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    what it do

    aite i'm out
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    on a nostalgia trip and decided to look this place up

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    i like kanye west, so i obviously was paying attention tonight when he announced the title of his new album, "so help me god." i also lurk this kanye forum that has like one million plus members, so it caught my attention when they brought up that kanye had changed his soundcloud username from "kanyewest" to "sohelpmegod." it garnered a lot of attention, and people kept a close eye on it in hopes he'd upload a new song or the entire album. unfortunately, he ended up deleting the account, probably due to the fact that he was trying to keep it secret but it was quickly exposed.

    how do i play into this? well, my buddy salty and i make joke rap songs, as i rap under the moniker "yung sizzle," mocking your everyday mainstream "swag-rapper." i have my own soundcloud and have uploaded a few of the joke songs to it only to get a total of 34 plays. me being the obvious genius that i am, i changed my soundcloud handle to "sohelpmegod" when kanye deleted his account. fans of his had been refreshing the page every second in hopes to find new music, but instead, they were eventually met with yung sizzle, the greatest rapper of all time.

    i am now up to 1,200 plays and counting in about 5 hours and have become somewhat of a meme on the kanye forum and, to a lesser extent, twitter and 4chan. maybe elsewhere as well, but i haven't looked. but yeah, p funny times.

    tl;dr trolled a bunch of kanye fans and now my long-lived joke is blowing up.
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    seriously. this dude now has 500k+ followers on twitter and has ellen and other celebs hitting him up... why? and now they're doing spin-offs, with employees of t-mobile and red robin.

    what the actual ****, dude. twitter has gotten so lazy.

    while we're at it, though, let's get #TyFromPacSun going [​IMG]
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    Do you read music reviews? Do you let reviews determine whether or not you listen to a specific album?

    Personally, I don't like reviews and disagree with those that let a specific person's opinion dictate their music taste. I have thoroughly enjoyed many albums that have gotten low scores on Pitchfork, Needle Drop, etc. When it comes down to it, that's one person's taste and shouldn't be taken as fact. For example, I don't like any form of metal, and if I reviewed albums and my readers/viewers/listeners demanded I review an album from the metal genre, I'm likely to trash it because I simply can't stand that genre. However, that doesn't necessarily mean YOU should not try it out for yourself. Create your own opinion. Not a lot of people think for themselves nowadays.


    No one is really open-minded when it comes to music and those who say they are are lying to you and themselves, honestly.
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    >mfw i found out shaun fleming (tidus in kh, jim and tim in kim possible) is the drummer of one of my favorite bands, foxygen

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    For me, I've taken on a more spiritual lifestyle since I was last active on KHV (2011), experiencing and appreciating the world and its inhabitants from a different view. I probably sound like a druggy, but meditation and art has helped me see everything in a much more positive manner. Never thought I'd be into that when I was 14-15. Took life for granted until my Aunt died, who was the only extended family I was really close to.

    What about you guys?
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    Raury is an experimental singer-songwriter who's basically popped up out of nowhere. He is only 18-years-old an already has the attention of major acts such as OutKast and Kid Cudi, whom he'll performing alongside at OutKast's show on September 27. His debut album, 'Indigo Child,' comes out tomorrow.

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    Tons of titles coming out this year, my wallet's going to commit suicide tbh.

    In your list, include the games, DLC, and services you've already purchased and the ones you anticipate you will throughout the rest of the year. Do not include games received for free because that's just dumb. I personally won't go through all the indie games 'cause that's too much work tbh lol

    Already purchased:

    Xbox One Titanfall bundle - $499.99
    Dead Rising 3 - $34.99
    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare - $34.99
    Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) - $54.99
    Super Ultimate Dead Rising 3 Remix - $9.99
    Strider (Xbox One) - $7.99
    Peggle 2 (Xbox One) - $4.99
    MLB 14: The Show (PS Vita) - $34.99
    The Sly Collection (PS Vita) - $26.99
    Xbox Live Gold 3 month + 1 membership - $24.99
    EA Access 1-year membership - $29.95

    Anticipated purchases:

    Wii U - $289.99
    Hyrule Warriors - $59.99
    Mario Kart 8 - $49.49
    Super Smash Bros. - $59.99
    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition - $4.99
    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) - $59.99
    Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One) - $59.99
    Sunset Overdrive - $59.99
    Destiny (Xbox One) - $59.99
    Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix - $39.99
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection - $59.99
    Killer Instinct: The Combo Breaker Edition - $19.99
    Xbox Live Gold 1-year membership - $59.99

    Prices will probably change on some items, but total as of now: $1,709.21

    omg lol
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    [poop emoji]​
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    inb4 hipster jokes

    Everyone's looking forward to the graphic improvements of the games, replaying them, a KH3 teaser, getting the chance to finally play the Final Mix editions, etc., but what about the little things (or big that some overlook) that you're looking forward to?

    As for myself, I'm really excited to play the races, despite the lack of online play. One of my favorite things in BbS, and seeing it on my TV in HD will give it even more of a Mario Kart feel.
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    Stranger: m 25 horny as ****
    You: hehe
    You: 14 f new mexico
    You: whats ur name (:
    Stranger: HEY
    Stranger: i'm jared
    Stranger: u???
    You: haha jared
    You: like the subway guy
    You: haha i think thats sexy hehe (;
    Stranger: lol what...
    You: im tyreisha btw (:
    Stranger: ok
    Stranger: sexy
    Stranger: do u like big penis
    You: ummm ive never seen 1 haha :$
    Stranger: u should take a naughty pic for me
    Stranger: and then i can show u ur first
    You: umm... naughty ??
    Stranger: ya
    Stranger: u know, without ur cloths on
    You: oooouu i c
    You: hehe im new to this sorry for being a noob XD
    Stranger: haha its ok babe
    You: ok so if i take a pic and send it to u u will show me ur penis??
    Stranger: yup :)
    You: ok haha brb...

    ---- five minutes pass ----

    You: Hello. Please have a seat. \_
    You: My name is Chirs Hansen. I'm with Dateline NBC and we're currently recording the first episode of our To Catch a Predator reboot.
    Stranger: wtf?!?!?!
    Stranger: **** u man i did nothing wrong
    You: As a matter of fact, you did.
    Stranger: i didnt i swear!!!
    You: If you are not currently aware of what we do, we try to catch people over the age of 18 soliciting sex to minors.
    You: Moments ago you requested a 14-year-old girl take "naughty pictures" of herself, and that you'd return the favor.
    Stranger: that was my lil bro man haha hes always playing
    Stranger: it wasnt me man i did nothin!!
    You: What is your brother's name?
    Stranger: listen man idk what ur on right now but i didnt do ****
    Stranger: that was all him
    You: So what is his name then?
    Stranger: harry
    You: Harry? Like Harry Potter?
    Stranger: lol i guess????
    You: So let me get this straight...
    You: Your brother Harry wants to show a 4th-year student his magical wand?
    Stranger: ya ur weird bro get help
    Stranger: u need god
    Stranger: dumb ass *****
    Stranger has disconnected.
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    As an owner of the PS4, I still intend to purchase a One sometime in the future and I'm very much interested in 100%-ing KH III on both consoles, but I'm concerned about the devolpment on the One. First off, if there's something I'm missing, please stop me and tell me I'm stupid. I haven't been keeping up with the title as much as most of you have, so my apologies.

    Now, after reading Nomura's recent interviews, I don't believe I've read a single sentence about the XBOX One. For the little bit that he talks about the game, all I've seen is how excited he is to work with the PS4 and PS Vita compatibility. Next, on the "Now in development" screen after the D23 trailer - albeit two versions of the trailer were released: one with that particular screen and one without - it only lists the PS4. Another concern I have is the omittance of the HD titles on the XBOX 360, leaving KH III to be the first Kingdom Hearts title on a Microsoft platform. If their primary goal is to gain new fans through the HD remakes, then what's the point of introducing XBOX users to the series through a game that holds the conclusion to the Xehanort saga?

    Again, if I've missed something and this is just me being an idiot, I apologize. But, I'd love to get a discussion going here about this.
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    I don't usually post stuff I do, but I have to do it with this piece. This a cover I did for Kid Cudi's new song, "Troubled Boy," and it is inspired by the posters for Quentin Tarantino's films. I have a tumblr specifically for my artwork and I posted it on there and it's already at 200 notes and it was a lot of fun to make, so I'm pretty stoked about this one.


    looking at it with the song playing is really cool too:

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    I've been waiting for this for years and it's finally here: Pharrell's second solo album. This is a bit different from In My Mind and is more of a pop album, but after my first listen, I can't find a single flaw in this album. It's perfection. Pharrell killed it like always. You can stream the album on iTunes here. It will be available for purchase on March 4th.
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    Tonight, Kid Cudi released his fourth studio album, Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon, which was initially announced to be an EP. Cudi - who received a poor response from fans and critics on his last two albums after early success in his career - returns to his persona as the "Moon Man" in this project, which he explains is the prelude to his highly-anticipated conclusion to his "Man on the Moon" series that is expected in 2015. Physical copies of the album will be on store shelves April 29th and will include four new songs.

    1. Destination: Mother Moon
    2. Going to the Ceremony
    3. Satellite Flight
    4. Copernicus Landing
    5. Balmain Jeans (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
    6. Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now
    7. Internal Bleeding
    8. In My Dreams 2015
    9. Return of the Moon Man (Original Score)
    10. Troubled Boy

    Click for the album stream.

    As a huge supporter of Cudi since 2007, I couldn't help but to be disappointed by Indicud. It wasn't the Cudi I knew and I just couldn't really get into the tracks like I did with the Man on the Moon albums and A KiD Named CuDi. This project really blew me away, especially because it was created under the same circumstances as Indicud, with Cudi producing the entire project, albeit assisted by Dot Da Genius on a few tracks this time around. Some of the songs remind me of Daft Punk's soundtrack for TRON: Legacy, especially "Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now" and "Destination: Mother Moon". I'm really enjoying this album and in relief that Cudi hasn't fallen off.
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    i'm not good at this so this is awkward but hi, i'm ty. i have an account here already but i don't remember the login info so i just made a new one. you may know me for the work i did a couple years ago on the podcast as well as news reporting. i was playing 1.5 and thought about this place so i wanted to check it out and uh yeah.
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    Thanks to KHInsider member madammina, we have learned that James Patrick Stuart (Xigbar/Braig) will be making a return to the Kingdom Hearts cast when he posted tonight on Facebook that he was heading to a recording session for the game. This also confirms that the English version of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is starting to be put together! You can view the screencap of Mr. Stuart's post down below...

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    Hey everyone! Ty here with some very exciting news for you all!

    The Japanese release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has officially been confirmed, thanks to Twitter user aibo_ac7 as March 29, 2012. Along with that, the special edition bundle you all have heard about will include a Kingdom Hearts-themed Nintendo 3DS handheld system, which can be viewed down below...


    Very slick, eh? I really like it!

    That's all for now. Later!
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