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    Now hello there friends. I know I've tried this like, what , two othe rtimes??? But don't worry i'm gonna try my best to stick with this one.

    Now then

    Free! ,also known as the swimming anime for those who heard of it way before they announced it'd being an anime, is an on going anime that was released quite recently actually (two or three weeks ago I think. An episode comes out ever Wednesday and right now it's on episode 4)

    Like the name suggests, the anime is about a swim club. The main characters are all male and actually, it's geared more towards females (it has quite a bit of female fanservice) and this has upset many males who believe that the anime is objectifying men and setting unrealistic standards for men as well
    Even though they have much more fanservice for them, with women with boobs that are no where near realistic (they're gravity defying boobs i don't even kno wjsdhlaf)

    like holyshit, the free! characters have realistic swimmers' builds holy ****
    the only thing they don't have are nipples
    you see any nipples there, friend? No. I don't think so.


    I decided, hey why not try to create and abridged series for this anime. It actually can be turned into comedy gold. I mean, it's actually kinda funny already, especially with the main characters obsession with water/swimming (aka that guy up there)

    Where can you watch this anime? You can watch it here on crunchyroll!

    Now then, What we'll be needing!!!
    Here is a brief description of each occupation i guess???? (do i even call it an occupation)

    Voice actors: It's pretty self explanatory. Basically you provide the voices for whatever character you voice. You don't have to be very experienced with it though it's rad if you do! It's not necessary for you to be able to change your voice to create all types of voices! Not everyone can do that! I know I can't. If you can do one or two different voice then you're golden to me really! Plus, maybe you'll be able to widen the possibilities by voice acting for this.

    Script Writers: I'll really only be needing two or three writers. I'm no good at creating comedy gold. Only just maybe supplying a couple ideas and pointing out things that might not actually be appropriate jokes (rape jokes, for example, not appropriate. Don't want to see them unless it involves calling out a character for making an inappropriate joke like that or something similiar) The job itself is self explanatory. You writers are in charge of creating the script! The reason I want more than one is so that more ideas are provided and that you can also edit the script as a group and that there are more opinions.

    Video Editor: Basically, your job is to add in effects into the video and sync the voice recordings with the video footage of the episode were doing (The lip syncing I think will be fairly difficult). You're basically one of the most important people in this production, because without you, we won't have a good looking abridged series. (seriously, you can find some series that have a good script, but poor video editing n such). Decent knowledge/skill of video editing would be required. I wouldn't want to drop all the responsibility on a person who's just starting out with video editing!!!

    CO-Manager: Really self explanatory. I feel like I'll need someone to take charge whenever I'm not able to be around for things ya know? I'd prefer if the person who took this position was out of highschool already, or at least has a decent amount of free time!!


    Character roles:
    • Haruka Nanase- Open
    • Makoto Tachibana- Open
    • Nagisa Hazuki- Open
    • Rei Ryugazaki- Open
    • Rin Matsuoka- OPen
    • Gou Matsuoka- Taken by myself uvu
    • Miho Amakata- Open
    Like I mentioned earlier, many of the characters are male. The only characters in that list that aren't male are the last two. As you can tell, there isn't much room for female voices. Which sucks a whole bunch, but that doesn't mean there can't be any female voices. There will side characters and all those back ground characters that show up! So female voices are still needed! The only male character out of the list that can possibly be substituted with a female voice is Nagisa
    Mainly cause he's a shota thing
    look at him

    (Though there are some stills of him where he looks kinda seme)

    I suggest you watch the first episode before auditioning for one of the roles!!!! It'll help you get an idea of what kinda interesting/funny voice you could have the character sound like!!!!!!!!!



    First of all, it must be a recording. The only exception would be is if you add me on skype, and audition in a skype call. I would much rather prefer a recording as it helps compare voices to others n such.

    Recordings must be in either .wav or .mp3 format.

    Use the subtitles in the anime as lines for your auditions (At least three to four lines)

    For now, you can only audition as one character.

    They can be sent to me either through skype or through email
    My skype name is: dangantoppagurrenronpa
    My Email is:


    You'll be able to audition as more than one character after we've finished the first episode at least.

    For now, the cast we'll have now will also be used for background characters.

    Episode two and three introduces some re-occurring and still important side characters. So once we finish episode one, I'll re-open auditions for those characters uvu

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    I actually
    want this one to take off this time

    Madoka Magica abridged seems like a good series to start with for people wanting to get into abridging.
    It's a short anime with a big fanbase. There are a couple other abridged versions that do seem to be doing well.
    Again, it's a short anime. It only has twelve episodes which is probably a little easier to work with than an anime that has a large amount of episodes.
    After the failure of me not being able to get the digimon abridged up and running, then I kinda lost most of my motivation.
    Then me and a friend of mine were on the topic of parodying series and Mahou Madoka Magica came up.
    Even though there were already popular abridged versions, we still thought that maybe it'd be interesting to do it!

    He even knows five guys who'd be willing to be in it or help with it.

    As far as I can tell, I'd be the only girl.
    As hilarious as that would be (all guys with one female VA), it might be better to have a couple more girls.
    Any way, people that we'll need
    • Obviously people willing to voice act.
    • At least two writers. Two. In my opinion having one writer isn't really enough, because sometimes that one writer might not be able to come up with anything, or maybe s/he doesn't even have the time to get anything up, plus it's just better to have a small team of writers anyway. Different ideas and jokes and stuff.
    • Video editor. Lip syncing, video/visual affects, etc. are needed in abridged series. It'd look weird if the audio from our voice acting wasn't syncing with the lips of the characters. Video/Visual affects just make the abridged series a bit more interesting.
    • Maybe a audio/sound editor
    • Co-Manager. Co-Freaking-Manager. I can't stress this enough. I'm a fifteen year old girl, who ends up getting distracted and preoccupied with other things. Plus I'm not confident when I'm alone.

    now for the main roles:
    • Madoka- accent/personality TBA
    • Sayaka- accent/personality TBA
    • Homura- accent/personality TBA
    • Kyoko- accent/personality TBA
    • Mami- accent/personality TBA
    • Kyubey- Me and my friend thought it'd be interesting if someone (preferably male) were to make Kyubey sound like a gangster or someone from the hood. It's always fun when someone with a cute voice is given some deep-voice and an accent that you normally wouldn't hear them with.
    • Hitomi: Probably the most normal character of show. Sometimes complaining as to why she isn't a magical girl. (Thought of this because Meduka Meguka parody posts where one of the occasional screenshots was of hitomi and normally a caption involving her asking if she can be magical girl. Meduka Meguka is a series of parody posts involving screenshots of the poorly animated parts of the show) ...she's a main character according to the wiki omfg
    Minor/Supporting Roles:

    • Madoka's Mother: Try and make her sassy. I don't care what accent, but I'd like for her to be sassy.
    • Madoka's dad: Honestly you can do anything for this guy.
    • Madoka's little bro: For some reason I think it'd be interesting if he was actually really intelligent
    • That guy Sayaka likes: Again you can do whatever for this guy.
    • Madoka and Sayaka's teacher: Valley girl. Nothing else really.
    • All those other people: anything you want

    The TBA ones are because I can't think of them right now, but I'm willing to discuss it.

    The auditioning won't start right away since I still need to come up with something for the rest of girls.

    Watch Madoka here:

    How auditions will work anyway:
    Since I don't have writers yet, you'll be stuck with having to use one of the lines in the show. You can,however, make it a bit more interesting by changing the line up to match how the character your auditioning for acts or sounds like. Improvise I suppose.

    If we get one of the writers before the auditions do start, then I'll have them make some test lines for the people auditioning.

    Auditions will be sent to me at one of the following emails:

    they all get sent to my phone either way so it doesn't matter which one you choose

    if you have skype, then you can add me (portgas_d_anne) and you can do the audition in a skype call with me

    Once I get a Co-Manager then I'll be adding his/her email on the list as well

    I would prefer if the audio file was .mp3 or .wav

    You can audition for at least two different characters
    if you want mami
    I would highly suggest auditioning for a second role
    i would
    spoiler involving why you should audition for a second role if wanting mami:

    When a role is taken then I'll scratch it out from the list.

    I still don't know which role I'll be taking (most likely will be one of the magical girl roles)

    If someone knows where we can find the RAW or un-subbed episodes of Madoka to download for the video editor to use, then tell me.

    this isn't as organized as I thought it was
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    The Four Nations.
    When the peace of the nations was threatened, the Avatar was there to restore balance. The nations had lived in Harmony for so long, but now the Avatar must restore balance between the nations once again.
    A two years ago, the Water Tribe started a war. A war that could change everything about the four nations. What is the Water Tribe trying to accomplish from this war? They are trying to create an everlasting Ice Age. They plan on taking control of this whole world, bringing back the Ice Age, and making it to where the Water Tribes are in charge. They believe it is time for the Water Tribe to rise. They've already managed to take control of parts of the Earth Kingdom and assimilated them into the Ice Age. They've forced people into their military and they've managed to throw the Earth Kingdom into a Civil War of some sorts.
    The Avatar, born an Earth Bender, must restore balance. If S/he fails..well, you know what's going to happen now don't you?
    1.PG-13 Romance. Anything beyond that is going to be through PM​
    2. No God-Modding​
    3. No killing or fatally injuring another person's character with out permission​
    4.Obviously be literate​
    5. Post at least a paragraph or more​
    6. Keep discussion or any OOC talk in the OOC and don't fight in the OOC or IC ((if it's an OOC fight)) and try to resolve your bloody issues through PM or VM IF NOT Then tRY AND USE THen Channel your ANGER through character your IC posts and make it creative and relevant to the RP​
    7. If you are going to be leaving for a while notify me or the CO-GM that way we can keep the RP from moving too fast or place your character in the hands of someone else. Or just try to place your character somewhere' where you can just jump right back in.​
    8. Pre-Planning fights (specifically ones that aren't like bIG Battles) or specific things would be nice​
    9. Wait for at least 3-4 other people to post before you make another post. The only exception if no one else posts for like a really long time.​
    10. To stray from back and forth posting between two characters, create collaborative posts. This is only needed for events likes battles between two or three specific characters or maybe just something that may require you and the other person (s) to do a lot of back and forth posting. To do collab posts you can use PM (if it's just between you and on other person) or THIS SITE which is actually much more preferred than PMing​
    11. Have fun​
    Put dual bending?
    No dual bending please.​
    You ain't the uh-vatar.​
    Earth Kingdom
    Info: The Earth Kingdom has been split into two since the war started. One side is on the side of the Water Tribe, the other against the Ice Age and fighting against it. There have been a small number of battles over control of Ba Sing Se, the capitol of the Earth Kingdom, but currently Ba Sing Se has remained on the side fighting against the Water Tribe. Parts of the Earth Kingdom have become assimilated into this Ice Age that Water Tribe has started.​
    Earth Kingdom Characters:
    Fire Nation
    Info: The Fire Nation fights against the Water Tribe. They allow refugees into the nation, but people from the Water Tribes or people from the Earth Kingdom have to go through many different procedures before being allowed into the Fire Nations for security reasons. The people from the Earth Kingdom don't receive as harsh a treatment but people from the Water Tribe normally aren't able to pass through to the Fire Nation. If they do, they normally aren't welcomed by many citizens and find themselves in the rural villages of the Fire Nation. Most soldiers in the United Forces, due to the war, come from the Fire Nation and are relied on the most. It is the only nation that hasn't been attacked by the Water Tribe. The Fire Nations is also the Birth place of the current Avatar.​
    Fire Nation Characters:
    Northern Water Tribe:
    Info: The Northern Water Tribe has become more gender equalized than it was in the past. Women are able to use their water bending however they wish and are allowed to join the Army. Arranged Marriages are still aren't forced like they used to be, unless the parents wish for their daughter/son to be arranged to marry someone. The Northern Water Tribe is really the main cause of the Ice Age war that has been going on and the main villain. Thy decided that it was their time to rise and planned out and started an Imperial Conquest of the Nations, by causing new Ice Age. Most water benders and non bender above a specific age are drafted into the military. The Northern Water Tribe has also drafted members from their Sister Tribe, the Southern Water Tribe, into their military. They have been known to preform impressment and also assimilate men (ages 15 and up) from any place they take control over into their army. Women, the elderly, and children have a choice to leave the area or stay. Not everyone in the Northern Water Tribe approves of this war.​
    Northern Water Tribe Characters:
    Southern Water Tribe
    Info: They are actually against the war, but are forced to ally with their sister tribe. The Southern Water Tribe is forced to send a specific amount people ,normally a mix of benders and non benders, to join the army every month. Southern Water Tribe members sometimes move to one of the other nations to keep themselves from being drafted into the army or to get away from the Northern Water Tribe's control. They were normally allowed to continue on with their normal way of life as long as they sent the new recruits, but since the Northern Water Tribe has found out about members leaving to one of the other nations, they have taken control of the Southern Water Tribe. The Southern Water Tribe does plan on rebelling against their Sister Tribe at some point, but they are waiting for the right time to strike.​
    Southern Water Tribe Characters:
    Extra info about the water tribes: Since Aang defeated Ozai, the Southern Water Tribe's population has increased and their are benders now residing in the tribe. Blood-bending is still considering a sinister technique, but there is a section of the army, a very small section that is only used for very important missions, that does use Blood Bending. The Water Tribe is able to gain more power from the moon than before. Their power sharply increases during specific moon phases, but in return for more power, you still have your weakness. Not only do the become incapable of bending during a lunar eclipse, but during a new moon their bending becomes so weak that it is almost like they aren't able to bend at all. Their bending power during the daytime has also become somewhat weaker than normal.​
    Air Nomads/Acolytes
    Info: The Air Nomads/Acolytes fight against the Water Tribe as well. They welcome all who need shelter ,water tribe or not. The population of Air Benders has increased quite a bit, but it's small in comparison to the number of benders for the other elements. Most Air Nomads ,non benders or not, do take up combat training. Most of the Air Benders and Non Bending Air Nomads either guard their temples and take care of the people with in it or travel to Earth Kingdom or Republic City or just places in need of protection in general. One out of the four air temples has been taken under the control of the Water Tribe but the others haven't been attacked as of yet.​
    Air Nomad Characters:
    Republic City
    Info: Republic City has become a Hotspot for refugees. There are refugee camps that lay outside the city. The city and the camps are guarded by soldiers or policemen/policewoman day and night. Only once has the City been attacked, but they were able to thwart off the Water Tribe troops attacking. The Citizens of the cities go about their normal lives, still being cautious of another attack on their beloved city. Incoming people always go through the same procedures as everyone else. Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom Members are treated the same, but do find themselves being watched more closely than any others. The Metal Bending Police Force now compromises of all types of benders. The background of every policemen/woman is looked into to find any connections they may have with an enemy, but even if they do have connections they are let into the police force. Those officers who may have connections with an enemy are watched more and normally aren't allowed to leave alone for specific missions. The city still holds Pro-Bending matches, but they don't have to be professional/sponsored. Equipment and gear is free and anyone can participate. There are no tournaments and the winners of a match get a cash prize. For the most part, life in Republic City is fairly normal but people still take extra precautions in the case that a battle is waged.​
    Republic City Characters:
    What nation your placed under depends on where you were born.​
    Roles Needed:​
    Northern Water Tribe Chief (most needed)​
    Southern Water Tribe Chief (also needed more than the others)​
    Avatar ( NEEDED BADLY)​
    Council Members ( they can be made later in the RP but if anything they might end up being NPCs)​
    Earth King ( I suppose this is also a needed role because of the whole civil war thing)​
    Fire Lord ( might be made an NPC later)​
    Teachers for the avatar aren't needed unless the person who creates the Avatar makes it to where there are elements he does need to master. (The Avatar is a fire bender,remember that)​
    Companions for the avatar (such as the people who travelled with the avatar and helped/him her restore peace and all) aren't needed but you can still make them. Team avatar all the way!​
    -Appearance Here-​
    Bender?: (yes or no)​
    What do you bend: (Water, fire, earth, air)​
    Special Skills: (Chi Blocking, Sub Variations of main four elements such as metal bending, Ice, plant bending, lightning, etc. or w/e else)​
    Other Skills: (Skills that don't have to do with combat or fighting in general)​
    Affiliation: On the side of the Water Tribe or on the Opposing nations (a.k.a fire nation, air nomads, that other part of the Earth Kingdom)​
    Animal Companion: IF you have one​

    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Sura
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe
    Bender?: Yes
    What do you bend: Water- Advanced bender
    Special Skills: Sura is a very skilled and powerful water bender. She isn't a master yet, but aims to be. She is great at knife proficiency,using it as a means of offence. She finds that she is best at long or mid range attacks, but still has trouble with close range ones. She is an expert healer and it seems that is what most people in the gang use2 her for.She knows how to use steam manipulation and is also one of the few plant benders that aren't from the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Sura is capable of using it to manipulate or control plants, but prefers to use her plantbending to extract water from the plants as a quick source of a water considering it can be a bit difficult to control/manipulate plants that aren't as high saturated as those from a swamp. She likes using steam manipulation as a way of concealing herself.
    Other Skills: Sura is a great cook, normally being the one feeding the soldiers that are in her platoon. She's a decent singer, and likes to sing lullabies to children accidentally left behind by the other people. Sura is great at drawing and map making, which makes her an asset to the platoon. She's a decent seamstress, which comes in handy really.
    Affiliation: She sides with opposing nations, but is forced to fight for the water tribe
    Weapons/Items: Water Skin that is normally tied around her waist, Akia's saddle which has a small storage bag one one side and a water skin on the other, betrothal necklace which is worn around her neck, hand-made throwing knives, a satchel she carries some of her items, pens/pencils, paper, hand-drawn maps, a journal, and a hand-drawn portait of her grandad.
    Personality: Sura can be kind of shy when meeting new people or when placed in an unfamiliar environment, but in due time she will start acting like her normal self. This normal self being a quite friendly and cheerful girl. Sura has a motherly and comforting aura about her an you can come to her for anything really. She will comfort you whenever you are depressed and will try to help you out with your problems, She never discourages others and always believes that one should always try their best to achieve their goals. Sura sort of has trouble encouraging herself though.
    Sura isn't very easy to fool and can tell when you're lying or not. She can normally see through a person's façade, and will be vary determined to reveal that person's true self. Sura can be seen as very protective of her friends or people she thinks of as family, trying to make sure they will never die while she's still alive. Sura is the type of person who is afraid of being alone or the people around her dying or leaving her which is the reason why she can be so protective over her friends. She is usually a very serious fighter and also hates being looked down upon because of her gender.
    Bio: Sura was born in the Northern Water Tribe. Her parents having died in a boating accident, was left to be nursed by another person. After she turned two, she was handed over to her grandfather, her only living relative. Her grandfather influenced her a lot and helped shape her personality to what it is now. When she was seven, she found out she could water bend and trained under her grandfather, one of the top water benders of the tribe. Along with her water bending training, she was taught map making and healing by one of his friends. Though Sura didn't have any other relatives, she grew close to a lot of people and they were the closest she had to family. By 18 years of age, Sura became an intermediate level water bender. At 18 She and her Grandfather travelled to the Earth Kingdom to train her in fighting in different surroundings. They stayed in the Earth Kingdom for three years. During these three years she started to perform plant bending and soon became fairly skilled in the technique. After returning to the Northern Water Tribe, she continued her training. At the 24, around the time the Ice Age War began, her grandfather became ill. While ill, he would talk to Sura, explaining that his thoughts on this war and how he did not agree with it. Sura felt the same way, and always refused any requests to join their forces. It wasn't until her grandfather died, when she was 25, that she found herself in the army, and engaged. A few weeks after her grandfather's death, she was taken in by one of his old friends. At 26,Without even asking, they engaged her to their eldest son, one of the higher ranking soldiers of the Northern Water Tribe army. She ended up joining the army and ended up in his platoon. Currently Sura and the other soldiers in her platoon are stationed in an Earth Kingdom town that they just recently taken over. She plans on running away to Republic City, but hasn't found the chance to even try and run.
    Animal Companion: Akia the Buffalo Yak in this picture
    Other: Akia, the Buffalo Yak, is very protective of Sura. She disapproves of guys and will normally ram into any of the guys that try to even touch herself or try to flirt with Sura. Akia is really Sura's only true friend and they've formed a close bond and both will become devastated whenever separated from each other. Akia can become extremely violent when separated from Sura and will try her very best to get back to her.



    THIS TAKES PLACE IN THE LATE 1950 to early 1960s


    i haven't RPed here for like
    a long time

    it's changed a lot







    I am totally willing to discuss with people of ways to make the plot a bit more different since it's still kinda similar to the plot of A:TLA and that kinda irks me a bit
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    So Yes
    I've been meaning to try and start an abridged series for once.
    I have tried before, but we couldn't find enough people.
    On to the point.
    Basically I want to create an abridged version of Digimon Data Squad. It's always been something I've wanted to do, and I think it'd be really fun! Making fun of a show that we may or may not like. You don't even need to know what it's about for the most part. I picked Digimon Data Squad because there aren't that many abridged series of it as of yet
    Anyway here's a part of the first episode:
    It's been a while since I've watched this series myself, so I don't remember the episode where Thomas comes in. If you continue watching, or at least continue watching bits an pieces, then you can probably get a better feel of what the characters sound like.
    It would be even awesomer if you already know what they sound like for the most part.

    You don't even need to be a voice actor really do join this production! If you have any other talents that are suitable for a project like this, then go ahead and sign up.
    Non Voice Acting related roles:
    Video Editor (to help with the syncing of the audio, and maybe add in awesome affects and stuff)
    Audio Editor ( May be needed, but if you are a good one that be my guest and sign up for the spot)
    A Writer (I've never been good with writing. Remember, abridged series are filled with tons of comedies, sometimes internet references, and meant to make fun of/mock the original show or the dub. If you can do any of these things then sign up.)
    if there any other things that aren't voice acting roles, but can help in the production of this abridged series then go ahead and tell me.
    I might also need a Co-Manager sort of person
    I'm still in highschool (a freshman to be exact) so I'll probably need someone to help manage things whenever I'm unable to (preferably I want someone who is older than me or has much more free time than I do )

    Anyway to apply for any of those roles (except for Co-Managing, though I would like to here how well you may be at doing that) I need to see some examples of your work, whether they be past examples or examples you made especially for this project.

    There isn't a specific deadline for auditions considering that people may still be in school or have jobs to do, so whenever you have the chance to create and send me your audition, do so.

    Recording information for Voice Acting Roles

    For voice acting roles I would prefer if you find a line or two from the show for the specific character you wish to audition for, and use that. Emailing me the recording (or if you have Messenger or skype and would prefer sending me the audition while conversing you can do that) would be preferred.
    I would like the format of your recording to be MP3 or WAV and sent in an attachment through email or a file through messenger or skype
    You can name your recording(s) whatever you want really.

    Contact Info
    My emails:,,
    skype: portgas_d_anne

    When I get a co manager then I'll put their info on here too

    Marcus Damon
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Thomas H. Norstein
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Yoshino Fujieda
    Taken By: Shadow_Rocks

    Taken By:

    Keenan Crier
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    Miki Kurosaki, Megumi Shirakawa, and the PawnChessmon
    Taken By:

    Commander Richard Sampson and KudamonEdit
    Taken By:

    Commander-General Homer Yushima and KamemonEdit
    Taken By:

    Marcus's Mom
    Taken By:

    Kristy Damon
    Taken By:

    Taken By:

    I honestly don't know all the characters since I'm having trouble finding a list with the ones we will be needing since they show up a lot

    so here is the wiki list:

    Other character roles will be added once we get farther into the whole thing

    We'll also be needing voices for the different digivolutions of each digimon
    I mean, if the voice actor for a digimon is capable of doing the digivolution then that's fine with me.
    Also Fill-Ins will most likely be needed in the case the original VA for the abridged role is going through some tough times and can't do it, is too busy, gets sick, is going to be gone for a while, or quits.

    Anyway I hope to get this started!
    I'll be upd8ing this post whenever there is new info ya'll need to know.

    Also for voice acting roles. You don't really need to stick to how the character sounds in the eng. or jap. dub. Don't be afraid to change it up and create some funny sounding voice. Abridged series are meant to be parodies and are normally funny.

    For examples of abridged series go to this channel:
    (will add more if anyone knows any good ones)

    Oh yes one more thing:
    It would be lovely if one of the people who joins this actually owns a DVD for this
    If they don't
    then we'll have to stick with downloading the episode content orz
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    Ignore the horrible title>.< anyway...TO THE PLOT

    One day a large dark cloud floated over Domino City. Suddenly there was a huge storm and 7 items fell from the sky. Each item landing in front of a normal duelist whos life would change after that day. The items that had fell from the sky were the 7 Millenium Items which were supposed to be gone forever. What know one didn't know was that the all powerful Zorc was going to return. The only people who knew where the people who had stopped Zorc ( and Theif King/Yami Bakura ) in the past, but they couldn't do it again. A few of the duelists happened to be the niece,nephew,son,or daughter of those people. Now they have to go through almost everything that their father,mother(*coughteaorishizucough*) ,uncle, or aunt went through had went through in the a past. Except this time there are spirits in every millenium item some a some are followers of Zorc, a few are the followers of the pharoah, and one nuetral but has their own evil plan. The fate of the world is in the hands of these duelists and who knows whether or not they will defeat Zorc all we know is that there will be many obstacles in the way.

    1.Romance PG-13
    2.Keep Cussing to a minumim
    4.No acting like your character knows all of your opponents have to figure it out during the duel not right in the friggin beginning
    5.FOLLOW THE ACTUAL RULES OF THE YUGIOH/DUEL MONSTERS GAME ( * GASP* ....cuz if you think about it no one in the show really follows the rules)..
    6.No one is to be killed or sent to the shadow realm unless your going to be gone for a while and can't post or if you can't be in the rp anymore.....if you have to go and are unable to post you can post something that says you charactergot sent to the shadow realm ( there still has to be some reason like you lost a shadow game something like that) and when you get we'll just have to find someway to bring you back
    7.Have Fun
    8. If you are wanting to start a shadow game for some reason you have to ask me
    9. No custom
    18. DO NOT USED TO BANNED CARDS.. which means you may want to check if your cards are banned( or limited, or semi-limited)

    Character sheet:
    Wielder of a millenium Item:
    Which One:
    Cards in Deck:
    Evil,good,or both ( both as in your goood but being controlled by an evil spirit or person ):

    ( I may add more to the character sheet if anyone has ideas on what to add)

    Millenium Items and the people who wield them:
    Millenium Puzzle: Edo Moto (Spirit: Atem/Yami/The Pharoah)
    Millenium Ring: Yuuki Bakura ( spirit: Yami/Thief King Bakura )
    Millenium Neckalce: Cassandra Pegasus: (Spirit: Kashino )
    Millenium Rod: Blade Ishtar ( Spirit: Yami Marik/ Malik ....just like his father X3 )
    Millenium Eye: Yoru (Spririt: Usagi )
    Millenium Scale: Len Katsuya ( Spirit: Theoris ( the spirit mainly takes control of him when he is crossdressing since this spirit was originally a girl) Spirit #2: Shadi ( Shadi doesn't control Len when dueling but rather whenever Len encounters the owner of the Millenium puzzle )
    Millenium Key: Leon Kaiba ( Spirit: Priest Seto )

    If you have a millenium item please name the spirit that is part of the item ( like Atem or Theif King Bakura )...yes every millenium item has a spirit nao........also this isn't in THE FUUUTTTUUUREEE.... probably like 10 years after GX so everyone is an adult :3 ....why do you think Ryou is my character's father.

    My Characters:

    Username: Shadow_Rocks
    Name: Yuuki Bakura
    Age: 16
    Appearence: girls/white.jpg
    Wielder of a millenium Item : Yes
    Which one: Millenium Ring
    Bio: Yuuki is Ryou Bakura's daughter. Her dad passed down the cards from his deck to her. Yuuki unlike her dad has long non-spikey hair which she got from her mom who divorced her dad. Yuuki ,like Bakura was, is now the wielder of the Millenium ring which meant she also started being controlled sometimes by Theif King/ Yami Bakura. Yuuki plays the piano, sings, sketches, and plays duel monsters. She and her father know what has to do and Yuuki is willing to accept it.
    Cards in Deck:
    Change of Heart
    Man-Eat Bug
    Spirit Illusion
    Curse of Darkness
    Dark NecroFear
    Dark Sanctuary
    Destiny Board
    All 4 spirit message letters
    pot of greed
    Diabound Kernal
    Gift of the Mystical Elf
    Solemn Wishes
    Seal of Orichalcos
    Archfiend Soldier
    Archfiend General
    Axe of Despair
    Mad Archfiend
    Armageddon Knight
    The WickedDreadFoot
    The Wicked Avatar
    The Wicked Eraser
    Rubble King
    Blasting The Ruins
    Mystic Plasma Zone
    Dark Spirit of the SIlent
    Call of the haunted
    Altar for tribute
    Magic Cylinder
    Ring of Destruction
    Mirror Force
    Lady of Faith
    Moster Reborn
    Earl of Demise
    Dark Ruler Ha Des
    Goblin Zombie
    Jowgen The Spirtualist
    Headless Night
    Puppet Master
    EarthBound Spirit
    Dark Designator
    Double Summon

    Evil,good,or both: Both
    Other: Even though she has Seal of Orichalcos in her deck neither she or Yami Bakura use it in duels. Yuuki only has it because she likes the card and how intresting the effect is and Yami Bakura doesn't use it because he can already create shadow games with the Millenium Ring that is now in Yuuki's possesion. Yuuki's smile and appearence looks like her father...well if her hair was the same as Ryou's she would look almost exactly like him. She also has a british accent. ( YAY )

    Username: Shadow_Rocks
    Name: Len Katsuya
    Age: 15
    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Appearence when crossdressing: [​IMG]
    Wielder of a millenium Item: Yes
    Which one: Millenium Scale
    Bio: Len is the son of Jonouchi Katsuya's ( Joey Wheeler ). All of his cards are the same as the one his father had in the battle city tournement. He is slightly like his father when it comes to relying on luck but is still way different. For one he doesn't have any friends and is really shy but can be very dark at times and tends to get in trouble. Len is sorta nice if you are lucky enough to get to know him better. He discovered the Millenium Scale while he was doing community service because of a little incidint involving smoke bombs and fireworks. He is sometimes taken over by one of the two different spirits an evil spirit and the spirit of a follower of the pharoah. Len is also a crossdresser but only crossdresses when he feels like it or needs to ....or when he likes tricking guys.
    Cards in Deck:
    Alligator's Sword
    Axe Raider
    Baby Dragon
    Battle Warrior
    Flame Swordsman
    Giltia the D. Knight
    Red-Eyes Black Dragon
    Swordsman of Landstar
    Gearfried the Iron Knight
    Gilford the Lightning
    Hayabusa Knight
    Insect Queen
    Panther Warrior
    Parasite Paracide
    Rocket Warrior
    The Legendary Fisherman
    Time Wizard
    Tiny Guardian
    Alligator's Sword Dragon
    Thousand Dragon
    Energy Drain
    Fairy Box
    Foolish Burial
    Giant Trunade
    Graceful Dice
    Legendary Sword
    Lightning Blade
    Monster Reborn
    Pot of Greed
    Roulette Spider
    Shield & Sword
    Skull Dice
    Chasm of Spikes
    Kunai with Chain
    Magic Arm Shield
    Nutrient Z
    Sakuretsu Armor
    Mirage Knight
    Dark Magician
    Draining Shield
    Masura the Legendary Swordsmen
    Flame Manipulator

    Evil,good,or both : Both
    Other: He has a great talent into sneaking into the girls' locker room, changing room, and bathroom but then again he does crossdress when he feels like and can do a very good impression of a shy girl. (...yay crossdressing???? )

    Username: Shadow_Rocks
    Name: Cassandra Pegasus
    Age: 19
    Wielder of a millenium Item: Yes
    Which One: Millenium Neckalace
    Bio: Cassandra is Maximillion Pegasus's daughter. All of her cards are exactly the same as her father's mainly cause she just likes toons and all the cards in her father's deck. Cassandra ,though she doesn't think she is, can be sort of a show off. She has the most annoying laugh ever ( yes that one...Renge's laugh.....o-o ), but think's it's normal. Cassandra has a pet King Charles Spaniel ,that is still a puppy, named Maxy. When her father found her with the Millenium neckalace he wanted her to get his Millenium Eye knowing that if she had a millenium item that the others were there too. Ever since then Cassandra has been searching Domino City of the owner of the Millenium Eye.
    Cards in Deck: ssshhhh it's a secret
    Evil,good,or both ( both as in your goood but being controlled by an evil spirit or person ): She is bothy mainly cause the spirit of her Millenium Neckalce us evil, but she isn't.
    Other: The Spirit of the Millenium Neckalce rather likes being in control of a rich girl and tends to forget about her job to find the millenium Items.

    Username: Anyone could play him
    Name: Yoru
    Age: 24
    Wielder of a millenium Item: Yes
    Which One: Millenium Eye
    Bio: Yoru was eaised under harsh conditions as a child. Even though he does not weild a millenium item he has heard of them and wants to use him them for his own plans which are unkown as of yet (.anyone got any ideas). He has another identy as a man named " Kai". He ,at the time, is acting as if he is a normal duelist wanting to make his way to the big leagues.
    Cards in Deck: IT'S A SECRET DAMMIT
    Evil,good,or both ( both as in your goood but being controlled by an evil spirit or person ): Evil
    Other: Has a good side but it's hard for him to actually be good. The spirit of his millenium eye is good and usually takes over Yoru when Yoru is acting good.

    ( I may add more to the plot ....also expect me to be saying random YGOTAS refrences)
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    [​IMG] WOOHOO I DREW SOMETHING WITHOUT LOOKING AT A PICTURE FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE X3......sorta....I've already shown some of you this drawing already I hope it wins the art contest at the anime convention I'm going to >.< . It took me a while to find the write english to japanese translation for "We are the same" though I'm still not too sure about it. I sorta noticed I didn't erase somethings and the hands are a little bit messed up but then again i'm not too good with the drawing hands. Also the reason I drew both namine and kairi with one eye close and the other open was because I couldn't draw the other eye very well....I've always had trouble with that. Anyway if there is anything you'd like to say ( comments, critisim ( yeah I think I spelled that wrong), or anything that could help me fix drawings later) would be fine. :3 NYEH!!!! * has been watching too much Yu-Gi-Oh abridged*
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    In Japan there are a group of girls that are part of the same family who truly fall in love with boys who they have just met . This group is called "Loveless".The boys they choose are supposed to truly fall in love with the girls but if the girls fail to have the boys fall in love with them they either disappear or they don't disappear,but they won't be remembered by anyone they had met during the time they spent with the boys. If they are still alive the girls forget the boys they once fell in love with and truly fall in love with someone else and so on. The cause is a curse put by their male ancestor who was heart-broken and betrayed (pretty much the same thing) by a woman who didn't truly love him . This curse is supposed to teach the girls in his family about true love. The fathers of these girls can control whether they disappear or not and are becoming impatient. In one month if the boys the girls have chosen to love won't fall in love with them they will all disappear . Though among the group (Loveless) are three girls who are supposingly destined to stay in the world for as long as they live. They won't disappear but if they lose all emotion they will on their own.

    Rules nyan
    2. Romance to PG-13 or 14 level ( anythin beyond goes through pm .-.)
    3. Have fun
    4. If you start having trouble with a character deal with it yourselves or come to me if nothing has resolved yet
    5. Please post in the OOC if you are going to be leaving for a few days or weeks so we don't move to fast. (it's sometimes confusing >.<)
    6. Though the loveless girls are supposed to be the ones to fall in love with a boy...I'll allow a few random characters (that are girls) to fall in love with a boy who is chosen. (cuz it can inhance the plot :3 )
    7. All girls part of "loveless" must be related
    8. Please color code your characters if you are soemone playing multiple characters ( this is an option for ppl playing one character)

    OOC form:

    Age: (probably 15-19)
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,Random Character:
    Who you love: (For the girls of Loveless)
    The girl who has chosen to love you: (For one of the boys)

    Girls of Loveless
    Mitsuki Nagasu

    Boys the girls have chosen to love
    Risit Creed
    Tenshi Ookami

    Friends or random characters
    Miyuki Ookami
    Yuuki Koyama
    Primula and Takuto Joi

    My characters:
    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Mitsuki Nagasu
    Age: 17
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Bio: Mitsuki is a shy girl and is also one of the girls who is destined to stay in the world. She hopes that the boy she has chosen will love her. She likes to sing and play the piano. Mitsuki also likes to sketch. Her father is quite nicer than the other girls' fathers though he was forced to agree with the terms of how many weeks and the other stuff. Mitsuki has a pet cat named Yuki that hasn't forgotten her (the memory loss doesn't work on animals). Mitsuki usually is sad but she gets happier when she's around her friends and the boy she likes.
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,Random Character: Loveless
    Who you love: Arashi
    Talents: Singing, Playing the Piano,Sketching
    Other: nothing

    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Tenshi Ookami
    Age: 17
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Bio: Despite the way he looks, Tenshi is a nice guy and will protect the people important to him. His dad died when he was younger and he usually has to take care of his little sister while his mom is at work. He can play the violin which helps him earn money seeing as how he performs on the street. He needed a way to earn money without having to an interview though he's planning on getting a real job soon.
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,random character: A boy chosen by one of the girls
    The girl who has chosen to love you:
    Talents: Playing the violin
    Other:......hmmm nope none

    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Miyuki Ookami ( in no way related to the other guy)
    Age: 16
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Bio: Miyuki is a quite the hyper girl and has problems paying attention. She lives with her grandparents. She's athletic for the most part and turns down most of the girls who want Miyuki to join the cheerleading squad. The reason she does that is because she thinks she might turn into to much of a girly girl seeing as how she's a tomboy. She'll sometimes dresses as a guy just out of boredom. Miyuki has a pet dog named Sorou and works at a pet store. She tends to beat up boys who are a Sexist jerks and pervs. When she isn't disguised as a guy she usually is still mistaken for one.
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,Random Character: Random Character
    Talents: Great at playing the guitar,singing,softball,and Gymnastics
    Other: .....Eto

    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Yuuki Koyama
    Age: 15
    Appearence: [​IMG] (Minus boy and wagging tail)
    Bio: Yuuki is a small girl and has a voice of a 3rd grader and the height of one too,but that's what makes boys so attracted to her. She isn't intrested in dating and doesn't really think much about perverts. Yuuki is Miyuki's cousin. She annoys Miyuki and also thinks of her as a older sister seeing as how her sisters are all in college. She loves wearing fake fox/dog ears and wears them all the time. Yuuki tends to glomp Miyuki andis also a very smart girl. Most girls think she's a nerd until she's in gym.
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,Random Character: Random Character
    Talents: Singing,being smart,almost all sports except football and cricket
    Other: nyan nyan

    Username: Shadowgirl2020
    Name: Primula and Takuto Joi
    Age: Both: 17
    Appearence: [​IMG] (Takuto :Guy and Primula: Girl)
    Bio: Takuto and Primula are are Fraternal Twins. They sometimes finish their sentences. Takuto can look exactly like Primula if he puts on a wig that has the same hair style as her (Primula can do the same when she wants to swtich places with her brother...both of them can do a perfect impression of each other). Takuto is mainly good at baseball,art,and a few other subjects while Primula is good at Singing,Gymnastics,and mainly every subject. Takuto and Primula both run the host clubs in the school (like the Ouran High School Host Club thing....including different themes each day) their parents are very successful and wealthy so they are able to have all the finest objects foods and other stuff at each of their host clubs (both of their host clubs start during their two free periods and after school). Primula doesn't like pervs to much and her brother doesn't either .
    Part of Loveless, a boy chosen by one of the girls,Random Character: Both are Random
    Talents: Takuto: Baseball,Painting,and Horse-back riding. Primula: Horse-back riding,Singing,Gymnastics,most sprts.

    oh yeah a friend help me with the title :3 ( I was convinced to put it in this section (( couldn't really tell where I should put the rp)
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  9. Shadow_Rocks I made this weeks after school was out...I gave it to my friend...I like this one though. What do you people think (and yes the writing on the drawing is my handwriting)
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    ~Legend tells of a world known as the digital world.In this world are creatures called digimon good and bad.In this world is a jewel called the Shinsei Jewel.This jewel has the power to give any digimon the power to level to a level higher than the mega level,this level is called the Super Nova lelel,and it also has the power to control the minds of all beings,more than one digimon can obtain this power.Though legend also states that in many decades a league of evil digimon will come to take this power to rule both earth and the digital world,but 9 humans have been selected to stop this from happening by also searching for the jewel.Other humans however, will find out about the lewl and will team up with the evil digimon....~

    In Hokkaido,Japan a girl named Miyuki heard this legend from her grandfather and always hoped she'd be one of the nine but her older brother thinks differently he thinks only the oldest can be in the selected nine.One day nine digi-eggs appeared ,8 going to do different houses in the area and one going to Miyuki's house.The egg lands by Miyuki while she was sitting on the porch.Darkness suddenly surrounds Hokkaido and digimon appear out of no where some attacking buildings.A digi-gate appears then closes.Miyuki's brother is furious that he wasn't chosen and starts a group called the "Sumizome Alliance".The digimon that were foretold in the legend appeared and started terrorizing the city.We just need the help of the rest of the selected humans to help

    OOC form:
    Good Or Evil:


    Appearence: girls/nightbeach.jpg
    bio:Miyuki always loved the legend about the Shinsei jewel and always wished she'd be one of the selected 9.Her brother Tenshi always tried to ruin her confidence of becoming one of the selected 9 by telling her that only the oldest would be selected or the legend wasn't true though it never worked.The day the darkness and the digimon came was a bit surprising to Miyuki when she saw the digi-egg she knew she had to hide it from her brother.When it hatched the digimon told her she had to find the other chosen humans to save both of the worlds and find the digigate.
    good or bad:Good

    Username: Lord_Shadow
    appearence: He has Black Spikey hair, Red Eyes, about 5'9 , wears Black jacket with Red sleeves,Black pants, and Blue Shoes,has a birth mark on his neck the looks like a lighting strike
    bio:Miyuki's older brother.He was mad that he wasn't selected and started the Sumizome Alliance.Anyone who joined was going to have to have a digimon.Tenshi teamed up with the Evil digimon.He acts as if he's is glad that his sister was selected so that way when she goes on the journey he gets info for the digimon and the rest of the members.He holds the secret to defeating Miyuki.
    digimon: Strabimon
    good or bad:Bad

    Username: Braveheart
    Name: Mikeru
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: 6'4, dark brown spiked hair, blue eyes, ruddy complection, has a muscled build. Likes to wear black sunglasses, blue wind breaker, black t-shirt and blue jeans.
    Digimon: Guilmon X (Guilmon with the X-antibody)
    Bio: Although he's the oldest of the 9 children (obviously), Mikeru also has the most experience. He's known about the existance of digimon since he was 10 years old, and comes from a line of tamers. Despite his knowledge of digimon and how to interact with them, he knows little to no knowledge of the Shinsei jewel.
    Good Or Evil: Good.
    Other: Tamer.

    Username: Dexnail
    Name: Ienzo
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: wears a sleaveless silver hoody and blue jeans and sandles and on his left arm is a serphent tatoo that wrapes around his arm down to his hand
    Digimon: Betamon
    Bio: Ienzo is friends with Tenshi and Mikeru he does not believe in digimon but he always felt like he was the angel of death. He known both of his friends for years one day he was sitting by the lake untell he saw something shine in the water. Ienzo jumped into the lake and found an digivice eversince he kept it by him not knowing what it could be use for. Also in the past his parents got killed he never found who did it but he for some reason when he is around Tenshi he feels anger towards his family and he never been able to forget about the anger. Just recently he found a book that had old legends in it he read one that said this " The chosen one that has the color of a mismatched ocean hold unreasonable anger towards his friends will be the master of a serphent that will flood the world as he looks for the jowl. As the bodies lay lifeless in the water of death he will stay a lone untell death takes him away". The next day Ienzo went back to the same lake he found the digvice he looked at the water again. He looked closser he saw an egg he took it home he lookes at it everyday hoping to figure out what it is.
    Good Or Evil: Evil
    Other: Tamer,He is one of the chosen 9 the legend says he is destined to make his friends drown in an flooded world full of despair and regret.

    Name: Ren
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Digimon: Flamemon
    Bio: he was separated from his parents at the age of 7. even through tough times, Jinpachimon has always been there for him.
    Good Or Evil: Evil
    Other: one of the chosen 9

    Username: scarred_heart634
    Name: Charlotte
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Bio: She lost her family when she was about 5, and she has been living alone since then.
    Good Or Evil: Good

    Username: Twilightblader
    Name: Ryo
    Age: 18
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Digimon: Patamon
    Bio: He has known about the digimon from stories of his parents who are currently deceased. He lives alone and is pretty quiet. One day he found a digivice and an egg that soon hatched and created patamon. Patamon is the only one Ryo opens up to
    Good Or Evil: good
    Other: Tamers

    Name: Setsuna
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: [​IMG] (minus the green mark on his arm...)
    Digimon: Biyomon
    Bio: When Setsuna loved to hear legends of Shinsei Jewel, he was very fasnated by it. He hoped that he could be one of the nine to get a digimon. One day he was wondering in the woods behind his house and found a Digivice and an egg. The egg became a Biyomon. Soon after the Biyomon hatched, Setsuna's parents were killed, Leaveing Sestsuna with Biyomon.
    Good Or Evil:Good
    Other: Tamers

    Username: Pirateguywithapplepie
    Name: Clancy Johnson
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: These are his clothes, though Clancy has a darker skin tone along with shorter, black hair.
    Digimon: Commandramon
    Bio: "That's right boys and girls! Ladies and gentlemen! 'Specially you ladies. We've got the one, the only Clancy Johnson,host of Myths and Monsters, right here in Hokkaido, Japan! Can you say Konichiwa!? But, seriously folks, let's take a stroll down the past, shall we? Clancy had humble beginnings when he was born in U.S.A. He lived in Ohio for most of his life, before graduating there. Once he graduated, he quickly began to pursue a role in archeology! And through the use of a cousin in show business, he got his own show. Where he hunts down the toughest meanest monsters of legend as well as the most valuable treasures of myth! What's he hunting for in Hokkaido, you ask? Well, it's none other than the awesome, the legendary, Shinsei Jewel!"
    Good or Evil: Good (Though, really more neutral)
    Other: Tamers

    Username: Zeonark
    Name: Ryo Takera
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Black Hair, Black jacket. Also with a white shirt and black pants with brown shoes. Cyan eyes. (Couldn't find the image on Photobucket.)
    Digimon: BlackGuilmon
    Bio: No knowledge of his first 6 years in life. He only remembers that he was living in a orphanage. Although he wandered into the Digital World when he was nine. BlackGuilmon met him when he first came into the world. They became quick friends and found interest into the Jewel later.
    Good Or Evil: Neutral
    Other: Personal Quote: "Real men kick asses!"

    Username: Rexyggor_thenewmember
    Name: Dominic
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearence: Short blond hair; about 5'11"; physically fit; blue eyes; wears maroon t-shirt with brown coat and jeans.
    Digimon: Fanbeemon -> Waspmon -> Cannonbeemon -> TigerVespamon
    Bio: Recently graduated from high school, Dominic was a clean-cut jock and was very popular. He was taking a vacation in Japan where he receives his digi-egg and gets sucked into the digital world.
    Good Or Evil: Good
    Other: no?

    The Dark Digimon (sounded cooler to me):
    AkuCherubimon (..The 3rd leader):
    Icedevimon (second in command):
    Iceleomon (The sort of nuetral one and commander): Shadow_Rocks
    Megdrimon (the leader):
    Lucemon (The second leader): TwilightBlader

    People can tell me if they want to play a evil digimon and if the digimon is not listed I will put it on there (I didn;t know a lot of digimon that were evil)

    2.Romance is PG-13 anything above that goes to PM
    3. Keeps cussing at a minumum
    4.If you have to leave for more than 3 days please post stating so.If you do not post for more than 3 days I will have to kick you out
    5. Try making your posts up to at least 4 lines
    6.Have fun
    7. Put Tamers in your post (no it doesn't have to be bold text I just needed people to see it)
    8.You can't create a digimon the digimon has to be a real one..untill the characters obtain the super nova level they can't create a digimon.
    9.You can create up to 3 characters
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    I've been watching Shugo Chara a lot so I decided to make a roleplay about it -_- (I'm still waiting for a few more episodes so I can finish the series.....the series isn't done yet)

    Plot: Amu and the gaurdians are still looking for the Embryo what they don't know is that other kids who also have Shugo Charas are looking for it too along with Easter and Ikuto.Ikuto has been trying to get away from easter but they are controlling him with a tuning fork so that way when Ikuto plays his violin X Eggs will be lured towards the sound of the violin.While Amu and the gaurdians are trying to save ikuto and other kids who are ? Character transforming because of Lulu and her hypnotizing Jewl (If a kids is lost the jewel hypnotizes them or something in that nateure) they can't keep they have to try and find the embryo while doing such as the same time. .......Tell me if I'm missing anything or if it doesn't sound write

    Amu- Shadow_Rocks
    Lulu- Cherry
    Nadeshiko/Nagihko-(....You might want to watch the anime for this one)
    .............please tell me other characters there are that I've forgotten...also no you can't play any shugo chara's if you pick a character from the show you have to play that character and their suhgo chara(s)

    OOC form:
    Appearence-(description or can add how your character looks like after a character transformation)
    Shugo Chara's name-
    Shugo Chara's personality- (this is for when your character and your shugo chara do a character change.A character change is when you act differently once a shugo chara says "Character change"....Amu's barret changes when she has a character change)

    Appearence- Girls/Wallpaper266.jpg
    Shugo Chara's name-Ame
    Personality-Shy,easily depressed,Get's sad easily,can't sing in front of a crowd,is not as outgoing as other girls,and if she likes someone she doesn't have to nerve to confess or even talk to that person,also obeys to everything
    Shugo Chara's personality-Always out going,Happy,Likes to show people what she's made of (people call it a show off Ame calls it showing true talent),Flexible,and is brave enough to confess to a boy she likes and still stays strong whether they reject her or not,won't listen to anyone if they don't have a reason
    Bio-Miyuki lives with her grandmother.Her grandmother is strict and Miyuki is more like a maid to her grandma than she is a grandaughter this is the reason Miyuki is used to obeying.Since her parents died she has been so shy and she can't act like her real self around her grandma or other people.She likes to sing but if she tries to sing in front of a crowd her voice sounds bad.She wants to be a singer but whenever she tries to enter a audition her grandma finds out and forbids her from entering an audition but if she ever does enter one she gets nervous and she starts to thinks that'll she'll forget the words or her voice will start to sound bad and she runs of the stage.Her shugo chara isnn't born yet but she thinks that if she can get the embryo once her shugo chara is born she can wish that she and her grandma can understand each other better or wish that she could get a contract with a record producer or someone like that so she can become a singer(eavesdropping when the gaurdians were talking about the embryo).

    Username- Cherry
    Name- Paige
    Age- 16



    Transformation 1 (Maya):


    Transformation 2 (Mia)


    Shugo Chara's names- Maya and Mia




    Personality- Paige is a girl who likes to keep to herself, and not talk much. She is a girl who always looks at the negative side of things, and even when things are looking up for one person, she instantaneously becomes cynical, telling the person that their so called luck is just a fluke. She's a nice person, but doesn't show it often. She's very studious and has a great amount of intelligence. Very protective over her siblings. Only shows her fun, clumsy and happy side of herself to her auntie. She finds peace and calm when she's playing on her acoustic guitar and singing songs to herself.

    Shugo Chara's personalities-
    Maya: Maya is an extremely hyperactive chara, who excels in sports, dance and war tactics the most. She's brutally honest and hates to see people slacking around. There's a special word that sets off her chara on Paige, which is... ''Sargent.''
    Maya was born from Paige's dream to become a Sargent in the Army when she was a little kid.

    Mia: Mia is the opposite to Maya. She's a kind hearted, playful chara who wants to help others around her, and is very decorative. Mia loves cats too, and tends to keep on making kitten plushies. Her talents include speaking in various languages, decorating all sorts of things from clothes to cakes, playing on any instrument and being a helpful person, trying to decipher even the hardest questions on earth just to help a person.

    Bio- Paige was the first born in the family of 6. Four siblings, including her and then both parents. Both parents used to work at Easter (The English, Spanish and Japanese Divisions) for a short amount of time, but when they figured out what Easter was up to, they decided to steal a really important document the chair executive (in Japan) had kept with him the whole time. Paige was about 13 when her parents quitted Easter and decided to make a run for it. They woke the children up that very night, grabbed a big bunch of clothes and placed it in a suitcase... then they placed the children in the car. They began to drive to the airport, to take a flight to Italy.

    They never did make it, as the Easter company decided best to eliminate the family altogether, ordering some of their best men to make the car crash on the way to the airport. They had succeeded, but the siblings managed to survive the horrific event. But only Paige seems to remember the most about it, and hates herself till this very day.

    She remembered waking up shortly after the car crash (easter had already disappeared by then, thinking that they've already eliminated the family altogether), feeling pain on her leg. Her brother and sisters was no-where to be seen (Her dad already saved them) and then she smelt the unpleasent waft of petrol near her. Her dad managed to take her out of the car and take her to the unconscious siblings. He then handed over the secret document, shouting, to take care of it with her life. She nodded and then placed the paper in her pocket, then he yelled, ''I need to save your mother now. I won't be long.''
    He ran back to the car to get his wife. Halfway to getting her out, the car exploded and her parents were no more.

    She remembers crying... then collapsing. The whole thing was a nightmarish blur after that. Her siblings were taken away from her seperately by various aunties. She was taken into care at first, then one of her aunts (a sweet, lovable young lady) decided to take Paige under her wing and take care of her. Since then, Paige has been moving from country to country with her aunt (who owns a music company called Ravada), constantly changing schools. During that time she had been beginning to plot her revenge onto Easter for killing her parents.

    She has a brother who's about 13, one of her sister's is 11 and the other sister is 5

    Name- Sisi
    Gender - Girl
    Age- 16
    Appearence- [​IMG]

    Transformation - [​IMG]

    Personality- Shes very shy, smart, and caring.

    Shugo Chara's name- Kiki
    Shugo Chara's apperance - Kiki looks like a mini Sisi. She wears camo shorts and crop top.
    Shugo Chara's personality- Sisi becomes very confident and will do everything with confidence. Her blue ribbons turn into a hat.
    Bio- Sisi is home-schooled. Because of this, she hasn't any friends except her Shugo Chara, Kiki. She wants to become an archeologist because she loves history

    if you haven't watched the anime you can watch some of the episodes if you want

    Rule- 1. No Godmodding
    2.keeps cussing to a minumim (however you spell it)
    3.Romonce to PG-13 anything over that goes to PM
    4.Yes violence but not to the point where there is a whole bbucnh of blood
    5.If any problems with another person who has joined the role play PM me.
    6.If you do not post for more than 3 days you are out.Post a reason you won't be on before leaving.If you couldn't get on the computer for any reason or something happened tell me
    7.Your shugo chara has to have a different personality from your character or it can be born from a dream your character has
    Tell me if there are any rules I'm missing
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  12. Shadow_Rocks I think this one turned out pretty well I like it.......there are some parts in the hair I didn't noticed that I didn't color...
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  13. Shadow_Rocks I like this video I haven't made a Sonic x related video that has clips so I decided to try and it turned out good ^_^
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  14. Shadow_Rocks this is one of my favorite drawing the only thing I changed about Moe was her eyes (I couldn't draw them) I was actually looking at the Manga Full Moon Wo Sagashite...Moe is Meroko's human form.....also I was using pen to write something from the scene but I messed up and I had to use the pen to scribble over the writing
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  15. Shadow_Rocks I drew this one on friday and colored yesterday....................I still wasn't trying to draw any anime character..........I like this drawing.................
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    Question: Who do you think would win the whole thing?
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    -_- well.................I don't know what do at this point *walks away*
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    I was bored anyway....This is different from my other AMV contests...Use one of the Chosen songs: The Harder We Fall-Anna Johnsson,Decode-Paramore,Becaouse of you-Kelly Clarkson,or You Found Me-The Fray

    There will be 3 judges I'm one of them so I need 2 more judges. The judges will be able to participate if they want to.

    The video can be old or new and the end date is April 13th (yes I'm giving you enough time to make the videos.....I'm like that)

    My Video:
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  19. Shadow_Rocks my favorite Tokyo Mew Mew video (I'm obsessed with the anime for some reason) I like far...anyway what do you guys think of it (yes I have a youtube)
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  20. Shadow_Rocks


    Has anyone ever seen the anime or read the manga I just started watching the anime today (Hideki is perverted) anyway I kinda like the anime.
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