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  1. Ø Riku
    I've seen it done before. I found a video on Youtube where someone made a small fight sequence between Sora, Roxas, Larxene, and Terra. It's not the best example, but it shows me it's capable of doing something like that.


    So, I'm wondering if it could be possible to start some kind of tournament or series of fight videos between two KH characters of choice. If anyone knows how to do that kind of thing, that is.
    I'm just throwing this out as an idea.
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  2. Ø Riku
    I don't have much proof to give to support this theory, but I think I know who Vanitas may be.

    I think that either he is a Terra replica, or maybe even Terra himself.

    Vanitas' eyes are golden, right? He has dark eyelashes, too. Consider that Terra's got dark brown hair and his eyes turned golden in the secret ending of KH2FM.

    What do you think of this theory?
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  3. Ø Riku
    This is the third article I've posted for my project, but this is one of the bigger parts of the project so I had to make a seperate thread for the art alone.

    To summarize, Kingdom Hearts: End of Eternity is a fanmade fighting game with a story that mirrors Dissidia's story. For more information follow the link in my signature.

    This thread is for character designs (the characters will have changes in their uniforms, even if very slight), original arenas, and concept promotional art.

    Feel free to contribute if you're interested.
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  4. Ø Riku
    This thread is tied to the "KH Dissidia" project I'm working on:

    This thread is strictly for the score and voice auditons.

    What I'm looking to accomplish in the score is to mainly remix some veteran KH themes into a more rock-oriented score. Kind of like Advent Children's score, but also like Dissidia's. Not all the tracks to be used in the game will be remixed into rock, as some will be remade to be more orchestral.

    These are tracks that I'm looking to be remade just for the audition:
    • Dearly Beloved (more orchestral. Make it sound a little darker.)
    • Fate of the Unknown (more melancholic, a little less orchestral. Make the track kind of resemble the feel of Dirge of Cerberus' "Calm Before The Storm" (
    • Disappeared (rock-remixed)
    • Another Side -358/2 Days- (rock-remixed)
    • Graceful Assassin (rock/metal-remixed)

    There will be original tracks, but I'll worry about that later.

    Now for voice auditions. These are the characters we're calling for:
    • Terra
    • Aqua
    • Ventus (voice: Mike)
    • Sora (voice: Greater_bloo)
    • Riku
    • Roxas (voice: Mike)
    • Axel
    • Kairi
    • Master Eraqus
    • King Mickey
    • Master Xehanort
    • Braig
    • Vanitas (voice: Keyblade Spirit)
    • Marluxia
    • Xehanort's Heartless
    • Xion (voice: kairiheartprincess)
    • Saix
    • Riku Replica (may need the same voice as Riku)
    • Xemnas (voice: Bushido In The Bedroom)
    • Pete
    • Minerva (an OC in the series. Read the main thread for more details.)

    If you see anything that you think you'd be able to accomplish (and would be willing to contribute), feel free to leave a comment.
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  5. Ø Riku
    Finally, the Universal Tuning website has updated their site with the 10 warriors of Chaos. The renders were extracted by an anonymous forum blogger. Use them however you like, just credit to me.

    The renders are technically for Dissidia: Universal Tuning.



    Emperor Mateus / The Emperor

    Cloud of Darkness



    Kefka Palazzo





    Note: These are the highest resolution/quality that can be. It's better than nothing! :D
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  6. Ø Riku
    As the title says.

    I have a KH2 Model Viewer, and after downloading the kh2dump file, I extracted models from the game. I got all the character models, but I only got weapon models. I deleted those files because I couldn't view the model without the moveset.

    I'm in need of the weapon models and movesets because I'm trying to attach them to the characters (Sora with his Keyblade, Roxas with Keyblades, etc.)

    So if someone would be so kind to send me a PM for a link, it would be greatly appreciated. :D
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  7. Ø Riku
    A Kingdom Hearts Dissidia

    I kinda came up with a story/synopsis for a series of Kingdom Hearts fighting games. I'm basing much of the storyline to be similar to Dissidia: Final Fantasy's. I thought an appropriate title that fits both the storyline & the trademark subtitles some KH games have, this project is titled: "Kingdom Hearts: End of Eternity".

    The series will have three games.
    • Extinction: Kingdom Hearts
    • Doomsday: Kingdom Hearts
    • Apocalypse: Kingdom Hearts
    The first game basically takes place in an alternate universe, and has veteran KH villains and heroes (10 on each side), and each fight to stop the Black God, Chernabog (the antagonist, countering Dissidia's Chaos) from awakening. The second game has the heroes return to the same universe, and faces their foes again when they're not the real problem. This game will feature Final Fantasy cameos and worlds (I know, finally). The third game has them return one last time, witnessing Chernabog's awakening. The heroes have to put this conflict to a complete end before both this world and the original world is roasted alive.
    • I read that the original Chernabog from Fantasia was also known as "The Devil", so let's just say Lucifer will make an appearence in the third game.
    • EDIT: The goddess opposing Chernabog has been confirmed as Minerva. Chernabog (or Lucifer) is the God of Destruction (or the Devil) and Minerva is the Goddess of Peace and Justice.
    • Minerva will appear in the first game, but for a brief time. Her role expands in the next games, though. Her connection with Lucifer will also be a motif.
    I'm posting this in the Production section because I need two things. I need a crew and a cast of possible heroes and villains to make an appearence (edit on 10-04-09 - Full cast developed!).

    Tell me what you think, please! I'd like to build up on this idea.
    • Terra
    • Aqua
    • Ventus
    • Sora
    • Riku
    • Roxas
    • Kairi
    • Axel
    • King Mickey
    • Master Eraqus
    • Master Xehanort
    • Braig
    • Vanitas
    • Marluxia
    • Xehanort's Heartless
    • Xion
    • Riku Replica/Repliku
    • Saix
    • Pete
    • Xemnas
    CREW: --still hiring--
    • Riku's Afterlife
    • Fayt-Harkwind
    • YukiSaxor
    • krayzie
    • SpazticFantaztic :3
    • The Dream Traveler
    *The reason Xemnas opposes Eraqus is because Eraqus is a neutral character in BBS. His scenarios in the EoE series will be different from the rest. Xemnas (in the EoE series) is a supposed "secret weapon" who would enter the fray when the heroes seem victorious. Eraqus foils this plan, and that makes them enemies. (I know that this game is supposed to be true to the series, but I don't think BBS would lead me anywhere new, and our options at the moment are very few.)
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  8. Ø Riku
    Has there ever been any phrases you've heard that kinda stand out in your mind? A phrase like:

    "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all outta gum."

    See? Something like that. If you got any interesting catch phrases, it wouldn't hurt to share.
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  9. Ø Riku
    Dissidia Renders: The Heroes

    Hey, I found this on one of the sites I use to update on FF universe info. Check it out! It's new Dissidia renders! I only have renders for the heroes at the moment. Use them however you like, just credit to me.

    The renders are technically for Dissidia: Universal Tuning.


    Warrior of Light

    Firion / Frioniel

    Onion Knight

    Cecil Harvey

    Bartz Klauser

    Terra Branford

    Cloud Strife

    Squall Leonhart

    Zidane Tribal


    Villains coming soon!
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  10. Ø Riku
    My goal on KH-Vids.Net: To become a Premium, or maybe even a Coder.
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  11. Ø Riku
    This poll is for my curiosity of who will be your main playable character when Dissidia: Final Fantasy hits the US August 25! Who will be the first character you'll play as?

    My main, for example, is Tidus. The first FF game (that wasn't a spin off) that I picked up and played through was Final Fantasy X. So the game and its characters are quite special to me. Of course, Cloud's my underdog, but Tidus is awesome!!

    Note: This poll doesn't include Shantotto. She doesn't have a Destiny Odyssey story, and only an unlockable character. She doesn't count, sorry.

    She's the hero representing Final Fantasy VI.
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  12. Ø Riku
    Hello, my fellow KH-Vidders.

    I happen to be both an expert photo-manipulator and average video editor. I've been working on a few videos these days, and I've been trying to pick out the perfect video to showcase on here. Here's my most recent video. I originally tried to post it on YouTube, but the stupid copyright got a hold on me. Enjoy the video!
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  13. Ø Riku
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