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  1. Smackdoodle McGiggles
    I have been gone with this thing called life and the big bad world is scary...

    I am sure there is a few people I know (such as RP'ers etc.) but just thought i'd re-introduce myself :D

    and if 13+ months (about) absence isn't enough time for this thread, feel free to delete.
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    (Thought I'd return to KHV with a new RP, suggested by one of my friends on another site, drawing in Celtic mythology)

    The Gods of our world have found no way to settle their insufferable differences, Nuadha, King of Gods, has summoned all of the hero's of Weskern to choose their sides, and help decide the law of the land

    ~Nuadha Airgetlám​

    In this RP, the conflict of the Gods shall be settled, People of the land of Weskern all choose to worship one of the 4 Gods and Goddesses, and they shall be the deciding factor as to who shall rule.

    OC form

    Allegiance(Nuadha, Cichol, Neamhaim, or Morrighan):
    Spell(you can have magic, limit 3):
    Bio(you need one, cant just say he/she doesnt have one):
    Preview post(so i can see how you RP):

    The Rules
    1. no godmodding (players controlling Gods, this is important)
    2. keep to the story
    3. The story is completely changeable, no specific group is better than another
    4. I will shoot Mary sues on sight...
    5. since it is in the age of knights there are no guns
    6. this RP doesnt relate to KH, so please no Sora, Riku, Kairi etc.
    7. your almost done reading
    8. i reserve the right to make changes if need be
    9. keep romance to PG 13 only!
    10. have fun
    11. you must be active!!!
    12. one liners are not accepted

    The Gods

    SPECIFIC RULES FOR GODS: You are not invincible, though you may be immortal, you can be killed by other Gods, and must turn yourself mortal to fight a mortal, otherwise, you can simply boost the power of your followers. All Gods have the ability to fly, and their followers of each God gain a power of their chosen deity for a short time where the human character also gains wings and ability to fly like their deity.

    Abilities Granted by siding with each God/Goddess

    Nuadha - White Wings, Ability to fire multiple arrows of light from wings to swarm enemies.
    Cichol - Black Wings, Ability to steal part of an enemies' soul temporarily to disable their ability to invoke Demi God Powers
    Neamhain - Black Wings, Power to replicate enemy powers at the expense of losing your own as long as you remain in control of their power.
    Morrighan - White Wings, Ability to shield self with mixture of light and darkness as wings wrap around body, leaving user immobile but completely unreachable by harm

    Username: Smackdoodle McGiggles
    Name: Nuadha Airgetlám
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Claimh Solas (Spirit Sword)
    Spell(you can have magic, limit 3): Light, Darkness, Soul
    Bio(you need one, cant just say he doesnt have one): Nuadha, is king of the Gods, In Celtic Mythology, he was a war general who in one of his finest battles had his arm severed, and a silver arm replaced it, earning him the last name Airgetlám which means Silver Arm.
    Personality: Stern and commanding with little compassion
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Cichol
    Gender: Male
    Weapon: Dark Magic
    Spells: Ability to create clones of himself and conjure blades to strike opponents.
    Bio(you need one, cant just say he doesnt have one):Cichol or Cíocal Gricenchos the earliest-mentioned leader of the Fomorians. His epithet, Gricenchos or Grenchos, is obscure but may mean "withered foot" or "footless"
    Personality: Removed and quiet, yet very ominous
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Preview post(so i can see how you RP):

    Username: hyuge-of-the-twilight
    Name: Neamhain
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Magic
    Spells: Lightning and fire magics, Ability to replicate target to fight for her (Clone dies after single hit)
    Bio: Neamhain is the fairy spirit of the frenzied havoc of war, and possibly an aspect of the Morrígan. The name is sometimes spelt Nemon or Neman.
    Personality: Flirty, kind hearted but can be very spiteful if someone goes against her wishes.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Preview post(so i can see how you RP):

    Username: Twilight_Nobody13
    Name: Morrighan
    Gender: Female
    Weapon: Magic
    Spell: Throws spears of light at enemies, Power over light and Ice
    Bio: Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, and in the Ulster cycle she also takes the form of an eel, a wolf and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity
    Personality: Quiet, Softspoken, Fierce in battle, (Side note: she is blind, but still knows what goes on around her)
    Preview post(so i can see how you RP):
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  3. Smackdoodle McGiggles


    its an awesome Team Fortress 2-like game, where you play as warring toys xD

    its currently in closed beta, and I have a couple extra beta keys if anyones really really interested but its a third person shooter and first person shooter, depending on preference. though it only has 4 characters now, you have pretty much all the weapons of TF2 which you can freely swap between.

    anyone else play this?
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  4. Smackdoodle McGiggles
    Under the martal law of CIATOH (Cyborg Intolerable Actions Toward Organic Humanoids) under the direct address of the President, David P. Morgan. These Cyborg-like humans are to be shot on sight, and all citizens are to remain indoors. A legal curfew will be instated in order to keep the streets clear at night.

    The year is 2277, the world has been ravaged by war and rebuilt in a new, technological age. The people of the world have advanced as much as the city, no cars can't fly but new human enhancements have been made such as the highly illegal CyborNETics program this underground organization outfits people's bodys with robotic limbs or implants. These limbs give the user some unrealistic powers such as higher amounts of strength or endurance, but the President and many before him have seen this modification to be a strange and unusal mutilation of a human being, amputating an arm just to replace it with an artificial arm. This is their story, the government, the symbiotic humans, and the rebels.

    ...but who are these rebels? They are the men and women who believe that the half human beings are just as human as they are and it is just a part of their life, they ally with the symbiotic humans in order to fight against their oppression by the government.

    This RP will consist of three factions, the Government, the symbiotics, and the rebels, each is very differing

    Support of the president in their actions, diplomatically immune to any charges filed against them due to the presidental action put in place. They are the military, using high tech rifles and powered armor to withstand the iron fist of a symbiotic

    The outlaws, they are hated by many and loved by few, some with enough money to have artificial skin put over their robotic limbs can live amongst normal human beings until normal fatal incidents happen such as not flinching when a car runs into them and gets totalled, thus giving away their obvious enhancements. Unfortunately the cyborg parts aren't perfect and a white artificial blood must be transfused into their body in order to keep the limbs in use. This makes cuts and deep gashes very deadly to them because the blood flow does not clot, the cure for such malfunction is under research of CyborNETics now.

    "No living thing is an abomination" is the motto of the rebels, though not posessing any cyborg parts themselves these humans are sympathetic of the symbiotics and aim to help them, though they are constantly arrested and shot by the military guards, this fearless opposition never backs down, they are the doctors who provide the artificial skin for the symbiotics and are aided by the cyborgs

    Now... how can I pick between these wonderful choices you may ask?

    its simple! just fill the form appropriately for your class of choice, and colored options apply only to that class

    THE RULES!!!

    ...too lazy to type them all out but if you've read all this then id certainly hope you know the proper way to RP, no god modding etc etc....

    Military Rank:
    CyborNETic Parts installed: (Body parts that are robotic are...)
    Weapon of choice(NOTE: All military soldiers have Ion pistols that can disable all robotic body parts temporarily but causes NO damage):
    Sample Post:

    Name: Trentis (Trent)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Alliance: Symbiotic
    CyborNETic Parts installed: (Body parts that are robotic are...) Left eye and right arm
    Weapon of choice: duel revolvers and retractable blade in right arm
    Personality: Quiet, removed, but strong fighter
    Sample post: He looked and saw the targets, each armed, each aiming towards him. Their throats, eyes and knees lit up like targets at a shooting range as he drew his revolvers, discharge 6 rounds, three from each side arm, all targets down... He walks toward the man and woman still shaking and extends his arm to her "Miss? are you alright?" he asked in a two toned robotic voice, the dead give away of a symbiotic, but before he was able to help her up, there was a cold barrel of a pistol at the base of his neck...
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    ... where the hell did everyone go?
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    i have been trying to figure it out, no success
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    .... im taking off for a while, I like so many other people have exams and cant let this site take priority over it, so ill come back eventually, but with my grades slipping it could be a while, Ill miss you all, and I might be back sooner than I expect, lets just see how it all plays out.

    Cya Khv!
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  9. Smackdoodle McGiggles
    Teacher: "remember students, sex is not the answer"
    Smart ass in the class: "thats right, sex is the question, yes is the answer!"
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    The world's gone crazy and it ain't safe, out on the streets
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    this looks like something out of a movie, how cool is this!
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    and Jesus H. Christ was it difficult.... and im talking about
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  16. Smackdoodle McGiggles
    Marluxia had plans to overthrow the Org. when he was in charge of Castle Oblivion, but what if he had succeeded? pick a side and play the role in history of KH. Will the rebels take control? or will the rightful members put them down.

    My usual rules apply (no god modding, mary sue's will be shot on sight etc.etc.)
    (too lazy to type them all out again)

    The sides

    The Organization Rebels
    Marluxia - Smackdoodle McGiggles
    Vexen - Thedeadguy
    Riku Replica - Aqua_Heart

    The Faithful Organization
    Xemnas - AmericanSephiroth

    Undecided members (choosing them can go on either side)

    (when selecting one of them, post which side you are joining)

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    watch this video, i remember a member on this site saying they made something very similar to this....
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    Ok, I have been playing Days, trying to unlock Sora, only 3 missions remain unfinished perfectly, all of them collecting emblems, I have them all.... and the bar is one notch from being completely full. I have even watched videos on youtube showing a walkthrough to make sure i wasnt being an idiot and forgetting one.... I dont know if its something with the game or what. Any suggestions to fixing this? I have a cheat device (a big silver AR max with a DS and GBA slot, but I would prefer not to cheat since that occasionally messes up my games)
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  19. Smackdoodle McGiggles

    jump 5 minutes into it and watch
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