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  1. dahlia-petals
    larx likes to sing but has problems with her heart </3
    so she can't sing without breathing strange or hurting but..
    i really like her voice. =^)
    so i will share.
    and i will also share..
    music she made with me saying some syllables and vexen also. @}-,--

    chocolate love by larx trying to practice singing korean.

    i think this song was from the kingdom hearts games. she was too sick to sing it all. </3

    more songs when she was not too sick =^) i think..

    so she had trouble singing but found a program that lets you use your voice to make..
    singing characters!!! =^) this is one of her songs with her voice as a character 'zuzu'.

    and now i recorded few and she stole a few recordings from vexen. she is making us battle with singing! =^p


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  2. dahlia-petals
    the thoughts of a loveless, pointless nobody go here..


    i want love in a paper cup
    tip it over, drink it up
    always easier said than done
    i'm still a flower.. @-,-'--
    without a sun
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  3. dahlia-petals
    it is a multi-panel project. i will spend some days on it..

    larger image without the after effects for detail.
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  4. dahlia-petals
    hey i'm not exactly good </3
    but these are my first drawings with photo shop! =^)
    this is a gift to jei-chan for helping me during an accident.
    and this one is a sketch of a character from her book.
    <3 ???
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  5. dahlia-petals


    i am dahlia-petals. <3
    also known as marluxia elsewhere.
    =^) a pleasure to meet everyone.
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