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  1. jettie


    I'm not rly all that active anymore anyways, not even lurking. And with summer coming up to i don't care to be on the computer. Not bye, just i'm gunna be pretty inactive. Some how more so than now : o
    If anyone really cares to contact me there msn or my e-mail visible on my profile page thingy.
    See yalls and ur random stupidity time to time. :lolface:
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  2. jettie
    I've been depressed now for 15 weeks. but all i do is normally say everything is fine and smile. i can't seem to tell anyone that i'm not happy. i did tell one teacher and we used to talk once a week but i stopped coming sense i felt it did not help after 6 weeks. and now it is to hard for me to go back to her. i can't be happy for long. only when i'm with close friends. but as soon as there gone i'm back un happy. should i hang out with them or is it just a distraction? i just can't see what to live for anymore. i know that is just how depression works. but i can't see things as happy anymore. i can't even think of what is so wrong making me like this anymore. sometimes i get really mad for little things, but after it i just take it out on my self that i got mad over it. i feel i'm constantly judged by others when i'm probably not. i can't see much clearly like i used to. i don't enjoy anything i used to do and don't want to do any thing any day. it's so hard to fall asleep because laying down in the dark all i can think about is my own thoughts and they don't let me sleep. and i've started cutting my self. though i know it is wrong i can't seem to stop, it makes me feel a little when i do.
    i don't' really know why i'm posting this. sort of i just want to tell someone or if any of you know how to get un depressed or anything really.
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  4. jettie
    *clears throat*
    looks quite empty
    Thread by: jettie, Jan 26, 2009, 5 replies, in forum: Social Groups (KH-Vids.Net Forum)
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    kh amv
    i actually got tired of making it and u can tell in some spots. >>
    but it still is my first vid i've ever made

    Thread by: jettie, Jan 26, 2009, 17 replies, in forum: Production Studio
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    hey now

    has anyone ever noticed every 5 threads the gray line that divides them is bolder?
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    Thread by: jettie, Dec 20, 2008, 18 replies, in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    in the letters. okay firefly151 here it is. now tell me how to count in them. how do u count with the letters?
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    why is it when u make a post and ur on the verry top next page. then u go to new posts it is like there is a new post! and u go to it but it is ur own? B|
    it always happens only when u are the top post of a new page. even if u go to the page before read some and then hit the new post button...any answers?
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    arrow game!

    pretty self explaintory. (are rules)

    (is the above poster)
    is not existent yet

    < (points to your self)
    is amazing!

    (real life thing)
    uhhh a dog?

    (next poster)
    will hopefully understnad
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    leg cramps

    i was swimming in practice and i got over 30 of them. and 7 times it locked my foot back so i had to pull it back with my hands. it got so bad i could not not kick of push off the walls. i stretched a lot before and during practice. mostly it was my calf but i would stretch that and another part of my leg would lock up. i think it is cuz i've been sick for a week and i think my body is low on something. dose anyone know what eat or do at all?
    Thread by: jettie, Sep 2, 2008, 23 replies, in forum: Help with Life
  12. jettie
    it is a kingdom hearts amv. and my first vid ever. sorry it is not complete. and the beginging rough with tha lack of vid. please CnC!
    Thread by: jettie, Aug 27, 2008, 8 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  13. jettie
    therer i got it up!
    took me 64 seconds to solve it, and after wards there are 3 wierd patterns.
    i know i am wet and look tired...
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    okay i dunno how, how do u get a movie off of i video on a mac! just to put it on a desktop item. and when u open the folder it is does not open i video to play it... anyone know?
    Thread by: jettie, Aug 20, 2008, 1 replies, in forum: Technology
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    has anyone noticed that when one admin posts the others come racing they are a school of paranas or something! on Ooo and Wha? they well all 3 on at once...
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    can anyone else get a pm through?!
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    apparentley i don't have a mood today! they are there but u have to click every other blank spot. and there is a secret mood that doesn't work!


    wow that must be one long message! no sent and 1 inbox! but it looks to have like 200 messages.

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    so u people all talk about death note so i wanted to watch some episode. saw 1 on youtube but got tired of the subs. so went the the adult swim page. and it is good but they separate the episodes a lot. but that is not the problem it like plays the sections in reverse. like ep 1 part 5 then into part 4 till it is at the end of the do i get it to play forward? XD
    Thread by: jettie, Aug 12, 2008, 4 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  19. jettie

    running away

    it is something i have thought about for a couple years. every time something happens, it comes in my thoughts about once a day. it is such a depressing thought, but is something i can't stop thinking about. i packed a backpack like a year ago for it. it had all the things i thought for importance. it had hours planned into it. most of the time when something happens i go in my room, and i look at it. everything is planned inside it and inside me. but there is always something holding me back. not that i want help running away i just want to not think about it anymore. i've never told anyone about this. but i've been thinking about it so much more the last few days. nothing seems to take my mind off of the thought.
    Thread by: jettie, Aug 7, 2008, 55 replies, in forum: Help with Life
  20. jettie
    i was making my first vid on sony vegas and i hit a problem i have no clue how to fix. i made a lot of it over days time and it opened it fine every time. but tonight when i opened it and tried to play where i left off it says a unsupported media type was requested, all the files are wma or mp3, it is the mp3 song i believe that it doesn't like. taking out the song and putting it back in won't work so what do any of you people think? plz!
    Thread by: jettie, Aug 7, 2008, 5 replies, in forum: Technology