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    Just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be on hiatus from the RP for the rest of December due to some personal reasons. As always, anyone who wants to work with my characters while I'm gone are free to do so!

    See you all next year!

    Update: Things are pretty heavy for me right now, so I'm going to have to extend my hiatus for now. Until then, I'm afraid I'm going to have to be considered dropped out for now. I'm hoping things will settle down and I can get back to it soon, but until then I wish everyone here the best!
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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    'Spike' barked with approval at the suggestion of him and the duck being friends. The two animals raised a paw and wing respectively, giving each other a sort of 'high five'.

    ~ Energyne Labs ~

    Once her call was finished, Claire looked up at the lab's creation. It seemed greatly amused by her awe, giving an amused chuckle. "Shall I give you a demonstration of my power, creator?" It asked.

    Claire was stirred from her transfixed state, and she nodded. Before she noticed it, she was enveloped in a red light. The creation began to levitate away, and Claire was brought along with it. "Good. Then let us find a place where I can show what I can do. Somewhere...expendable..."

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Mileena nodded, making her way to tend to Vito.
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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    As 'Spike' practically ate up the praise and affection, the duck that had accompanied him the whole time popped out from behind his back, letting out a happy quack.

    ~ Energyne Labs ~

    As Claire approached the figure in the light, her eyes adjusted to her surroundings and she gasped at what she saw.

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    The small figure levitated in the air, eyeing the woman behind the strange mask it wore. Then, it gestured to her with a hand, speaking in a deep, inhuman voice. " creator..." As Claire looked around the room, she spotted a large number of the lab's scientists and researchers lying about. Some struggled to stand while others didn't move at all. The floating being looked at this, then back to Claire with a sinister chuckle. "They doubted my power..."

    Claire stared in awe at it, before taking out her phone and making a call.

    "Project Infinite...was a bigger success than we expected..."

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    "If I catch him here again..." A snarl bagan to rise up in Mileena's throat, before she stopped and composed herself. "We will not let him hurt you, Mr. Corleone." Then, she heard the sirens in the distance as well. "Should I go investigate?"
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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    K. Rool sighed as he made his way around the base to introduce himself. He supposed he'd have to start slow. Destroying the New World Order could wait...

    Meanwhile, the dog pointed and laughed as his can hit the mark, smacking into Damien's head. It seemed to like the head pats Discord gave it, and even more so the name he decided to give it.

    With his new name, 'Spike' shot Damien a smug grin, letting out another laugh.

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Immediately getting up from the ground, Mileena let out a snarl and drew her sais as she dashed outside. However, once she was outside, she looked around only to find the attacker was gone.

    With a growl, she made her way back inside. "They're gone..."

    ~ Energyne Labs ~

    The moment Claire entered the underground Lab, she was blinded by a strong red light. As she took a moment to let her vision come back, a floating figure in the light caught her attention, and she started to move forward...
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    ~ Abandoned Military Base in Japan ~

    K. Rool mulled over the invitation for a moment. Revenge...was exactly what he wanted. He didn't particularly care for these people's goal, but it would make a good stepping stone in making the Order pay.

    The large Kremling's expression became one of agreement as he extended a clawed hand. "You make a very tempting offer. I accept!" He grinned a sharp-toothed grin. "So, when do we start destroying them?!"

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Mileena nodded, sitting down before taking a share of food. As she ate, she stared vacantly into the air...dwelling on the ominous feeling she'd experienced earlier...

    ~ Abandoned Military Base in Japan ~

    Damien glared at Discord as he threw another fireball at the dog and duck. "I can do it myself!" He snapped, turning around in time to catch a can to the face, courtesy of the dog. With another laugh, it took the chance to climb up Discord's back and peek out from behind his shoulder, pointing a paw at Damen and laughing again.
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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    "Of course not! I have better things to do than concern myself with..." He stopped, before turning to Surge. "New World Order? You say you are rebelling against this...New World Order? They wouldn't happen to be affiliated with the men in white armor that killed all my men, do they?"

    Meanwhile, Damien continued to chase the dog and duck, dodging and shoving past other people to catch it...and throw fire at it.

    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    As Claire Wyden was going through some papers, a scientist burst through her door in a heavy panic. "M-Miss Wyden! It's Project Infinite! It...Something's wrong with it!"

    Quickly, Claire threw the paperwork aside and ran out of the office following the scientist down to the research lab.

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    "Good morning." Mileena greeted as she joined the others. She had opted not to wear her veil today. Mr. Corleone and Ezio had made her feel like she did not need it anymore.
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    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Once she finished brushing her hair, Mileena got up and made her way out of the room. Just as she was about to leave, a sudden chill hit her. It made her shudder, and for some reason she felt something ominous from it.

    Quickly shaking it off, she left her room...hopeful that it was just her imagination.

    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    Surprised by Lt. Surge approaching him, the Kremling King quickly went from confused to putting on an air of confidence. "I am King K Rool, ruler of the Kremling Isles! I came here for royal business, so I am not a...wait. Rebels, you say? And who, may I ask, are you rebelling against?" He asked as his bugged, veiny eye examining Surge closely.
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    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Mileena was awake for the morning, sitting in front of her mirror and brushing her hair. It was nice having a sort of personal schedule for herself now. Things were less hectic and it was easier to do things. She looked at the brush Kitana had given her. While she was still heartbroken over the loss of her sister, she used the memory as fuel. One day, she would avenge her.

    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    As Jesse made his way to go get some food for his small group, he quickly sidestepped with surprise as Damien and the dog ran by. His gaze followed them as they turned a corner, before a loud commotion and swearing was well as a smoky smell. Deciding he didn't want to get involved, Jesse went back to what he was doing.

    At another part of the base, King K. Rool was surprised to see there were others here. "This place isn't abandoned? What's going on here?"

    ~ Capital Harbor ~

    Gabby smiled and nodded. "Of course, Mr. McDuck. McDuck Manor, tomorrow morning. Understood." And with that, she left to fetch Hack and Slash and inform them of the arrangement. As they were about to leave, hack quickly approached Donald. "Ehh...sorry for being rough with you back there. No hard feelings?" He asked, extending a hand.
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    ~ Nintendo High School: Entrance ~

    As Scott and Oz waited for their turn to be searched, the latter noticed that Damien had still been missing ever since yesterday. "I'm getting really worried now." He spoke with concern, causing Scott to affectionately pat his shoulder. "Aw, don't worry, Ozzy. Damien's tough! Wherever he's at he'll be, like, totally fine, bro!" The werewolf replied, hoping to cheer his boyfriend up.

    The shadowy teen sighed. "I'm more worried about what Damien's going to do to the rest of the world, not what it'll do to him."

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    ~ Outside Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    "Get back here, you stupid mutt!" Damien shouted as his pursuit of the dog continued. Their chase had gone all night without rest, and the demonic teen had no signs of stopping. The dog yelped as a fireball Damien flicked at him barely missed and quickly ran into a building that looked like some sort of military base. Undeterred, Damien growled and ran in after him.

    King K. Rool, who still had no idea why he'd followed the two, went inside the base as well.

    (Icons being difficult so the next bits will go icon-less and I'll edit them in later if I can)

    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    As Hanzo, Genji, Jesse and Morrison were discussing what to do next, Fenton Crackshell was running to and fro. He had been up since the early hours of the morning, handling all sorts of tasks and chores...and it seemed he still had energy to spare.

    ~ Capital Harbor ~

    As Hack and Slash watched Launchpad take the triplets to school, Gabby approached Scrooge. "Mr.'s likely after we turned on Mr. Glomgold that we won't be welcomed back to work for him." She rubbed the back of her head. "You...wouldn't be in the market for bodyguards, would you?"
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    Just popping in to say I'll be taking a hiatus starting tomorrow and lasting until early October. I'll be off on a family thing and won't be able to use the internet, so I won't be able to add to the RP until I get back.

    My characters are open for anyone who wants to handle them while I'm gone! See you all in October!
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    ~ Submarine ~

    Cursing under her breath at the interruption, Gabby shot another glare at Donald. "We'll finish this conversation later." As she, Hack and Slash got ready to leave the submarine, she whispered something to the two. "Remember, we're helping McDuck..."

    The two wolves nodded. Grabbing their weapons, they waited for the submarine to make it's stop before getting ready to leave.

    "Now remember! We go in, grab the treasure and prove I am better than Scrooge in every way!" Glomgold exclaimed. "Of course, if we end up killin' him in the process, that's just a bonus for me!" With a loud, sinister laugh, he led everyone out of the submarine.

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    ~ Truck ~

    Feeling Ezio's hand on hers gave Mileena some comfort, and she responded with a warm smile. "Thank you, Ezio..."

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    ~ Shalour City: Tower of Mastery ~

    Pauline listened attentively as everyone introduced themselves, giving a small wave once Rosalina introduced her. "It's nice to meet you all."
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    ~ Submarine ~

    "No. Now sit down." Gabby ordered, before looking Donald over. "Don't think we weren't paying attention to your little outburst earlier. You know McDuck, don't you?" She raised her blade up, pressing it to Donald's chest. "And don't lie."

    ~ The Capital - Outside a Catering Firm ~

    Mileena gave a small sigh of relief as she looked out the window to watch the scenery blur by. "I am glad things didn't get messy back there. I suppose that large fellow's abrasiveness worked in our favor." She gave a small laugh. "We really do make a good team, Ezio. Almost as well as me and..." She stopped, her cheerful mood disappearing as she looked down. " sister were."

    ~ The Capital - Streets ~

    Damien didn't notice the can hurdling toward him, and stumbled as it hit him in the back of the head. He turned with a look of pure fury, spotting the dog laughing at him. "Stupid dog! You think that was funny?!" He shouted out, a small flame beginning to rise in his palm. "I'll show you funny!"

    He threw the flame, and the dog fell off the roof with a yelp as the flame barely missed him. Running as fast as he could, he fled with Damien in hot pursuit, screaming curses at the dog while throwing more flames at him. The two were unaware that they were running in the direction of the abandoned military base.

    ~ Back Alley ~

    Ducking into an alleyway after losing his pursuers, K. Rool slumped to the ground behind a large box. "This is ridiculous. First I lose my men and now I'm forced to hide in some alley." He groaned. "I never should have come here."

    As he took a moment to catch his breath, he saw Damien and the dog and duck rush by. Curious, he stepped out of the alleyway and followed them.
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    ~ Submarine ~

    As Glomgold sat at the front of the submarine piloting it, Hack, Slash and Gabby turned their attention to Donald once more. "You. Here. Now." Gabby ordered.

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    ~ The Capital - Outside a Catering Firm ~

    With a nod, Mileena sprung into action. Vanishing into a purple haze, she reappeared moments later behind a guard near the truck's passenger door and delivered a hard strike to the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. Quickly opening the passenger door, she got in and opened the driver's side door to let Ezio in.

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    ~ The Capital - Streets ~

    Watching the Stormtroopers leave, and relishing the fact they'd gotten off easy, the dog and duck gave each other approving nods. As they prepared themselves to get off the roof and end their fun for the day, the dog spotted Damien walking by.

    View attachment 49738

    Unable to resist, the dog readied one more can, taking aim at the teen as he reared his foot back to kick it right at him.

    View attachment 49735

    At another district, King K. Rool watched with horror fury as his Kremlings were quickly gunned down. He glared with malice at the Stormtroopers and Cybermen. "Do you fools have any idea WHO I am?! I am King K. Rool, ruler of the Crocodile Isles! I am NOT someone you want to cross, and yet here you so brazenly and stupidly do!" He pointed a claw at one of them. "You think you can disrespect me by slaughtering my subjects?! Tell whoever you work for that you and they have made a very powerful enemy!"

    With this, he charged, plowling through some of the Stormtroopers and Cybermen as he ran off at surprising speed.

    View attachment 49730

    ~ Shalour City, France ~

    Pauline followed the others, staying low and moving quietly.
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    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    "Of course, sir." Claire said, hanging up shortly after Rassilon did. Her eyes fell back onto the screen, where the figure from before now had it's eyes open...watching the camera intently. Claire smirked at the sight. "'ll crush those rebels to dust."

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    ~ Glomgold's Ship ~

    The large ship made a sudden stop, and a very excited Glomgold ran out to the deck to look down at the water. "Ah ha! We're here! Atlantis is just below us!" He ran back inside, gesturing for the others to follow. "Come on, all of yeh into the submarine!" Hack, Slash and Gabby followed with a roll of their eyes, Slash grabbing Donald by the collar of his shirt to bring him along.

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    ~The Capital - Outside a Catering Firm ~

    Mileena surveyed the scene before her, eyeing up every guard to see how well they were armed. She had faced far, far more imposing people before. Her sais could make quick work of these guards. But no. Mileena promised more senseless killing than needed.

    "What do you suggest we do, Ezio?" She asked, looking to her companion.

    ~ Streets ~

    View attachment 49578

    The dog and duck were perched on the roof of a small house, a large can placed in front of them. Below them, patrolling the streets, were a few Stormtroopers who hadn't noticed the pair. With a mischievous grin, the dog rose onto it's hind legs, reared one back and kicked the can as hard as it could.

    The large metal object flew through the air, before coming down abruptly onto one of the Stormtrooper's head.

    Seeing the can hit it's target, the dog let out a taunting laugh.

    ~ The Capital - Harbor ~

    Passerby stopped, their attention drawn to the large ship pulling into the harbor. Once it stopped and laid a plank out to connect to the port, a large group of man-like crocodiles stormed out of the ship in an orderly fashion. They stood in line on the port as one last crocodile made his way off the ship.

    One of the crocs spoke up. "Announcing the arrival of Hisssss Royal Sssscalinesssss, King K. Rool!"

    View attachment 49580

    A large, portly, royally-clad crocodile made his way off the ship, his large and bloodshot eye surveying the scenery around him with an air of distain. Then, he glared at the one who introduced him, smacking him on the head with a clenched fist. "Not so loud, you walking suitcase!" He snapped. "Don't any of you idiots remember why we're here?" He leaned forward, to whisper to the one he'd hit. "We're here to find those Rebels, remember? With this whole New World Order deal, it's only a matter of time before they make a move on to my crown. The sooner we have them taken down, the safer my status will be."

    "Ah, yessss. Sssssorry, King K. Rool..." The underling spoke, before turning to the others. "Alright, men. Move out!"

    The crocodiles marched their way into the city, threatening the civilians with the swords they held to move them out of the way as K. Rool marched behind his men.
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    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    "Yes, sir." Claire responded. "A secret project that's been the hard work of Energyne for a long time. We've created an 'artificial' S-Type. It's powers are incredible, sir. We've run all sorts of tests on it, and the results have been more than perfect. It's strong, powerful, invincible and indestructible! And most of all, loyal. We've tested it's combat capabilities and found it can crush all who challenge it." She smiled as she looked back at the screen on her desk, the figure in it now glowing a vibrant red. "I call it Project Infinite. And soon it'll be ready to make it's debut to the world..."

    View attachment 49465

    ~ Skies of Europe ~

    Pauline nodded with agreement. "C.C's right. Hesitation...will only put us at risk. I wish there was a way to solve this whole thing without any casualties, but if it comes to it then it comes to it."

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    ~ Nintendo High School: Cafeteria ~

    As Scott was eating his lunch, noisily, Oz sat in thought. "I wonder where Damien is...?" He asked himself. "I hope he didn't set fire to something again..."

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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    The four men were listening to Michiru violin playing, greatly enjoying the performance.
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    Well, our internet is acting up. Again. Even worse than the last time, too.

    Like last time, I'm going to try to get a post in but I may be gone until it's fixed so if that's the case and it doesn't get fixed soon, someone is free to take over for my characters until I have a functioning connection again.

    Edit: Internet is back, so I'm going to hopefully be able to post regularly again! While I'm here, gonna claim some characters!

    Name: Infinite
    Description: An 'artificial S-Type' created by Energyne as part of a top-secret project. Designed to fight for the New World Order, Infinite posseses very strange and very strong powers. Incredibly cocky, but menacing.
    Faction (Rebel/New World Order/None): New World Order
    Series The Character Is From: Sonic the Hedgehog
    Misc.: Because of his creation by Energyne, Infinite is incredibly loyal to Claire Wyden.

    Name: King K. Rool
    Description: King of the Kremlings, a short-tempered vicious crocodile who rules over his minions with an iron fist. Very intent on keeping his crown, K. Rool is convinced the New World Order are after his title.
    Faction (Rebel/New World Order/None): Rebel
    Series The Character Is From: Donkey Kong
    Misc.: Unlike most of the Rebels, K. Rool's reasons for aiding them are entirely selfish rather than heroic.

    Name: Duck Hunt Duo
    Description: A stray dog and duck who make an unseperable pair of friends. While the duck is level-headed, the dog is a mischievous prankster who loves a good laugh at others' misfortune.
    Faction (Rebel/New World Order/None): None
    Series The Character Is From: Duck Hunt
    Misc.: Stormtroopers are his favorite target for pranking as of late.

    Name: Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes
    Description: Formerly a commanding officer for the Japanese army, a falling out led to Reyes siding with the New World Order during the Great Purge. Possesses wraith-like abilties.
    Faction (Rebel/New World Order/None): New World Order
    Series The Character Is From: Overwatch
    Misc.: Despite siding with the New World Order, Reyes may not be as loyal to them as he appears.
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    ~ Aether Foundation ~

    "You two take care, then." Lusamine waved them off, before returning to tend to the people in the facility.

    View attachment 49435

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    "I've felt more like family working here than I did working for Shao Kahn." Mileena spoke in agreement as she ate. "He...acted as a father to me, but he treated me horribly. The months I've worked for you, I've felt more welcome and respected than I ever did during the years I worked for him. I do miss my sister...and even though she's still alive I miss my mother too, but you've made me feel like family. Like I belong."

    View attachment 49430

    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    "Thank you, sir. Just simply doing my duty to the New World Order." She smiled. "There other thing I've been working on. A top-secret project that will hopefully be Energyne's crown jewel once it is finished. Something that will greatly help the New World Order...and crush everyone that opposes us."

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    ~ Glomgold's Ship ~

    As Glomgold was occupied with excitedly talking to the Taco Bell Dog over the expedition, his henchmen reached an agreement over what to do with Donald. "Hey, duck. Over here." Hack spoke quietly, discreetly waving Donald over to him.

    View attachment 49431

    ~ Rising Tide HQ: Meeting Room ~

    "I...hope you don't mind. I just wanted to do something to help." Pauline spoke to her brothers. "And when I was offered the opportunity I had to jump on it."
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    ~ Aether Foundation ~

    "You are probably right. I have high expectations for Lillie, so I suppose she'd working hard on her studies as you say." She sighed. "I do wish she would spend more time with me when school is out."

    View attachment 49382

    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    "Ah, Rassilon. Just the man I wanted to speak to." Claire greeted. "I called to give you an update on our work. The S-Types and money donated to us have been serving our work well. The genetic modifications we've given them are paying off. They're faster, stronger and fiercer. Everything is going without a hitch."

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    ~ Glomgold's Ship ~

    As the voyage carried on, Slash seemed to keep his eyes on Donald for a while. Then, he turned to Hack and Gabby and, once he got their attention, pointed to the duck. "What is it?" Hack asked, staring at Donald for a moment. "...You wonder if we should let him in on our plan?" A nod from the brown wolf confirmed this, causing Gabby to speak up. "Are we sure we can trust him to keep quiet about it...or trust him altogether?"

    View attachment 49390

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    "There's still some things I need to get used to, but I feel almost at home." She looked at Ezio, then Vito. "A man I used to work for, Shao Kahn, never treated me as well as you have."

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    ~ Nintendo High: Classroom ~

    While Oz was half-listening to the lesson and Scott was pretending to understand the lesson, the former began to wonder where Damien was.

    View attachment 49383

    ~ Nintendo High: Bathrooms ~

    Damien was in the bathroom, occupying his time by watching a pile of paper towels he had ignited. Once they burned out, he stood up and stretched. "Man, forget this! All we've been learning in this school is 'government-this' and 'government-that'!" He eyed a window in the room, grinning as he forced it open and began to climb out of it. "I'm out of here! Maybe I'll become, like, a member of some rebellion or something!" He spoke to himself, dashing out of the school property.

    View attachment 49381

    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    Pauline stood in silence at the offer, looking at Ruiji before nodding. "Okay, I'm ready then. Take me there." She said, before stepping forward to give Ruiji a hug. "And...thank you."
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    ~ Glomgold's Ship ~

    As Glomgold set the ship on course for Atlantis, a thought came to him. "Knowing Scrooge, he's probably found out about the storms on the Drake Barrier Reef as well! Insufferably clever, he is! Wouldn't it be great to swipe all of the treasure right in front of him?!" The rich duck let out a laugh. "Oh, that sounds wonderful! Ah'm almost hopin' he shows up!"

    As he said this, Gabby looked to Hack and Slash...the black furred wolf giving a knowing smile. "Oh, he'll be there alright..." Hack whispered to himself and the other two.

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    ~ Nintendo High ~

    As Dr. Viddic left and Oz and Scott were making their way toward their classroom, they noticed Damien walking in a different direction. "Uh...Damien? Class is this way." Oz called out, getting a dismissive had wave from him. "You guys go ahead. I gotta hit the restroom real quick." Damien replied, hurrying off before Oz or Scott could reply. Deciding not to question it, the two entered their classroom and sat down.

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    ~ Aether Foundation ~

    "I see..." Lusamine nodded. "I haven't spoken to her much as well. It almost seems like she is avoiding us. Ah, well it is probably nothing to be concerned over."

    View attachment 49338

    ~ Corleone Household ~

    Mileena finished preparing, deciding to leave her veil off as she examined her fanged mouth. She smiled at the sight, her mouth looking much, much more human than it had started. Then, she got up and made her way to join the others.

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    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    Pauline looked at Ruiji, nodding with a saddened expression. "It's not just the recent events that's troubling me..." She looked down. " family...they're all doing their best to help. They've all been working hard and...I haven't done anything at all. I can't sit by and not do my best when the rest of my family are. I just wish there was something I could do...some role I could take in all this..."

    View attachment 49340 View attachment 49346 View attachment 49341 View attachment 49345 View attachment 49344

    At that moment, the gadget-wielding hero known as Gizmoduck burst into the base, carrying four figures on his shoulder. "Don't worry, citizens! I, Gizmoduck, have brought you to safety!" As he clumsily dropped the four in a heap, he began to call out. "Mr. Jumpman! I have brought a few more mouths that might need feeding!" He then eyed one of the men, who appeared to be cybernetic. "Err...I think this one has a mouth to feed, anyway!" The man laughed and nodded. "Yes, I can eat."

    One of the men, a bearded Japanese fellow, glared at the hero. "And as we've told you the whole way, we are not helpless!" He spat, before the cybernetic man from earlier put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Brother...if these people will offer us help, it might be best for us to take it." He spoke in a calm voice. Another of the men, dressed in cowboy gear, nodded. "Genji's right, Hanzo. 'Sides, we haven't had a proper meal in our stomachs for a while now. Could be good to be fed if they're offerin'." He turned toward the last man, who wore a sort of visor and was noticeably older than the other three. "Right, Jack?"

    Jack didn't speak, but nodded. The cowboy from earlier spoke up again, wrapping an arm around Hanzo's shoulder. "Consider it that romantic dinner we've always been talkin' about!" Hanzo, at this, looked around the base with a sigh. "This wasn't exact what I envisioned when I said that, Jesse..."

    View attachment 49337

    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    As Claire dialed in a number for one of her New World Order allies, she watched intently at a monitor on her desk. It showed a small figure being contained in a tank, in what appeared to be some sort of lab. Every now and then, the figure flickered red.

    After a moment, Claire thought she heard someone answer her call.
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    ~ Aether Foundation ~

    "Thank you for your kind words, Miss Umbridge." Lusamine nodded, turning to Leon who was tending to a small boy. "Young Leon over here has been a great help, as well. He's been competing in races and using the money to help keep these people sheltered. The children are especially fond of him." The feline teen finished his task and smiled. "I appreciate it, Miss Lusamine." Leon spoke. "Now if you'll excuse me, I actually have a race to compete in today. It's a big cash prize if I win. These people will eat like lords for the next few weeks if I can pull it off." Regarding Umbridge and the others with a polite nod, Leon left.

    "Now then..." Lusamine spoke up, turning to Gladion. "Gladion, have you seen Lillie around?"

    ~ Energyne CEO's Office ~

    After her press conference was over, Claire escaped to the privacy of her office. After taking a seat and resting for a moment, she decided to give her Crystal Order allies a call. The top secret project she had spent the past few months working on was close to completion...

    ~ Corleone Residence ~

    Turning around, Mileena smiled at her visitor. Ezio had seen her without her veil before, so she felt comfortable not wearing it in front of him. Working for Vito had been a much more positive experience than Mileena expected. He and Ezio were much, much kinder to her than her old boss, Shao Kahn, had ever been. And while she was much too nervous to say anything, Mileena found herself developing feelings for Ezio. He'd always treated her so well.

    "Thank you, Ezio. I've just finished getting ready, so I'm ready to see him."

    ~ Glomgold's Ship ~

    "Here I am!" Glomgold came into the room, greeting the Taco Bell Dog. "Of course I'm a man of my least to people I like!" "He joked, laughing loudly. "This is going to be an excellent expedition! I can imagine it now! Me, Flintheart Glomgold, new richest duck in the world! Ooh! Maybe with my newfound fortune and status, I can get in good with the New World Order! Maybe they'll give me ownership of Scotland! That'll really stick it to Scrooge!"

    ~ Abandoned Japanese Military Base ~

    As everyone was busy attending to their own business, Pauline seemed to be looking for an opportunity to leave the base. "I can't just...sit here while everyone else is fighting hard. I want to help too..." She spoke to herself.

    ~ Nintendo High ~

    "L-Loud and clear, sir." Oz spoke up. "I'm really sorry for my friend's...uh, temperament." Damien stared at the shadowy teen before grumbling. "Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry...or something."
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