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    Be back soon.

    Well I just figured out I should probably make one of these. I'm going to be gone for the next couple weeks, life just turned really crappy so I'm going to try to make myself more 'under control.' I might go on MSN to check if there is people I want to talk to or not, but otherwise I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks.
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    I've been the slightest bit depressed lately. But I've also been having a pain in my back, I've lost my appetite (I usually eat like a pig), I sometimes get really nauseous, and I've been losing a lot of weight. I went to the doctor and when doing a quick 'check-up' he didn't see much wrong with me. I'm thinking of seeking advanced help, but has anybody else ever had this, or does anybody know what is wrong with me?
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    Dissapointed .
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    PC Maplestory

    I find it extremely addicting until about 80 where leveling gets more difficult, and you're bored of grinding. Maplestory [or at least Scania] is 50% hackers/spammers, which I've gotten hacked several times. Henesys h0es sometimes make me want to squeeze their virtual brains out, and people take online relationships completely seriously [Everybody has their opinions if they agree about it or not.] Party quests are kind of fun [CPQ2....ugh..just no] and grinding is boring as hell.

    What do you guys think about this MMORPG?
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    I know I am sounding like a total 'n00b,' but I have no idea what is happening. I'm trying to resize the image (I do scale image) to 400x120 pixels but it becomes really small. I tried the other settings (inches, etc.) but I have no idea what I'm doing.
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    That's disappointing.
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    OOC thread

    We do not choose you, fate does. Take note of every word we utter, all is spoken indirectly from fate itself. If your still alive, surviving, head to the middle of Cinton, Lymra. You'll know where this is if you've been chosen. Go toward the tallest building, also the oldest building, and ask the man at the front desk for floor 600, say Rosa sent you. Take a weapon with you when you head to Cinton. Whether it be a weapon made in the wilderness, or the remaining of the technological items of Lymra. You've been chosen, and we need you to fight. There is a war raging on in Lymra, which may explain a lot to you. The Half Breeds have returned from the darkest part of the Underworld. They bring of ancient magic, and do not be fooled if they even look the slightest like us. We need help to fight them, and drive them out of our home land!
    The speech echoed, the call of the Pure Bloods has been released.

    Story of Pure bloods (Completely human)​

    Dawn of March 2, 2040 was life turned upside down for many Pure Bloods. Many were killed by Half Breeds, only the chosen ones meant to fight surviving, whether in plain sight or the best of hiding locations. the leader of the Pure Blood army. The Pure Blood base was founded by two people, several other people joining them before the desperate calling. The 600th floor was unable to be seen from the building, but clearly exists, according to anybody who is currently surviving in Lymra, whether of Half Breed or Pure Bloods. The 600th floor consists of an infirmary, bedroom (consisting of many bunk beds, new ones magically appear every time somebody arrives), lab, and other basic needs of a human like dining room, etc. The main purpose of every Pure Blood is to take down the Half Breeds, trying to get into Danarmak, or just plain eliminating of Half Breeds, one step at a time. Battle ground is everywhere for Pure Bloods, except for the safe domain of the 600th floor for the Pure Bloods, and Cinton, but how long will their safe domain last? This is decided in the Last of the Pages, whether written by Pure Bloods or Half Breeds.

    Story of the Half Breeds (Or Mutants)
    Danarmak, Lymra. Home of the Half Breeds, Danarmak taking the new form of the Underworld. Sinister laughter, human screams, and arguing, the average sounds of Danarmak. Half Breeds and several Pure Bloods freely roamed the streets, Half Breeds consisting of many different half creature and human, all Half Breeds were rejected by being 'cross breed.' Their goal? Stop the Pure Bloods who rejected their kind, show them their better. Danarmak reeked of burning electronics, everyday the Half Breeds retrieving more Pure Blood technologies and destroying them, a small portion of their large, sinister revenge. They are the ones to write the last of the pages, or are their own last pages being written?
    Dawn of March 2, 2040, daylight is once seen again by the Half Breeds. The first part of the plan, designed by the leaders, was to take out all of the weak Pure Bloods. Over the next week war broke out between Half Breeds and Pure Bloods. The weaker of the Pure Bloods were immediately eliminated by battle with others. The Pure Bloods took sides, several moving over to Half Breeds. The Half Breeds took over Danarmak, a city with many factories. Most of these are run by Pure Blood slaves, which are starved and worked until they kill themselves from the torture. The rock of Ophosus, the thin line between the Underworld and Lymra, also lies in Danarmak. The base of the Half Breeds is a hotel also located in the center, occupied from floors -10 to 15.

    More Information..(Most likely important)
    Cinton is an average city, with the skyscraper in the middle. The city consists of homes, few buildings. Imagine the inside of the skyscraper with white walls, pictures of all of the fighters along the walls, and a front desk by 2 elevators. The 600th floor is hotel style, with rooms of bunk beds (New bunk beds magically appear every time somebody new enters, and girls and boys are of course seperated), training room, and any other average necessity(s) of a Pure Blood (human). Cinton is usually 16-27 degrees Celsius. (About 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.)
    Just to clarify Pure Bloods are fully human, just like you and me. Pure Bloods can have any weapon within reason (By this I mean not anything along the lines of, for example, a 10 ft. sword/flamethrower) and have control of any element around them. (They cannot make, for example, fire/water out of mid air.)
    Danarmak is a factory type of city, filled with few homes and many factories, a thick smoke always right above the city, the whole place polluted. It is extremely warm in Danarmak, a scorching 32-28 degrees Celsius. (About 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit.) Pure Bloods that are caught are often stuck working in the factories for days on end, getting little to no food/water until they kill themselves. Danarmak's -10 through 15 floors of the North eastern hotel is designed like an average hotel, except it strangely reeks of expired raw meat, and there is mud, blood, etc. in the hallways, making it not the neatest place in Danarmak.
    Half Breeds are a mix of human and a creature/animal, locked away in the Underworld long ago in a war eons ago, also between Pure Bloods and Half Breeds. They look mostly like regular Pure Bloods.(Except for several traits from the animal/creature.)

    The whole entire Lymra is about the size of what Europe would be. Cinton is at the NE end and Danarmak at the SW, there are many neutral towns and cities throughout Lymra. There are forests and guards around Cinton and Danarmak. Just wanted to clarify a few quick things.

    1. No goddmodding or powerplaying!
    2. When I say half breeds I do not mean a dragon/human where you breath fire over everybody. I just mean have a few traits of the other creature/animal.
    3. If you wish to kill a character contact me and the person who's character you wish to kill.
    4. I can edit these rules at any times, but I'll be as fair as I can with it if I have to.
    5. Pure Bloods and Half Breeds are of equal power.
    6. Post Beyonders in the character fill out, or when you request a character.
    7.Please do not exceed four characters.
    8. No *actions*! For "Talking" is that, and for Thinking
    10. If you have any questions, comments, ways to make this more interesting, etc., feel free to contact me.

    Accepted OCs
    Username: AwkwardFailure
    Name: Pius Michel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Pure Blood
    Personality: 'Nerdy', shy but opens up overtime, book worm, kind, short tempered, sarcastic, mostly relaxed, slightly lazy.
    Appearance: Full credit to author
    Bio: Grew up with his parents as an average life, Pius always playing games of killing Half Breeds with a pistol. He made a promise to himself when he grew up he would be sure to kill Half Breeds. Once the Half Breeds had escaped from the Underworld his parents, two of the many weaker Pure Bloods, were killed. Pius, enraged, immediately went to the location the mysterious speaker had described. He refuses to make himself at home, as he is either busy on his computerized system, reading a book, or madly trying to find Half Breeds.
    Weapon: Pistol
    Likes: Huddling over a computer screen all day, books, sarcasm, throwing various objects.
    Dislikes: Close-range fight, Half Breeds, gangs, children under 15.
    Other: Beyonders

    Username: Dr_Wigglz
    Name: Sabrewulf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Race: Half Breed. He's Half Human, Half wolf.
    Personality: Aggressive, sarcastic, cruel.
    Appearance: Pale human skin where visible. Has a white tail, blue eyes. Sharp claws, sharp wolf-like teeth, has white wolf fur on the top of his head instead of hair.
    Bio: Sabrewulf grew up on the streets. Disrespected by all for being a half breed, he often got into fights with the pure bloods. He was involved in the fight for Danarmak, slaughtering many people who stood in his path. Bloodthirsty and aggressive, he is very much like a wolf. His most hated feature about being a half breed is the fact that, occasionally, he gets fleas.
    Weapon: His claws and teeth.
    Likes: Fights, murder, and offending people.
    Dislikes: Being kind to people, boredom, and his fleas.
    Other: Beyonders.

    Username: Master of Keyblades
    Name: Sora
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Race: Pure Blood
    Personality: Sora is at most time calm cool and collective but he can be reckless and ruthless when he's angry.
    Bio: Sora grew uphating the half-breeds for what they did. That was until he bacame friends with one of them. Due to their friendship his views about them.They change to the point that he snuck his friend into the city. They made it into the city undected but they had to separte to avoid suspision.
    Weapon: Broadsword
    Likes: Music, flying
    Dislikes: Swimming
    Other: Always wears a pair headphone to listen to music

    Username: Midnight Star
    Name: Alice Moonbeam
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race: Pure Blood
    Personality: Alice is optermistic and likes to look on the positive side of things. She is determined, she will work hard to achieve her goals and is not to be underestimated. She is sometimes quiet, but she is not shy, she is confident if she doesn't always show it. She is fairly mature but still enjoys to be childish every so often.
    Appearance: http://simplicityanime.files.wordpre.../05/nagisa.png
    Bio: Alice has grown up in a small village covered by dense woodland, due to this she was always out climbing trees and pracicing with her treasured bow, actually getting very skilled. Due to it's very hidden position their village was left out of the war but often got travellers going though nearby, so she heard things from either side, their stories often contradicting eachother. Each side, not appearing half as bad as the other concieved them to be to her. For the most part though she ignored the war, she didn't like it but she didn't know how she could stop it or even which side to fight for. This was until she returned one day to find her village burnt to the grond and no sign of any survivers. The village was all pure bloods but their were rumors going round that several in the village were friends with half breeds, so either side could of been responsible. She didn't know what to do, she had no home anymore, she couldn't ignore the war anymore but she had no idea who to fight with. With just what she'd taken hunting and anything she could salvage, she set out into the wilderness, no clue where she'd end up.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrows
    Likes: Archery, music and nature
    Dislikes: Fighting, arrogant people, bullies
    Other: She is very small and adgile, often being underestimated.

    Username: AwkwardFailure
    Name: Shannon Tekdom
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9 (Physically)
    Race: Half Breed. Half Human, Half Eagle
    Personality: (When putting on a 'cute' act): Innocent, kind, sweet, loving.
    (Normally): Rude, blunt, cold hearted, cruel, irritable.
    Appearance: Full credit to author
    Bio: Taught by a wise demon as a child, when with him she could not even be touched. Shannon looked up to the demon as a father, a best friend. When in the Underworld her true personality was kind and sweet, but once she got dragged to the surface things changed. She became a monster, some joke around 'her heart shrunk three sizes and she rotted like all puny Pure Bloods.' She stormed around, killing weak Pure Bloods as quickly and painfully (for them) as possible. She loved/still loves to put on an act of sweetness for new Pure Bloods she finds, then strike them dead.
    Weapon: Her talons.
    Likes: Sharp objects, starving people, water, fighting.
    Dislikes: Being unable to fly, Pure Bloods, anybody older than her, people calling her 'cute,' not being able to fight.
    Other: Although she looks normal when in combat she grows talons and has a beak instead of a nose/mouth. Beyonders.
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    Rip off your socks and shoes and do the Cotton Eye Joe on the side of the road in a giant puddle. Then have the people you live with flip out. Yupp.
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    I need suggestions (I mean..there's seriously nothing very good.)

    • Need to be in Verizon
    • Under $100

    Thinking of getting the LG vortex (Best phone I've seen so far on the website..) but I don't know. I have pretty much no options because I don't have any money at all.
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    I think of this..

    And the creepy one with Jimmys head and hamster body...
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    "I hold this truth to be self-evident: there is a Hell, and in it, this will be playing on infinite loop."
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    Not only did they miss a lot.. but the girl who played Annabeth was freaking 24 while filming. :.-.:
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    Or daydreams!
    You all love dreams. So share your dreams about KHV! Share your dreams about everything! We don't bite [​IMG]
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    And I wish to hear your conversations with a computer. Heres to being bored! (Click)
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    Many others and I are disappointed we cannot change the main theme of the background (since we're stuck with the pink sora) It has recently been disabled and many would appreciate it if it was restored.
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    I was throwing a party over [finally] 50 posts. Now it's 48

    WHY, WHY???
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    I'm ready to punch a hole through my cousins PSP, how do I get a cool/excellent,
    I can't even get it on beginner D:
    Help please :(
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    I can't memorize a song I have to sing in 1 week but I can memorize an intense cutscene from a Kingdom Hearts game.

    Epic win.
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    Theres something I don't understand. After you battle Xion on day 357 for the cutscene at the beginning theres that black stuff swirling around Xion. So is that darkness or Sora's memorys or what? I understand that so many memories from Sora had gone into her that she looked like him before the battle but in the end when shes dieing shes Xion again.
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    Hows it going?
    I'm new, so..uh...what are these pins and stuff like "Merlins Housekeeper"?
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