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    I'm sorry, I haven't been on much anymore (I haven't been on since September since I've been super busy with school up until this point)...
    I'd like to join in again, but I'm clueless about what's going on and I feel bad since I've left for so long...*bows* I'm really sorry.
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    OOC: Thank you, I'm sorry about leaving you guys hanging, I've just been way to busy to get on. *Bows*

    BIC: Kevin looked at the others from his wheelchair and asked, "What about me?"
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    OC: I really fail at keeping up...If I could, could I have a recap? I'm really, really sorry for not posting in such a long time!
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    Kevin knew he'd get scolded, but didn't care, beacuse if he was, he'd know that Alex had returned to normal and that was a good thing to him that is...
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    "Thanks..." said Kevin, he then fell back to his quiet self again, since he was exhausted and still in a lot of pain but didn't worry, since he wanted to see how Alex was doing, since she had frightened him, seeing her act like that was rare.
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    "I'd like to go check on her..." said Kevin, hobbling over to the door with some difficultly since he was still sore and aching. Then again she told me I should rest...Oh well, I want to know if she's ok...
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    The one thing that scared the crap out of me in the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess are those hand things when you are trying to get the orbs at the Twilight Palace, I always paniced when I saw their shawdows over me...
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    "For her, that is way out of character..." said Kevin worriedly, standing up with some difficulty, "She's a runner, but she doesn't usually run..If you know what I mean...She usually stays back, since she's really the only one we come to when we're wounded. We don't feel safe in the we don't usually go there."
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    OOC: I'm really really sorry about not posting in such a long computer broke and I was on vaction with no computer access in July, then soccer resumed and I've been really busy... :( I'm sorry!!!! *bows*

    BIC: Kevin looked at Kaleb, who looked as confused as he was. "I'm alright...and that was Alex...running for some reason..." He looked at the drink his hand and began to drink the liquid, his throat suddenly felt really dry.
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    Kevin took one of the drinks from kaleb and opened it. He the took a sip and decided he could with out it and just continued to hold the can in his hand.
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    Kevin looked at him and shrugged again. He laid down again rubbing his temples as he felt a head ache coming on, he closed his eyes jumping when he saw the vision of his father dieing as well as the house burning down. He opened his eyes again and sat up, he sighed.
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    Kevin looked at Kaleb, shrugging, "If you call waking up every five minutes well then, yes."
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    Kevin glared s he sat up, opening his eyes as light seemed to invade the room. He was up to the point where he passed out due to exhaustion last night. He was still tired but had just woken up from a nightmare again.
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    Kevin looked at alex and Hanna as they left, he then lied awake in the dark. He was afraid the nightmare would come agian along with the memories of the days his parents died. He sighed he didn't trust the new guy also. He shut his eyes and the scene of his house burning down played behind his close eyelids, making him open them up again.
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    Kevin sat quietly staring at the cup in his hand, he was dazed, in deep thoughts. He sighed and finally drank the water. He then set the cup down on the floor near the table. He silently clasped at his chest wincing as a streaking pain came and gone. He then went into his deep thoughts agian and began to think over all of today's happenings and all the things he caused. "It's all my fault isn't it?" he asked himself so quietly no one else could hear him.
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    Kevin heard Alex's voice faintly and tried to breathe deeply, but was struggling to due to coughing. Finally, he stopped coughing and took in the huffs from the inhaler. Finally, his breathing returned to normal, and he moved his hand down on to the table agian to support him self. The pain in his chest was still there, but it wasn't as bad.
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    OOC: I'm really, really sorry I haven't posted recently! I've been really busy with final exams, and school trips, as well as finishing up my sports. I'm really sorry.

    Kevin's dream turned worse and worse, finally getting to the point it was terrifying. He saw his father and mother, burning in the house fire from earlier that day, he once agian thought it was all his fault. He suddenly woke up screaming from his dream, he sat up quickly, wincing from pain, gripping his shirt near his chest as he felt an asthma attack coming on. He then went into a violent bout of coughing.
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    Kevin started to toss and turn, seeing the runners in his dream. He say Lynne dead in he hospital, he then saw the others lifeless forms, he had caused it all in his dream. "i-it's a-all my fault...." whispered Kevin agian as he stopped tossing and turning.
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    Kevin began to sweat, probably due to a fever for over exerting him self. "it'" whispered Kevin in his sleep, gripping his chest.
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