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  1. Hiro ✩
    Hello. It’s me. Some of you may know me as HoT. Felt like checking out this place on a whim. Crazy how it’s still here even after years and years. Not sure how many people actually read these threads anymore, but i figured I’d say hello for those who do remember me.

    Anyways, I’m into Kamen Rider now and also, I’m a dad as of 5 weeks ago.

    Hope you’re all well. May your heart be your guiding key and all that jazz.
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    KHII huh?

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    Thought I'd poke my head in. See what's up. So what's up?
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    Is rainbow really the premium color?

    This makes my gay heart smile :)
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    Always gotta do something to make me look like a chump, huh, KHV? Yare yare daze...
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  6. Hiro ✩

    I'm not anyone important. I'm not well-known, and I'm not anyone particularly well-liked. But I'm a member of this website, and I refuse to stay here if it's going to be a toxic environment.

    I joined about 5 years ago. I was a bright eyed freshman that was emotionally unstable, and had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. Did really become active until 2011, when I started RPing. I made some of the best friends I had ever made on here. It was a joy.

    We eventually fell out of contact, but that's life. I lost friends and made new ones. I entered a relationship with someone, and that was fun. Those six months taught me a lot about myself and ways for me to grow up. I'm glad that even if it took so long, I was able to learn from it and adapt.

    Eventually, I stopped RPing on here altogether and moved onto another medium- tumblr. On there, I've made more friends and it made me come back here because who doesn't always want to see old friends again? Since then, I've stayed for a while. I was excited when the ownership changed, because that meant a new path for us.

    I was right, but it just wasn't the path I wanted. It wasn't the path we deserve. As a KHV family, we deserve so much more. You all deserve so much more. No one needs this toxic environment in their life, and I sure as hell refuse to leave it mine.

    So I'm leaving. This isn't a decision because a friend may get banned or because I may get banned, but it's a decision because I feel I've outgrown this place, especially if I'm going to be surrounded by petty drama. I'm working on my voice acting career and I'd prefer to focus on that. I also want to focus on becoming a professional Street Fighter player. The guys at EVO really inspired me, so I'm going for it an achieving my dream!

    My life is in a bad spot right now and I just lost my job, no one in my house works and I'm depressed all the time. Negativity fuels that, so I need to get away. Don't feel sorry for me, because I don't need that. I just need support. I just need people to believe me.

    At least, that's what younger me would have needed.

    I don't need any of that. I believe in myself and I'm good with that. It's one of the many lessons you guys have all taught me. And for that. I'm most certainly grateful.

    Anyway, like I mentioned, I'm no one special, so I'll wrap it up here. My information is in my profile so if any of you want to keep up with me, please- feel free to add me or follow me!

    Catch you all on the flipside, my dudes. Remember a bit of advice for me:

    1- You must aim for the highest level like a Kanzuki.
    2- Fight for those you wish to protect like Cammy.
    3- Stand proud like a Stardust Crusader.

    I love you all. Thanks so much for everything.

    -Hector ❤️
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  8. Hiro ✩

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    streaming some Jojo. Come check me out while I STAND PROUD
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    The wind stung the young Togruta's face, her Lekku gently rocking in the wind. Looking through her binoculars, she scanned the area for anything strange or out of the ordinary.

    "Ahsoka, do you see anything?" Came the voice of Anakin Skywalker, her Jedi Master.

    She shook her head. "No, nothing. We've been sitting her for hours, Master, I'm sure they'd have come by now if the tip was right..."

    Anakin nodded. "Then I guess the Headmaster was wrong to take the threat seriously. That being said, we shouldn't be so lenient with any new ships coming."

    Ahsoka stared at the ships. She had a feeling they were more than they appeared. All the same, she could sense people aboard them, and they all felt familiar. Definitely not droids, the Force didn't allow her to sense droids.

    Looking at his comm, Anakin punched in a code. "This is Gold Leader to Home Base. Come in, Sakura."

    Miles away inside a gargantuan stone building, a mess of pink hair sat up on a bed. Sakura Haruno, a ninja assigned to assist Ahsoka and Anakin, picked up her comm unit and talked into it. "Yes Gold Leader, this is Home Base. What's the status?"

    "All clear. Classes can proceed as normal."

    Sakura smiled with relief. "Thank you, Master Skywalker. I'll alert the Headmaster." She hung up and looked at the other two occupants of the room, a black haired boy with thick eyebrows and a blonde boy with whisker-like marks on his face.

    "Hear that, Naruto? Master Anakin and Ahsoka have cleared us."
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    Streaming some Street Fighter V. Doing ranked with Cammy/Karin, unlocking some Cammy and Ryu costumes, and maybe some viewer matches! Starts in about 5 minutes.
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    Lost to history, there is a legend. A legend that was not meant to be touched upon by man. The First Armageddon, a conflict occurring long before a record of history itself even existed blessed us with the Trinity of Realities; Light, Darkness, and Chaos.

    The conflict reigned for many cycles. It caused extinction throughout the universe. Jubileus, the Great Creator, saw no other solution than to destroy the universe. The details are unclear. Overshadowed by history. All that is known is the separation of Jubileus's power. Out of fear that her creations would turn on her, she split her power into two. The Light and the Darkness. Chaos remained as the realm of Inferno, or Hell, as it's more commonly known.

    Light forms the right eye. Darkness forms the left. If one eye were to be blinded by destruction of it's element, Jubileus would purge the world. Destroying it and bathing it in all that remained. The other would be extinguished for good, and soon, reality would collapse with the imbalance. With this balance in play, the universe can operate. With happiness there must also be sadness. With bravery there must also be fear. For every positive, there is a negative.

    Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. If this is truly the path to the Dark Side, what is stopping humanity from unleashing all negativity and bringing back the great Jubileus as a being of pure darkness? She herself has no guarantee, she even fears it will happen. She knows what her creations are capable of, and ultimately, that will be her undoing. When Jubileus's rage is unleashed, the anger will turn into darkness and consume everything.

    Under Jubileus, she has three Servants for herself. Three Servant Goddesses that oversee the earth and helped mold it.

    Din, the Goddess of Power, cultivated the land and created the red earth with her flaming arms.

    Nayru, the Goddess of Power, poured her wisdom onto the land and created the spirit of law. The laws would keep the world in order.

    And Farore, the Goddess of Courage, with her rich soul, created the living beings of the world to uphold the law. Animals and humans and plants, we all owe our existence to her. Midichlorians are the most vast creatures. Small but plentiful, Midichlorians make up the Force. The energy that exists in all creatures. It's all around us. It penetrates us. It binds the world together. Amongst all creations, there exist people with more Midichlorians than others. Should a Midichlorians count be higher than average, that being will be able to use the Force.

    When the Goddesses departed the earth, they left a gift. A form of communication to them and Jubileus. The Triforce. A symbol of of the world's laws. All tree pieces combined allow total domination. In order to quell Jubileus's fears of something like that occurring, the Goddesses created the Law of Three. The law decreed that if the Triforce were taken by someone of Darkness, it would be split. Their piece would stay with the dark, and two pieces would be transferred to beings of light. If all three pieces were collected, then the collector would truly be fit to rule the world.

    As per the Law of Balance, Nayru's own law to keep the world working, living beings had a counterpart. A counterpart born of the negative emotions inside us all. They are the Creatures of Grimm. Negativity incarnate. These creatures feed on negativity and are attracted to it. In order to keep balance, an academy was established. An academy where all the light would meet and be molded into heroes.

    That academy was the Stars Academy. The name itself coming from the bright lights in the sky- the stars. It is a metaphor, and a symbol of hope.


    1-Limit yourself when it comes to characters. Don't take on more than you can handle.

    2- No characters from unreleased content. Rewrites are awkward and very hard to fit in. Let's avoid this!

    3- Absolutely no godmodding.

    4- OCs are allowed, but they must be specifically approved by the moderators of the RP. If your OC is rejected, we will tell you why, but you must not cause drama over this. Disagreeing with our decision is fine, but at the end of the day the character must fit the RP, not the other way around.

    5- Pokémon Trainers and Pokémon are not allowed in this RP. The limit exists to prevent Pokémon and humans from fighting each other.
    5.1- Certain Pokémon are allowed, as long as they're discussed with me beforehand and altered so they're not Pokémon.

    6- Due to the Two Era style of this RP, certain characters cannot be used right away. Characters that cannot be used at this moment would be characters from post-time skip eras in their respective series. Examples include, but would not be limited to the characters from Star Wars Rebels, the original Kingdom Hearts, and so on. Characters who have no older versions in their series must also wait until the time-skip. However, they may be reserved for later. It will be a while, though.
    6.1- Final Fantasy I-V and Crisis Core will be available from the start, with VI-XIII being available in the second arc. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is also allowed.

    7- Characters in the Hunters and Huntresses Program will be sorted into teams of four as per Stars Academy regulations. There will be an entry exam that decides teams for this. However, you are free to choose your own teams with others and with yourself. Everyone else will be a single student, but will still share a room with three other students.
    7.1- Sentai and Power Ranger morphers will be given to students with exceeding potential. They will be sorted into teams of five, with a sixth joining later.

    8- Classes will play a minimal role. Most of the events will not take place during classes unless specified. You are welcome to have teachers, however, as a school needs staff members to operate!

    Character Sheets:

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Series of Origin:

    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Series of Origin:

    Teacher Guide:
    Aikuro Misugiki- History (DarkTraitor)
    Anakin Skywalker- Starship Basics (Hero of Time)
    Ahsoka Tano- Starship Basics Teacher Aide (Hero of Time)

    Character Lists:

    In Play:
    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
    Ahsoka Tano
    Padmé Amidala
    Headmaster Palpatine
    Duchess Satine
    Ragyo Kiryuin
    Nui Harime
    Raven Branwen
    Summer Rose
    Yoko Littner
    Nia Teppelin
    The Daughter
    Quinlan Vos
    Millia Rage
    Sakura Haruno


    In Play:
    Master Xehanort
    Qrow Branwen
    The Son
    Master Eraqus
    Dante Sparda
    Sasuke Uchiha
    Might Guy
    Rock Lee
    Fate Testarossa
    Kirie Florian
    Amitie Florian
    Granz Florian


    In Play:
    Solid Snake
    Not Snake
    Taiyang Xiao Long
    Winter Schnee
    Levi Russel
    Stern Starks
    Dearche Kings Claudia
    Yuri Eberwein
    Vergil Sparda
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Cars Kiryuuin
    Kento Marek
    Nanoha Takamachi
    Hayate Yagami
    Naruto Uzumaki
    Madara Uchiha
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    I know the anniversary was yesterday, but the NES was such a huge revolution in the lives of many and in the gaming industry itself, so I thought it a crime that there was no thread for this.

    I'll be honest, I'm not old enough to have had a NES when I was growing up. I played one, but I never owned one because honestly, my family wasn't in the most amazing situation. My parents lived in another state making money to raise me (I wasn't necessarily planned and my grandma frankly didn't have the money to help them out as much as she'd have liked).

    Anyway, I still had the joys of gaming. I did start out playing the NES. I remember playing Mario and Zelda a little bit, but it wasn't ever enough to make a huge impression on me. It wasn't until my uncle got a SNES that I truly got into gaming as a hobby. I remember he brought home A Link to the Past and Street Fighter Alpha 2. It was amazing, honestly. A Link to the Past was like... The original Zelda, but better. And Street Fighter was... Well, cool, but I wasn't amazing at it. I knew how to punch and kick, and that was all.

    When my parents came to get me, I was sad I'd have to give up gaming as they had the money to keep me with them, but not enough to give me a PS1, the hottest thing on the market. It took three years, but eventually my dad bought me my Game Boy Advance with the Legacy of Goku, because I adored Dragon Ball Z. I was always trash at that game, and I never really experienced it as my dad would always try to beat Raditz in the first boss fight. After that my uncle came to live with us and I was graced with a PlayStation 2.

    As time went on, my collection grew. I started getting into Sonic and I got a few of the old Pokémon games (Blue and Yellow AND Red), but I was never amazing at them or anything.

    I eventually got A Link to the Past for the GBA and DBZ Buu's Fury and oh my god I loved that stuff. My childhood game again. Along that I was starting to play Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcomin the arcades and loving that.

    I didn't game devoutly much more for a while. I did have an original DS but it got stolen from me in 5th Grade. After that... I just stopped. I had a little sister now and we couldn't afford to stay current.

    On my 17th birthday, I was graced with a Nintendo 3DS and I haven't looked back since.

    I was able to get a job and feed my gaming habit, so I've been more current with everything. I managed to get a New Nintendo 3DS XL and I LOVE playing Smash. A Link Between Worlds was a love letter to me, because it's been 16 years and I still love A Link to the Past so revisiting it was glorious.

    And now here I am, awaiting Triforce Heroes, and the future of Nintendo and gaming in general.

    Thanks Nintendo, for such an awesome lifestyle you've helped me get into. I wouldn't be myself without you, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Not a HUGE issue, but a rather annoying and distracting thing.

    Some of the ads break post text. Not in the middle of a word but in between words.

    iPhone 5S

    iOS 8.3

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    A new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon has been announced today at the Nintendo Press Release! As per usual, the game will contain randomly generated dungeons each time they're entered and will contain Mythical Pokémon to befriend.

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    I have no idea where I would find a jacket similar to Quicksilver's as seen here:

    Trying to put together a quicksilver Cosplay, and I dislike him in Days of Future Past so i'm trying to stray away from him, even if I like his outfit
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    Okay so you know how Link in Ocarina of Time is this little adorable ten year old kid?

    And that he’s forced to grow up and is thrown into adulthood with no warning?


    No one understands the ****ing trauma this kid went through.

    He ****ing is thrown into this grand adventure, and he’s imprisoned by his mentor for 7 YEARS. Just fast asleep and unaware of what horrors are occurring to everyone. I mean, look at the castle town when you wake up as adult Link! Everyone is a zombie!

    But see that’s not even the worst of it.

    As it turns out, his ****ing life is a lie! He’s not a Kokiri, he’s a Hylian! He was always going to grow up, hero or not. Mido was right, it seems! Link’s a FREAK. He’s different. He probably came to terms with it but still. Mido was older and he bullied him. And in Link's mind initially, he was RIGHT.

    And like, imagine just waking up, finding out your life is a lie, and based on what you see in castle town, you don’t know what’s happened to everyone!

    Where’s Princess Zelda? Is she okay? The Castle is gone so where is she?

    What about Saria, your best friend who’s like your sister? Her old spot's abandoned, and the music is gone. It's like its DEAD.

    Ruto, who you grudgingly admit is your friend/betrothed?

    Darunia, your adoptive brother. Is he okay? Are his people okay?

    And what about Impa? Is Zelda with her? Does that mean Zelda’s okay? What if they’re both dead?

    And what about that little ranch girl, Malon? You only met like twice, but she was really nice, and you would have hung out with her more than you’d admit.

    Not only that, but Link sees what disasters have happened. The forest is GONE, and overrun by monsters. The Kokiri probably all fled and became Skull Kids in the woods because that’s what happens when you ****ING DIE in the lost woods as a Kokiri.

    He’s also seen the Gorons just imprisoned and most of them are probably dead because Volvagia ate them.

    I’d like to point out that in the manga, Volvagia was being illegally shown as a prize in something, so Link, being the good boy he is, saves the little guy and frees him, only to end up having to kill his friend. That’s pretty ****ed up, considering Link is still 10 years old both emotionally and mentally. It's non-canon, but still important in proving how harsh the decisions Link was forced to make ended up being.

    The Zora’s domain is frozen, Jabu Jabu’s gone, and the Zora are trapped. If he doesn’t do **** the species will die out.

    Then when it comes to Impa it’s not like she was OUTSTANDINGLY important to Link, but if Zelda wasn’t with her, then where the **** is she? Impa sure as hell doesn’t tell him, so IS SHE OKAY??? Does Hyrule have a good ruler that will emerge one day???

    And yeah, you factor in he’s likely matured a bit by the time he meets Nabooru, but probably not even that much, considering that’s at most it’s been a few weeks since he emerged as an adult, so he’s still fairly young emotionally. Probably like 12. That’s still pretty ****ing young.

    This ****ing 12 year old kid has to see someone he trusts get ****ing kidnapped and agonizingly yell at him to get away to somewhere safe, only for him to realize she’s been SERVING HIS ENEMY FOR YEARS WHEN HE COMES BACK.

    That must have been pretty scary to see that Iron Knuckle pop open to reveal Nabooru.

    So you get to the end, Ganon is gone, Link goes back to his normal life and all…


    Have you ever seen Majora’s Mask? That game is dark as ****. It’s REALLY ****ING MATURE for a Zelda game.

    That’s what Link is IMMEDIATELY thrown into.

    That ****ing horror is his next journey.

    And hey, based on the sidequests and all the stuff there is to do in that game, who knows how ****ing long he was stuck in that three day loop! Even Link had to be stumped by some of the dungeons, forcing him to go practice more or something by rewinding time. Reliving those same days over and over for at least weeks of his own time had to have been maddening.

    And at the end of that all, was it really worth it?


    It wasn’t.


    He never found Navi.

    At the end of Ocarina of Time, Navi leaves when Link is a child again. I know it’s just speculation, but you ever wonder why fairies disappear when they heal/revive you?

    Most people say that’s because they die when their purpose has been fulfilled.

    So just imagine that for a moment if you will.

    You get to the end of this

    You leave your life behind

    You don’t know if what you went through was a dream and you just fell into Zelda’s game (remember, you’re kids so her word about Ganondorf would have been hard to believe unless someone else proved it with a tale like yours)

    You quite possibly condemned an innocent man (Twilight Princess shows he was going to be outright executed)

    And your last link to all this, the last memory you have of all this

    Your only witness you can trade stories with

    Is dead

    Because her purpose was fulfilled.

    You never get to relive anything.

    You’ll never know if what you did WAS important.

    You isolate yourself from your few friends remaining and just wander the woods, hoping what you heard about fairies was wrong and that you’ll find Navi again.
    But you never do.

    And what you learn is never passed down because you isolated yourself.

    And it takes decades or a couple hundred years for a new hero to emerge.

    By this point you’re just a broken spirit

    You have to teach this boy.

    And when you do?

    You see Saria. You see Darunia, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru and Old Man Rauru too.

    And you see a little ball of light with wings.

    Your purpose has been fulfilled.

    Rest in Peace, Hero of Time.

    I’m sorry, but Ocarina of Time Link is SUPER important and no one gives him credit for toughing out all that misery. He's the third Link in the Zelda Timeline, and his game caused the split so he genuinely set the standard for what a hero in the series is meant to be.

    The others come close, but I don't think any of them have lived like OoT Link did. It's really why OoT Link is my favorite Link- he's so much wiser than the other Links, if only because of how much he went through.

    What do you all think? Is OoT Link not as important as the other Links?
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    I don't normally do items or anything, but eh.

    Plus im done with my homework so...

    Friend code: 4983-6333-6358
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    This is a fic I started writing a couple weeks ago because I just ended up bored and I saw a lot of Hyrule Warriors Modern Alternate Universe posts on tumblr, so I just started brain storming and that's how Super Smash High was born. It's meant to focus more on a few Smash Bros. Characters, but I'm open to including anyone from any other Nintendo Games, as I've already done.

    I've written seven chapters and one side story so far, and they'll all be spoiler tagged here. I'll try and update constantly.

    Criticism and Comments are always welcome.

    My name is Lucina. I'm not anything special. I'm not a plastic or a nerd or anything. If you look over there, you'll see my best friend Peach, she's like... If Marina Diamandis gave her singing voice to Tinker Bell. A very pink-obsessed Tinker Bell. She's really cool, it's a wonder how we're friends, because like I said. I'm just Lucina, and this is my-

    "Luci dear, you sound like one of those typical white girl chick flicks. Please don't do that to yourself if you're gonna narrate. If you plan to talk like that, let the writer narrate. Also, have you seen your glasses, your bedroom, your report card, AND your interests? You're a nerd, my dear." Peach said, smiling at Lucina.

    Lucina sighed and closed out of her document on the computer. "I just... Wanted to start a journal, you know? I mean, we're Juniors, Peach. What will be our legacy? What is Vill gonna have left of us when we leave her behind? She's a Freshman."

    "Well, she'll have Miss Palu. And Pitty-Pat. And Viridi. Naga knows Miss Palu will likely never mature." Peach rolled her eyes, looking at her nails, "Hmmm... Even through my gloves, I can tell I need a Friday Night Manicure. And you know what that means, right Luci?"

    Lucina rolled her eyes and pushed up her glasses. "Yes, I do. It means we're gonna shirk all our responsibilities to go out and look nice only to end up taking a drunk Miss Palu home, where we'll have to make sure Pit, Vill, and Viridi aren't traumatized. Kids are fragile."

    Peach patted Lucina on the head. "That's the spirit, Sweetie! Come on, let's go round up the girls. Get your Kendall Firewood."

    "...It's called a Kendo. Do you know me at all?"

    "Always the last to get a joke. I know what it's called. It's not that lady-like, anyway... Why do you need to know how to play swords? Remember what happened LAST TIME?"

    Lucina looked out the window. How could she forget? It had started as a normal day, Lucina going over to hang out with Zelda, Palutena (their teacher who hung around with them because of whatever reason), Vill, and Peach at Zelda's house. Zelda's boyfriend, Link, decided it would be fun to practice swordplay.

    "Okay Lucina, get ready!" Link said, standing with his sword out.

    "I was born ready, Greenboy!" Lucina took her stance and was about to charge, when her phone rang. It was Vill's mom. Lucina told her to hang on, muted the mic, and went up to Palutena.

    "Miss Palu! You gotta pretend to be my mom and make sure Vill's mom doesn't know she's over here playing with swords!" She handed her teacher the phone.

    Palutena smiled and took the phone, unmuting the mic. "Hello? Yes, this is Mum Lucina. Why yes, the children are okay, they're playing swords. Er- with swords. Now they're bleeding. Oh no, they're dead. Don't call back here. Goodbye." She hung up, then looked at them all.

    For a mother of two who was also a teacher, Palutena was a god awful adult.

    "MOM!" Pit screamed.
    "MOMMY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" Viridi shrieked.
    "I panicked!" Palutena said unapologetically.
    Vill passed out into Peach's arms.

    "****," Zelda said, "Link, get your swords outta here!"
    Link walked over to the trees and planted the sword in a pedestal, then gave her a thumbs up.

    Lucina just held her Kendo.
    "You too Luci."

    "...Zelda, this is quite literally a stick. We could say it's firewood. From a Kendall Tree. It's Kendall Firewood." Lucina smirked and pushed up her glasses. What a clever joke she had made!

    Palutena burped loudly.
    Pit put his face in his hands. "We're a mess!"

    "Mother please. That's disgusting!" Viridi pinched her nose.

    At that moment, a large blue frog wearing its tongue like a scarf came charging out of the trees, aiming to grab Lucina in a hug and succeeding.

    "Ah! No! Greninja get off!" Lucina started whacking him with her Kendo.

    "Bad Greninja! Get off of Luci!" Viridi said, doing her best to pry Greninja off with the help of her half-brother.

    "Luci? Luci!" Came Peach's voice. But Lucina didn't see her mouth moving.
    "Luci! Lucina! Lucina Victoria!" Peach said, snapping her fingers.

    Lucina jerked awake, she was in the present and at the school library. "Gah! Sorry, I dozed off remembering!"

    Peach whined. "I know! We're gonna miss our FNM! Come, come! The other girls are here!" She dragged Lucina out of her chair, all the way into the hall, out the door, into the parking lot, and finally to Peach's bright pink car that had a tiara on the hood. "The gang is all ready to go! You get shotgun, because we're besties!" The blonde stuck out a fist. "Come on, gimme some."

    Lucina smiled and pressed her fist up to Peach's. They pulled away and wiggled their fingers. "Bah-la-la-la-la-la-la!" They giggled and got in.

    From the back seat, Zelda, Vill, and Palutena grumbled.

    "Took you long enough. Link almost came to get me." Zelda said, turning away.

    Vill just looked at them with her blank eyes. They looked cold and angry at the moment.

    Palutena stood up in her seat, and as the roof of the convertible was down, she was able to point a staff towards the horizon. "Onward, my home girls!"

    Peach giggled. "Sweet! Buckle up and sit down!"
    Once that was said and done, Peach put the roof up and peeled out of the parking lot, running the stop sign at the end like always.

    "See Luci? THAT'S how you narrate a story!"

    "Shut up, please."

    Peach grinned at the heavenly sensation of her hair being washed. As it turns out, the Nail Salon had been a part of a tragic accident with lightning, so they had to settle for the hair salon.

    "Make a dragon wanna retire man," Lucina said, wearing her shades and swaying in her seat, "I'm too hot!"

    "Too hot!" Palutena echoed, covering her phone so her kids couldn't hear.

    "***** say my name you know who I am! I'm too hot!"

    "Hot damn!"

    Peach let out a loud sigh. Could they not?

    "Am I bad 'bout that money?" Lucina said, looking at Palutena, "Break it down."
    It wasn't long before the other girls joined in.

    "Girls hit your hallelujah," Lucina began.

    "Whoo!" Came a cry from the other girls, and even the hairdressers.

    "'Cause uptown funk gon' give it to you! Saturday night and we in the spot! Don't believe me? Just w- OW!" Lucina said, rubbing her shoulder from where Peach had kicked her, showcasing how flexible she was.

    "That's enough of that!" Peach scolded them, "Performing a cover of Uptown Funk without me as your sidekick... How dare you Lucina Victoria!"

    "You just looked like you were having so much fun! I didn't wanna interrupt... I'm sorry Peachy..." Lucina said apologetically.

    "Oh hon, it's okay! Just don't do it again." Peach said seriously. The blonde looked at her hair in a mirror. It looked exactly the same if only a bit more yellow with a few pink streaks. "Perfect! How much do I owe you, Toadette?" She asked.

    Toadette smiled. "On the house girls! I'm feeling kind today."

    Peach smiled broadly. "Thank you so much!" She pecked Toadette on the head. "Alright girls, let's blow this place! Bye Toadette!"

    The girls all stood up. Lucina after Peach, then Zelda, Palutena, and finally Vill.

    "I'm thinking milkshakes next!" Peach said, getting in the car and driving, "What do you all say?"

    Palutena smiled and handed her 100 Coins. "Knock yourselves out."

    Peach blinked, "This is enough for more than milkshakes, Miss Palu..."

    Palutena winked, "As long as you don't use it for drugs we're good."

    Lucina took the money from Peach.

    "Hey!" Peach squealed, "We're sharing that!"

    Lucina smiled, "You made me the budget person, remember? All money that is to be shared will be kept by Lucina Victoria and will be divided evenly among the group, depending on however many members there are."

    Zelda nodded. "Yeah, besides, it's not like we ever have more than five members! Last year we were down to three, then Miss Palu showed up and Vill came up to high school, so that's how we had five."

    "Don't forget," Lucina said, "There was also Cia the year befor-" she slammed into the dashboard, "Ow! Peach, what the devil?"

    "Do not. EVER! Speak that name again, Lucina! So help me I will make you walk home if you mention that person ever again, got it!?" She snarled.

    Lucina frowned, "Peach, it was just a misunderstanding-"

    "We are not talking about this." Peach cut her off sternly and opened her door. She had used the excuse of having arrived as reason to floor the brakes of the car. She slammed the door and headed inside.

    Lucina shook her head, "Oh my..." That's when they heard Peach scream. "What's happening?" Lucina said loudly.

    "Come on!" Zelda said, rushing in and opening the door. They all looked inside to see Peach squealing and jumping with another girl. She looked like Peach, but had tanned skin and brunette hair. She also seemed to be wearing a yellow version of Peach's... Well, everything.

    "Daisy! It's been too long!" Another squeal.

    "I know, Peachy! It's been since, like, elementary school!" This supposed Daisy said. She noticed Zelda and the others standing in the doorway, "Oh my gosh! Are these, like, your friends?" She rushed over, making some weird noises that seemed excited."Hi! I'm Daisy! Peachy's bestest friend ever!"

    Zelda giggled nervously.

    Palutena stepped back, carrying Vill.

    Lucina just stood there, fuming. The audacity! This... Newcomer, Peach's best friend? How dare she assume something like that? Did she have any idea how close Peach was to her? She stepped closer. "Listen here-!" She started, before a hand touched her shoulder.

    "Hey now Big Sis. Don't be so mean to the new kid." Inigo said.

    "Yeah Lucina. Besides, we're responsible for watching out for her. Principal Chrom said so." Said Robin, Inigo's genderfluid dating partner. He appeared to be male today.

    "Wait... My dad authorized this?" Lucina said.

    Daisy giggled, "Is there a problem, Lucina? Got a screw Loose-ina there?" She knocked on Lucina's forehead.

    Lucina brushed her hand away. "I'm going home." She said angrily, before stomping off.

    "Luci! Wait!" Zelda said, following.

    "Oh dear, did I do something wrong?" Daisy said, seriously concerned. She looked at Inigo. "Inigo, Robin, be dears and tell Peachy we can catch up later? Thanks!" She rushed off after Lucina and Zelda.

    Inigo sighed. "Man... For someone so confident, Lucina's so... Sensitive too."

    Robin put his head on Inigo's shoulder. "Relax babe, you can just talk to her when she gets home. She'll be okay."

    "I guess she will, Robin."

    Meanwhile, Lucina was whacking things all over the place with her kendo. "Peach's best friend my ass... She has no idea... She can't just leave and then show up and- oof!" She was shoved forward, dropping her glasses and all her stuff. "What the hell?" She put her glasses back on to see a cold sneer on an admittedly pretty blonde face.

    "Samus. Should have known it was you. You always bring trouble." Lucina reached for her kendo, but it wasn't there. She looked around and saw Wiinona, the school's leading female athlete, holding it.

    "Still playing with sticks? You're such a child, Vicky." She smirked.

    "Don't call me that!"

    "And what will you do about it, Loony Luci Vicky?" Said another voice, this one belonging to an abnormally tall teenage girl.

    "Cia... It's you again."

    "Yeah. It's me." Cia said, brushing her hair out of her face. She bent over and picked up Lucina by her shirt collar. Being as tall as she was, Cia could easily lift her so she wasn't touching the floor.

    Lucina spit in her eye, causing her to be dropped. Before she knew it, Wiinona was holding her arms behind her back. "Ow!" Lucina cried out.

    Cia picked up the kendo and looked at it. "I wonder how long it'll take to break?" The white haired girl giggled nastily.

    "Don't ****ing do it... *****." Lucina said angrily. She knew she was done for. Lucina's blue eyes closed as Samus kicked her full force in the gut. She coughed and sputtered, her knees bending, wanting her to crumple, but alas, the bluette couldn't, for she was suspended up by Wiinona.

    Cia smirked. "Big words for someone so powerless." She swung, hitting Lucina square in the jaw. Cia's eyes narrowed. "That wasn't nearly hard enough. Your toy is useless, Lucina." Cia took the kendo and snapped it in half over her knee, before being hit by a rock from behind. "Who the ****-?" She spun and turned. Lucina glanced up to look, and there they were.

    Daisy and Sheik. Sheik was the weird ninja girl who seemed to show up whenever someone was in trouble.

    "Oi! You big bullies! That's our friend! You can either let her go, or we'll get you!" Daisy said loudly, frowning at Cia, Wiinona, and Samus.

    Sheik nodded curtly. "Dishonorable as hell, yo."

    Wiinona dropped Lucina and kicked her to the side, before sprinting up to Sheik and trying to punch her. Sheik gently moved to the side, grabbed Wiinona's arm, twisted, and tripped her in one maneuver. Wiinona's face slammed into the pavement. "Ow!" She cried out, holding her nose.

    Samus ran up to Daisy, who just grabbed her ponytail and put Samus in a choke hold. "Are you gonna leave Luci alone, or are ya gonna end up like your friend over there, punk!?" She kneed Samus in the gut multiple times until she was sure she wouldn't get up, then dropped her. Daisy dusted off her skirt, then glared at Cia. "You wanna play too, you big ogre!?"

    Cia winced and flinched. "Wiinona, grab Samus. We're going."

    Wiinona nodded and picked up Samus, glaring at Daisy who just lunged forward slightly and growled at her, causing the athlete to flinch and quickly follow Cia.

    Daisy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Thanks Sheik, I-" but Sheik was gone. Daisy rubbed her eyes, then ran up to Lucina. "Luci dear! Are you okay?" The brunette picked her up off the ground and put her glasses back on her face. "They're a bit broken, but I can buy ya a new pair later, okay? My treat!"

    Lucina looked at her for a moment before returning Daisy's smile. Daisy was clearly a lot nicer than Lucina had assumed. "Yeah... That sounds okay. I'm sorry I marched off on you like that back there..."

    "Oh, don't like, worry about it. It was just a dumb thing. Come on, let's get you back to see your friends, okay?" Daisy strung an arm around Lucina to help her walk.

    Lucina was dizzy. Her jaw was on fire from where the kendo had hit her. She saw her stuff being thrust towards her. She looked up and saw Zelda holding her bag in one hand, and two pieces of wood in the other. "Your stuff's okay, but the kendo... I'm sorry Lucina." Zelda said apologetically.

    Daisy took the bag and hung it on her own shoulder. "Zelda, did you see Peach anywhere? I'm surprised she didn't follow her best friend... Lucina seemed mad."

    Zelda nodded. "Peach stayed behind with Inigo and Robin. She said she was coming, but... I don't see her car anywhere."

    Daisy frowned. "We're a damn block away, would it have killed Peach to come help? If it wasn't for Sheik, I'd probably be toast now!"

    Zelda nodded.



    "Holy crap!"

    Daisy and Zelda looked over to the doorway of the milk bar to see Peach, Inigo, and Robin all looking worried. Inigo and Robin ran over to her while Peach was just frozen. What in the world had happened?

    "Our house isn't too far from here," Inigo told Daisy, "My aunt's a nurse, she can patch up my sister."

    Daisy nodded, and gave Zelda her car keys. "Right, let's go. You drive, don't you Z?"

    Zelda nodded. "Not expertly, but I can do it." She unlocked the bright yellow car so Robin and Daisy could sit in the back, while Inigo navigated to him and Lucina's house."

    All the while, no one noticed Peach at all. Was Lucina robbed? Why wasn't anyone telling her anything? And Daisy... Daisy seemed so worried, but she had just met Lucina! After they sped off, Peach shook her head and jumped into her car. Miss Palu had taken Vill home, it seemed, so it was just her right now. Peach floored it and sped to Lucina's house.

    "WHAT HAPPENED!?" Came a loud shout from the living room of Lucina and Inigo's house. Their aunt, Lissa, was stitching up Lucina's cuts, and no one was giving her straight answers.

    Daisy recounted what had happened, from her teasing Lucina slightly (to which she apologized for with many, many tears), to meeting Sheik, to what Lucina had told her, and to finding Lucina.

    "I swear, Chrom and Olivia are going to have a cow when they see what happened to Lucina. And to think, one of Olivia's best students is bullying Lucina... You kids..." Lissa shook her head and wiped her brow. She had finished the stitches by the time Daisy's story had ended. "You're just lucky Chrom and Olivia are away on business... Daisy, would you like to stay the night? You did help Lucina after all."

    Daisy blushed, "Oh, uh, okay! That's okay, right Luci?"

    Lucina nodded gently.

    Lissa turned and smacked Inigo in the back of the head before he could say anything. "Robin is a sweetie, but they cannot stay the night! I don't care if they're a boy right now, they still have female anatomy!"

    "What?" Daisy said, unsure she had heard that correctly.

    Robin looked at Daisy. "Oh, I'm Genderfluid. Some days I'm a boy, other days I'm a girl, and some days I'm both or neither. I don't care what pronouns you use."

    "Oh, okay! Makes sense to me! Everyone is so pretty, why should we have to settle for only being a boy or girl or one gender in general?" She blinked, "Inigo does that make you half gay?"

    Inigo blushed. "Uh, no. I loved Robin as a girl, so as a boy they're the same to me. Same body, same personality, different hair. That's about it."

    Robin kissed Inigo's cheek. "And every day of the week, Inigo's my big strong mercenary man."

    Inigo blushed harder.

    "AWWW! You guys are so cute!" Daisy said loudly, squealing and giggling.

    It was then that Owain, Inigo and Lucina's cousin, came through the door. "Uh, Luci, Peach is here. Should I..?"

    Lucina frowned. "Tell her I'm asleep."

    Zelda crossed her arms, "Sure, NOW she shows up so she can say how worried she was and all. If she was REALLY that worried, she would have followed me and Daisy to go help instead of deciding to finish her milkshake. Inigo and Robin are only excused because they were on a date."

    Daisy nodded. "I'm extremely disappointed in Peachy."

    Owain rubbed the back of his head, then headed back to the doorway to tell Peach, who was gone. She was already in her car on the corner of the street, crying.

    How could she have been so selfish?

    That Monday at school, Lucina's fight was all the rage. It had skyrocketed the group into popularity, headed by Daisy now. And where was Peach? Stuck eating lunch with Palutena and her kids. Since her kids were middle schoolers, they were done about three weeks early, and Friday had been their last day of Middle School. For four days, Peach had no friends basically. Everywhere she went, people taunted her with milkshakes. However, that Thursday, something happened.

    "I still don't get why everyone hates ya, Peach." Pit said as he ate his sandwich.

    "I don't hate Peachy, I think she was right, it wasn't her fight to get involved in, Pit." Viridi countered, chewing on some gummy worms.

    "Well yeah, but we all know Cia only has it out for Lucina and Peach because of the whole-" Pit started.

    "I don't need to be reminded of that, okay Pit? It's bad enough my friends don't like me anymore, I don't need you guys to remind me of it too!" Peach said, very red faced.

    Pit blinked. "Aren't we friends too?"

    Peach blinked too. "Well yeah, but the thing is, you don't go to school here. Yet anyway. Not until next year, when I'm a Senior."

    "So does that mean you won't hang out with us?"

    "Of course not! You and your sister will have full senior rights!" Peach declared.

    "Yeah, if we ask Daisy..." Viridi said quietly.

    Peach glared at her then sighed. "Oh my god I'm a washout. I'm an outcast! I'm ruined!"

    At that moment, Mario, one of the boys from Peach's grade, burst into the room. "Miss Palu! Lucina is-a getting beat up in the hall by Cia and her gang!"

    "My mom's in the bathroom!" Pit said with a worried tone.

    "What!?" Peach said, jumping up and sprinting into the hall. She saw Lucina pinned up against a locker, and Cia was beating her viciously with her new kendo.

    "This one works much better, Vicky! I may just keep it!" Cia laughed.

    Peach looked at Viridi, "Go get your mom or Lucina's dad. Wait, no. He's not here. Just go grab Miss Palu. Pit, Mario, see if you can't find Daisy and them."

    "Peach, what are you gonna do?" Mario asked, clearly worried about her next move.

    "I'm gonna hold her off." Peach tied her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of her eyes, reached behind the door, and got her parasol that Palutena had let her keep in there. With a maniacal yell (in her head), she rushed at Cia, viciously hitting her in the ribs. "Get away from her!" She screamed.

    There was a silence from the crowd, as Cia slowly turned to glare at her. "Well, if it isn't Peach!" She dropped Lucina. "Finally ready to fight me?"

    Peach looked at Lucina and her grip around the parasol's handle tightened, "I've always been ready, I just felt sorry I'd have to kick your ass, so I waited."

    Cia's eyes widened, then narrowed. "Really now?" She pointed the kendo at her. "En Garde, mon cherie."

    Peach held her sword like Lucina held her kendo. Anything she had seen Lucina do was all she knew about swordplay. She lunged at Cia and tried to fence with her, to no avail. Cia grabbed the parasol and wrenched it out of her hands, alternating hits with the kendo and parasol before kicking Peach in the gut and making her fall.

    "Oh, did I win?" Cia said, mocking what Peach said in competitions all the time. She held the kendo above her head and was about to smack Peach, when a boomerang hit her, causing her to drop it.

    Peach looked up to see Link standing there, with Sheik next to him. "L-Link..? Sheik..?"

    Link looked at Cia seriously. "Really? Picking on two innocents? You're lucky I don't kick you out of the fencing club. If it weren't for the fact you're actually good at something other than being a witch, you'd be gone."

    Cia growled. "Really, Captain? You're gonna stop your best fencer yourself? Who's your ninja pal? Cheating on Zelda, are we?"

    "Sheik's a friend, that's all. Zelda knows of her. They get along quite nicely." Link said, drawing his sword. He smirked. "Well? Come at me!"

    Cia took the parasol and pointed at them. "Get them girls!"

    Out of nowhere, Wiinona and Samus tried to ambush them. It was too late for them to react, when suddenly Samus was tackled by an orange blur, and Wiinona was subdued by Palutena, who had just come back.

    Palutena looked at the ball of students. "Get to class or you'll all get detention! Cia, Peach, Lucina, Link, and you other three. My office. Now."

    The ball of students scattered and Daisy, the orange blur who had tackled Samus helped Lucina and Peach up. "You guys okay? Viridi and Pit told me what was up, then went to get their mom."

    Lucina nodded. "Mom and Dad and Aunt Lissa are gonna be livid about this one... Uncle Lon'Qu's probably just gonna laugh... Again."

    Peach was silently crying. She had never been in a fight and everywhere she had been hit had hurt like her. She had gotten cut too because of the fierceness of the blows.

    Lucina called out to Palutena, "Miss Palu, I think Peach needs medical attention."

    Palutena didn't turn and kept leading Wiinona, Samus, and Rosalina to her classroom. "Your Aunt's waiting for us in my classroom. I had Viridi go get her as I was sure Rosalina was up to no good as soon as Pit told me what was happening."

    Once in the classroom, the story was recounted. As Chrom's close friend and technically vice principal, Palutena was allowed to give punishments. Cia and her gang were sentenced to in-house suspension for the rest of the school year, and they would do their finals in individual rooms to avoid cheating. Lucina, Peach, Daisy, and Link got a detention each for misorderly conduct. Fortunately, detention was with Palutena, so their whole friend group was likely to show up and hang out. Sheik was nowhere to be found, for whatever reason, and Palutena claimed Sheik wasn't even there when she had arrived on the scene.

    "Jeez Link... Your friends are seriously either imaginary or just quick." Daisy said.

    Link laughed, "Sheik's always been like that."

    Cia and her gang were taken to in-house by Palutena, and Lissa patched up Lucina and Peach. Those involved in the fight were told to wait for Palutena to get back.

    "So... Detention together again, eh Luci?" Peach said, trying to be friendly.

    "Mhm." Lucina said, reading her book.

    "You're okay right? Better than last time?"

    "How would you know? I'm surprised you were able to stop being such a glutton to come help me this time!" Lucina said, slamming her book shut.

    Link winced. "Hey, Lucina, let's be real... She didn't have to help you this time, seeing as you've been pretty rude to her since Friday. In fact, you should be glad she did."

    Lucina glared at Link. "Why do you care?"

    "Because we're friends? I'm not siding with you just because Zelda's in your posse. In fact, you and Daisy're the only ones still not allowing Peach back in."

    "What?" Peach looked taken aback. She turned to Daisy.

    Daisy shrugged, "Look bruh, you preferred a milkshake to your best friend, I'm not saying you're not allowed in the group, but I'm saying you never apologized to Lucina nor has she forgiven you. If she forgives you, none of us like, have a problem if you come back, ya know?"

    Peach looked at Lucina, who turned away. "Luci... I'm sorry. I should have gone to help you. See if you were okay."

    Lucina flipped her hair. "Whatever, Peach. I appreciate the save and all." She went back to her book.

    "Are we still friends?"

    "Yeah, why not?"

    Peach clapped. "Yay!"

    Lucina looked at her. "You wanna come to my birthday party? My Aunt Lissa's leaving for the weekend to visit Lon'Qu in his village while he's there for business, we'll be by ourselves! With Miss Palu of course, but when has she ever been responsible?"

    Peach nodded. "It's a date!"

    After what seemed like hours, Palutena came back with Mario and Luigi, Mario's younger brother. Zelda, Pit, and Viridi had arrived too.

    "Okay everyone, take a seat," Palutena said, taking her seat at her desk. When everyone else sat, she began. "Now, I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here, yes?" There was a collective nodding and murmuring. "Well, you're all here because you have extraordinary talents."

    Lucina turned to her classmates and friends. Talents? What kind?

    Palutena noted their puzzled looks. "I'm sure you've heard the legend of the Master Core, yes?"

    Lucina shuddered at that name. Apparently, Master Core was an otherworldly monster that was capable of incredibly dark deeds. Supposedly, Lucina and her family's ancestors had fought Master Hand's army, along with some other warriors who scattered into legend. She tuned out Palutena's explanation and focused on her own history. Did this mean her ancestors really were warriors? It would explain why Lucina's family had the oddest skills. Lon'Qu was an expert archer, though he was only involved by marriage. Lissa was great at healing. Owain and Lucina were good at swordplay, as was Inigo.

    "Now then, any questions?" Palutena said, those words snapping Lucina out of her trance.

    Link raised his hand. "What do you mean we're descendants of legend? I mean, Zelda's pretty enough to be a queen and all, sure, but why now? Why so suddenly? Wouldn't we notice these latent abilities?"

    Palutena nodded. "One would think so. But the blood of the heroes lies within you so deeply that it's hidden away. Only you can awaken it by exhibiting your greatest traits. Such as your courage, Link."


    Palutena smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. "When Lucina was in trouble, you didn't hesitate to help her and Peach, did you? Remember when the Dodongo attacked too? You didn't spend a moment pondering, you just led your fencing team to defend us."

    Link smiled bravely. "I guess so."

    Palutena nodded. "Right then. Tasks at hand. You'll all split up."

    Split up? Lucina looked around. Who would be with her?

    "Alright. Link, Zelda, Pit, Viridi, you'll go to the forest in Tal Tal Hills to fetch the legendary Master Sword. Pit, Viridi, you remember what I taught you, right?" Palutena looked at her kids sternly.

    Viridi nodded eagerly. "Never control anything that isn't plant life or natural, else the spell won't work."

    "And don't ever try to fly, because I can't." Pit said.

    Palutena nodded. "That's my little angel and my nature Princess." She turned to Zelda. "Zelda. Deep within that forest is a shrine. Pray to it, and you should be able to awaken the magic within you."

    "Yes, Miss Palu."

    "Mario, Peach, Daisy, and Luigi. You'll go to Mushroom Flats to hone your fighting moves. Daisy, your affinity for flowers should be awakened after a bit of training. Peach's powers have already awoken slightly."

    Peach blinked. "Wait, what?"

    Palutena looked at her. "Your emotions. When you were mad, you managed to hit Cia without thinking, right?"

    Peach blinked again. "Yeah, and I wasn't sure why or how I hit her so hard..."

    "That was your emotions controlling your abilities. Learn to use your emotions as a weapon, and you'll be better. Now go, all of you. It shouldn't take you more than a day or so."

    "Yes ma'am!" They all nodded and split. Peach and Daisy and Zelda came back.

    "What about Luci?" Zelda said.

    "Lucina will stay here. I have special instructions regarding her from her father."

    Peach and the girls turned to each other, then to Lucina.

    "Go, guys. I'll be okay. Stay safe, I need you at the party." Lucina smiled.

    The girls nodded and went off.

    Palutena turned to Lucina. "Okay Lucina, it's time. Come with me."

    As Link walked in the Lost Woods with his group, he felt like they were being watched.

    "I'm not the only one that feels that, right?" He asked them, shifting his eyes from left to right.

    "Nope." Zelda said, getting ready for a fight.

    Viridi picked up a stick and made a plant into a spider to guard her.

    Pit hid behind his sister like the baby he was.

    There was more rustling in the bushes, and shushing of some kind. "Be quiet!" Came a voice. A voice that was all too familiar to Zelda. She picked up a stone and tossed it into the bush, hitting something.

    "Ow!" Came a voice, before the speaker stood up and angrily glared at her. "Zelda Lanayru I swear to God! What the hell?"

    "Lana!?" Link said loudly, surprised to see the fencing club manager there. "What are you doing here?"

    Lana rubbed her head, "Well, Rosie and I heard you talking, and we figured why not come along? It would be good for the school paper!"

    "Rosie?" Zelda said, about to throw another stone.

    "No, please! Don't throw anything!" Said a more gentle voice. The speaker was a tall blonde girl, "I'll see stars and while that's not all bad, I'd rather have my head intact!"

    "Rosalina?" The group said all together, tilting their heads. Rosalina was the astronomy nerd of the school, and she had dreams of being a great reporter as well. She was always talking about how the stars would tell her when she would get the next big scoop.

    "Yeah... Hehe." Rosalina laughed sheepishly, "Hi!"

    Link frowned at them. "You guys. You can't be here. You really can't. It's dangerous."

    Lana put her hands on her hips, "Yo I sound just like Cia, Link. You're no fun!" She took Rosalina's hand and led her away. "Bye."

    "Ahhh, no! My scoop!" Rosalina said, being dragged away.

    Link sighed. "Okay, let's keep going." He led his group some more, and it went on for a few hours, before they ended up back where they started.

    "Link, you led us in a circle! All we've found is Z's fountain!" Pit said, his stomach growling. "Ugh, I'm hungry! Viridi, please tell me you packed some of mom's floor ice cream."

    Viridi shook her head.

    "Ugh!" Pit collapsed.

    Link looked at his map. "I'm serious! The thing should be that way!" He pointed, and a scream was heard.

    "That sounds like Rosie and Lana!" Viridi said.

    "Come on!" Zelda called to them, already having started running towards the sound.

    "Oh son of a-! Wait for me!" Link said, following them.

    "Shhhh... Don't let her hear you!"

    "Peach, you're louder than anyone else!"

    "Can it, Daisy! Oh, Inigo texted me! He and Robin are bringing her and they're at the edge of the driveway, everyone quiet." Peach huddled into her hiding place as her friends did the same in theirs. It's was Lucina's birthday, and a time to celebrate. They had been through so much in the past week that it was time for a nice thing to be had in Lucina's honor. Her parents couldn't be there, but they did send her treats, so that was always a bonus.

    Lucina opened the door, and was shoved in by Inigo, then locked in the dark. "Hey! Inigo, what the he-!?"

    "SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled, jumping out and turning on the lights.

    "OH MY GODS!" Lucina jumped and reflexively threw her kendo, missing Zelda, but hitting Link square in the no-nos.

    "Sugar..." Link turned to Zelda, "I'm goin' down swinging." He swung his arm and then collapsed onto his knees.

    "Link oh my god I'm so sorry!" Lucina apologized loudly. "You *******s know I don't like surprises!" She was almost crying from the joy of seeing her friends all gathered up.

    Zelda pushed Lucina. "Great. Now when I DO want kids, I have to settle for Cia."

    "Why Cia?"

    "...Isn't she trans? Lana said she was."

    "...No. She's... 100% female, Z." Lucina said, "Remember that time sledding when she fell and I- yeah."

    "You fondled my sister?" Lana asked, understandably shocked.

    "DRINKS ALL AROUND!" Palutena announced, handing each kid a cup. She turned and looked at the table then frowned. "Viridi?"

    "Yes Mommy?"

    "Why is the rum gone? You burn all the food but save the rum!"

    Before Viridi could answer, Peach tackled Lucina.

    "Hey." She said.

    "Hey." Lucina replied.

    "You like me topping? Cuz I could go all night."

    "Oh baby~" Lucina said, shoving her off, "Seriously guys. Thanks so much for this."

    Pit came in, holding a bag. "Here's all the presents! Open them!"

    Lucina looked at them all excitedly. She decided to save Peach and Daisy's for last.

    Vill gave Lucina a bag of assorted hair bands. She wasn't so great at gifts but Lucina said anything from her was special because she was a friend.

    From Link and Zelda, Lucina received new kendo clothes, similar to Link and Zelda's fencing outfits but in a shade of navy blue, and no hat. They knew Lucina didn't like hats. She also got a mask from Link. It looked like a Pikachu, but Link swore it was a Keaton Mask from his own collection as a kid.

    Mario and Luigi gifted her a sweater with a large blue L on it. It looked silly, but it was still really warm so she adored it.

    Lana gave Lucina a book about her own lineage, regarding the legend of the warriors who took out Master Core and a brand new book bag, coated in small crystals.

    Rosalina gave Lucina some hair clips and a kit for cleaning her kendo.

    Miss Palu, Pit, and Viridi were gracious enough to give Lucina straight A's on her report card (thanks to Miss Palu), and her very own Snivy. Palutena said the kids had worked hard to ensure Snivy would get along with Lucina. Lucina named her Ada. It seemed fitting, the Snivy was graceful and noble, just like the name. Then came time for Peach and Daisy's gift.

    "Oh, you'll just love it!" Peach squealed as she covered Lucina's eyes and led her outside. "Close your eyes under my hands and don't open them until I say so, okay?"


    Peach took her hands off and got into place next to the gift, as did Daisy.

    "Surprise!" Came voices.

    Lucina opened her eyes to see her parents, Chrom and Olivia inside a blue automobile that had Lucina's personal emblem on it.

    "Mom! Dad! Who's car?" Lucina blinked.

    "Oi, sis! Catch!" Inigo said from behind her, tossing her the keys.

    Lucina caught them and looked at the car. "Is this... For me?" She said, sniffling a little.

    Olivia got out and went to embrace her daughter. "Happy birthday my darling Lucina Victoria. You're 18, and I've never been more proud of anyone."

    Chrom wrapped his daughter and wife in a hug as Lucina sobbed loudly and happily.

    It was overall a great birthday, and even Cia and her gang stopped by to give Lucina their regards. She got a coffee shop gift card from them. Then they went on their way.

    Lots of pictures were taken, and then everyone went home. All except for Peach.


    "Yes, Peach?"

    "Happy birthday. I can't believe you're 18 already... We met when we were 5!"

    "I know it. Time sure flies, huh?"

    "Yeah... Anyway, I gotta get home. You have a marvelous night, okay? You've always been like a sister to me, and well-" Peach was cut off by a tight hug from Lucina, which she returned.

    "Goodnight, Peach. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks for bringing my parents home for me. It means so much to me."

    Peach smiled. "My parents are hardly ever around, so it's not really fair for you to be the same way."

    "What do you mean your parents are never around, Peach?" Olivia asked from the kitchen, "You know you and Zelda and Palutena are part of this family, right? You've been so kind to Luci AND Inigo."

    Peach looked around at everyone and smiled. She always did seem to be welcome here no matter what.

    "Why don't you stay the night?" Chrom asked, "That way you don't have to go home and be alone."

    Olivia elbowed her husband. "Ooooohhhh don't remind her you meme!" She dragged him upstairs, "Goodnight kids!"

    Lucina took Peach's hand. "Come on... Sis."

    Peach nodded. "Yeah."

    "Haaaacha!" Peach said, slamming her butt into Daisy's. They both fell flat on the floor.

    "Ow..." Daisy said, rubbing her posterior, "Watch out, Peach!"

    "You rammed into me, Flower Butt!" Peach said, glaring at Daisy.

    Daisy stood and growled at Peach and Peach growled back.

    Luigi stood between them, "Ladies, please!"

    Mario grabbed Peach's hand gently. "Peach, come on. We're not done yet..."

    Peach jerked her hand away. "Ugh. Why do we have to train? It's so stupid! Luci probably doesn't have to train..."

    "She's bound to be training harder than any of us... I mean, she's the main descendent of that guy that beat Master Core thousands of years ago." Daisy said. "At least, that's what Miss Palu said..."

    Mario twiddled his thumbs. "Well, in any case, we have to be prepared 100%. Danger could be lurki-" he was interrupted by a loud shrill scream, "What was that!?"

    Daisy frowned, "Whatever it was, it didn't sound good..."

    Peach froze. "It sounded like... Lucina."

    Mario's eyes widened. "Wait, where's Luigi?"

    Daisy and Peach looked around frantically. He was nowhere in site. He must have wandered off.

    "Come on! Let's go in the direction of the scream! He may be over there!" Daisy ran off in that direction.

    Mario and Peach followed.

    Meanwhile, Lucina had some trouble on her hands. She was under attack viciously and had little help.

    "Agh!" Lucina cried out, being thrown back. She landed on her feet, but just barely. The bluette staggered to her feet and looked behind herself at the girls there. They were her old friends, Cynthia and Severa, who she hadn't seen in months since they had transferred to a private school. "Cynthia, Severa, get up and run!" She said to them, "Luigi's critical, if he doesn't get help-"

    "And leave you to this? N-not a chance! Heroes don't run!" Cynthia got up, in enormous pain, and wiped the blood from her mouth.

    "Don't be daft, Luci... We can't just leave you! She'll kill you." Severa chimed in, holding Luigi, who had attempted to intervene beforehand.

    "This isn't a game anymore! Just listen to me for once in your lives!" Lucina said seriously, blocking a blow from her opponent, only to be caught off guard by the next one. "Gah!" She held her side and staggered back.

    "Luci!" Cynthia picked up her mini lance and threw it at the aggressor, hoping she would hit.

    The aggressor caught it and snapped it in half. "You poor kids and your toys..." She said.

    "Cia?" Peach called out upon arriving and seeing the ongoing fight, "What in the-?"

    "Peach, run!" Lucina called to her best friend, "Please, go! She's after you more than anyone! She already nearly killed Wiinona and Samus to get to you!"

    "Her own friends?" Daisy cried out in horror and shock, "That's Disney evil!"

    "Luigi!" Mario cried out worriedly, noticing his brother in Severa's arms.

    "I'm not backing down, Luci!" Peach rolled up her sleeves.

    Cia let out a shrill laugh. "All of you could come at me with all your might and still fail!" She floated up into the air, radiating a purple aura.

    Daisy, Peach, Mario, and Lucina stood at the ready.

    Severa glared at Cynthia. "Look, I know you don't want to leave, but you have a Pegasus, you could be this guy's only hope. I want you to take him to Lucina's house, okay?"

    Cynthia sniffled, "But Sevvy I can't leave y-"

    "You can and will, got it?" Severa's eyes welled with tears, "This isn't just a playground fight, that girl's got supernatural powers, and there's no way that they can fight her with Lucina's current condition. You wanna be a hero? Save this kid's life."

    Cynthia took a deep breath and looked around, considering all her options. "I- Okay. I'll do my best."

    "Atta girl." Severa gave Luigi to her. "If you see Owain... Tell him I'm sorry."

    Cynthia nodded, then started running to her Pegasus, Moonshine. "Come back safe! All of you!"

    Severa took her place next to the others and readied herself.

    Cynthia took off hurriedly. "Okay Moonshine, to Luci's house! This guy's injured and Miss Lissa can certainly help him! Yip yip!" She cracked the reins.

    The Pegasus understood the command and began galloping, soon taking to the skies. She neghed loudly as blasts came at her from every which way.

    "Whoa whoa whoa!" Cynthia did her best to steer them out of danger, looking down at the fight taking place. It seemed hopeless from up here. The girls besides Severa and Lucina were down on the ground, and the other guy who had been there was struggling.

    "Oh man... Gotta focus!" The young Pegasus rider shook her head and turned forward, then kept going.

    Down on the ground, Lucina was losing stamina and fast. She and Severa tried their Twin Blades maneuver, jabbing and slashing from parallel sides, but it was no good. Cia blocked with her arms, then roundhouse kicked them to the ground.

    "Lucina... We're done for!" Severa said, struggling to grab her sword.

    Cia let out another laugh. "Yeah, you're screwed. Utterly screwed." She flew into the air once more, conjuring a purple ball of dark energy in her hand, its size was multiplying by the second. After a minute, it was gargantuan.

    "Oh man! If she throws that at us..." Lucina grit her teeth and looked at the ground, then stood up, using Falchion as a support. She rushed at Cia, jumping and attempting to slice her.

    "Oh dear..." Cia rolled her eyes and dropped the ball of energy. As soon as it made contact with the ground, it started sucking everything in like a black hole.

    "Oh no!" Lucina said. She stabbed Falchion in the ground. As it was an unbreakable sword, it would be more than enough to hold her in place. "Grab on!" She called to her friends, extending a hand to them so they could pull themselves up to the hilt. Once Peach, Daisy, Mario, and Severa were all a chain, Lucina took Severa's sword and let go, heading straight for Cia.



    "Don't do it!"

    They couldn't bear to watch as Lucina attempted to take Cia on by herself.

    "Useless!" Cia screamed out, as Lucina grappled onto her. She conjured a lightning bolt in her hand. "Say goodnight!" She said to Lucina.

    Lucina grit her teeth and let go again, cutting Cia accross the back.

    Cia gave a loud cry of pain, and threw the Thoron, impaling Lucina in the gut.

    Lucina let out a gasp as she felt the electricity enter her. She fell to the ground as the energy disappeared due to Cia losing focus. All she managed to see was Cia say something to the others, vanish, and her friends running towards her, before she lost all sensation and became still, unable to hear the cries and pleas for her to wake up.
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