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  1. Kaidron Blaze
    The Story starts at the end. The war for Kingdom Hearts is finally during to a dramatic close. The generals of Light keyblades in hand knew the war was lost, and yet they had one last ace up their sleeves. With the darkness at their gate and no way to fight it they sent fragments of light to rebuild the worlds after their impending destruction. That however wasn't enough. The flood of darkness would engulf everything, defences would need to be raised in order to protect the rebuilt worlds. However not enough light remained. A world would need to be sacrificed, its light would be used to create barriers to ward off the encroaching darkness. Warriors from every world were approached seeing who would be willing to sacrifice a light to the cause.

    A solider by the name of Kaidron agreed to the sacrifice and gave up his world. Traverse Town would pick up the lost hearts from The Valley of Gales and house them. They’d lose their world but keep their lives.

    Then all at once the worlds were gone. The darkness came and the lights went out. The sacrifice was successful as the light from the Valley faded walls were built and the darkness driven back.

    Kaidron as a denizen of the Valley of Gales was required to survive to anchor the spell sacrificing his world. As the Darkness flooded over his heart slept as the grim work was done.

    A whole year passed by and the worlds were returning to normal when Kaidron the last surviving classically trained keyblade master awoke from his slumber. His first stop was Traverse Town to check on his kind, his family and his friends. Only to find nothing there. The world that exists only to carry lost hearts was missing. That could only mean one thing, there were no lost hearts, and every heart was where it was meant to be.

    Returning to the encampment Kaidron recovered notes from his old superiors finding that the light they requested wasn't just the world Valley of Gales but all its inhabitants. He had been tricked. He had been lied to by the people who he trusted most. Kaidron flew into a rage, he would recover his world and everyone he had lost no matter what. He could get back what was taken from him. Venture to the new separated worlds find their heart and take back the light that he was rightly owed. This would bring down the erected barriers causing the worlds to be defenceless to the darkness resulting in a flood they wouldn't easily survive. But what did Kaidron care? Why do these worlds get to exist when his was tricked away? He would have revenge on his generals and all the worlds in the realm of light would pay the price for his betrayal.

    The first world to face his wrath was Ebony Falls, the home of his closest general. He stripped the light from its heart and left without a word as the darkness swept over ravaging the hearts of many. One warrior stood strong amongst the storm. A man named Turel descendent of the general himself and wielder of his key. Ignorant of the reasons why, seeing the destruction of his home he set on a personal mission. Gather warriors of his own to stop Kaidron’s wrath and save the worlds his father fought so hard to protect from the vengeful key hell bent of destroying the fragile balance.

    1. Remember to limit yourself, I don't want a story of god like heros running around ending the story in a day.
    2. No short responses. If your reply can't be considered a paragraph don't post it.
    3. Be descriptive, not really a rule but we all wanna be able to picture what is happening.
    4. You're allowed at most two characters but only if you can handle the workload of dealing with both personal storylines.
    5. No taking control of someone else's character that's an obvious one.

    Entering the fray:
    Simply fill out the form adding pictures if you wish and I'll accept if I feel you are ready ^.=.^

    World of Origin:
    Home worlds status:
    Affiliation: Dark/Light/Neutral
    Keyblade Name: (Can include pic of keyblade if you have one) (Also allowed other weapons if you don't wanna weild the keyblade but you'll need to include your way of world jumping)
    Character Appearance:
    Character bio: (Keep it short just so we know the character better, don't wanna spill all the secrets before we start right?)

    My characters:

    Name: Kaidron Blaze
    Age: unknown due to time in stasis. (Physically 26)
    Gender: Male
    World of Origin: Valley of Gales,
    Home Worlds Status: Destroyed
    Affiliation: Light
    Keyblade name: Winds of the Heart
    Character appearance: Kaidron is an anthropomorphic dragonic humanoid. In place of scales Kaidron's body is covered in a thick white fur. His underbelly is a light yellow which extends all the way down to his dexterous tail. He possesses two large wings with a light blue membrane which can be used for extended periods of flight. Each one of his hands are capped with two large purple clawed fingers and a thumb.
    His face is extended into a dragonic muzzle complete with sharp rows of teeth. With large deep blue eyes and 'frills' in place of ears identical in design to his wings. He also has two large spine like structures on his head extending from his forehead to the base of his skull which match his claws in colour. A short beard wraps around his chin also matching the colour of his claws. Whiskers also extend from his head much in the same way of traditional Asian dragons.
    For clothing Kaidron only ever wears pants/trousers since a top would impede his wings. His pants normally consist of rather baggy looking cargo pants which are green in colour and a collar stripped with different colours.
    Personality: Unpredictable and ruthless towards his goal, yet still with a strong moral compass.
    Character Bio: (Mainly all covered in the starting story)
    P.S: Kaidron still affiliates himself with the light despite being the stories main antagonist so he won't be all friendly with dark keys.

    Name: Turel
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    World of Origin: Ebony Falls
    Home World Status: Destroyed
    Affiliation: Light
    Keyblade name: Glimpse of Righteousness
    Character Appearance: A tall man Turel has long tangled brown hair reaching past his shoulders. His body is well muscled due to years of training under his fathers teachings. Green eyes and small still Romanesque nose Square jawed face with a small scar under his right eye. He wears a version of his fathers robes featuring the crest of his home world (A black waterfall) which he was ripped into a shorter outfit and added a pair of dark brown pants to.
    Personality: Traditional and very loyal though headstrong with a tendency only to see right and wrong as black and white.
    Character Bio: Only son to the general Kaidron served under who spent all his life under the strict teachings of his father's military style life. His mother died while he was young and his father shortly before Kaidron awoke. Due to his abrasive personality he has made little connections on his own world and feels the weight of his fathers mistakes upon his shoulders feeling its his responsibility to sort things out.
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  2. Kaidron Blaze
    Greetings. Names Docyx No15 returning alive from the real world.
    I haven't been active on this site for about three years, if not more. But as so often happens when your up late and watching old cartoons, you get nostalgic. So I thought I would see if my old stomping ground was still going.
    Surprised as I was you're all still here ^.=.^
    I hope to become active once again, recover lost connections and create new ones. Maybe this time I won't get in trouble so much from the powers that be ^.=.^'
    I also plan to request a name change from Docyx no15 to Kaidron Blaze, so if old friends come a knocking hopefully you can still find me.
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    I know that I've faced Neo Shadows in KH CoM but since it was a purely memory game I assumed there were no new heartless and yet in the first KH game I can't seem to locate any Neo Shadows, did they indeed first appear in CoM? or are they in KH1 and I'm just blind
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    It just occurred to me, after you beat Ansem SoD for the first time and he rips open Destiny Island and you face that Darkside, is it possible that that Darkside is actually Destiny Island's heartless? The worlds have hearts so they should have Heartless and it makes sense, well to me at least, what do you think?
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    In the secret ending of the second kingdom hearts game we all notice that Terra, Ven and Aqua pick up a keyblade from the graveyard (which lead me to originally believe that the game was a sequel rather than a prequel) But the keyblades that they pick up makes no sense:
    Aqua: picks up the Kingdom Key D
    Terra: picks up the Kingdom Key
    Ven: Picks up the Way to the Dawn
    I can figure a link to them all surly it wold make more sense to put it this way:
    Aqua: Kingdom key D (Coz it was found in the realm of darkness where Aqua currently stays)
    Terra: The Way to the Dawn (coz he gave Riku the keyblade in the first place)
    Ven: The Kingdom Key (The link with Ven's heart and Sora)

    Am I right?
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    I draw furry pics for people on facebook and wanted to see what people thought of my latest comission.

    (I know this links to my fb but I don't mind who knows where I am on fb)

    Whats peoples views on my bunny?
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    Any KH lover knows you complete one world in the games you get a new look for a keyblade most of the time it's stronger to, if this tradition continues will we see Riku as well as Sora sporting some new keys? If so it will be the first time we see Riku with out a Soul Eater like weapon!
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  8. Kaidron Blaze


    Me and my boyfriend have a polygamus relationship in that we *cough* have sex with more than just eachother, we even host orgys with friends. But what I wanted to disscus is whether or not people think a polygamus relationship can last? Whether people think monogamy is what SHOULD happen in a relationship and any other thoughts on the whole subject ^.=.^
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    Welcome to the world of furries! Now to include Kingdom Hearts!
    Storyline: A fight for the light plain and slimple, who said the keyblade war was over? Keyblades of light and darkness are still fighting for a fabled prize, controle of Kingdom Hearts! Not to mention distruction of the opposite side...
    All characters must be ether a furry (anfromorphic animal that has fur) a silky (anfromorphic aquotic animal) a scaley (Anfromorphic reptile) an avian (Anfromorphic bird) or an imagafro (anfromorphic mythical creature)
    You must choose a side to fight for, the light or the darkness or even neither.
    Regardless of your side heartless probably will play a part of the story so the light kill them and the dark side can control them or kill them too.
    Nobodies may also pop up in your rps.

    Join the fight:
    Name: (whats your furry name)
    Side: (light Dark, neither)
    Creature: (whats your animal?)
    Keyblade: (name and what it looks like post or post a pic if you have one)
    power: (what power you weild)
    Appearance: (what you look like discribe or post a pic)
    Bio: (info on yourself)

    Name: Kaidron Dragon
    Side: Light
    Creature: Part westen and part easten Dragon
    Keyblade: The winds of the heart keyblade:[​IMG]
    Power: light and wind
    Appearance: [​IMG] (sorry it isn't a better pic, I do have wings and a tail and my whole body follows the same colour patten)
    Bio: As a dragon I have great sence of right and wrong, The darkness has no right over kingdom Hearts. The keyblade has been passed down my whole family line so I'm quite good with it. It's been my families job to fight for the light, so naturally it's my job too:
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    Has anyone else notice that during the fight in the keyblade graveyard when master xeahanort freezes ven and drops him off the cliff his keyblade snaps!! I thought that keybldes couldn't be broken.... Thoughts
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    I don't want to moan but I noticed that the kingdom Hearts final mix and Birth By Sleep final mix don't have subbed cutscenes is it possible for them to be added to the list I would love to know what they are saying in them.... if I can't hear it (and understand it) ^.=.^ Thank you
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    I've been with my boy friend for a few months now.... we're pretty sad and have our own song and everything. It's a song by a furry band called Man With A Mission, the problem is them and our song are in Japanise..... For a gift I hope one of you guys could translate our song, or find a stie with the transaltion.... The song is titeled Moratorium from Man With A Mission.... Please ^.=.^
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    For people who noticed we know that the cat from Wonderland refused Maleflicent's offer to join the band of villians at her castle Hollow Bastion. I want to know why he was asked in the first place, we all know he isn't a villian....
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    Hi guys it's me! Long story short I got internet at home now! I'm sorry to the people who I did speak to but they all (mostly) knew I used school internet accsess so when I left school I also left my accsess point, *Sigh* But now I'm back and hopeing to reunite with old friends and maybe new ones and also rekindle my love for being a pain in the area *te he*
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    I have been thinking Namine drew a picture of Roxas, Axel AND Xion, was Xion removed from the picture? and if not does that mean Namine remembers her exsisting? And if the image of Xion was deleted does that mean everything Xion touched forgets her?
    Thread by: Kaidron Blaze, Jun 14, 2011, 7 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    Have you ever noticed how both the Organisation and the Boss Unversed have a sort of Dark form. Both when in this 'Dark form' are unable to be harmed and have their most powerful attack.... so why don't Heartless have this? And what caused this Dark form I wonder
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    In the Kingdom Hearts universe it is normal that when a games characters or names get translated into our native languages that sometimes people make a mistake and others use the wrong names thinking they're right.
    Here are some I know of:
    Organisation 13 was called The 13th Order
    Unversed were called Unbirth
    and Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories in the Beta version was called Kingdom Hearts Lost Memories

    Which do you like better the old miss-translated or original names for things or the new one? and if you know of anymore tell us!
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    lol My brother is starting to wright a book but he wants advice on whether people think it's good or not. He asked me to post this thread cos I'm more well known than him and so more likely to get a reply (at least thats what he said) so here is the idea tell me what you think:

    The story is about earth in a slight future were the world is destroyed. This happened when the worlds balance was toppled.
    Life always comes before death and that is the circle of life but this woman had a child who was stillborn and refusing to belive the baby was dead found a way to bring him back to life. The baby came into the world dead and then started his life the circle had gone backwards and so the balance was distroyed cause the world to become a hellish husk of what it was.
    People are trying to make the world what it was and they have special powers to help them, these powers come from the laws of nature when the great fundemental of life before death was broken all the other rules of the world went with it so people can bend the rules and do things that in the world of life you couldn't do.

    this is basicly the idea around the story so whats peoples opinion on it?
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    At the end of 358/2 days we see Xion die but it's how she did that interests me. We see what looks like Ice ingulf her body and then just vanish. Was it acctually ice? And why would Vexen need to use Ice to create a copy of someone? And if it is ice why did she turn back into it when she died? Wouldn't she of died and just faded because she still held the memories up untill she vanished and so should of stayed looking like Xion...
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    Welcome to the worlds of Kingdom Hearts but not as you may remember them. Many years after the age of light the Door to Kingdom Hearts broke spilling all the Darkness from the Realm of Darkness all over the worlds.
    Instantly worlds began to fall from an endless tide of Heartless and thoughs who were left were all given keyblades to try and even out the numbers. Even Noboies created by the Drakness fight to right the worlds because without the Light of Kingdom Hearts how can they hope to regain their hearts?
    You can join the fight as a keyblade holder, master or even an elder key (A keyblade master who has servived many battles and exsisted before kingdom Hearts broke)
    or even a Nobody.
    If you feel evil you can be a Heartless with all the power of Darkness!

    Rules: The story when up and running will jump from world to world and will have many smaller personal stories each going towards the main goal, characters are allowed to move from world to world using any means they can but try not to take over every story. No godding that means every character has a limit to what they can stand and what they can and can't achive on their own. In parts of the story a person may decide that their key holder loses their hear if or when that happens the person will become a Nobody and will have to enter a new character profile. Advances in the main story should be slow at best but any character can make advances in it but if you can make sure every person knows the new development.

    To enter the battle:
    Name(for any type of character)
    Age(For any type of character)
    Type(Heartless, keyblade holder, master, elder key or Nobody)
    Power(what ever you want within reason)
    weapon(optional for Nobodies and Heartless but anyone with a keyblade just need name their blade, you can give a pic if you have one)
    Appearance(for all types again a pic would be nice)
    personality(for all types though Heartless with have the same evil base naturally)
    Lastly a Bio of you character.
    though keep in mind you can only have one character...

    Name: Docyx
    Age: Unknown
    Type: Elder key
    Power: Light and wind
    Weapon: The winds of the Heart Keyblade [​IMG]
    Appearance: Long brown hair, white cloak, green eyes, and clothing that looks like old jeans and a te-shirt.
    Personality: A quiet man who holds great wisdom. Though gruff he is kind and always able to help whatever the cost to himself.
    Bio: A Keyblade master who lived before Kingdom Hearts broke, part of a 'masters guild' who decided that everyone needed a keyblade or we were doomed to be distroyed. He has no noted family ties and his world of origin is unknown he now stands in the Keyblade Graveyard protecting the sacred battle ground from Heartless attack and trains the next generation to take over from him when he is gone...
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