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  1. alina
    I came from the end of the river,
    covered in shivers.
    In the water,
    I taste the lake.
    From the seas of hatered,
    to the lands of love.
    Let you sing,
    But you must believe.
    I'm from deep in me,
    And you will see!

    Part 2
    If you don't believe,
    you'll never see.
    You can't see,
    it won't be.
    Love is life,
    And for that your mine'
    Happy Valentine!

    Part 3
    If it's me,
    Its you.
    When you sing,
    you lose.
    I can't help you,
    but see what a man could do.
    Even with you,
    Its hard to tell the truth.
    But you said you loved me,
    and I LOVE you too!

    Part 4
    What you say,
    I lay.
    come again,
    tell me what you see.
    Fire is bad,
    water is good.
    What i see,
    is how you'll be.
    And to me,
    It's just to leave,
    Your my friend,
    and now my Enemy!

    Part 2
    If you don't believe,
    you'll never see.
    You can't see,
    it won't be.
    Love is life,
    And for that your mine'
    Happy Valentine!
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  2. alina
    "My name is Max, I'm 15 years old, and the only thing you need to know is that I'm not normal.
    Three years ago I came around a guy named Zero. He told me that I was born to defeat the darkness."

    As I walked down the stairs, and turned to the right I saw Zero leaning against my locker.
    " Well good to see you." Zero said looking at me with a grin on his face.
    " Zero, I need to ask you something." I said unlocking my locker.
    " What is it?" He asked
    " What does it mean when they say, "The Light Within!!!??" I asked.
    " It means theres a part of your heart, that is more special then anything, and its within you!" He smiled leaning in close to me.
    Zero wraped his arms around me, and he lift my chin and KISSED me!
    " Um....... Zero?"
    Zero pulled away and saw a girl with blonde hair ,and big blue eyes looking at me and him.
    " Uh... Is something wrong?" Zero looked at her.
    " Well.....Your needed in math class." She smiled
    " Of course.... Max talk to you later." He kissed my cheek and walked away to the math class.
    As I walked down to World Geogarphy I noticed, My best Friend Yuki was talking to a guy named Kei.
    " Hey Yuki, Kei!"
    " Oh.....Hello Max!" Yuki gave me a hug.
    "What up?" Kei waved
    " Not much...... So........What you guys doing out of class?" I winked
    As Yuki started to blush she said," N- Nothing!!!!!!"
    "Sure!!!!" I grined
    " I'm for real!!!!" She turned super red.
    "ok bye."
    I walked all the way to Math class and noticed it was lunch time.
    I walked to the lunch room and saw all my friends, Lauryn, Anna, Yuki and Kei.
    " Hey ya'll, How are you?" I yelled from the door way.
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  3. alina
    " Alina!"
    "We need to get out of here, for real."
    " Anna, we cant were stuck!" Lauryn said grabbing Anna's shoulders.

    We heard someone knocking on the door, but didn't say anything until they said,
    " Alina, Anna, Lauryn! Its Jacob and Keith"
    " Keith???" I said loloking at Anna, Knowing I had to talk to him about last year.
    Most know I haven't talked to Keith in a long time, but for you guys that don't know the story here.
    A year ago I found out that me and my best friends Anna, Lauryn, and Yuki all had super powers like, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.
    Well about seven weeks later a girl named Victoria, asked Keith if he still loved her and guess what he said," YES!!!" and thats that.
    As the door unlocked I saw VICTORIA!!!
    " What the hell is she doing here!" Anna started to yell at Fang, Keith, Craig, and Jacob.
    " She doesn't want to be the princess of darkness anymore." Craig said
    " ANYMORE!!! she still will be FOREVER!!!!" all us girls yelled.
    Anna smacked all the boys across their faces. As Lauryn and I begun laughing, we all and I mean all fell down a TRAP DOOR!!!"

    Lol this is sooo funny
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