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  1. RoseRiku
    This is a totally new group that I decided to create out of boredom and for the fact that I am just uber obsessed with this couple. :P
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  2. RoseRiku

    Video My AMVs

    Yeah, so I know I figured I'd post up links to the best AMVs I did. *Which is only two.*

    I have other ones on my profile be these are the only ones I like:

    Far Away by Nickelback - Sora & Kairi ~ This Video Won Two AMV Awards At PortCon, Maine! :P

    Candle by White Tie Affair - Roxas & Axel ~ This Video Took Me 3942473 Years (or so it felt).

    Rest are on my YouTube Pro if you're interested. ;D
    xox Rose Riku
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  3. RoseRiku

    I'm Rose Riku (friends call me Roxie or Rose.) ;)

    I live and breathe KH. In fact - I should probably be going to one of those AA meetings, except it would have to be a KHA meeting. xD

    Anyways... it's one in the morning and I'm rambling. But if you wanna know a bit about me - I love cosplaying, conventions, and kitties. o.o


    You can also find me on: <-- KH VIDS! YAY! <-- KH STORIES! YAY!
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