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    Best of 2017

    What was the best part of your 2017? What did you enjoy or is there something you would like to share?

    So for me I continued to be apart of the RPA. I started playing KHUX in March and I am continuing to enjoy it. I joined the discord on KHV and met some interesting people. I met some fun and friendly people such as Marushi. I joined Mafia for the first time on KHV. I also met some people on there. (Mish)
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  2. GarrettFinch
    Idea: You are a Halfa, a Half human, and half monster. (hybrid) Monsters have been able to hide themselves from humans for quite some time, but time went on and humans and monsters got together. It was bound to happen at some point, thus creating hybrids. Some humans and monster did not like this hybrid out break and began testing all children at a very young age. They began to lock up the hybrids away. You are a locked up hybrid, with no knowledge that you are a hybrid monster. The only thing that you know about monster is the stories that are told to you. The people that run the Asylum have been teaching you like a normal human child.

    Would you be interested in a rp like this?
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    Lost Technology:​

    1000 years ago there was a war. Many lives were lost. Technology was lost or forgotten. The war bringing the land to a time without the nice technology and nice things people came to know. Over time people began to forget about this technology and the war. It came to a point where people forgot about the technology and started studying magic. Some became good at it some not so much. Magic became a rare thing to see. Some people forgot about studding this magic while some studied it in secret.
    The war left the land in shambles, with everything falling apart. The details of the war were lost or forgotten from almost everyone, no one knows why or how this information was lost or forgotten but very few think it was from the lack of technology helping them along. The record keeping was not as good as it was with the use of technology.
    About 100 years ago. Magic started coming back in favor doing simple tricks on the streets. People became carful about magic, trying to not repeat the goings to Far with it.
    People soon had children of increasing abilities in natural magic. Some magic people could use fire and control it. Others could do other magic.
    Over the 100 year the natural magic people could do a lot more. Magic was still rare but not as it once was. Most people had a special gift or talent, not all of that magic based.
    The land and world was growing at an unnatural paste. Technology started coming back but was not at what it was before the war. After the war the people had to start over with technology.
    An unknown person or group found the technology that was said to be lost. This person or group then threatened to use this technology to kill off the magic people and any one that did not stand with him.
    His first attack was to be in a city called New Fair Port.
    This is where the Story begins:

    If you want be a magic user say so
    For now 5 people may be a magic user. Might change depending on how many join. May be less or more
    Will be based on the situation:
    You say actions ie There is no specific combat system in the RP. To attack, write a post describing what your attack is and it is done. No Godmodding so don't kill 100 enemies with 1 attack etc.
    Battles will come to you will not have to start battles.
    If you need more info let me know

    Thanks to:

    1. No invincible characters! Everyone suffers from some sort of injury at some point during the story.
    2. Keep it age appropriate. We don't need any violent deaths.
    3. Imagination!
    4. Powergaming is a big no-no. Essentially, this means being completely overpowered. One does not simply destroy an entire army with a swing of a sword.
    5. No metagaming! This means knowing something you shouldn't. Say for example I'm speaking in private with another character, and we share some long lost secret. You don't just automatically know about this secret, you need to find out what it is.
    6.No drastically changing the scenario! (only I can do this and certain mods) (Me)
    7. Have fun.
    8. Magic: try to be realistic ie no summoning advance stuff or being op
    9. Technology: you can't have, si-fi weapons or armor, technology (this will or may change latter in rp)
    10. Keep all conversations between characters within KHV’s rules and the rules within the RP section's as well.
    11. Only take control of your character, unless given the permission by someone else. But make sure you tell me first before you start controlling characters. You can also give me permission to control your character if need be.
    12. Evil characters are a privilege, not a right, only people I trust will be allowed to make one, it must be stated they are evil in the app, if they are not they are assumed good.
    13. Each person can have 2 characters each (mod exceptions may apply)
    14. Please try to use your best grammar
    15. I will add more rules if need be
    16. put Lost Technology in the other section proving you read the rules

    My apps:
    Name: Grant Merganser
    Age (Minimum age of 16):18
    Gender: Male
    Description: young male with blue eyes and blond hair with green shirt blue pants and black shoes)
    Personality: kind hearted nice person
    Weapon(s): Barrett M-107 (sniper), iron sword, pistol
    Armor: full iron armor not on him, none
    Abilities: ??

    Strengths: knowledge of potions, good at climbing, crafting knowledge, export marksman, likes fighting at a distance but will fight at close range.
    Weaknesses: magic
    History: lived on the outskirts of the city in a forest left to do something in the city when he came back his home was destroyed. (young) He found new people and they trained him to be a marksman. His goal is save people and help people he can. He left for adventure
    Other: lighter, bag

    name: Scott Windfire
    Age (Minimum age of 16): 24
    Gender: male
    Description: A man, with an orange robe on, under his robe he has a light green shirt underneath the robe blue pants and black shoes, light brown hair, blue eyes.
    Personality: kind hearted nice person cares deeply of his friends and tries to help people.
    Weapon(s): a simple pistol, an iron dagger and a mage staff
    Armor: mage armor (under his robe)
    Abilities: healing, and very good with spells and magic altogether. Extremely actuate at shooting/casting spells to fire at a distance. Shoots lighting and fire can make a temporary shield around self and others, invisibility.
    Strengths: he has knowledge of magic more than his years
    Weaknesses: he not a very good fighter at close range, but can when needed
    History: When Scott Windfire was born he was unusually good with magic. He trained for most of his life and became a good mage. He trained under the best wizard in the land. He then went out to find a group of people he heard about to help them, and put his magic to good use. He read magic books for years. When the mages found out when he was born he was better than any mage born before him.
    Other: wears a key around his neck that said to open any door, but never seems to work.

    Evil: tba


    Age (minimum of 12)
    Weapon(s): (2/3 max op)
    Armor: (you start off with none)
    Abilities/ skills: (magic Limits op)
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