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  1. Tpk123898
    Okay people!! heres a fun little game that I got off another forum.

    It goes like this I ask a question to however below and they answer it while saying another question that starts with have you ever.

    I goes like this.
    Example:1=Have you ever ate pie?
    2=Yes,Have you ever ate pizza?
    1=Yes,Have you ever ate mac+cheeze?

    And so on..but remember the question must start with have you ever..

    so ill start. Have you ever had a best friend?
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  2. Tpk123898
    What do yah do?

    well I either go on the computer,play my wii or ps3, eat,go to friends house,

    do you guys have anythings you do in your free time?
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  3. Tpk123898
    Is anyone planing on getting it?

    I think it will be awsome, it comes with a racing wheel I think. Besides Im sure that nintendo is doing everything they can to take advantage of the wii mote
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  4. Tpk123898
    Hey guys its me TPK! just wanted to know how old you guys are!!

    Im 12...:p
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  5. Tpk123898
    What does your username mean?

    My user name is TPK123898 because tpk stands for my initials=Triston,Patrick,Kearse

    And 123898=is the combination to my lock! :p

    I picked that because it would be easy to remember
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  6. Tpk123898
    Can anybody tell me if it exist? so that when I die eventually Ill go in heaven right?
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  7. Tpk123898
    Who else has never seen 3 girls open a can off whoop *** on enimes other then charlies angels?

    I did and there names are=Rikku,Yuna,Paine

    Anyone else think this game rocks? :)
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  8. Tpk123898

    Shrek 3

    Shrek Is going to be the king of the land of far far away!!! :eek: Its just amazing! I never saw that one co,mming I bet you this movie is going to be great!
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  9. Tpk123898
    Final Fantasy characters and kingdom hearts characters battle it out in a tournament!!!! once you pick your characters name ther moves and how much damge it will be and dont forget to put how much mp itll cost!!! when you attack make sure you post how much heath your oponnet has left!

    you can olny have 5 moves!
    Pick you characters!

    Tifa= Tpk123898 Cloud= Sora= Riku=

    Hp=700 hp=900 hp=878 hp=890
    Mp=67 mp=345 mp=434 mp=677
    Str=186 str=356 str=667 str=978
    def=989 def=977 def=244 def=334

    Mickey= Yuna= Riikku= Paine=

    Hp=1,987 Hp=785 Hp=743 hp=1,234
    Mp=678 mp=89 mp=456 mp=44
    str=999 str=54 str=68 str=96
    def-239 def=76 def=89 def=102

    Leon= Yuffie=

    Hp=746 hp=588
    mp=903 mp=864
    str=1,867 str=223
    def=789 def=788

    Matches= Round 1 Round 2 Round 3

    Rikku vs Leon Mickey Vs Cloud Yuna vs Tifa

    Round 4 Round 5

    Paine Vs Riku Sora Vs Yuffie

    Now before all his starts Everyone needs to have a player first

    When the primileneries are over well move on to the semi finals! :)

    Crap!! How did everything get stuck together!!!! Oh man this just messed it up well I dont know if anybody can read it like that!
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  10. Tpk123898
    Post your personality here!

    lets see:

    Im a happy-go lucky person! Im not a fighter but I wont allow someone to push me around! Im intelligent and i can be a bit stubborn sometimes but my kind heart makes up for it:) I can be alittle self=centered at one point and I can be easily pursuaded to do something i dont want to do. I fll very easily under peer pressure and Im trying to fix that part of myself and Im very sensitive:(

    And In case your wondering Im a boy
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  11. Tpk123898


    Hello!! Im Tpk123898!!!! and Im new here!! heheh

    just wanted to let you guys know that this isnt the first forum Ive been on!:)

    I hope Ill make some friends well Im here:)
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