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  1. tenshigrl
    I decided to make this out of boredum and cause I wanted to

    One day when sora riku and kairi were in school the teacher made an anouncement that their school decided to transfer them for unknown reasons, the school was called Crystal Heart Academy. Which was on a different world (maria and her friends world) it was known as the World of Beginings. As soon as they got there it turns out that the organization was revived and that roxas and namine existed again. Along with that new warriors of magic might skills etc. The students could anything they long as it has something to do with clothing, but preferably their school uniforms. They heard from another student that this world wanted powerful warriors for evil purposes but another student said it was to protect their worlds. The good news is that sora's friends are also there. The bad news is that his old enemies are back and that they don't know what the reasons really are.

    you may play up to 5 characters
    there can be more than one teacher for each class but the maxumim is 1-4

    excell in (magic martial arts etc)
    ocupation (student teacher principle assistant principle or librarian)

    World of Beginnings
    mostly combat and little magic
    light dark wind fire and lightning

    assistant principle


    combat cloud
    history of the worlds
    dark magic
    music demyx


    anymore and I'll ad them
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  2. tenshigrl
    I got kinda bored so I decided to make this

    'This legend was passed down through my family for generations and each time it was told the exact same way. I pass this knowledge to you to help you just in case it does happen.
    Everything has a darkside and along with it a light side. Our darksides can come to us when we don't want them to. This all happened when one of the great beasts tried to take control of this world. A war sprung up and cause millions of lives to be lost...when all seemed lost a young mage came and along with him the staff that was said to be given to him by the god(s).
    the events from there are lost but some said that the mage and the four guardians joined forces and sealed away the evil guardian. One thing for certain was that the evil guardian made a promise to return. After that the people could no longer trust the four remaining guardians, who could blame them for we never know when the other four could turn on us again. the people wanted to seal them away to but in a temple. The only way to unseal them was the ancient jewels so that when the dark one returns they could have the guardians fight it and hopefully win. Its been decades since then and the temples are still where they are to be in a mountain, a lake, the sky, and the forest. My father told me that the only reason why evil exsists today is because of the evil one.' a light blue haired woman said "now do you understand the story?" she looked at the couch but it was empty. before she could say the persons named a dark blued hair girl came in with some food and said "I'm sorry but I got really hungry" she sat herself back on the couch "can you repeat what you said please" she added. the woman looked at the girl and soon shouted "HARUHI!!!". "WHA- I SAID I WAS SORRY!!" the girl said

    hopefully this intro is enough.
    it takes place after aizens betrayl.
    you can play up to 4.
    no god moding stuff like that.

    zanpakto (include appreance if you can)
    bankai form (if your person has aquired it or is training for it)

    Haruhi Nezumi
    looks about 16
    Shinku (a black fox that can stand as tall as a human and has two tails)
    dark lightning
    still training
    soul reaper
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  3. tenshigrl
    or guardian either way its about the guardian's of the heart...*giggle* sorry but it had to be said anyway I decided to make a rp of this since I created the heart guardians. its might be hard to explain since there are different types of them but they all have one thing in common, what is it? well I'm about to tell you in the proluge, but before that know this

    you can be up to 5 ppl if one of them gets killed off feel free to make another one to take that characters place.

    ok now heres the proluge:

    Everyone has a guardian of the heart, but they don't know it...
    Everyone hs the power within them, yet they don't know it...
    the guardians come in different shapes, sizes, and color...
    the guardians have one thing in common...
    there is a lock on their chest contain-ing secrets that are unkown...
    there is a lock on their chest, but what is inside isn't known...
    if the lock is ever unlocked something will happen...
    will it save us?
    or will it destroy us?
    each person can summon them, but few have suceeded...
    I wonder why they absorb hearts when they are to protect them...
    but somehow, somehow they are connected to kingdom hearts...
    keyblades, swords, shields, wands, staffs, kunai's, axes, books, chakrams
    tanfa's, and many many more
    they all help in summoning these mighty beasts...
    they can also go to the darkside but only if their master (owner) goes to it...
    they are to guide us from danger, yet we do not listen....
    Everyone has a guardian of the heart,but can you summon yours?

    hope you understand it but if you don't:
    bascically the ppl who first discovered it belived that the guardians of the heart came from kh itself, they obey their masters, guide ppl, protect yet absorb hearts. but there are consequences with this great power...if someone is to exceed (neg as in they use it all up yet they still use it) their energy (the masters energy) they can no longer control the beast which then takes their masters heart since the heart cries out for the pain to stop.

    ok so thats just about it anymore questions just pm me

    heres how the character bio is supposed to go for your made up characters

    good or evil
    heart guardian: yes or no
    (if so) name appearence (describe or picture)
    age they obtained guardian (if you put yes)
    organization (yes the heartless and organization xiii are in this, and if so number)

    yes: hajime a white dragon with red eyes(like a mountain dragon)
    all except light magic
    her world is near halloween town
    obtained it at the age of 8
    not in organization
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  4. tenshigrl
    thank you cstar777 for helping me choose the name for this rp.
    this rp was made cause I haven't made one in a long time and I had a a long thought about this rp and decided to post one up.

    you may be up to 5 characters or less

    before you kill a character off ask first that includes controlling them

    for the keyblade masters with the type of keyblade I'm talking about in this rp there can only be about 1-6 since its rlly rare to find this kind also there might be a limit on how many characters that have a keyblade but only if I or someone thinks that there are too many keybladewilders

    there are certain keyblade masters that have keyblades that protect their hearts from darkness, like what maria's keyblade does besides allow her to see hearts, but their hearts can be taken and used for whoever takes its purpose is. the heartless organization knows this as do the other organizations except organization xiii, that was until when one day in twilight town axel and roxas met wiona a member of the heartless was off duty and taled to them whether they liked it or not she went onto the topic of the keyblade she mentiouned this "If you steal the heart of someone with that kind of keyblade then you can control what they do and probably even their own personality but its too riky since it might take away your energy though" roxas asked the girl "why are you telling us this?" the girl laughed and replied "Hey I'm not working right now so I can do whatever I want unless my twin taki is around then I wouldn't have told you this, but of course I don't tell all of the information also I have a second reason I wonder how fun it would be for two organizations to find those type of keybladers. The girl paused for a bit then said "But too bad there are very few of them and we only know one but knone of the guys from our organization can win her over... after a couple of more words they heard a call come from around the corner "WIONA WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" the voice said. "aw man its taki...sorry but I better go bye." wiona said and ran off to meet her sister. "she told us some good information" axel said, roxaslooked at his partner "I guess we're reporing this?" he asked.
    "we are just not every detail for example about that girl telling us about it." he replied.
    *Note* I know wiona talks too much but when I add the heartless organization and after that taki is seen with her from now on to make sure she doesn't let anymore info out. this takes place after roxas joins the organization at this time maria got her keyblade and is learning how to use its power.

    this rp does have a theme song but since I couldn't choose and neither could cstar777 choose you may think of any song in your mind for this one but I will post up the ones we thought of just the names though

    what cstar777 thought of:
    Shattered-Trading Yesterday
    It end tonight- all american rejects
    Heartless-Kanye West

    what I thought of
    the kill- 30 seconds to mars
    love story- talor swift

    for an a made up character
    good or evil
    weapon(if its a keyblade that is like marias just list one of the #s)
    organization (number if your character is in one)

    heartless organization
    1 Xaben
    2 Braxen
    4 Taki
    5 Leox
    6 Wiona
    7 Kyma

    organization xiii (taken)

    keybladers (for
    1 maria
    2 kyma
    3 eden
    4 leah

    former members in the rp

    keyblade (that can see into a persons heart)
    learnin how to use them
    not in organization
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  5. tenshigrl
    I got bored and I'm thinking of making an rp but might try to get something together before I make it. anyway I might just ask random questions or talk about different things and maybe even post up random pictures of anime and stuff.......I think you guys get the point now.
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  6. tenshigrl
    In most animes the openings always attract ppl to the show and others depend on the animation. I started wondering today which show would ppl watch but only by the opening and reading the info about the show.
    I will give you a couple of anime shows that I have watched and give you the links to the 1st season openings whichever one you find interesting and you might watch it look up some info, I can't explain that well






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  7. tenshigrl
    heard of Izuna legend of the unemployed ninja series?

    I like it even though I do have the second one though
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  8. tenshigrl
    can someone make an Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja siggy for me please
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  9. tenshigrl
    have any of you heard of Izuna Legend of the Unemployed Ninja series?

    I only have the second game but I like it
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    I would like to make an izuna the legend of the unemployed ninja rp but I'm trying to see if the intro will be good so heres the intro or whatever it is

    *this takes place after the second game*

    Izuna, Shino, Mistumoto, and Grandboss were walking through the woods trying to find a place to stay for the night again. After 20 minutes passed they found a village called "Kaminari" after Izuna saw the sign and said "They must have a lot of thunder storms in this town to call it that" Shino read the sign next and said "Actually they called it that because the thunder storms occur during the summer and because the lighting somehow hits the same place whenever lightning is about to hit the ground." after they walked around the town and found an inn there was a comotion across it in a resturant. Izuna, Shino, and Mistumoto went to check it out and when they did they saw two guys picking on a girl in a forest green kimono with long black hair with two pink flowers on one side of her hair. "Please just leave me alone." she said but the guys laughed and one of said "All we just want is to know what a cute girl like yourself is doing all alone in a place like this." the other guy came in and said "We would like to esscort you to our place." the girl back up into a wall and said "I'm just buying something for my sisters and I don't want to go to your place." One of the guys grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him and said "Now thats not very nice or polite especially for a young lady like yourself." the girl hit the guy which made him fall to the ground "You little brat we'll teach you a thing or two." the other man said and grabbed the girl by her shoulders. "Someone please help me!!!!" the girl cried out Izuna and Shino came into the resturant "Leave her alone!" Izuna commanded the guy who held the girl by the shoulders "Who are you?" the guy said "and what would you do if I don't" Shino pulled her kunai out and said "I'm Shino" Izuna pulled her sword out and added "I'm Izuna and if you don't let her go we'll beat you to a bloody pulp" when the guy refused to let the girl go...well you know what happens next he got beat to a bloody pulp along with his friend. After all of that Shino went over to the girl and asked her "Are you ok?" the girl nodded and said "Thank you very much" she bowed a couple of times to them "It was nothing really" Izuna said. "I should repay you for troubling you" she said then added "by the way my name is Aika."
    Shino put her hand up "its ok you don't have to pay us back" Aika shook her head "its not ok I have to pay you about I talk Hiro into letting you stay at the inn for free" she said. "you can do that?" izuna asked wondering if it was possible to do that. "Yeah when Hiro hears about you saving me she has too and also I am the plant of illusions so she'll have to accept." she said and gave a little smirk. "Plant of illusions?" Shino said "what the heck is that?" Izuna asked. "Something that you shouldn't know about or ever hear about." a voice said and when Shino and Izuna turned around they saw a girl with long brown hair in a braid "Amaya!!" Aika said shocked to see her sister. "Aika, you gave up information that was not supposed to be said to outsiders" Amaya said "you know the consequence for that don't you?"

    this the introduction and I know there are some grammar problems in there like punctuation and such but I can't remember things in grammar rlly so I would like to see if this should be the intro to the rp. For those who have never heard of Izuna Legend of the Unemployed Ninja its rlly good even though I haven't played it but I have the second game and I love it. There is no title yet but I'll think of one hopefully
    So the question is:

    Is this a good intro?


    if you say no or maybe please tell me what should be fixed if you find a problem besides my grammar....
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    I learned something today that will make me understand other ppl more.....eating o much junk makes you feel sick, playing drums on a video game like guitar hero is hard, learn self control around sweets and food, don't keep myself with scary things (I saw dead bird at my dad's and it was freaky but not scary) or keep looking up at the clock to see when it hits 6:00 a.m., whenever you are going to have to sing on any game with singing, ex. guitar hero get out of there, and know where you put your stuff and if you share a room (like me) pray that the person sibling etc puts their gifts up.

    we always learn new things even on holidays. man I'm tired but I'll be playing kh re: chain of memories till I can hardly see the screen.....I rlly need to lay off the games
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  12. tenshigrl
    to you all on kh-vids I would like to show you all a video that is a messed up 12 days of christmas from the ppl who do the sailor moon abrigde series well they got up to 9 days but anyway it was going to be me or godsgirl who would put this up and since I woke up I decided to do it
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  13. tenshigrl


    I always wonder things to myself like
    why hasn't anyone heard of shugo chara?
    and I came up with this answer,
    we have different things we like about animes like what category its under, quality, voice actors (one of the main things), music (another important thing,well to me) etc.

    some ppl come by an anime show when someone has a video of it and if it catches their interest they will most likely watch it. heres an example: one of m firends on youtube made a video of shugo chara which got me curious after I watched the video, I looked it up on wikipedia and decided to look it up on google and watch it and now I love the anime.

    instead of coming up with questions I would like for those who would like to share how they found a certain anime or came up with certain conclusions for anything (I guess)

    why am I doing this? well I'm rlly bored and got nothing else better to do will waiting for bleach to come on
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    this is mine and godsgirl's rp of sailor moon
    godsgirl did the first part of the intro
    tenshigrl(me) did the second part

    I would also like to say to please be polite about this rp the regular rules still apply and if you don't know anyhting about sailor moon please look it up on wikimoon or wikipedia or look up the episodes and watch some of them.
    I think we decided on goig the manga version since the anime had some well gay stuff in it

    It's been a year scence the Sailors rid the world of evil and they were getting kinda rusty. They were walking around one day they spotted a fleck of evil..
    (Well, actually, Rei sensed it...) and they all knew what came next. By this time, they had added many knew sailors to their group....
    but what they didn't know was that a young girl and her friends had the power to summon a sailor scouts of certain galaxies cotaining different worlds and bring them to earth with a certain item they have.
    as the sailor scouts were trying to locate the other sailor scouts one of the girl and her friends managed to summon the new sailor scouts in the same house (which is the girls house well mansion) but the house wound up in a dimension that is still on earth but at night it dissappears. the other problem was that if these sailors want to use full power they have to use the energy of their 'master' which might end up in death if too much is used. and whats worse is that queen baryl and her 4 commnders came back as well

    you can play up to 15 characters characters from sailor moon and your own characters (I boost it up when a person put in more characters and there are less ppl playing)

    4 ur character
    planet or galaxy or realm
    (if they can) transformation
    weapons (or if summoned one the summoning charm)

    matrix realm
    tanfas with blades on them

    he summoned mika
    guitar (his summoning charm)
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  15. tenshigrl
    you can probably tell that I'm rlly bored and right now out of boredum I'm watching sailor moon musical and finished one maybe 20 minutes ago and oh my dog queen beryl looks like a freaking x-mas tree in the sailor mmon musical 1993 and I laughed so hard last night I fell to the floor with tears in my eyes. so I'll be watching the musical of sailor moon from 1994 and then go on from there then probably watch saw school musical

    so anyway do you gus do out of boredum
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    Its been 3 years after the kh incident (in kh2) and peace was there for awhile until the heartless started coming back along with the nobodies. Organization XIII is back and a heartless organization is now ruling over the heartless. when the heartless came to destiny island again sora rikuand kairi pulled their keyblades out and started to get rid of the heartless until a member of the heartless organization (the leader) used his/her ability on sora which caused roxas and him to separate, then used that same ability on kairi. "so those are your nobodies." the leader of the heartless organization said "xemnas was right after all maybe organization xiii and my organization should form that alliance." after that last part he/she called one of the other members. "teleport them to our castle." the leader ordered. the member nodded and teleported namine and when he/she was about to teleport roxas when a girl with blue hair threw her keybladeand hit the members hand. "ugh she followed us." the member said and grabbed his/her hand. "you got that right!" the girl said and caught her keyblade and turned it a couple of times. "you little-" the member was about to say but the leader cut him/her off "thats enough..." he/she said "for now we will retreat and talk to organization xiii leave the heartless and maybe next time we meet them we will fight them." the member nodded and then opened a portal of darkness and walked through it. "get back here!" riku sora and roxas shouted.
    "they ran away again..." the girl said "and I thought I had 'em for sure." she turned and was about to walk away but then sora said "wait, who were they? who are you? and why did they take namine and try to take roxas?"
    the girl turned to him and replied "who they are and what their planning I don't rlly know the answer except that they are a heartless organization, and who am I well I'm Maria and I just happen to have a keyblade.

    you can be up to 5 characters your own and the original characters
    you can also make another character for organization xiii who ever the leader is can come up with the number

    the heartless organization cloaks are black and red

    organization (if they are in one)

    multiple ones
    one of my friends drew this I colored it and another friend scanned it
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    Long ago in the hidden villages were some clans with strange powers which were told were inhuman and too powerful to control. but they lived in peace with their villages until a clan decided to run them out of town or to kill them after an accidential death that involved the 'inhuman' clans if they were at the scene. when the 'inhuman' clans were cornered by the clans who dispissed (srry if mispelled) the spellcasting clan took the homes and teleported them into a dimension to remain out of reach of their enemies, but not all made it some lost their lives or sacrifice themselves to buy the spellcasters some time to save their clans from being destroyed from the face of the earth. after 20 years of hiding they decided to let some of the kids learn to be ninjas by sending them to live with some friends who knew the secret way to the dimension or to the village leaders (who were told of the dimension after a year of being the kage) now is been 90 years and so far nothing bad has happened as long as the kids remember to not show their clans true ability. but how long can they keep this secret a secret?

    about the town:

    the dark town has 5 clans ruling over it and each year a part of the family can rules it under certain circumstances. they moniter the town and keep everything in order and keep peace in their town as long as they can. the town kinda looks dead and kinda creppy but they find it normal since they lived there for 90 years

    the top 5 clans:
    1.) the spellcasting clan (name unknown)

    2.) the vampire clan (name unknown and I think but they r in there)

    3.)the ghost-like clan (name unknown)

    4.) the shades (name unkown)

    5.) the were wolf and werecat clan (name unknown)

    whoever joins one of these clans can make-up the last name and also I'm kinda making a story of these clans and I'll try to put it up one day (maybe)

    this happens during shuppendun (sp?)
    can be up to 4 ppl
    clan (if you want to put it up)
    what they are good in: ninjutsu, genjutsu,or taijutsu
    village (or the dark town can't remeber its name yet)
    (if u want to) who they like
    friends with

    Manmi (sometimes nami)
    isn't known yet
    mostly ninjutsu and genjutsu
    is from the dark town but moved to the leaf village
    squad 15
    she likes shikamaru
    ino hinata and temari
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  18. tenshigrl


    the name by Labomba
    (thank you)
    there was a shinigami who experimented with animal dna and trys it on souls and even on himself when he found out how it increased a shinigami's stregnth. when the soul society found out about it squad 6 and 10 was sent to go there and aprehend him and those who are with him (followers or helpers) but when they got there a massive battle broke out but in the end he was captured. 9 years later he escapes from his prison before his punishment was to be given *it was for most part about the whole rukia trail they had to messure the punishment* when some of the squad members tried to capture him he killed 90 of them and injured the rest which is about 110 and amoung them was haruhi who was only injured very little just a head injury (more like a cut) and when question she said that he plans to create a whole army of shinigami or souls with beast like qualities and destroy the soul society!!
    what will happen next?
    will this villan succeed?
    will I ever get the kh vol 1!?
    and when will SHUGO CHARA! DOKI! ep 58 sub come?!!!
    (those 2 are for fun but I'm serious about those two)

    this takes place after aizens betrayl (can't spell rlly)
    you can be up to 5 characters also you can play as characters from bleach too

    bankai form (if achieved)
    good or evil

    Haruhi Nezumi
    shinku (black fox with twp tails about the height of a teenager)
    can paralyze enemies
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  19. tenshigrl

    have you...

    have any of you heard of SHUGO CHARA! ? its an anime show and I think its rlly cool
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    I decided to make an rp for the show bleach it s fan-made so of course none of this is true

    you may play as a character(s) from the show and you can make your own character

    zanpakto name(if sub. soul reaperor a soul reaper) (spelling?)
    zanpaktos appearance (even sword appearence)
    squad (if soul reaper unless you're a traitor the put ex _ squad member or whatever)

    soul reaper
    a black fox with two tales can stand on two feet (which makes it a teenager
    sword form
    when it makes contact with the opponet in battle it paralyzes them for a couple of muntes
    dark, lighting, and wind
    10th division squad member

    srry I had to type this and it took a good while

    During the events of rukia's dissapearence things at the soul society were kinda uneasy before her capture and before ichigo and his friends rescued her. every now and then time has passed but these shinigami have not rlly realized it was changing since they will have their own adventure and their own tale now these chapters were lost for some time now from my books but they were found by my assisstant. now that it is found I can finally teach them what they have missed and how the soul society was going to be destoyed by an unseen force that was never watched before. you see when I lose a chpater(s) of my story it is forgotten until it is found. WHO AM I you ask well I the Chronicler of the soul society and I am barely heard of my name was long forgotten since the chroicler before me lost my name and my story and in my favor and I am the new chronicler and now I must tell the story of the missing chpaters so that these shinigami are not forgotten.
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