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    I wondered why we didn't already have a tread for this wonderful webcomic ^_^.
    • Favorite character? Probably Jones. Jooooonessssss. The Stone might be my favorite chapter because of all the wonderful artwork.
    • Favorite chapter? The Stone - Ch: 40? I think.
    • Favorite partnership? Parley and Smitty, although Shadow x Robot is also really really cute.
    • Ysengrin: Tragic underdog (lol) or unhinged psychopath? Only unhinged because of Coyote, and for no other reason.
    I really like all the elements of different mythologies at work in the comic, as well as the Science vs Nature and Magic theme - because one side isn't particularly better than the other and the two can in fact co-operate as we see through Kat and Annie's friendship.
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    The rollerblades ... the game's still kinda built on a grid system like the previous games but the blades give you will 360 degree movement, so in places like route 3 (?) that is made of hedge mazes with 1 square space to go through them you can end up a tiny amount out of allignment with the space to go in it? And it's not like the bike where you can unequip them, they're always on if you move using the analogue stick. To get semi-traditional 8 directional movement you need to use the d-pad.

    So that's my impression of it.

    They're cool, and I like them ... i just think they're a bit fiddly ...

    In addition why wasn't it a bike? France, which Kalos is based on is FAMOUS for cycling!!
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    Rev up those novels!!

    It's that time of year again folks! The month of November is quickly approaching and it's almost time for National Novel Writing Month.

    For those unaware, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo to use a portmanteau, is a celebration of hard graft at the art of story-writing. The challenge is to write a 50,000 work novel in the space of the 30 days of November, with the spirit being to get away from the habit of drafting and redrafting multiple times and to just write it all down and (possibly) edit it later.

    I know that quite a number of or members have done this in the past 3 or 4 years, so I'm really looking forward to seeing who steps up to the challenge this year.

    I myself am not taking part in the novel writing challenge, but I will be (once I have the two essays I have due for school) using the month of November to plan and write some things of my own - using the momentum of the occasion.

    Feel free to post here if you are taking part and once the month starts, offer words of encouragement to others - or as the case may be frustration at yourself - over the challenge!

    Good luck guys!
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    Just started this yesterday and I'm really excited. I'm really enjoying the 3D battle environments and the rollerblades (even if they're a little tricky to control).

    Super-training is a really nice way to make EV training accessible to everyone and I really like the idea of it.

    And ... yeah ... I can't wait to see how the game develops from here.
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    So I've seen the first two episodes of this now and just ...

    the second episode almost made me cry, I think it was really brave of them to tackle what is possibly the saddest part of the franchise - certainly in the games.

    I'm watching it really slowly because the subbing team I'm using is going through it quite slowly, but I'm really enjoying it so far ... but it would've been nice to have it as a 12 episode series instead of cramming things into 4 ...
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    I'd definitely recommend it. The server issues they had to begin with are pretty much gone now. Actually. I was kinda happy they had server issues because that showed that there was immensely more interest in the game than they anticipated. But yeah, I'd give it some though.
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    KH-Vids in Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn

    Hey guys! I hope that you’re having a fantastic time back at school/work/whatever.

    About a month ago, Square Enix’s re-vamped version of Final Fantasy XIV was released into the public. I know that both Misty and I have been playing it a lot and we’re really enjoying it.

    So, for a while now, we’ve been thinking about how much we'd like to enjoy it with all of you!

    What I would like to propose for anyone playing the game is that we start community of our own members on there so we can play, bond and have fun together as the MMORPG experience should be enjoyed.

    Server Information

    We are currently housed on the Ultros server in the US/EU cluster.

    This is because both Misty and I’s main characters are on this server and for reasons stated below, it would be better if we can have access to our higher levelled characters.

    This is not to say that you have to jump ship to join us – if you already have a group of friends on another server then we totally understand.

    What we can do?

    Well here’s the thing:

    In FFXIV there are two main ways of forming communities. There are Linkshells which are kind of like chatrooms which you can talk to other players in, and there are Free Companies, which - if you know anything about MMORPGs – are like Guilds.

    Linkshells are formed by any group of people who can be added to them. If I recall correctly you can have as many as Eight at a time, so you can be part of eight communities essentially. You can use these to ask for advice, help with quests, dungeons, crafting etc, and generally have a nice chat at the same time.

    Free Companies on the other had are a one-of. You can only be a member of one at a time and they will make a small tag (e.g. <KHV>) appear underneath your name. Free Companies have a lot of the same benefits as Linkshells because they allow the Guild chat option where anyone in the guild can chat to each other. In addition though, the Free Companies give their members certain bonuses depending on how many members they have and other factors. These things can allow members in a free company to gain more experience from battles/crafting – so they can really benefit your gameplay in general!

    What will we be doing?

    Well, my proposal is this:

    1. Create a Linkshell. Linkshells are easy to make , can since you only need two people to have the chat it’s very easy. We will use this to gauge how many people are interested in the game.
    2. If the demand and activity in the Linkshell is high enough then we can talk about forming a Free Company. To form a Free Company you need four members with at least one class over level 25 (which is why we are using the server with Misty and I’s pre-existing characters), and it needs to be affiliated with a Grand Company (you’ll know what these are if you play the game). Which Grand Company you’re affiliated with doesn’t actually change anything.
    3. Have fun!
    The system of Final Fantasy XIV and MMORPGs in general is really co-operation based. We would be able to get people together to run dungeons or fight bosses, grind to level up classes, even make gear and weapons for each other. It would just be another fun way to interact with fellow members on the site.

    Words of Caution and Advice

    Since this will be a KHV official group, there will be moderation and such as part of it.

    The Administrators of both the Linkshell and, hopefully eventually, the Free Company, will be moderating the chats and interactions within the group according to KHV rules and guidelines, with a few exceptions determined by the context of the online game.

    Obviously, interactions between members who are not part of the group or site are out of our control and therefore you should access the proper channels within the game to resolve any issues.

    In addition, the content of the game is a little over the recommended age range for the site, and so we take no responsibility for that either.

    These rules are subject to change at any time, so pay attention!

    In short, be sensible and have fun!


    If you would like to be part of this group please send me a tell or a friend request in-game. My character's name is Lux Felix. If I am not available at the time because I am offline, please send me a message on here and we'll arrange a time when we are both online.

    Alternatively, you can attempt to contact Misty - her name in game is Eda Lefchild.

    Reminder: We are on the Ultros server/world in the NA/EU cluster.

    I hope to see a few of you (at least) in game so we can have loads of fun together.

    May you ever walk in the light of the Crystal.

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    It's an interesting premise, but derivative works - in my view - or what one might call "published fanfiction" are often a bit ... weird for me?

    It dips a little bit into the uncanny valley territory because often they try to emulate the style of the original work but don't quite get there ...

    I don't know though, it sounds interesting though, and it would definitely something I'd like to check out when I have time.
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    I shall echo my comrade's glowing praise,
    Of this particular activity,
    The art of rhyme and meter, form and phrase
    Thus used to conversate organically.

    The pleasing rhythm of this discourse is,
    A feast to mind and ear and eye you see,
    Which swells my beating heart with perfect bliss,
    (I know that rhyme is half, don't lecture me),

    I shall, myself, keep watch over this thread,
    To watch your progress in this art of words.
    I do hope this shall ne'er be left for dead,
    Amidst the to and fro of posting herds.

    And as I leave for now, one final thing,
    Good luck to all and may your stanzas sing.
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    Omg it was so good!!!

    Omg it was so good!!!
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    DLing nowwwww

    DLing nowwwww
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    Merry Christmas Jiku Neon!!!

    Now, I've been SUPER BUSY - and I started on this, but I had a thought. If you want, I could continue it and finish chapters when I can, you could even give me direction on what you want to happen.

    ALTERNATIVELY, if you want - we could expand it into a collaboration!

    I'm forseeing it being quite long, longer than I intended sorry ... but let me know ^_^.

    “You sure it’s this guy Ed?” Jet asked incredulously as he started at the screen.

    “Yup yup, Edward is sure that Edward has found him this time!! Woohoo!!” The diminutive redhead punched both arms in the sky as if in victory, before falling onto the floor on her back.

    “Gimme a break Edward, this guy looks like he could barely hurt a fly!” Spike complained, turned to Jet, sighed, and left the main room of the Bebop.

    It had been two weeks and the police didn’t have a clue what this guy looked like. Spike sighed as he took a slow drag on his cigarette. There was a bounty of 5 million on the guy’s head and they didn’t even know what he looked like. Wandering through the hallways, Spike thought back on the whole affair. It had started a few days ago.

    His name was Roger Dessault, and three days prior he had had a paltry bounty of about 20 thousand woolongs placed on his head – turned out he was on some list the ISSP had found during a drug bust a few weeks back. All the others on the list had been captured, except for this guy, so they put a bounty on him thinkin' the bounty hunters'll have more luck. Well, the next day, the guy hacks into the mainframe of the ISSP and leaves a message in every single operative’s inbox.

    “You have three days, and then you’ll pay for putting a bounty on me. The sky will fall”

    Well, needless to say - every day since the bounty on the guy’s head had increased. Now it was the day before his supposed action and it was increasing exponentially every hour.

    “Penny for your thoughts, Spike?” a voice asked behind him.

    “What the hell do you want Faye?” Spike asked without turning around. He the butt of his cigarette onto the ground and stamped it out with his heel.

    “Didn’t you hear? Ed found the guy, now let’s get to Europa and catch him! Can’t let other people get our bounty, now can we?”

    “I thought you weren’t interested in the case” Spike responded, smirking.

    “Yeah, well that was until his bounty started growing like mould, now come on! We have to g- oh I see what you’re doing”

    “What is that, Faye?” Spike asked, turning on his heel to face her.

    “You want to wait until his bounty gets bigger before you catch him, don’t you?” she asked, grinning slyly.
    Spike sighed and turned back around.

    “No, that’s not it. I just don’t think he’s the guy, that’s all”. He began walking away.

    Faye sighed as she watched her fellow crewman walk away through the dark hallways. Turning, she headed towards the main room – she had a few questions to ask the others about the head and, more importantly, his bounty.

    Merry Christmas ^_^.
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    nothing much ^_^.

    nothing much ^_^.
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    Can't believe that he actually did that ...

    It was really fun to be on again though ^_^.
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    Name: Clawtooth


    • Full Metal Alchemist (Brotherhood) - All characters, but mostly Izumi Kurtis.
      Ghost in the Shell - TACHIKOMA, Ichikawa, Motoko, Togusa ... but mostly TACHIKOMA
      Howl's Moving Castle
      Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Mami, but all others too.
      Stiens;Gate - Makise Kurisu, but others too.
      Redline - All.

    • Adventure Time - Marceline, LSP. Others too.
      Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toph, Azula, others.
      Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Lin.

    • Final Fantasy IX - Vivi.
      Final Fantasy X - ALL OF THEM.
      FInal Fantasy XIII - Hope, Vanille ... all of them but Snow.
      Final Fantasy XIII-2 ^this.
      KH - duh
      The World Ends with You.
      Persona 4 - Chie, Yukiko, Yosuke, Protag.
      Nier - Kainé, Emil, Weiss ... THEY'RE ALL PERFECT!!!!
      Mechwarrior Online
      Killing Floor

    • The Hunger Games - The first one.
      Harry Potter
      The Hobbit
      The Novels of John Green
      The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

    • Homestuck - All kids, Feferi, Aradia, Sollux.
      Gunnerkrigg Court - Jones.
      Dresden Codak - Tokomak Twins, Kim.

    • OSTs for anything above.
      Classical music ... Beethoven and Mozart and stuff...
      Scottish Folk/Celtic.

    • Movie adaptions of the above.
      How to Train Your Dragon - Hiccup, Toothless.

    • Doctor Who - Donna, 10, Rory.
      Sherlock - All of them??

    • Steampunk
      Tabletop RPGs

    All of the above, if I've mentioned a character in particular, that doesn't mean I don't like any other character, I just probably LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH I CAN'T EVENosdinfosidbf
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