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  1. DarknessKingdom
    Well, this is a nice surprise.

    Here's hoping that they will do the same thing when they release KH2 and BBS together in a HD collection with Dream Drop cutscenes in HD. Keeping my fingers crossed that this comes out in the West.
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    I actually really enjoyed it. It's not without it's flaws, for sure, but it is a decent film regardless. Garfield makes a great Spider-Man although I wish that more of his wit and quips from the comics were present; would have been nice to learn more about who Peter is when he's not Spider-Man because I couldn't tell if he was a loner/nerd/indie/skateboarding kid or all four. Maybe if they addressed it then I would have been satisfied but eh.

    It has one of the best Stan Lee cameos to date though.
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    I don't think the comic book version of Bane would translate very well in the Nolanverse. He was in Batman and Robin but he was little more than just hired muscle when he actually has a history of being a mastermind and historically breaking Batman's spine.
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    And he's voiced by Nolan North. AGAIN.

    Oh well.
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    Throw her into a hole and tell her that she rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
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    The Rejection Ending felt like Casey Hudson just giving the fans who hated the endings the biggest middle finger of all time (a "if you don't like it, TOO BAD!" vibe). I still feel like the idea of this God-Catalyst-Deus-Ex child to be an incredibly weak and uninspired winning-plot device. The part where the boy's voice dropped like several octaves made me genuinely laugh and raises the question how much influence Harbinger had during that scene. Because in my opinion, it definitely wanted me to either go for Control or Synthesis.

    Honestly, I feel like from my point of view, the Destroy Ending was the lesser of four evils. The Control and Synthesis Endings in theory have their positive attributes but one thing that the series kept emphasizing was how power can easily influence and corrupt one person. This was shown in the indoctrination of the TIM, Overload, Shadow Broker. Not to mention that Reaper-Jesus Shepard is not actually Shepard. It has the memories, values, beliefs and morals of Shepherd but s/he has been fused with the collective archive and thoughts of the Reapers and therefore Harbinger. Although you could argue that it is perhaps the most Paragon thing to do, to sacrifice oneself for the good of the galaxy and use what was a tool of destruction to rebuild and start again - that is also what the Reapers believed that they were doing (although their methods involved mass genocide). Synthesis forced all life (synthetic and organic) to merge into a process that most likely is not yet ready for it - an Instrumentality if you will. It is what Saren fought for and it is what Cerberus sought (to an extent). Hell, even the A.I didn't want it if I remember correctly.
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    You know something is wrong when a company starts churning out their hardware in a bigger size and emphasize that they will be no more future iterations. The lack of an AC adapter is...puzzling for Japan/Europe and whilst I am glad that they somewhat addressed the battery issue, not being able to recharge it from packaging nulls the whole point. I shouldn't have to had purchased the previous model in order to sustain battery life.

    Guess I'm stuck with my DS Lite until Nintendo does a 180 degree spin and say: JUST KIDDING GUYZ, WE GOT SLIMMER 3DS WITH 2ND ANALOGUE STICK + LONGER BATTERY LIFE COMING OUT NOW. HOPE YOU RIKE IT :D (or until Shin Megami Tensei 4 comes out...)
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    Where exactly can they go with Solid Snake though? Wasn't the whole point of the epilogue was to have the previous generation tell Snake that he doesn't have to fight and involve himself in war anymore? That there is more to him than just fighting?

    At least the context of Rising makes somewhat sense since MGS4 ended on a far too optimistic ideal feel and the fact that there wasn't this law-abiding-manipulative organization keeping everything in check with PMCs and war could only mean faeces was going to hit the fan sooner or later.
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    Anything goes, really.

    I didn't feel like for Roxas in any case, intimate relationships or anything beyond saying angsty moments of rage was within reach for him. The Olette that he knew, as stated previously, was a digital copy. They hardly get enough interaction to say that 'this is a shipping moment' since everyone seems to be in somewhat platonic relationships. Not to mention within the seven days, Roxas has more of monogamous relationship with the Keyblade of all things rather than an actual person (which there wasn't because they were all digital). I suppose there could be more argument for Namine/Roxas but then one has to consider that perhaps a residual or a majority of the feelings comes from their original counterparts and therefore could be attracted to one another (which if you think about it, isn't very romantic. "I only love you because my counterpart loves your counterpart" :\).
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    My mind is blown.


    It was a bit of a shock at first to see Kanji's dramatic change. I really liked his punk appearance.

    When does the epilogue occur?

    (That Chie. Always knew there was a killer bod underneath that sweater :P)
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    I've kept my name as it is right now just to remind myself not to ever have such a ******ed username again (and because I'm attached to it).

    ...or until I think of one to go with my SMT phase.
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    Also because it is Moffat and he will pull back the curtains in Season 3 and be like: JOKES ON YOU. :D
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    As of this very moment, Persona 4.

    I must add, though, that I am currently rabid about the Shin Megami Tensei series and it's spinoffs so any game that is under this label AND has been released in the West is considered to be my favorite.
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    The gaming industry will stop churning out ultraviolence the day that Warren Spector apologizes for producing a game that had the most ridiculous camera setting for an action/adventure game (i.e. Epic Mickey). Better yet, make a game post the year 2000 that is actually, I don't know, GOOD?

    In all seriousness though, I think the consumer and gamer can decide what type of games that they want to play and what they do not want to play. If you don't like it, don't buy it. There has always been non-violent games of every stripe and for every console. No one is exactly forcing the gamer and a person to purchase the final product so at the end of the day, just decide with your own dollar. A parent who blames a video game for its violence and lack of censoring for their children is an irresponsible parent.
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    I have the "SOCIAL LINK GO~!" as my notification ringtone :D
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    We're all still trying to forget the Joel Schumacher films.

    I don't really care tbh, besides the fact that Nintendo is being more friendly with third-parties in regards to their console. I'm sure people who buy Arkham City for the Wii U will have just as a good experience if they were playing it on the PS3. Not worth a Day 1 purchase in my opinion but I have no intentions to get a Wii U in the future.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and just ask: does your boyfriend try to separate you from your friends intentionally? As in, does he try to always spend time alone with you and never allows you to spend time with other people?

    Try to hear what your friends and your boyfriend are trying to say. It's merely speculation but there is the possibility that his relationship with you could be abusive in the future.
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    R.I.P my PS3

    The YLOD has at last claimed by launch PS3.

    I shall always remember our time together. Goodnight sweet prince.


    Now I can finally get that slim PS3 I've been waiting for. Now I get to play Red Dead Redemption and Arkham City from scratch again! :D

    (But it also means that I have to do all the Challenges...and find all of the Riddler trophies from Arkham Asylum and City again. ****!)
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    Yeah, I may or may not have spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what my Persona would be, what skills it would have and what it would look like when the Protagonist/Brotagonist has maxed out my Social Link :P
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