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    So i have a £1500 budget But ive already spent £1000 on my new comp.

    Come up with some stuff :D

    It can be as stupid as you want.
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    Just letting people know that death note will be aired on Film4 along with DeathNote:TheLastName.

    the times are 10:30Pm onwards to 3Am
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    well every day at noon im losing another app on my ipod touch.

    it started 3 days ago while i was out shopping

    listening to my ipod i decided to watch some youtube.
    it started displaying a white screen when i clicked youtube then went back to the main screen

    then the next day i went to my itunes and all my music has that ! sign next to it (meaning that it cannot find the music file) even from them that were download by itunes.
    then later that day my music completely stops on my ipod and does the same thing as the youtube.

    then next day i decide i will try to figure out if it had something i recently did to it. so i went to the setting app on my ipod and it went dark on the screen and a white line started to fill the screen kinda like a gradient or kinda like when someone slowly moves a transparent sheet over something )

    ands from them on my ipod on the setting just displays a white screen.

    erhm help?
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    Has anyone been watching this anime ?

    and what are your opinions on it?

    found out airing dates for it and it appears its ever week theres a new episode.
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  6. shmilo

    Im really bad at rendering so i was wondering if anyone could have a go at it
    I dont mind if its all characters but the one im, aiming to get out is natsuru (blue haired girl)

    Edit:sorry if this is in the worng section of graphic art didnt see where else to put this.
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    heres a thaught i just had roxas's grave in the org's castle has 2 keys on it as we see in kh2
    but the org didnt know he could dual wield as in 358/2 he only uses a single keyblade until the end of game.
    heres something i came up with to solve this maybe.

    thew org obviously dont like xion because she isnt a nobody really and just created from sora's memories so she could use a keyblade.

    therefore the org put the two grave's together because they're both connected to sora.

    random thing i just came up with :D sorry if that thing isnt really a grave it just looks like one to me.
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    Seriously squeenix has gone too far.

    any good tips / gear to use.
    Thread by: shmilo, Oct 14, 2009, 3 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    please c&c this is the first few things ive really made in photo shop elements apart from my current sig.
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    i didnt know where else to put this so...bear in mind im a beginer at PS

    ive been downloading theese c4d brushes things.
    so i get the file and put it in my desktop andit comes up as an ABR file
    (picture of a brush saying brushes underneath)
    and i double click the file and it opens photoshop elements 6.0 (the one i have downloaded)

    so then i got to my brushes and start flicking through them.

    i cant find them anywhere in my brushes? do they get put somewhere diffrent,do i have to do something first?

    and also could someone please explain the diffrent types of photoshop
    i see people saying Cs4 and other stuff or are they all the same?
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    on Day 15 roxas puts an entry into his diary saying
    "every day after work i've been meeting axel at the clock tower to have sea-salt ice cream. It really is salty! but still sweet, too how come it tastes so familiar?"

    what does he mean it tastes so familiar?

    and sora never had any sea-salt ice cream at this point had he?

    and im sorry if this has already been asked or im just being a noob asking a question with a simple answer.
    Thread by: shmilo, Sep 28, 2009, 11 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
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    yeah... went to pick it up and some part fell off and landed on my mothers foot.
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    Well i was playing kh1 and on destiny islands day one in the cutscene with donald going to see the king the 2 statue's are donald and goofy

    Goofy's shield is shaped like a heart :D

    You can clearly see this on the video in the cutscene archive

    Desting island day one


    anyone else notice something heartshaped that are randomly placed in worlds?
    Thread by: shmilo, Sep 13, 2009, 2 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
  14. shmilo
    I just went out and got it and honestly i even thaught the prolouge (<-:S)
    was awsome

    right now my favourtie character is squall mainly for the attack speed and the way he is controllable

    for thosse with the game or demo who's your favourite person and why?
    Thread by: shmilo, Sep 5, 2009, 10 replies, in forum: Gaming
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    Well i looked onto the site just to have a look around and i saw the numbers

    9/4/09 and the words birth by sleep next to them and the logo of bbs was there too so i went to the main bbs site and i remember it being a list of writing in jap i couldnt understand :\ but when i went on this time we have music story characters and loads of screen shots that appear when you move the screen :D

    has it actully been updated or have i been looking at a diffrent site?
    Thread by: shmilo, Sep 4, 2009, 18 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Who would win in a musical dance off/fight

    A - chuck norris
    B - Rick astley

    and also 2159 pages of threads in here its almost like its Spam !
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    A KH dream

    well this morning while asleep i can remember i dreamt about KH :D (im sad woo ) well there was 2 new kh games on shelves in the local shop :P
    Kingdom Hearts
    Hearts and Souls
    Kingdom Hearts
    Road To Dawn

    I had no clue what my dream concieved games were about but the box art looked pretty cool.

    Have You had any KH themed dreams? if you can remember them :P
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    AR DS help

    I got a Action Replay ds/dslite in America when i was there and when we got back it wouldnt work on my dsi i found the problem to that out soon so i let my m8 use it on his normal DS when he comes round but when we put the game in the action replay slot it says unknown game no matter what game i use it constantly says unknown game the DS he has is from england and the AR is from america i dont know if that is it if not please help :(
    Thread by: shmilo, Aug 29, 2009, 3 replies, in forum: Technology
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    Reaper edit.

    did anyone else realise that the series of reaper the newest episode this week
    has been edited i saw that last time i watched it when nina was in sock's dreamworld she put her hand in his chest and pulled his heart out then he died from having no heart :Dbut this time i watched it she just put her hand in his chest and then he woke up :\

    anyone know why it was edited
    Thread by: shmilo, Aug 29, 2009, 1 replies, in forum: Movies & Media
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    If anyone has the game or diamond or pearl and wants to swap or do whatever trade some friend codes

    right now im stuck on 3rd gym and could using something with dark moves

    i know im a nerd playing pokemon but 4th gen seems to be awsome so far
    Thread by: shmilo, Aug 25, 2009, 16 replies, in forum: Gaming