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    Can someone tell me why Riku didn't lose his memories in the castle? Is it because the basements don't have the same effects as the floors, or is it because the Organization didn't have Namine messing with his memories. I would be very grateful to the person(s) who can help me out! ^^;;; (I sort of don't know Japanese, so I understand nothing that's said past Basement Eight.)
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    This is a thought I've always had on my mind I just never posted it, but does anybdy else think that Sora was given that name for a reason? I ask because I was looking at a list of Japanese names one of my friends had made with names and what they mean, and on the list was Sora which translates in english as "sky".
    Plus this isn't the first time Square has done that. Take Aerith for example. Her name in Hebrew means "flower", and her occupation is a flower merchant. So, does anybody else think there is a connection?
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    It ish true!! :D :D Rogue Angel lives on at KHVs!!!!!!
    did anybody miss me?
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    Alright here is some more art work I did well...I couldn't sleep. :o But anywho hope you like it!!
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    After many nights I've finally finish my fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it!! :D
    Scattered Petals​

    By~ Chisa
    This is dedicated to Twilightsown, for inspiring me to write this.

    Summery: “If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost, then who am I?†~Anonymous
    Kairi’s been on the island for months now, and she’s beginning to doubt that Sora and Riku will ever come home and herself. ​


    Kairi mumbled in her sleep. Suddenly Kairi’s eyes snapped open. “Sora!†She cried as she shot straight up in her bed. She was panting and as she rubbed her face, to wake herself up, realized she was sweating.

    Kairi glanced around her room as if she were seeing it for the first time. Making sure everything was in its proper place. Especially her most prized possession, a picture of Sora, Riku, and herself altogether on the island. (Heaven forbid if it went missing and have mercy if anyone so much as thought about taking it.) With no Kingdom Hearts, no Ansem, no heartless, no seven princesses, no keyblades. Just the lazy days of summer filled with their laughter and plans to explore the unknown worlds on their never finished raft. But Sora was gone, Riku was gone, and she was left alone on the God forsaken island.

    As Kairi finished her room check she began to relax. Lately Kairi had been having dreams about Sora and Riku disappearing into the darkness and never coming back home. “But it’s not a dream.†Kairi thought “It’s more like a nightmare.†After a heavy sigh Kairi laid back down and stared out her window. “Oh, God how long am going to be alone? How much longer am I going to be with out my Sora?†she whispered. She then closed eyes and fell asleep with a small tear rolling down her cheek. Dreaming of the day Sora and Riku would come home.

    Weeks passed and the dreams came and went. Life went on and Kairi moved on trying to hide her loneliness with her smile, her personal trademark, the one she always greeted Sora and Riku with. She now took the long way home “Just to watch the sunset.†She told any one who asked her why. Her reason wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t the truth either. It just seemed like whenever Kairi saw the island at sunset she felt closer to Riku and Sora. Like if she went down to the beach they’d be waiting for her like always, but no matter how hard she wished they would be there they weren’t. They never were.

    As Kairi walked her long path one day at sunset, as usual, she looked out over the island thought about taking a trip over there. For old time’s sake. Kairi’s Thoughts were then cut short by a voice calling from behind. “Kairi?†She turned around to see Selphie coming toward her. “Oh, Selphie.†She said quickly conjuring up a meek smile. “How long has she been there?†Kairi thought.

    “Is something wrong Kairi?†Selphie asked once she reached Kairi’s side “Cause you’ve been looking really depressed lately.†Selphie was one of the few friends Kairi had, including Sora and Riku. The best part about Selphie though was that Kairi could talk to her about anything. Especially boys, so she wasn’t surprised that Selphie caught her unusual behavior. “I’m sorry.†Kairi replied “I guess I have been mopping about lately. I’m just-.â€

    “Worried about Sora and Riku?†Selphie interrupted. “Yes, ..I am.†Kairi then turned back to see the island. “Well I can’t really blame you Kairi. They’ve been gone for months now. I sure do miss them.†Selphie said sympathetically, but no matter how much Selphie tried to relate to Kairi she would never understand her sadness.

    Kairi sighed “Yeah, but they’ll be back. I know they will.†She then looked back on the last time she saw Sora. All she could see was drifting him further and further away from her. “Because Sora promised me he’d come back and I-“ Kairi paused and let a wave of relief wash over her. “I promised I’d wait for him, because I believe in him.â€

    “Yeah of course he will.†Selphie said switching back to her usual cheerful voice. “Well, I gotta go now. See you later Kairi!†Selphie then waved good-bye and ran off.

    For some reason Kairi felt unusually happy. “Maybe a trip to the island wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.†She thought. Then Kairi walked back home with Sora’s laughter ringing in her ears until the stars came out, and she fell into the deepest sleep she’d had in months.

    The next day came and Kairi set out in her boat. As the ocean mist sprayed passed her face she felt as if something was different was lingering in the air. Like something important was about to take place.

    After Kairi docked her boat she began to walk along the beach. Watching as the waves continued to do their rhythmic crashing upon the shore and the sun still glittering on the never ending blue ocean just as she remembered. “Are you here Sora?†she whispered. “Can you even hear me?â€

    What was she doing? She thought to herself. Sora was who knows how many worlds away, and yet she was talking to him as if he was just sleeping on the sand beside her. Kairi then felt tears welling up in her eyes, but she wiped them away before they could escape down her cheeks. “No, I’m not going to cry over something I have no control over.†She told herself.

    She then turned away from the aquamarine ocean and toward the tropical forest behind her. There she saw a path leading to a place that she’d nearly forgotten about, and before she knew it she was in side the secret place surrounded by her and Sora’s doodles on the walls. All of their games of tic-tac-toe, drawings of their childhood fantasies, and she even saw Sora’s sad attempt at drawing a duck. (Sora was never really much of an artist.)
    “I can’t believe I almost forgot about this place.†Kairi said as she moved toward the back of the cave. Then something caught her eye. Kairi knelt down and saw that it was a drawing that she had done of Sora and another drawing that Sora had done of her when they were little. The last time she came here she saw that Sora had added on to her picture. Making it look like he was giving her a paupu fruit before they left, and after she came back home alone she did the same thing to his drawing of her. Tears began to roll down Kairi’s cheeks. How could she have forgotten so much? How could she have for gotten Sora’s promise so easily? How…?

    “Kari?†the voice came from behind her and she was pretty sure it wasn’t Selphie. Kairi jumped to her feet and turned toward the speaker, and saw the most unbelievable sight. “Sora….?†She could see him standing there at the entrance of their secret place. He had gotten a little taller and so had she. His hair had gotten lighter while hers had gotten darker. There were also other changes about him, but her favorite feature stayed the same. His eyes. His beautiful blue eyes.

    “Kari. Are you okay? You’re crying.†Kairi didn’t reply. She just stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. She just couldn’t believe it was Sora. Her Sora.

    “Kairi…?†He then began to step forward. It was! It really was! “Sora!†she cried as she ran towards him with her arms wide open and tears running down her face. Even then she couldn’t believe that it was her Sora embraced in her arms. Something she’d only envisioned in her dreams. Kairi then looked up into Sora’s confused and worried eyes, and then buried her face back into his chest and began to cry even harder.

    “I…missed you… so much.†She sobbed “Whether you… would ever come home.†Whether you would… come back to me.†Besides the tears rolling down her cheeks Kairi felt Sora wrap his arms around her. Pulling her closer as if to say he understood and that he felt the same. So they stood there holding each other in silence.

    After Kairi stopped crying Sora broke their silence. “I missed you too Kairi. I’ll come back just as I promised. I just need a little more time.â€
    “Sora what are you…?†Kairi’s sentence trailed off as she watched Sora fade away in her arms. “Sora! No, Please don’t leave me alone again!†Her plea was useless. Sora had left her again.

    Then before the shook could wear off everything around Kairi began to fade away. The walls, the door, and even the ground underneath her faded into white. As Kairi stood there stupefied at what had just happened she heard a noise. It was a loud beeping sound. Then Kairi’s eyes snapped open and saw that her alarm clock was going off.

    After she stopped the alarm Kairi began her room check. Because for some reason she felt as if she had forgotten something. Something important. Then Kairi reached the photo. She then picked it up and realized that she hadn’t just forgotten something important but also someone important as well. Nothing was adding up in Kairi’s head. How could she forget something about someone when there where only two people in it? Herself and Riku back on the island. “Maybe I should just wait before I get a headache.†She thought trying to calm herself. Kairi gently sat the picture back down in its proper place, and left to begin her day.

    All of this happened as a girl with light blonde hair, blue eyes, and a simple white dress, named Namine, watched from her crystal ball. The room she was in was all white including the furniture and her drawings hung on the walls. She watched as the crystal faded as Kairi left room. Namine didn’t have to see any more to know what she must do.
    “I see now Sora.†She thought. “Don’t worry Kairi†she said as if Kairi could hear her through the crystal. “I’ll work as fast as I can.†Then Namine set to work threading and chaining back together the scattered fragile memories left in Sora’s heart.

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    Alright this is my latest AMV in a while with the holidays and traveling and all, but I made this after all that chaos!! Anywho I hope you like it!! :D :D
    Yeah ummm.. CLICKY CLICKY!!!
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    Seriously WTF was I thinking when I made this? I know some of the characters look bad but it was my first attemp at drawing some of them. So what the heck here they are. (My scanner wouldn't enhance the drawing like the rest so it's sort of light.)
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    I still have no clue what this is, but it tis cute, no? :D
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    When I saw Sora in cat form I thought it was really cute and after I beat the game I thought 'What if Riku want into cat form!!' so I drew this version of Riku's cat form!!
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    I'm drawing The Kingdom of Oz: Organization XIII Edition! This is what I what I have done so far!
    Larzene~Lullaby Leage (the girls in the tutus!)
    Zemnes~Wicked Witch of the West
    Axel~Flying Monkey
    Now I need help picking three more Flying Monkies and I need one Organization member to be in the Lollypop Guild! Help me pick!!
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    Yes it's the Kingdom of Oz!! I drew this on Christmas. It's Sora, Kiari, Riku, Roxas, and Namine dressing up as Wizard of Oz characters. Here's who's who....(I made them the character they are for a reason.)

    Sora~The Scarecrow
    Riku~The Lion
    Roxas~The Tinman
    Namine~Glenda, The good witch
    So tell me what you think please!!!:D


    (Sorry it got cut off at the top! it's suppose to say 'Umm...Welcome to..')
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    I got bored and I had aways wanted to draw this but never got around to doing it. So, what do you think?
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    Alright this is gonna sound really stupid, but I just wanna know.
    Am I annoying?
    Cause I think I've been annoying pple and getting on thier nerves lately. If I am getting on your nerves please tell me!! Cause if I am I want to know, so I can calm down or stop doing whatever I'm doing that's bothering you.

    Thanks to whoever reads/replys to this thread for taking the time to put up with me.
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    After three hours and fourty hellish minutes I earned my orange belt. Thanks for the support everyone!! The orange belt is for all of y'all!!!
    After all that I can barely feel my legs, but I'm okay. Oh here's the funny part about all that running. I had the Letter "Y" song from Charlie the Unicorn playing over and over in my head, and Santuary. Yeah I'm wierd.
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    I wrote this after I had a bad day and I just wished I could go away and find some peace.
    I gaze outside my bedroom window
    And see the stars and moon looking down on me
    Then I see the sakura petals floating in the moon beams.
    So I search around my empty room
    For something to capture this beautiful view
    But to my dismay everything I could use has been put into boxes and taken away.

    So just as the clock struck ten
    I climbed out m window. Letting the cool night breeze blow in.
    I play in the moonlit fields
    And play under the star studded sky
    With the sakura petals joining me at my side.

    Now I feel myself grow weary
    So I search for a place to rest for my home is why too dreary.
    Then I see the most beautiful tree
    With its long, winding, blossoming branches it's perfect for me.

    So I take my my seat underneath this beautiful strange tree
    And gaze up into the night sky just in time to see
    A shooting star pass me by.
    Then I stare deeper into this mysterious sky
    And watch the fallen petals dance and fly.
    And I swear I can hear the angels sing their sweet lullaby to me.

    Now I see that this is something special.
    Something no one can take awy from me.
    Then I close my eyes and fall asleep under the sakura.
    The cherry blossom tree.

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    Alright I didn't know where else to put this so here it goes. I'm really nervous about tomorrow. What's so special about tomorrow you might ask. Well tomorrow is my orange belt test in karate and I'm getting really nervous. I was out for a while cause of band and school stuff but I got my hours in so I can test. Everyone says I'll do fine but I'm not so sure. Can someone give me some reasurence?
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    Alright FAW finally comvinced me to post one of my poems. So here it is. I got the idea from Kingdom Hearts.

    I stare into the dark night sky
    wishing I had wings to help me fly
    Then I'd be able totouch those distant stars
    And bring them back to share with you
    But even if I could I couldn't
    Cause you left right after you promised you wouldn't
    You left without a note or even a good-bye
    You just left me here alone to cry
    So now I wait alone on this isle
    With my heart filled with pain and worry for you
    Now as look back those diamonds in the sky
    I remember that you'll come back to me some day
    And that you'll still be mine
    Cause that's what you said when we'd last spoken
    This reassures me that your promise wasn't broken.
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    Alright if you know astrology then you know what I'm talking about but for those who don't then let me help you out. What I'm asking you for is your horoscope sign, Zodiac animal, and element.
    Horoscopes are the star you were born under. The can detirmine what happens during your day, week, month, or year. Her are the signs...

    Aquarius~January 20-February 18
    Pisces~February 19-March 20
    Aries~March 21-April19
    Taurus~April 20-May 20
    Gemini~May 21-June 21
    Leo~July 23-August 22
    Virgo~August 23-September22
    Libra~September 23-October 22
    Scorpio~October 23-November 21
    Sagittarius~November 22-December 21
    Capricorn~December 22-January19
    You can check your horoscope here.

    Now for the part of astrology I'm especially interested in. The Chinese Zodiac. This Zodiac consists of twelve animals. Each animal is either yin(good) or yang (bad) depending on if you were born in an even or odd year.(odd years are yin and even years are yang) Each animal has it's own personality which is used to detirmine your personality and who you're compatiable with.
    The elements added an extra layer to the animals and thier personalities.
    Here are the animals...


    Here are the elements..

    I know that the horoscopes are easy but if you want to know your zodiac animal, and element I can find out for you if you tell me the month and year you were born in. But anywho if you want to know my signs they are as follows..
    Chinese Zodiac Animal~Monkey
    And because I was born in an even year I'm yang.

    So how about you?
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    Has anybody seen or read this? It's really good.
    Tokyo Mew Mew is the name of the manga and Mew Mew Power is the name of the anime.(Don't ask me why.)
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    What is "goth"? Mom and other adults say it's the teens who wear the black heavy clothes and heay black make-up. Some they say they're devil worshipers and druggies. But this isn't all true. Cause I have friends who are "gothic" and they are some of the nicest people I know.
    So tell me what is "gothic" to you?
    btw: sorry I have to cut his short but I'll post more later.
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