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    hey daddy

    hey daddy
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    what it do

    aite i'm out
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    who tryna get this work
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    on a nostalgia trip and decided to look this place up

    Thread by: Ty, Oct 1, 2015, 16 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
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    this is smooth, guys. i like it a lot.
    Post by: Ty, Jun 12, 2015 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    yeah, it's p great
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    i like kanye west, so i obviously was paying attention tonight when he announced the title of his new album, "so help me god." i also lurk this kanye forum that has like one million plus members, so it caught my attention when they brought up that kanye had changed his soundcloud username from "kanyewest" to "sohelpmegod." it garnered a lot of attention, and people kept a close eye on it in hopes he'd upload a new song or the entire album. unfortunately, he ended up deleting the account, probably due to the fact that he was trying to keep it secret but it was quickly exposed.

    how do i play into this? well, my buddy salty and i make joke rap songs, as i rap under the moniker "yung sizzle," mocking your everyday mainstream "swag-rapper." i have my own soundcloud and have uploaded a few of the joke songs to it only to get a total of 34 plays. me being the obvious genius that i am, i changed my soundcloud handle to "sohelpmegod" when kanye deleted his account. fans of his had been refreshing the page every second in hopes to find new music, but instead, they were eventually met with yung sizzle, the greatest rapper of all time.

    i am now up to 1,200 plays and counting in about 5 hours and have become somewhat of a meme on the kanye forum and, to a lesser extent, twitter and 4chan. maybe elsewhere as well, but i haven't looked. but yeah, p funny times.

    tl;dr trolled a bunch of kanye fans and now my long-lived joke is blowing up.
    Thread by: Ty, Mar 1, 2015, 2 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
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    Great idea, guys! Would love to see maybe a Walking Dead (show and/or game) one if you're up to date with it/watch it.
    Post by: Ty, Feb 13, 2015 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    RIP Monty, man. I honestly have no words. This is a prime example of how someone can be taken away from this world in an instant.

    However, I am somewhat disappointed with how some of the RT staff have acted towards fans. Death is something we've all had to deal with, and everyone handles it differently, but for some of them to lash out at genuine, respectfully written notes and questions, especially when they're asking for donations is offensive to the RT community, and feels like they honestly don't care about the community other than their money at this time.

    While most fans never knew Monty like they did, there are a lot of people that watch Rooster Teeth's videos religiously and have created a special bond with the people lucky enough to have that kind of job.
    Post by: Ty, Feb 2, 2015 in forum: Movies & Media
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    lol i edited my op. it just sounded whiney when i read it.

    to add on to the discussion, i just have a hard time seeing how lazy people have gotten, especially when it comes to music taste. it's so hard to hold a conversation with someone my age 80% of the time when they just spew out the same garbage the reviewer planted in their head. half of the **** they say, i'm like, "do you even know what that means?" i hate to be that guy that plays the sheep card, but man... people need to think for -- and educate -- themselves.
    Post by: Ty, Jan 16, 2015 in forum: Music
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    Of course he's okay with it. The guy is famous now for no reason.
    Post by: Ty, Nov 9, 2014 in forum: Discussion