life. and it feels like it's only going to get worse. i wish i could fix it all. but how can i when some of my problems are because of how other people feel towards me? i want to smoke or cut or something. i want to get my mind off all of this. and i don't even know if i'm going to post this forum or not because i'm just venting to people i hardly know. to people who can't see me or touch me. and yet i'm surrounded by people who i should feel loved by, and yet i feel like my own family are greater strangers to me than the people reading this. because if you are reading this, feel special, you know me better than my own parents. ha, jk.

    hmm some problems?
    family- mother has been unleashing some crazy anger stuff. she and my uncle haven't been getting along since my grandpa remarried. she's really stressed and i can never talk to her anymore without getting into an argument. she doesn't even say hi. she's like a zombie.
    friends- my best friend just cussed me out yesterday. over something i still don't understand. i let her yell at me just because i didn't want to make it an argument. did i do the right thing? i don't know, because now we're not even friends. and i don't want our friends to have a hard time between us, i hate drama.
    school- i just found out i was "misplaced" into one of my ap classes. what the freakin hell, what type of dumbass teacher would do that. gosh, so now i have to do really well on my next test and if i don't i'm prob kicked out of class. worst thing, i'm struggling a lot in that class.
    more friends- my friends keep turning to me for advice and just venting. i don't mind, but now it's just getting freakin annoying. their stories never change, and it seems like they're not making any effort to improve their own lives. i wish they would stop talking about it and become a little more proactive.
    art- i quit violin. weird choice after 12 years of violin. i don't miss it, but now it's like i don't have any unique talent. nothing sets me apart and i'm definitely not used to that. i kinda started art classes again but it's so hard to keep up now that school is getting a tad busier.
    more school- i'm in a reg english class. first non-honors class since like, never. and i'm surrounded by like ridiculously dense people. i can't stand it, i need depth! i need to talk about deeper ideas and more emotions. not just the crust/ thin layer of "facts"
    temptations- i'm surrounded by drugs, sex, alcohol. i'm straight-edge but with all this stress i always feel like turning to one of these. i don't know what's kept me away from all of this for so long.
    me- i'm lazy, procrastinator to the max. i will promise to try harder and finish my homework. but gosh, promises like that scare me.

    i'm not depressed. i'm just stressed.
    i'm confused and stressed.

    and although i'm surrounded by so many people and so much laughter everyday, i can't help to be empty inside. no purpose. no joy. and maybe i am just a teenager but i can still feel love. i can still feel worthy. i can feel useful and strong. what is my point here? i don't know.

    don't reply with an "i'm sorry, i know how you feel"
    i'm numb to that crap.
    i want something real, something that will snap me out of this.
    something legit.
    Thread by: hahannuh, Sep 26, 2007, 4 replies, in forum: Discussion
  17. hahannuh

    decided to share with the whole kh-vids community, because i do believe it's a decent performance. not my best! please support me and "vote hahannuh to be kh-vids next kh-vids idol!!" haha jk, no voting but yeah.

    song was written by David Choi
    look him up

    he's amazinggg!!!
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  18. hahannuh
    um, i know i probably shouldn't be doing this but whatevz.

    can anybody make me a sick sig?? with this image...
    phrase: DAFT PUNK

    so yeah please let me know. so i can close this thread.

    and if i'm not allowed to do this (which i wouldn't know cause i didn't update myself with rules but i will soon ;D) don't kill me.
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  19. hahannuh
    if you're an oldie at kh-vids you should know this....

    remember when Roxas posted that one thread about this one amv goddess video. okay yeah, if you remember that good. but one more thing who remembers the band and song in the vid?!

    okay if nobody remembers this sorry... pretty vague i know but i'm going insane right now. i like see the face of the lead singer but i can't name the band... AGHGH.
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  20. hahannuh
    i have to admit. i'm in love with high school musical. i memorized all the songs and dance moves. woot! I'M PROUD!

    hehehheeheheh \ - - /
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