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    Gangnam style. Silently.​
    PS: i thought it was funny
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    A baby's 'gotta do what a baby's 'gotta do. Me and Jayn were just watching old episodes of the Rugrats.
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    Pick up your swords brother!
    An evil like no other, lurks, outside your door.
    It is a beast brother! A fiend like none, we've seen before.
    It the gravest sin, to even let it live.
    So silence it. At it's core.
    Victory awaits the Just.
    Our Father in heaven trusts, no other to do this deed.
    For on this darkest night, we rid the world a plight.
    Tonight! We kill the beast.
    Don't fear it's razor claws. Nor it's invincible maw.
    For we are ordained, our right as men to claim,
    Do not think I'm insane. I just have the righteous flame.
    By God's might, we slay this beast.
    There is no time for bed, you'll never rest your head
    Unless the beast is dead!
    Your flocks will be in shreds. Your families will all be dead.
    Or you can join me now and lay the beast down.
    So put on your hunting boots
    No time to aim just shoot!
    For tonight, we kill the beast!
    Your son's will call you heroes, your wives forget their prequels!
    Just because, we slay this beast.
    My brothers, this cretin's tough.
    His hellish blood lust, will continue 'till we run it through!
    But we are the Lord's hand picked. So put your faith in him,
    As of tonight, we slay the beast.

    Author's note: Inspired by Jayn and Gaston of Disney's 'The Beauty and the Beast.'
    And title suggestions would be nice too. I couldn't come up with a fitting one.
    And I know spelled Untitled, wrong. Typed it to fast on this handheld.
    Constructive criticism wanted. Positive feedback welcomed. Negative's will be ignored. Thank you .
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    The chalk to Chalkzone.
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    What's in your pockets, right, nao.

    For me it's just my cell phone.
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    Object sexuality or objectum sexuality, in German objektophil (OS), is a pronounced emotional and often romantic desire towards developing significant relationships with particular inanimate objects. Those individuals with this expressed preference may feel strong feelings of attraction, love, and commitment to certain items or structures of their fixation. For some, sexual or even close emotional relationships with humans are incomprehensible. Object-sexual individuals also often believe in animism, and sense reciprocation based on the belief that objects have souls, intelligence, feelings, and are able to communicate. Contrary to sexual fetishism, the object to an OS person is viewed as their partner and not as a means to an end to enhance a human sexual relationship.

    So KHVians, my question to you is, what is your take on a human being falling in 'love' with an inanimate object, such as a car, or building, or graffiti wall?

    Myself? I don't care/mind. They aren't hurting anyone and with so many people on the Earth who are so terrible, I see no reason to raise a fuss about a man making out with his Mustang.
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    Every month me and Jayn celebrate our anniversary in some way on the 25th of each month. Because of how hectic things have become recently I have no ideas at the moment, and for that I am sorry.

    Just wanted you to know, Jayn, that I haven't forgotten.
    I love you.
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    Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is.. Mods are asleep. You know what time it is..
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    I like to sing.
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    i herd u lyk putting clickable things in your siggy. Well this is the place to explore your newest/oldest fetish. Clicking whatever's in another person's link. Start with me. :^D
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    Growing Up

    Dear KHV,
    Usually I'd go to a male role model for this type of question. But seeing as how most of you here are from my generation or are generation ahead or behind. I've decided to tally that with the fact that Jayn trusts you to pose my question here.

    The Scenario: At the urging of my Jayn, I've taken a bath for the first time in years. How long has it's been? I don't remember anymore. Anyway after realizing how relaxed I felt and that I must try baths more often(because showering has dominated my memories of bathing). I felt something that I am currently struggling with as the water drained itself when I pulled the stopper. I started thinking of when grabbing a few toys and making them crash into each other as I acted out and narrated a story was the greatest thing in the world. For moments I wanted to get up and do so. But I didn't want to be childish. I am struggling heavily with growing up. I am legally a 19 year old. But I am still a kid who's trying to become a man.

    Is that urge to grab a few toys and play with them like old times just nostalgia? Or is it me reverting back to my childishness. A thing I fear is losing touch with the child in me but also I fear that childish side becoming to dominate to the point where I can't even keep a potential job because I'm kidding around to much or something immature like that. Hell, I suppose I don't even have a question. I'd just really like some advice, please.

    PS: Bring the rules of the Help With Life section to your posts.
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    Summer of Falling Hearts OOC!!



    Sometimes we sit there and ask ourselves wonder and ask ourselves why; why did they have to leave so soon? Why did it have to be so dramatic?

    Somehow, we knew it was coming but then again we didn’t. But if we knew about it for sure, we probably wouldn’t have been able to stop it from happening.

    Or then again… could we?

    So many haunting questions flooded our minds as Natalie’s coffin was lowered in the ground, never to be seen again. Someone said it was her first party she ever been to in her life. Her boyfriend, our friend, Rae could say it was also her last.

    We were broken in heart, mind, and soul. Some of us took it harder than others, but we stayed together like a family. Our lead singer went and joined the Heavenly Host’s Angel choir while our lead guitarist up and left us to where not even the devil knows where.

    So, here we are, a band of four with our two teachers (or sensei’s as most like to call them), missing the key elements of what was going to bring us together to be something out there in the rough world. No one’s going to look at our cute family setting and take us to the battlefield where the students of the masters fight for the top.
    We’re back on ground zero.

    But… maybe there’s a little silver lining in these dark clouds. Some new kids just moved in, and they heard about us. They want to join us.

    But no one can ever replace Natalie and Rae.

    No one.

    1. No godmodding (Meaning no auto kill, no super hero stunts like breaking through walls with bare hands, stuff like this. We are normal mortals in this RP.)

    2. No powerplaying (You can't make someone else's character do whatever you want. You have to get their permission)

    3. PG-13 Rating Posts (Romance and drama is encouraged, but don't get over the top. There are little munchkins lurking this web)

    4. We may break our own rules for Plot purposes.

    5. We can add rules at any time.

    6. Alert us(Fuzzy, Maka) if something bugs or confuses you.

    7. Don't do something so ******d that we fire you from the RolePlay entirely.

    8. Characters are allowed to wander and everyone has a cell phone. Just remember, they're a band, so if you want to be a lone wolf, be one with the rest of the members.

    9. If someone leaves the RP, that means a new spot is available. Don't forget, don't just vanish from the RolePlay, if you can alert us to how long you'll be leaving or if you're leaving permanently.

    10. Maka and Fuzzy are Gods here. Respect us for our word is this RolePlays law.

    12. No anime characters for appearances. ONLY real people. (Jayn interjection; if you can, get their permission, or use free stocks/famous people or something so you're not being creepy.
    tl; dr - Please don't steal people's facebook profile pictures, ktnx. )

    13. Please. Please. Go to the OOC and send your completed skeletons there. Any questions should be sent to me, FuzzyBlueLights. Or posted in the OOC. By the by, the OOC is at the top of this thread.

    14. Have fun!​


    The Newbies

    Lead Singer Garxena
    Lead Guitarist Random Angel

    The Family

    Singer Two Britishism
    Drummer Bushy
    Base guitarist Fuzzy
    Piano Jayn
    Electric Violin Maka

    Manager 1 What?
    Manage 2 Ace


    [SIZE="1"][COLOR="white"]My God/Goddess Is: [COLOR="lightblue"][Username][/COLOR]
    My Name Is: [COLOR="lightblue"][First and last name of character][/COLOR]
    I came into this world on: [COLOR="lightblue"][Full birthdate. And the setting is today, now. So if they turned 19 in
    September and the previous months before, they’re born in 1992.[/COLOR]]
    Some people say I’m: [COLOR="lightblue"][Basic personality here][/COLOR]
    This has been my life so far: [COLOR="lightblue"][Brief bio here][/COLOR]
    Oh yeah, this is me: [COLOR="lightblue"][Appearance, use real people only. No anime or cartooned allowed. ><][/COLOR]
    This is my baby: [COLOR="lightblue"][Instrument you play here. Managers can deleted this, or change it to a secret talent they have][/COLOR]
    This is what I enjoy in life: [COLOR="lightblue"][List at least four things your character likes][/COLOR]
    This is what I hate: [COLOR="lightblue"][List four things your character dislikes][/COLOR]
    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: [COLOR="lightblue"][What original song matches your character?][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    My God/Goddess Is: [Maka]
    My Name Is: [Xara "Ruth" Kendel]
    I came into this world on: [October 17, 1994, I am seventeen years old]
    Some people say I’m: [Quiet, reserved, I never speak to anyone unless spoken to. I try to keep to myself all the time and stay out of a group. I have a hard time trusting others, but if one can see the real me trapped there inside, I can be lovable and fun to be around. I only have a selected few friends and peers who I can count on. Sometimes people see me as a dreamer, and maybe I am. I stare off into nothing after all when others aren't paying attention to me. But who knows what I'm dreaming of.]
    This has been my life so far: [I came to America across the sea from Russia when I was just about to turn six years old. I have been an orphan all my life up to then, and that is a story I do not wish to bring back to life, but a family from America adopted me. They taught me their language, they helped me catch on quickly to the curriculum at school, but they couldn't help me to find a footing in the social world. I was bullied, I stayed away from the other children, I wish to not make friends after a while and almost ended up completely alone, much to my family's concern. It wasn't until middle school that someone found me and brought me in their little friendship circle and made me apart of them. Then we all became much more than friends. We were family. They believed in me, and I grew. But I'm still afraid... I hold many dark secrets inside of me, none that I wish to unlock and share in words. But I share it through my best friend I can always rely on... My violin.]
    Oh yeah, this is me: This is my baby: [Electric Violin]
    This is what I enjoy in life: [Raindrops, horses, solitary settings, music that moves the soul]
    This is what I hate: [Pickles, thunder storms at night, guns/gunshots (I freeze when I see them/ hear them), loud social parties]
    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: Dreamcatcher and also this song by Secret Garden]

    My God Is: FuzzyBlueLights

    My Name Is: Cameron Lockehart

    I came into this world on: January 3, 1988
    Some people say I’m: Rude. Wasted talent. As hipster and as abstract as I pretend to be. I'm really quite simple. Like the Bass. I'm nice once I like you and I will explode over the littlest things. Even if I like you. I will only hesitate to put my hands on someone if they're a girl. Sorry ladies, it's a private promise.

    This has been my life so far: Ah life. I honestly sometimes have a hard time remembering my past. But I like what I can remember of it. Warmth and jacketless. Not like today, where I'm nearly always cold if a building has air conditioning. I'd suppose from what memories I do keep, that I had a pretty good life. Pops was a good man, soldier first class all the way. Was proud of his oldest boy as long as he kept out of trouble(which I did when I joined the band.) and kept finding a way to support himself. Moms was a good lady too. Classy, kept music playing nearly all the time before she past. She's the one who taught me all about the 1-2-3's and ABC's of rhythm. Lastly, there's my kid sister. Just two words for her. ****ing super Christian.

    Oh yeah, this is me:
    This is my baby: A Fender Rogers Water Precision Bass. ;D

    This is what I enjoy in life: Simply listening to instrumental solos. Chocolate. People born short.(>> No offense to midgets.) Video games. And winning.

    This is what I hate: Losing. Quiet. Peace. Keeping still.

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: Whipped Cream~ By Ludo

    My God/Goddess Is: Jayn.

    My Name Is: Anastasia Starr.

    I came into this world on: December 24th, 1991. I know, I know. I was a Christmas Eve baby. Unfortunately, all that's ever meant for me is year after year of disappointment. My birthday has always sort of gotten lost in the blur of Christmas. It's not unheard of or anything, but it seems like one less day in my life I get to feel special. At least there's snow on my birthday...sometimes.

    Some people say I’m: Boring. Apathetic. I don't really care for much, and I hate decisions. Color me passive. But not heartless.

    This has been my life so far: I don't really want to talk about it. Not like it was all that bad, it's just boring as hell. What, I live a life. I had and lost some friends. Hated school, but did well in it. My family is whatever to me, I don't live with them anymore. Yeah, who cares. I'm ordinary. Extra-ordinary.

    Oh yeah, this is me:
    This is my baby: My beloved piano. Oh, and my keyboard.

    This is what I enjoy in life: Quiet time alone is nice. I'm also a big nature-whore. I love the ocean, the beach especially. I love to go hiking. I love running. Food is great, too. I love to cook and try out new foods. I'm fairly open minded. Cats are cool too.

    This is what I hate: ******bags. Spicy food. Sour food. Sudden loud noises. Dogs, vile creatures.

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: I suppose this would be fitting. Maybe. Voiceless. Wordless. Soft. Escalation. Then silence.

    My God/Goddess Is: Bushy Brow

    My Name Is: Tyler "Tai" Ashes

    I came into this world on: 19th August 1992

    Some people say I’m: Wha? I really gotta do this? ...Talk about Lame... Alright!
    I'm uh... um... Dammit! Do I really have to do this?! FINE! I get it.
    I'm a badass. A dick or whatever. But that's what they say.
    The way I see it is that I'm just true to myself, I live the way I see it and am honest with what I do. If people wanna judge me like that. Then... meh. Like I care.

    This has been my life so far: Say wha?! I've gotta do this too! Why don't I just let you tape me having a dump in my own bathroo- ...Fine! Sheesh.. *mumbling something inaudible*
    My life has been average. As I said, I just do what I do and be true.
    I was conceived then expelled from my mother after nine months was up, just like anyone else. I went to school, did a bit of this and a bit of that. Went to College, did music stuff and girls.
    Yup. That's the sum up so far. Happy? You never told me I had to be pretty about the way I told it. Get off my case.

    Oh yeah, this is me:
    (Yes, this is actually me.)

    This is my baby: Anything I can hit hard really. Drums, in other words. No shit...

    This is what I enjoy in life: Hitting things (drums and on occasion people), Girls, The essentials basically, ...Anything I guess.

    This is what I hate: This application process, Liars, Cheats, Spicy food.

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: This. It's that simple.

    My God/Goddess Is: Britishism

    My Name Is: Caleb Fairland

    I came into this world on: January First, 1990

    Some people say I’m: Strange. That I say what's on my mind, no matter what it is. I suppose they're right, but what's strange about that? I guess I'm happy to be "strange". But as they say, I'm usually happy.

    This has been my life so far: My life, eh? You know, I don't think there's anything special about my life, really. I was born, I went to school, and I did stupid stuff in high school. But yeah, I went to college, got a degree in theater, and that fell in on itself. So I got a job at a sleazy bar and met a girl. She was sweet, in her own way. Didn't change the fact she stole my money and left me. I was down on my luck, but still hopeful that something good would come my way. I guess it did.

    Oh yeah, this is me:
    This is my baby: A 1990 edition voice box.

    This is what I enjoy in life: Food- anything edible, really. Singing, of course, why else would I be here? Girls, if you catch my drift. Would it be bad to say long walks on the beach? Also, I guess acting. Never really worked out for me, but it's a passion.

    This is what I hate: Most animals. Not to be mean or whatever, I just like things that can talk. Oh, yeah, winter, I hate winter. Uh, reading anything but music. It was never my strong suit. Also, I guess I hate conforming. I don't really know how to put it, but when someone told me to do something, I did the opposite.

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: I guess this fits me pretty well.


    My God/Goddess Is: Garxena

    My Name Is: Grace Kent

    I came into this world on: 13th December 1991; I’m 19 years old

    Some people say I’m: Outgoing, really. They tell me I’ve got this way of infecting people with my good attitude. I’ve been told that my way of approaching people might get me into trouble one day, but I don’t really take life seriously enough to believe them. My parents have called me weird; they were joking of course, but I think they just wanted me to choose a different career.

    This has been my life so far: I was born in New Zeland but my parents took our family elsewhere when I was just two so I don’t remember the land of Kiwis at all. I went through school pretty easily until I reached my sophomore year of high school. Some jerks were picking on a friend of mine so I roughed ‘em up a bit. I’m not usually the type to get in a fight, but it was my friend and I had to stick up for him. After that, I started making some difficult choices in life. I had to decide what I wanted my career to be and it wasn’t easy. I was never really good at academic stuff so I had gone into theatre and choir when I was in the sixth grade. I left formal choir in high school and joined the school’s show choir to get a little more fun into my singing. I performed solo after solo, grabbing every opportunity I could to expand my resume. I’d decided on my career: a goddamn rock star. Then a couple of good buds of mine gave me a call and brought my dream job to me. I gotta love those guys.

    Oh yeah, this is me:

    This is my baby: My vocal chords! <3

    This is what I enjoy in life: Music. There’s nothing else I’ve found that has made me feel more alive. Food. I really get into the stuff; it’s an art of its own. Boxing. What can I say? It helps me vent and it sure makes me happier than sitting and doing nothing. Writing. I write anything I can – poetry, short stories, songs, journals (have one for each year since I was ten).

    This is what I hate: Intolerance. I can’t stand it when people pull that crap. Chocolate. Don’t look at me like that! When my pen runs out of ink and I don’t have a spare. That sucks! Thunder and lighting. Tell anyone I’m scared of them and I’ll throw you down a well so deep you won’t be able to tell if it’s day or night.

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: Fucking Perfect by Alicia Moore (P!nk)


    My God/Goddess Is: [Fuuka Yamagishi]

    My Name Is: [Annabella Taylor Rose]

    I came into this world on: [May 12th, 1994]

    Some people say I’m: [Calm and collected, but that's only because I'm lost in my own dream world most of the time. Only when I get angry or start playing do I snap out of it, and then I am quite lively.]

    This has been my life so far: [I like getting out of the house, so if I'm not at school I'm out performing on the streets. And when I heard that there was a band around in need of a lead guitarist of course I signed up. Didn't think I would actually get in though. Well, more time away from home at least. Anywhere but there... And despite all of the fighting I do, I got good grades. Cs and sucks too.]

    Oh yeah, this is me:
    This is my baby: [My electric guitar that I've named Elizabeth.]

    This is what I enjoy in life: [Music and everything about it is my life. I also love spicy foods; the hotter the better. I love being cheered on and complimented. I like going to the parks after playing to cool off. I love storms. And sleeping whenever I am not doing something is a must.]

    This is what I hate: [I don't like saying I hate things, as hate is bad, but... Well, I hate hate of any sort I suppose. That's why I fight; I see a bully and I punch them in the face. I dislike being told I can't do something, the heat, sweet and sour stuff, spicy all the way, and being around too many people. The only way I can be on stage is because I get lost in my music.]

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: [Totally this for sure.]


    My God/Goddess Is: [What?]

    My Name Is: [Zsigmond Csupó (Sigmund)]

    I came into this world on: [June 9, 1959, I am fifty-two years old]

    Some people say I’m: [Very grumpy from time to time, and usually off being what some call "eccentric" here and there. Apparently my voice is known for being loud and some consider myself more cranky grandfather than anything. It does not help that the children will not get off my lawn. I am one who is usually relaxed though, because, as they say, is the life not for enjoyment?]

    This has been my life so far: [I was born in the city of Pecs, and my brother and pregnant mother emigrated to the United States from Hungary when I was fifteen. My life as a child has been rough - we were considered strangers by the other people in the city for a good while, and our family struggled to survive in the 60s when my father perished in a working accident. I did not even learn English fluently until I was eighteen. I was able to attend university and received a degree in physics - though, I am, as of this moment, currently unemployed and living alone.]

    Oh yeah, this is me:

    This is my baby: [My portable MacBook Air that holds all sorts of wonderful things. Oh the wonders of this new technology!]

    This is what I enjoy in life: [Science, people, and good food - oh yes, the good food is wonderful! The southern Chinese cuisine is especially my favourite. I also adore relaxing, reading, and playing sports - usually whilst in a suit of some sort, along with informing the children of the neighbourhood to get off my lawn damn it.]

    This is what I hate: [Those goddamn kids on my goddamn lawn! I mean, truly, those teenage and young adults love making fun of me for acting like the stereotype of the old men but it is true!

    I also hold a dislike of excessive silence, gossip, people who cannot understand another person's feelings, and those who care not for the other people, especially if they are poorer than them. ]

    If I could have a theme song, this would be it: [I am a fan of the American jazz music.]
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    :x I has a blond lab named "Plums". She is cute. And is named after my son(Plums Vi Britannia) or whatever he calls himself nowadays. Tell me how to make Plums even bettar. >:L
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    In Futurama's opening theme. Right under the big, bold, red, "Futurama" the words [BC] appear and next to the [BC] it says Brain Control+random captions. So my paranoia starts kicking in and I'm like "GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!". Since I've never realized that all Futurama episodes have some random words in white white to the big, bold, red, "Futurama", I went to YouTube to check and see if the [BC] was on every episode. >.> The conclusion is that it's Futurama's thing to throw random captions under the big, bold, red, "Futurama at the opening theme of every episode. Since I've watched the show since it's start. :x I'm just shocked to discover this.
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    HEY LISTEN!:This thread is a gift to Jayn. Please refrain and resist the urge to place anything that isn't positive in this thread. If you don't want people to say -insert negative words here- in one of your threads then please don't post it in mine. Thank you.

    Dear Jayn,
    "Don't listen to them, 'cause what do they know?
    We need each other, to have, to hold
    They'll see in time, I know
    When destiny calls you, you must be strong
    I may not be with you, but you've got to hold on
    They'll see in time, I know, we'll show them together"
    (I wanted you to know that I'll always be here for you. Destiny will call you, and soon, so be strong, I may not be with you so please hold on until I'm there. Then with a bit of time, we'll show them, we'll show them all.)

    "And I'm so grateful to you
    I'd have lived my whole life through
    Lost forever
    If I never knew you"
    (I sang this because it's your favorite duet and this part of it appealed to me. I do feel like if we hadn't gotten together, I'd be on such a bad track that my train would have been lost forever. But thanks to you. Yes you, I'm shifting and moving this train on the right path.)

    "It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
    I'm not one of those who can easily hide
    I don't have much money but boy if I did
    I'd buy a big house where we both could live"
    (You know everything about my financial situation. I'm flat broke and not proud of it. I want to buy you the things you want, unless it's dangerous, you know how you drop things. But I really really like buying you things to make you smile. And shopping with you is going to be a fun experience. If I did have a bunch of money, I'd invest and make more money. >.> But no one's knockin' Elton John.)

    "Minna minna awasete hyaku nin kazoku"
    (Haha. My grasp on Japanese isn't anywhere near yours. So this is the part that was most important to me becaaaaause, no matter where we go, we'll always have this huge family that relies on us as much as we rely on them and is open to just about anyone. Dango Daikazoku)

    "Why are there so many songs about rainbows
    and what's on the other side?
    Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
    and rainbows have nothing to hide.
    So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
    I know they're wrong, wait and see.
    Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
    The lovers, the dreamers and me."
    (I've sang this one to you a lot. And I almost didn't want to because I was worried that you be tired of it. But that's impossible! You and this song have a looooot of history. I picked this song because I think that it's to tell you that you shouldn't give up hope. Ever. You'll find it. What ever it may be. The lovers, the dreamers, and me. Just be patient and you'll prove them wrong. Wait and see.)

    <3 This is my gift to you Jayn. Good morning and I hope you go throughout your day, knowing that you're loved, inside and out. Unconditionally.
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    I'm looking for PlayStation 1 and Nintendo DS games. But only of the RPG variety. As long as it's an RPG, I want to see it listed, so I can research and see if I want to play it myself. Turn based are preferred but that's not all they have to be. So KHVians, recommend me some games?
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    Sooo, I really like classical and ballady music. And sometimes I love to listen to classical/ballady songs(especially piano songs) played on guitars! O: Like right now I'm listening to 3 acoustic guitars play Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Unfortunately, I know a lot of classical/ballady songs, but I don't remember there names. So I have to wing it alot and hope that I find it and then search for a guitarist's playing it on youtube. Anywhooo, what I am asking of you all who read this, is too post your favorite classical song on guitar~ Be it played by you or whoever you deemed worthy to play it. For I want to hear more classical songs played on a guitar.
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    Disney Quotes

    Disney has many diverse and brilliantly different scripts. From Cinderella to Pirates of the Caribbean, even The Incredibles~
    Soooo what I'd like for you to do, my KH-Vians is places down your TOP 6 favorite Disney Quotes. A verse or two from a song can count as one. And even Kingdom Hearts quotes can count. And a friendly reminder for those that DIDN'T know, Anastasia was made by 20th Century Fox. Not Disney. >:l So don't put quotes from that movie here.

    Mine are:
    'Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat
    Tell you all about it when I got the time!' -Aladdin

    'Pumbaa: It's our motto.
    Young Simba: What's a motto?
    Timon: Nothing. What's a motto with you?' -The Lion King

    '[Kuzko collides with an old man while dancing]
    Kuzco: D'oh! You threw off my groove!
    Guard: I'm sorry, but you've thrown off the Emperor's groove.
    [the old man is thrown out of the palace window]
    Old Man: Sooooorry!' -The Emperor's New Groove
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    Maroon 5

    Am I the only one here who likes them?
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    Liked High School of the Dead? Well love Æ’αтαℓιту: α zσмвιє яσℓєρℓαу {revivEDition} !!!

    Toxoplasma gondii is easily transmitted by eating raw or undercooked food, or even handling certain things and not washing your hands thoroughly after. About 1/3 of the human population is infected with this parasite, without even realizing it.

    So what would happen if the Toxoplasma gondii evolved? What if those infected with Toxoplasmosis were able to be controlled easier? What if this parasite could trigger a mindless thirst for domination and a hunger for human flesh? What if it comes down to survival of the fittest where only the strongest can ward off these infected humans?

    A...Zombie Apocalypse?

    Well hell, that’s way off into the future. You’ll probably be dead by then.


    - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Time: 10am.
    Day of the Week: Monday

    - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The zombies are already out and about. GET INTO THE ACSHUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!))
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