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    It was so hype, I didn't even know my gamestop would have nearly 30 pople waiting on kh3
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    Eva was looking through her closet, wondering what would be a good outfit. She was finally able to plan this out, that she was scared to even meet her closest friend for the first time. Sure they never met in the real world, but they did so many things through the chat rooms and other things they did together, she could call them best friends. As she pulled out a shirt, she heard the jingle go off on her computer. "Oh!" she let out, hanging the shirt back up and hurrying over.

    A laugh escaped her mouth and she quickly tapped up a response.

    You gotta be kidding me![/COLOR][/RIGHT]
    [RIGHT]Okay okay, so I gotta ask....

    She stopped typing and gulped. What if he said no? They only never met during the school year because...well, she never really thought that it'd be something she'd wanted to always do. Shaking her head, Eva, quickly tapped her response, after reading his question.

    Wanna meet up sometime soon?  [/COLOR][/RIGHT]
    [COLOR=#ccff99][RIGHT]Like, in real life, for real
    and not through a game or whatever?

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    SO a new update! Munny is back (wait did we have it before?) and it comes with a lot of cool stuff to buy! Of course, new features don't come without a few things I need some feedback on as well as some suggestions that may make things nicer for everyone.

    1. In the Shop, put an indicator on pins you've already purchased.
    2. Let us at least earn just 1 munny in the spamzone, haha.
    3. Sort the pins by cost? Or perhaps give us the option to sort them?
    4. An easier way to get to our pins. I may be missing it, but the only way I know how to get to them now is to go from my profile.
    And just two bugs I've noticed so far.

    1. The spot for the munny under our avatars is not within the infobox. It appears next to Money: x Munny
    2. The newer pins are of varying sizes, so they do not appear lined up on our profile pages.
    Welp, that's all I got now, but others are welcome to suggest something and I'll compile them in this post for the staff.

    More research has shown that you gain munny by the amount of content in posts, so that suggestion about spam zone may be ignored.
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    Just go here:

    And click on the last page. Enjoy.
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    ok so i was in another thread that turned into waifu wars (how does this happen)












    but i still haven't actually watched back cover or played all of chi so idk

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    I remember this being a feature some time ago, but I can't remember for the life of me how to find it. Does anyone know if that's still a feature or has it since been removed?
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    Hey KHV, I know I don't post in this section often, but I've got a small request for all of you.

    My mother has cirrhosis of the liver. This was caused by HepatitisC and she's getting worse. Her MELD score, how high you are needing a transplant, is now at a 27. She's constantly having to go into the hospital to get fluid off of her belly. She can barely walk now because she's always in the hospital. We're trying to make her be as comfortable as we can, but if we can't have the whole house warm or cool, it's hard to do that.

    So why is the title that?

    My family really needs a new heating and AC system. Our heater is broken. The pipe for the exhaust has a crack in it and has the potential to release carbon monoxide if we use it. So now we're using small space heaters to try and keep bedrooms warm when it gets unbearable cold. This problem happened around 3 or 4 years ago, so our bills are pretty high.

    Our AC needs a new compressor and by the time it did break, when I was in middle school, the system was already old. Therefore, buying a new compressor for an old system versus getting a new one was not something we could do. So we've been using a big AC in the window to cool the entire house with box fans to circulate the air.

    Now, the way you can help is by voting in this contest for "Theresa Dillingham" at the link below. You can vote as many times as you want, seeing as you can copy and paste the url over and over in the bar to continue voting. The voting ends on the 20th, so we have only 11 days now.

    Link to vote:
    Alternate link:

    Staff, if this thread isn't allowed, just tell me and I'll change it.
    I just really want my mom to win this contest, seeing as this was a happy surprise from my aunt. She didn't even tell us until we were chosen as a finalist.
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    Teen Titans Terra: couldn’t control her rock powers.

    Final Fantasy VI Terra: couldn’t control her magic powers.

    Kingdom Hearts Terra: couldn’t control his darkness.

    It's a terrable idea.
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    who is jayn

    and why are they basically winning every single category in the awards that they're in
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    I'm not sure if this can be put back or not, but I really miss this feature from before.

    @Sice suggested this first, so he takes the credit.
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    I'm so old!
    Somebody hug me ;-;
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    It has been 1000 years since Ananta took the position of Sage on Crystallis. In those 1000 years, she continued to live and birth children who went on to do great things. However, she has made some controversial decisions and now has lost favor with many of the current citizens. Be it a person whose family are angry at how she was unable to save their family member 200 years ago or someone who is jealous of her longevity, many people wish her reign would end and a new Sage would take over.

    700 years ago, she ordered Crystal Points to be built at certain points around the perimeter of Central Crystarium to relay a shield that surrounded the city and protect it from Crystites. Any outlying cities or settlements were given a Crystal Point to create a small shield to protect them, but they are starting to become ineffective due to them not being maintained as well as the ones surrounding Central Crystarium.

    300 years ago, a tower was built to surround the Mother Crystal. It was dubbed the Crystaline Tower. The Crystites were and are still a growing threat to Central Crystarium, so it was decided to try and protect the Mother Crystal with the tower and allowing people to make their own towns inside the tower with no supervision from the cities own military. Now, the tower is crawling with Crystites that are being maintained by those living within the tower.

    Atop the Mother Crystal, floating and chained to the tower below, is where the Sages are now living. Before, they lived in their respective districts. Once things started getting dangerous, they were all moved to their new homes atop the Mother Crystal, where they stay and interact with one another and a select few from the academies. Some say the "Sages' Landing", as it's called now by those below, is the 100th floor of the tower.

    If one were to make it to the top, who knows what would happen. Many have tried and failed, now making stories and myths that may or may not be true. Those who are brave enough to climb the Crystaline Tower and make it to the Sages' Landing are supposedly awarded with a wish...

    In this day and age, the people of Crystallis have found that they each are able to create a weapon from the crystals around their necks. They are simply called "Crystal Weapons". Each weapon is unique to their owners and no two weapons are alike. There may be similar weapons, but they all are different and are able to channel the wielder's magic of choice. If two people were to combine their weapons, who knows what kind of power would come from it, although it is rather uncommon that two weapons can be combined in the first place.

    Within the Light Sage District, there is an academy where students from any district or city, who has shown they are capable of summoning a Crystal Weapon, may enroll and learn to use their Crystal Weapons properly. The academy is named Crystallinus. Students who attend Crystallinus may choose to live on campus at the girls and boys dorms or commute from their homes. At this academy, a student is expected to go through 7 years of learning and training, one day able to summon and use their Crystal Weapons with ease. While it is not often, people living outside of Central Crystarium may enroll in this academy, but they usually seen as unclean and are mocked by many students and citizens of Central Crystarium. This is why it has been normal for many students whose hometown is outside of Central Crystarium, to lie about their upbringing. The only ones that know they are from an outlying town are the students themselves and the administrators of the academy.

    Those who have graduated from Crystallinus are given the opportunity to either return to their towns or help defend Central Crystarium from Crystites. Crystites are formed when a person has a tainted crystal and does not try to change their ways in hopes of redeeming themselves. Once a crystal has been tainted enough, there is no way to return them to their original state. They are either condemned to wander outside of Central Crystarium or are thrown into the Crystaline Tower. For a long time, the Crystites were kept under control, but they have started to grow in threat. Their leaders have successfully been trapped within the Crystaline tower, but many people are fearful that they will one day break free and escape from the tower. So far, there has been no signs that this will occur.

    Somewhere on Crystallis, it is said that there is a Crystal Weapon that is able to combine with any other Crystal Weapon. Although this is merely myth, people are hopeful that this individual will come forth and finally defeat Ananta. This person will reign in a new era of peace and finally put everyone at ease.

    The beginning of this story will take place on the first floor of The Crystaline Tower, where there are some freshly graduated students wandering around and trying to conquer the tower.

    Each district is governed by a Sage who controls a certain magical category. The residents of these districts are usually taught their respective magic and are expected to go into a field where they continue to use their magic to help the city and towns of Crystallis.

    Life Sage District - Ananta is the Sage of this district. She is able to revive and treat wounds with relative ease, making her a formidable opponent. She is also able to use some elements of the other districts, but this is only because she has lived so long and has taken liberty of this.
    • Healing magic - Cure, Esuna, Raise etc. etc.
    • Death magic - Death, doom, poison etc. etc.
    Mana Sage District - Manisha is the Sage of this district. She is able to create tall buildings with the help of her acolytes as well as create smaller buildings on her own. She has also shown that she is able to manipulate the environment with ease, distorting creations and other objects with little effort.
    • Manipulation magic - They can change their surroundings to work better for them. Example: creating a doorway to pass through a wall or closing off an entrance.
    • Creation magic - Able to create entire buildings when working in great numbers. When alone, they can make small things to do work for them or to serve a purpose.
    Nature Sage District - Suma is the Sage of this district. She is able to bend the ground beneath her and move it to her advantage. For the past 76 years, she has been maintaining a steady flow of food to the rest of the districts through her fields and animals that she maintains.
    • Natural magic - Earth, Water, Aero etc. etc.
    • Animal companions - Residents are able to summon their own animals for company or to help them perform tasks such as hunting or farming.
    Illusion Sage District - Elakshi is the Sage of this district. She is able to deceive many opponents and is the main reason that Ananta is still liked by so many people. It is even said that she manipulated the memory of Ananta's own children at some point.
    • Deception magic - Can create copies of oneself to confuse the enemy or create illusions to force the enemy to go the wrong way.
    • Memory magic - This magic is dangerous and is only known to those who can be trusted. Users of this magic can give people fake memories or alter current memories to better suit their needs. Once a memory is altered, it can never be recovered unless it is first extracted and placed in a Recorder Crystal.
    Enchantment Sage District - Chandrani is the Sage of this district. She has helped the people of Central Crystarium for many years, helping even those who live outside of the city. She shows no discontent with anyone, trying to stay within the people's favor and keeping the peace between other districts.
    • Enchant tools - These people are able to give tools and weapons special abilities or attributes to help them do the job faster.
    • Buffs and debuffs - Residents are able to buff themselves and their allies to allow them to perform tasks better. They are also able to restrict their enemies and hinder their ability to fight or work.
    Time Sage District - Bela is the Sage of this district. She watches over the entire world and attempts to keep things in order. She does her best to keep things following the correct timeline. She chooses to indirectly influence the timeline, and so far, this has worked out swimmingly. She can see what her actions will do to the future, but she cannot see what actions she will be performing to change the timeline. As such, she never speaks about the future to any other person, for fear of tainting the timeline.
    • Time magic - Stop and slow. Using this magic on allies can have some very adverse side effects, so it is taboo to perform this magic on people. If one is found to use their stop or slow magic on another person, they are executed with no chance to appeal.
    • Rewind time - This magic is reserved to undo mistakes performed by allies or to prevent an object from breaking. The max limit a person or object can be rewound is 10 minutes.
    Destruction Sage District - Swara is the Sage of this district. She tends to fight the Crystites more than help the world, but she does not abandon her duties. When the need rises, she appears to give her own thoughts to the enemy, noting each weakness that she can find. She is a formidable opponent.
    • Elemental magic - Fire, Blizzard, Thunder etc. etc.
    • Scan - Residents are able to quickly assess what the weakness of their enemies are by carefully examining them.


    The entire tower is 100 floors, although the 100th floor is actually the Sages' Landing. Each floor leading up to the next boss are the lackeys of that boss. At the level before a boss, as well as floor 1, is a town to help those who have traveled that far to rest and prepare for the harder floors above. As the party climbs the tower, they will have to combine weapons and help each other to be able to overcome the obstacles presented to them.


    Here are the rules of this roleplay.
    1. You are allowed a max of TWO CHARACTERS. This isn't going to become a large roleplay with a ton of people, this is meant to be a rather small roleplay. There might be two parties if things start to get clustered.
    2. Currently, I will say the max amount of characters I want in this roleplay to be 10 people. I may open up to more if I feel the need to do so.
    3. Godmodding and powerplaying are taboo. Commit either and you will be suspended for 1 week. Any other instances will result in your being kicked from the roleplay.
    4. All characters are required to have a crystal. If you wish to have a character without a crystal, please discuss with me why this character does not have a crystal. You are not required to have the crystal visible at all times.
    5. All regular KHV rules apply here.
    6. Keep things PG-13, please. If you wish to reference anything adult, please do not describe it in great detail. That means, don't have your characters suddenly initiate sexual intercourse in the middle of the room and detail everything. They are allowed to have sex, but keep it behind closed doors.
    7. In conjunction with the rule above, you are allowed to be gorey, but please do not go into too much detail.
    8. Please no one-liners. I won't force you to write 4 paragraphs, but please put some thought into your post. 1 paragraph is a MINIMUM to each post. If your post is going to be long, please put it in spoilers.
    9. You are allowed a maximum of 1 week of no posting in the roleplay. If you are leaving for an extended time or are having difficulties connecting, please send me a PM here or on skype.

    Character sign up sheet:
    Age(minimum of at least 14):
    Appearance(NOTE: all characters will have pointed ears. Please specify how long or pointed they are.):
    Additional information:

    • None!
    • None!

    If you have any other questions, please ask me here! Also, if you are signing up, I will ask you for your skype username so I may add you to the skype group! There, you can discuss the RP and plot out strategies with others!
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    I remember there being some place I can edit which 3 are shown...where can I find it?
    The exact place to find it please, not a link!
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    and it's the world ends with you themed
    i better be shiki
    otherwise i'll riot
    and break stuff!
    and computers
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    i'd like my castle oblivion pins

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    And this time it's trying to sell us winrar!
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    10/10 khv

    A bot on the front page. What a treat.
    Stay classy <3
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    And then an administrator from the CreepyPastaWiki came out to say something too.

    but damn...this is one hell of an article...

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