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  1. DarknessKingdom

    R.I.P my PS3

    The YLOD has at last claimed by launch PS3.

    I shall always remember our time together. Goodnight sweet prince.


    Now I can finally get that slim PS3 I've been waiting for. Now I get to play Red Dead Redemption and Arkham City from scratch again! :D

    (But it also means that I have to do all the Challenges...and find all of the Riddler trophies from Arkham Asylum and City again. ****!)
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  2. DarknessKingdom
    So...after playing Persona 3 and 4 in the past couple of months, it has got me thinking, what Arcana/Social Link would you be?

    I think I would either be Tower, Death or Strength. They seem to embody and represent the qualities that I have or like.

    I also like one-hit KOs. Like a lot.
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  3. DarknessKingdom
    I loved Wolf Hall so I'm very keen on reading the sequel.
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  4. DarknessKingdom

    I'm probably showing my age by knowing who the Bee Gees are but I find it incredibly saddening that such a great singer and man has passed away. R.I.P.
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  5. DarknessKingdom
    Wowza lol. It's amazing how much this place has changed over the years. Who was I? Oh, prolly one of the few members who have been here since like forever. I mean, I can still remember when we booted up V3 and all. I was like one of the few first members to re-register my account (I had one on the old V2. Man that looked like crap in comparison to today lol) and now we have heaps of newbies and people on this site. Damn lol we're all a bunch of nerds, huh? xD

    I've been doing cold turkey with KH-Vids. I'm starting my final two years of school and well, I've grown out of it really. All this posting on the forums, who posted a new fanfic, what the bloody hell Roxas did this time, Boris lol. Man, it was fun. It truely was. I even got to try out being staff for awhile but I wasnt cut for it. I saw the dark side of KH-Vids and it wasnt pretty lol, I still remember my first banning and it was related to some tentacle rape crap.

    So yeah...I just want to say a thank you to all the staff and to those who have gone and those who still remain. You guys have done a tremedous job and have proven yourselves NOT being emotionless, flawless machines. You guys rock. To the following people:

    Dude, you were like an inspiration to me to make AMVs. I dont really make them anymore cause I dont have any skills nor can I actually drive myself to finish a project. But you were a great dude. Tis a shame you've left your post as Admin. You did a fine job, man.

    I remember when I first heard about you. Some staff members were talking about how someone on the forums could actually make a logical and intelligent post. Twas you. Man, you've come so far from that newbie I once saw and now you're a Moderator. That's wicked, man (btw, I never told you this but I thought you had one badass name because it was so damn original).

    I dont know alot about you but I remember we like roleplayed once. It was in some sort of SW thing, I really cant remember anymore lol. You're a great member of the staff and I respect you.

    I doubt there is a single senior member or someone who's been here for longer than a week who doesnt know who you are. And rightly so. You're also a fantastic member who's gone from newbie to admin. I never imagined that you would get to where you were today...and I'll never find out how you got so many damn rep points. I'm betting it's either you're helpful or you have a legion of fans.

    Destiny Force:
    You write good work, man. Stuff that, it's fantastic.

    I didnt really know you either but I've always respected how brutally honest you were with other members. Please, keep at it. Someone needs to slap these idiots now and then.

    Well, I guess now it's time. I may never have met any of you in real life but it doesnt matter. I wish you all the best in life, relationships, school, work, whatever. Just be happy and live each day like there's no tomorrow.


    - DarknessKingdom
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  6. DarknessKingdom

    The makers of SW: Battlefront are making a LOTR version of Battlefront.


    Does anyone, besides me, think there is something wrong with this picture? IMO, Battlefront was good because it was a shooter. I know in SW: Battlefront you could occasionally run around as a Jedi, if you played well enough to be a Hero, and that worked. You managed to kill heaps of stuff cause you had a lightsaber.

    ...but with a stealth class that is very likely going to be abused, dodgy melee, and archers who'll still be able to K.O enemies with a headshot, is anyone actually going to consider playing this?
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  7. DarknessKingdom

    Holy crud. Is this the most epic Marvel game to be released yet or what?
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  8. DarknessKingdom
    The main story is that almost all superpowered beings or mutants on Earth have become flesh-eating zombies after being infected by an alien virus. The infection spreads via contact with the blood of the victim, usually through a bite by an infected individual. The zombified superbeings largely retain their intellect and personality, although they are constantly driven by the hunger for fresh meat.

    I was a bit disturbed by this idea when I was younger, imaging my favourite superheroes such as Spider-Man or Wolverine becoming wild and zombie-ish. On the other hand, after putting aside this comic and picking it up a few years later, I've suddenly grown an interest in the horror genre.

    So what are your opinions? Have you guys picked it up or heard of it before?
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  9. DarknessKingdom

    Most of you know Sam Witwer as Starkiller from TFU.

    Imagine my shock when I turned on the TV and found out that he is also a paramedic!

    ...and he is also going to become during the show...


    (as in the comic book character from Superman lol duh)
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  10. DarknessKingdom does he actually? Surely the Dark Lord of the Sith must have to go when nature calls.
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  11. DarknessKingdom
    Secret of Mana. Yeah, good times, good times.

    Didn't understand it though. Kept repeating the first part of the story like a dozen times before I gave up.
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  12. DarknessKingdom
    Well, it's a bit of a silly worry. Today; two people from Jehovah's Witnesses came by, said hello, blah blah, gave me a sheet how to cope with *insert issue here*. One of the guys said he'll come around to see if I would like to learn more about it.

    Now it was my fault for not saying 'No thank you, I'm not interested'. If the guy comes back and I do tell him, however, am I likely to be in danger? Now you might think I'm silly but I dont trust cults. Not even if it proclaims to follow a God similar to my own.

    Thoughts? Should I just tell him 'I'm not interested' and move on with my life?

    EDIT: ...forgot to put 'not' after saying lol >.>
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    April 6th.​




    Prepare for a new rebellion.​


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    It's been awhile since I actually posted an AMV here...well, preview in here anyway. CnC?
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    First of all, I apologize for quality of the video on Youtube. I have no excuse.


    Which one should I pursue?
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    Yeah, by accident, I deleted the awesome remix off my computer.

    Wasn't sure where this should go but if anyone actually has it and can, I dunno, put it up for download and tell where I can download, that would be great.

    - Mustang
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  18. DarknessKingdom

    Just a fan-made extended TGS 2007 trailer.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
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  19. DarknessKingdom

    ZOMG, Narnia movie XD.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it isnt as dissapointing as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. (Being a Chronicles of Narnia fan and all...not there is anything wrong with that.)

    Whilst we're on the topic of Prince Caspian...

    DID YOU KNOW???:
    C.S Lewis and Tolkien were best buddies XD
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  20. DarknessKingdom
    The weirdest place that I have ever listened to in the toilet.

    ...and I won't go into futher details since it is inappropiate and not actually on-topic.
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