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  1. TheGershon
    Ever since 1.5 released on the PS3, I've had lots of nitpicks for the Days movie that I want fixed. Since Square Enix will never touch this game again, I've decided to do it myself! For now, I edited in Xemnas' dialog that was present in the DS game, but not the movie.

    Here's a link to watch the video on Google Drive, can't post Utada songs on YouTube

    And here's the preview video on YouTube, when the project is complete I'll post it to my channel.
    Thread by: TheGershon, Jul 17, 2018, 0 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  2. TheGershon
    Been looking around but can't find it, is there a no BGM code for this game? One exists for Days so it's most likely possible
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 17, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
  3. TheGershon
    So what exactly are you doing? Why did you have to start over, I thought we already had a good method going?
    Post by: TheGershon, Jan 7, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
  4. TheGershon
    Guys, we haven't seen any progress in like half a year. Is anything going to be posted to the drive, or is there nothing new?
    Post by: TheGershon, Aug 11, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  5. TheGershon
    I've got you covered, it'll take me a couple minutes but it'll be quick.[DOUBLEPOST=1394158285][/DOUBLEPOST]Hope you don't mind a zip file, the last picture is a separate conversation with Jasmine after you've talked to her once.
    Post by: TheGershon, Mar 6, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  6. TheGershon
    Awesome! And is the music possible as well?
    Post by: TheGershon, Jan 16, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  7. TheGershon
    Omg thank you. I'm totally going to make purple everything
    EDIT: So... is there a guide? I don't know what program to use to extract the textures
    Post by: TheGershon, Jan 1, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  8. TheGershon
    That explains why the hair looks so good, it's actually Roxas/Ventus's hair :p
    Did CrazyCat give you access to the texture editor already?
    Post by: TheGershon, Dec 31, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  9. TheGershon
    Using word makes a lot of hud items mess up, and using extended makes anything with the hi poly model freak out, along with certain actions giving me the T-stance.
    I've also tried it being the only code enabled, same results.
    Post by: TheGershon, Dec 31, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  10. TheGershon
    That's pretty damn awesome.

    Do you mean Kairi from KH2 into Xion? I'd like to see KH1 Kairi as her as well.

    EDIT: Also, that code totally doesn't work, at least on PCSX2. Are you sure that's the right one?
    Post by: TheGershon, Dec 30, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  11. TheGershon
    Damn that looks surprisingly good. How did you get the keyblade backwards? Is that just in the middle of a spin?
    Also requesting Kairi -> Xion please
    Post by: TheGershon, Dec 30, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  12. TheGershon
    I just want to fix this
    Post by: TheGershon, Oct 27, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  13. TheGershon
    But what about the Character Portraits? That's what really bugs me.
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 27, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  14. TheGershon
    That still sounds good to me, it bothers me that they did nothing of the sort in 1.5.
    Also, is it possible to make the character portraits 16:9?
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 27, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  15. TheGershon
    You really think they'd release a PS4 version of a port?
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 26, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  16. TheGershon
    Found a video with all of the Ansem Reports.

    Which file has the reports? I'll be more than happy to cover it.
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 25, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  17. TheGershon
    I call BS on that
    Using 4x resolution, that's definitely not real time
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 19, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  18. TheGershon
    Not sure if this is already in english, but I'll write this one out.
    After the cutscene of joining with Donald and Goody, and talking to Leon:

    There are dalmatians named
    Pongo and Perdita living in
    the Second District...

    What's wrong?

    They're quite upset,
    these dalmatians.

    They've lost their

    Squall can't stop
    worrying about them.

    Call me Leon.

    Sora, would you look
    for the puppies?

    Help them out.

    And outside the Dalmatian's House:

    This is the puppies' home.

    When their world disappeared, they
    were torn away from their family
    and scattered to other worlds.

    I bet the little guys are

    They must be.


    I'm countin' on you.

    I'll keep my save of right here in case I missed something, but I'm can't seem to find anything else atm.
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 9, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  19. TheGershon
    So there was an event today at Disneyland (well about a mile away) where they gave out free posters and pins for the game, along with letting you buy 1.5 HD a couple days early. Well as I live in Los Angeles I just had to go and here I am playing the game (had to wait for 5 hours! Was worth it though). I don't have a jailbroken PS3 and I'd rather not go through that but I can help with the untranslated scenes. I just need to get to them.
    Post by: TheGershon, Sep 8, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
  20. TheGershon
    I prefer the current style. Is what you updated on the drive?
    Post by: TheGershon, Aug 30, 2013 in forum: Code Vault