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    Thank you for your time.....

    that's what she said.
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    There have been many almighty heroes of our past. They each had one thing in common: they left their mark. The two most recent heroes went by the names Bruce and Evan. Bruce was given the powers of God, and nearly destroyed the world in the process. However, he managed to clean up the mess he had made. Next was Evan, a father and husband. He was given a mission by God to save his community, and nearly lost everything he held dear. Luckily, Evan succeeded in his task. No one will ever forget what was done by these two heroes.
    Now, it's your turn. Several people will soon be given...special powers. These will be people who have been down on their luck, and could use a break. However, how will you use these powers? For good, for evil? What mark shall you leave behind...

    *Yes, this is based off of the movie Bruce Almighty. Not much of it relates to Evan Almighty, though. Also, the only character out of the two movies who is going in this story is God, played by Morgan Freemen.*


    1) No godmodding. (hehe, irony...)
    2) Cursing is allowed, please censor yourself.
    3) Third person roleplay.
    4) Please describe your actions instead of using *'s.
    5) Control only your own characters and random people in the city.
    6) Limit of two characters per person. I know it's small, but not everyone can have God's powers, y'know...
    7) The location is New York City.
    8) Age minimum is 16. Maximum is 29.
    9) If you have read everything up to here, put 'almighty' in your first post.
    10) No txt tlk, kay?
    11) Proper grammar.
    12) If perhaps after a few posts I see that you're not very good with grammar, RPing, etc. , I will have to ask you to leave.
    13) Keep it PG-13
    14) Don't make this your own story. Interact with other characters. Everyone's involved.

    Character Form:


    (Played by Ventez. He doesn't need any other info)
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    Stupid guitar...
    I should've played the flute...
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    The worlds have changed...forever.
    Humans still live their lives, but in a much different way. Years ago, vampires revealed themselves to the humans. Some vampires are good, and refuse to drink human blood, while others show no mercy and have an unstoppable lust for human blood. There were even some humans formed into vampires by an experiment called 'Project C.U.R.E' which was supposed to heal them from a disease they had. A couple of years after the vampires were revealed, the wizards of the world arose as well. They proved themselves to have amazing intelligence and skill in the art of witchcraft and wizardry. The humans are surprised by these sudden events, but attempt to make peace with these other species. Now, the humans, vampires, and wizards all live among themselves, but it won't be long until chaos erupts. Only then will there be a superior race which will control the destiny of all mankind...but which?


    ~Please keep everything PG-15~
    ~Injury is fine, death is only allowed by permission.~
    ~Cursing is allowed. Use asterisks.~
    ~Do NOT use asterisks for your actions. This is a storybook RP. Third person.~

    *Shows fangs and bites you with them quickly.* <- Incorrect.
    He grinned to show his sharp fangs, then bit her quickly. <- Correct.

    ~No out of character fighting. Keep it outside of the RP.~
    ~Absolutely NO godmodding!~
    ~No txt tlkin'.~
    ~Proper punctuation, spelling, ect.~


    Played By: Ventez
    Character Name: Jett Ryans
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Jett
    Personality: Intelligent, strong, and carefree.
    Bio: Jett was once a normal human teenager who enjoyed to hang out with his friends. However, he was one day infected by a disease that could kill him in within a month. In desperation, he searched for help and signed up for 'Project C.U.R.E'. He was then accidentally turned into a vampire. His hair turned as white as snow, his skin became pale, and he grew fangs. Once being a human, he refuses to drink human blood and instead tries to eat normal food. An advantage to being an artificial vampire was that he occasionally switched from vampire to human. However, more than anything, he finds being part vampire to be a curse and wants to live a normal life again.
    Side: Human and Vampire

    Played By: Riku_Gaara
    Character Name:Hikari
    Age: 18 (was changed at age 15)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (without the wings)
    Personality: Likes to be alone, but will socialize
    Bio: Has no memories from before she was changed. She knows the family she lives with is not hers, and is determined to find out what happened to her.
    Side: Vampire ... for now *winkwink*

    Character Form-
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    Life in The City.

    Ah, the city. A place where nearly anything can happen. Dreams come true, dreams are destroyed, discoveries are made, mysteries are solved, and much more.
    There is a high school just outside of 'The City' (Yes, that is what everyone simply calls it) that teenagers attend, only staring at the clock for the time they may finally burst into the city with their friends and roam around as if there was no tomorrow.
    So, what are you waiting for? Get out there! Go live your life in the city!

    1. No godmodding
    2. Keep it PG-13
    3. Maximum of two characters
    4. Only control your own character(s)


    Played by- Ventez
    Character Name- Michael Ryans
    Personality- Just really fun loving, but can get serious when he needs to be.
    Bio- His father owns a huge business that has a building located in the city. The city is his home.


    -It's the first day of school!-
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    .:The City:.

    .:The City:.


    A hooded figure floated in the air, surrounded by light.
    "Cursed...keyblade..." the figure mumbled, not being able to move at all.
    An evil laugh was suddenly heard all around him.
    "Pathetic nobody..." a familiar voice said. "Did you really think that you and your followers could defeat the key bearer? Ha! Not a chance! However, I have a proposition for you..."
    There was a large green light and the figure was now standing behind a woman in a long black gown. She turned around, grinning. Her face was green and a black crow rested on her shoulder.
    "A proposition?" the figure said, removing his hood to reveal himself as Xemnas, the defeated leader of nobodies.
    "Yes." the witch, Maleficent, said with her usual evil grin. "I am offering you what you know that you deserve....a heart. There is a simple way for you to earn it...assist me in killing Sora."
    "Really? Simple as that?" Xemnas said, sarcastically. "If it's so easy, why didn't you do it when you had the chance?"
    "The time was not right!" she snapped. "Now, would you like to hear the plan or would you prefer floating in nothingness for the rest of eternity?"
    Xemnas frowned and nodded at his new leader.

    Organization XIV is awakened once again. Even an evil replication of Roxas is awakened. They are sent by Maleficent to an entirely different world, unlike any other they had ever experienced. New York City. Immediately, they take over and reek havoc on the city. New York City becomes the capitol of the world with Xemnas as its ruler. Meanwhile, Sora and his friends do not notice this at all, because they have been busy fighting off the heartless that Maleficent continues sending to Destiny Islands.
    One day, they receive a letter from King Mickey who sensed much darkness coming from somewhere and discovered what was going on. The letter explains to them that they need to get to Disney Castle as soon as possible, not on a Gummi Ship, and unnoticed by Maleficent. He will explain the rest to them when they arrive.

    1. No godmodding.
    2. Cursing allowed. Use *'s
    3. Proper grammar. No text talk.
    4.You can have up to three characters.
    5.Killing is allowed, ask for permission first.


    Sora- Ventez

    Maleficent- Ventez
    King Mickey- Ventez

    Yen Sid-
    Donald Duck-
    Goofy- Friendly_Heartless
    Ansem the Wise-
    Riku Replica-

    Xigbar- SoraNRikuNkairi
    Vexen- nobodynerd100
    Roxas Replica-
    Xion- Friendly_Heartless


    Played by: DJ RvR

    Character name: Lei Bane (pronounced Lee)

    Appearance: (can't give link as using ps3, see attachments)

    Weapon: Path of the Dark Keyblade

    Personality: when angered he goes berserk, he works alone and trusts no-one. He carries the Keyblade, as a sign of his power.

    Bio: he destroyed his homeworld by using the power of Darkness to fight against a Keyblade Weilder, after winning he took his keyblade and erased everyone who stood in his way, including his old friends. he now travels from worl to world to erase EVERYTHING.

    Played By: Friednly_Heartless
    Character Name- Elsie Renn
    Appearance- Elsie
    Weapon (If any.)- Octagon Black Sai (Twin Japanese swords)
    Personality- The quiet, warrior type. She is a determined person who will never give up no matter what. She is also kind, and considerate.
    Bio- Her family is deceased, therefore, she's alone. Has been drifting from world to world to help them in the crisis that's been going on. And then she leaves as soon as her work is finished.

    OC Form-

    Watch as your heroes fight not only their own lives, but for our lives as well...
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    Kingdom Hearts: The Dark Knight

    "Some men just want to watch the world burn..."

    Well, it's basically the Dark Knight with Kingdom Hearts Characters.

    Axel, after many years, manages to leave Organization XIII without any problem. Meanwhile, Riku (Named Batman when in his black cloak and blindfold.) begins to fight Organization XIII up to the point where they are simply scared away and hide in their castle in The World That Never Was. After a year, Axel returns to the castle and explains to the defeated Organization that there is a simple solution to their problem...kill the Batman.
    Thus, Organization XIII returns with their new plan to reek havoc on all worlds with Axel as their new leader.
    This is where the story begins...

    2) No text talk! Write properly!
    3) If you haven't posted at all after a month, you will be replaced.
    4) Subscribe to this thread to keep updated!
    5) Keep it PG 13
    6) Killing and injuring is allowed, but ask for permission first.
    7) You can only control your character(s) unless it is a character everyone can control.
    8) Put "Why So Serious?" in your post if you read this entire thing.
    9) Limit of 3 characters per person.
    10) Cursing is allowed, but please use "****"
    11) This DOES NOT need to follow the same exact storyline as the Dark Knight!


    Main Characters
    Riku (Bruce Wayne/Batman)-
    Axel (Joker)- Ventez
    Sora (Harvey Dent/2 Face)- ghaleon441
    Ansem the Wise (Alfred Pennyworth)-
    Kairi (Rachel Dawes)-
    Namine- namine-kairi
    King Mickey (James Gordon)-
    Leon (Lucius Fox)-

    Organization XIII
    Demyx- water mage

    OC Form:
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    Yeah, my real name is Ven, believe it or not. I'm new to and I wanted to join cuz one of my friends told me about it and said it was really cool. Anyway, I hope it'll be fun being on here :yell:
    Well, I guess that's all I gotta say.
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