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  1. TurquoiseBurger
    [My Life:
    2 Brothers
    1 Step Brother
    1 Step Sister
    2 Best Friends
    1 Boyfriend

    =]=]=]=] That sounds like the life right but wait....oh and no makes people look weak....I just want to share my "interesting life"

    my parents got divorced when i was 6
    my mom got remarried when i was in the fourth grade
    my dad got remarried basically the same year WHOOPIE
    my cousin died, my grandma died, my dog died, and my hamster died ALL IN THE SAME YEAR
    oh then my dad got married again
    and then my step dad left my family
    then another cousin died
    then my dad got divorced
    then my step dad came back
    then my step dad left again
    my dad got married again
    then he moved to tennessee
    I got my first boyfriend in the 9th grade UGH sucked
    Another boyfriend at the end of 9th and beginning of 10th UGHHH sucked again
    My step dad left again that year
    then he came back
    we found out he is now bipolar
    then i got a new christian AWESOME boyfriend
    then my dad moves to north dakota
    then my dad calls me to tell me that his wife has left him

    MY LIFE could be a t.v. show!!!!!!!!!!]
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    Lima beans, cherry apples, and polka dots, and venus and mars.

    Baha. There is a meaning.
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  3. TurquoiseBurger
    wow is all i can say...the only people on there are gays, lesbians, and seems like the only thing that makes good t.v. is gays, lesbians, sex addicts, cheating on your boyfriend and or girlfriend, suicide, or any immoral thing...T.V. is stupid now a days
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  4. TurquoiseBurger
    Chapter 1
    of Alexison and the Japanese Warrior

    There was once a camp for princes' and princesses. Every prince and or princess from far away lands to far far away lands would have to go but it wasn't much of people forcing them to go, it was a yearly event everyone waited for. This camp wasn't just any other camp it was a magical and beautiful camp. When you would first pull in you were greeted by elves, unicorns, griffins, and monster's (they were friendly monsters). This camp had NO RULES except for one: do not enter the room with the red door, which was present in each cabin. Of course each camper was curious to find what was present behind those doors but they were to excited for the fun filled week to worry about it. Except for one girl named Alexison, she was determined to figure out what was behind the doors before the week was over. When everyone was assigned to their cabins, Alexison rushed to her room to open the door when a gorgeous guy bumped into her. (thinking in her head) *oh crap another distraction.* They talked for a very long time, soon enough Alexison forgot all about the red door when suddenly the camp was attacked by Japanese warriors coming to take them into captivity. Alexison didn't know what to do but only to run to her cabin and hurry to look inside the door before her imminent death. She ran ran ran ran and ran some more! She soon reached the door, when " the gorgeous guy" came running after here, he pulled her in with his beautiful brown eyes, and he kissed her passionately and then whispered in her ear "I've got you my princess" and takes her into captivity.
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    hi h
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  6. TurquoiseBurger
    Well Hello! my fellow buddies how has your day been? i am so excited because tonight i am hanging out with Turquoise Burger (myself) Spunk Ransom AC, and EV...we are going to eat at the local BBQ restraunt...yes we live in the south.....we love our BBQ...and then we are watching the DEATH NOTE MOVIE...hellz yeah!!!!!

    -Turquoise Burger
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  7. TurquoiseBurger

    Anime Sucks

    [Lol caught your attention didn't I?]
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  8. TurquoiseBurger
    The power went out....which was kinda cool...but then i couldn't see SR's boobs....cause she is wearing was depressing....IM NOT GAY!!!! this just makes for a good conversation...Well my first class is american literature and my teacher is freakin amazing...and then my next class is science and that teacher is a freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Third period is bible and that is one of my favorite classes because we always have fun and we always make fun of the teacher....and he even laughs at himself...
    My God is so big
    So strong and So Mighty
    There is nothing my God cannot do....
    that is the song we sing like everyday....and Mr. W always makes me laugh when he does it because he looks ******ed (there are hand motions by the way)
    okay 4th period.... is geography with i dont have with SR which is sad actually i have like only three classes with SR. And then lunch...which is fun because we eat and GET FAT!!!!!!!! Math is after lunch which is always fun but challenging. Then Spanish...which i have with SR....she can roll her R's but i cant!!!! Anyways....we had a good time in spanish and we always have a good laugh. Then 7th PERIOD!!!! last class..was changed today...i am not in digital media...which i prob wont be good at...but its worth a try...and im with SR and she makes me smile and we always have fun

    well TALK!!!

    -Turquoise Burger

    quote: i love SR's boobies....they are my melons XD (inside joke)
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    Spunk ransom

    spunk ransom get on or i am gonna punch you in the boob and kick you a** to the ground
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  10. TurquoiseBurger
    Well hello there fellow buddies he he....i have officially had a sucky day...i hate hate hate school i really wish that i could just stay home and just chat with yall but unfortunately i cant...sad day:nono:but hey i dont know what i would do without my friend AC and SpunkRansom...i love them to death and i know they have big boobs...which makes for a better hug he he.....well reply reply reply reply:)
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  11. TurquoiseBurger
    why hello there
    my friends are so ****in awesome
    i love them to death
    both of them are red heads
    and guess what?
    they both have big boobs
    and i dont
    which sucks
    but hey i will grow in soon
    he he
    but talk to me and my friends
    we are awesome
    my friend on here HINT HINT is spunk ransom


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  12. TurquoiseBurger
    Hello this is TurquoiseBurger. I am a new member to KH-V i am a very good friend to Spunk Ransom. I love cheese and mongolian chicken.....i love hanging out with my friends and going to the beach....i have blonde hair and blue eyes.....if i was about to die in one hour i would hand out with my wonderful friends and family :DDDDD
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