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  1. adamboy7
    I can't believe it's actually been 10 years. I haven't been active the entire time, but I joined April 3rd, 2010. I've made some good friends along the way, and the Kingdom Hearts franchise has developed pretty well. Thanks to all the mods and staff who somehow still have this website running, and I hope the community can continue to blossom into something awesome.

    PS: Can I have a pretty colored name or role for being old? Jk.
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    Okay. Something that is a smidgen over my head. Just a smidgen XD

    Well, I have been dabbling in the realm of Virtual machines for awhile. Its all fine and dandy, does its job. But not quite perfectly. I wanted to test out my computer in a 64 bit way rather than my current 32 bit. I normally run Windows XP professional. I have 2 gig of ram, minimum required is 1 gig of ram i believe. Only 2 gig of ram to spare and to give a virtual machine half your ram or more causes a meditation error. So rather than emulate a computer (Oracle VirtualBox, BTW. Not particularly important.) I figured I would try to boot via USB.

    So I went into my computer's Bios and activated the USB boot option. Then I popped in my 64 bit install disc and went into setup. I got my drive ready (Dane-Elec 8GB, if it matters) and selected it to install the OS on. All went well, more than enough room, all files copied over, success left and right. Then it saved a configuration and restarted like any normal OS before activation.

    Computer came back on, I waited till the "press any key to load CD" passed and my USB started flashing and was being read. The 64 bit logo appeared and started loading before moments later it blue screened me. I do not have the stop code handy, but it was the one that 64 bits get when they can't access the boot device. I restarted and same thing, but a screen flashed. From the glimpse of what I saw, its a multi boot screen. There was an option to load my regular OS or the 64 bit. I couldn't load the 64 bit, so in the half second I have I spammed the down key to scroll to my regular OS and hit enter. Loe and behold, my regular OS boots without a problem.

    So I tried unplugging my USB, removing the disc, turning off USB boot, messing with boot order, nada. Every time I would get the multi boot for a brief second then a failed boot of 64 bit. So I have to be quick to actually turn on my computer. Any way to remove the 64 "install" from my computer? If I got this right, the OS is on the USB as expected. It just doesn't want to load. However, I believe the actual configuration is on my C: drive. So it goes into said configuration with an OS that isn't even there.

    Edit: Oh, and while looking up my computer specs I noticed a PCI Device that isn't properly and can't be re installed it cannot find necessary files even with the USB plugged in. Supposedly it pops up when a drive or piece of hardware is not properly detected. "Shocker" >.>

    General sources:

    Computer specs:
    Windows XP professional, Service pack 3 32 bit
    C: drive- about 186 gig
    External flash drive- 8 gig
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU
    6600 @ 2.40GHz
    2.40 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM
    Physical Address Extension
    Nevada video card? Some proper name I can't recall?
    I don't recall the sound card, I believe its made by ATI. Not sure

    If anybody can help I would be like, really grateful. Like, forever XD Thank you, have a nice day.
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    Storm of Fate

    Current standing logo, may be subject to change

    • Alrighty, myself a team of people you may or may not know have decided to come together and make a video game. The main members of the team are myself, the one who started us off, Rienzel, the second in command, and Sora's Apprentice, the third in command.

      I started this project some time shortly before the summer of 2012 (I say the year because I don't know how long this project will take). I wanted to make a video game just for the fun of it. Then my friends found out and we all joined in. We came to the agreed decision that we would start a company. Our company is known as Splitsoul Games. However, we recently had a major revision to the game.

      We hold meetings on Skype to discuss the general progress of the game, to brainstorm, and to share general ideas.

      Because we started back in the summer of 2012 and scratched most of what we had, a deadline is still undecided. One does not exist as of yet. We all have school to deal with and daily lives. So, hopefully we can get a majority of the work done this summer, the summer of 2013. This thread will be updated by myself and other members of the game staff as necessary.
    • Originally our game was going to be a spin off of the kingdom hearts series. However, we have come to the decision to redo the game entirely. We are creating an original game with an original story line and characters. The game is now called Storm of Fate.

      The story takes place centuries in the past. Its a general fight between good and evil. It is inspired by the kingdom hearts series. To maintain originality kingdom hearts wont be in there, no organization, etc. Some elements will be somewhat recognizable, but the story will go much different places than Kingdom hearts with much a much different series of events. More will be posted as we progress.
    • In the world of SoF, when a human dies, their soul ascends to the air in the form of a wisp and travels into a large metallic object called the gate of souls (original, i know). The gate itself is made of the collective souls of the dead, as is the dimension beyond it. On the gate is an inscription in a language no one recognizes, yet can be read by all. Essentially saying that whoever opens the gate will become the master of souls, gaining the collective strength, energy, and skill of billions of people. Naturally people would want this for themselves. But there are also a surprising number of pure hearted people who want to preserve the gate, letting the dead rest in peace. Not only that, prevent the destruction someone drunk with such power would cause. The greedy realised the couldn't overcome those protectors by acting alone, so most, if not all of them joined together and became rather organized. In response, so did the protectors, eventually forming monarchies. And so the war began. The greedy malice filled people who wanted the power for themselves, dubbed the dark for the blackness of their souls, against the pure hearted protectors of the gate, dubbed the light by opposition.
      The main character of the story is a teenage boy (original, i know) Named Terak. He lives in a small town near the border of the two territories. He's the son of the mayor, a hardened war veteran named Ignis. He lives a generally peaceful life for the most part, but everything changed when the fire nation dark attacked, to expand their territory. Most of the villagers were either killed or captured, his father being no exception. Terak manages to get out of the town alive and without too much injury, but realizes he doesn't know where to go. Eventually he collapses, and is found by someone. That's all the story which will be revealed right now :p
    • Leveling, Summons, and Class system.
      Each enemy defeated will give a certain amount of exp, as per normal. In the menu will be an option to go to the leveling screen. Once there, You can select from characters in your party and several brackets will be shown. One for each class. Classes are as followed.
      Warrior: Well rounded fighter. Moderate in nearly every stat.
      Mage: Focuses mainly on magic. The main healers of the party.
      Berserker: Abandon all else (Defense, health, attack speed, etc.) for maximum strength. Some abilities may even drain other stats for temporary boosts in physical power.
      Guardian: Has the highest Defense and Health of any class. Focuses on drawing fire away from other party members.
      Thief: high attack speed, And ability to loot better items and steal from enemies during combat.
      Summoner: Low overall stats, but can summon creatures of incredible power.

      Under each class will be a series of upgrades. Passive abilities (which are always active unless switched off) and action abilities (can be used during combat), each costing a certain amount of exp. Purchasing one ability will unlock the next in the skill tree of that particular class. Below these will be upgrades for the stats associated with the class it's under. These can be purchased an infinite amount of times (up to the level cap). Each time you purchase something, the character's level will increase by one. (level cap is currently planned for 99. It may or may not change) You can switch to a different class and purchase abilities or stats there, but it's set that hitting the level cap is equivalent to maxing out one class (with stat upgrades).

      The summoner class will differ from the others for various reasons. For one, it's major stat will be "Summon power". Something unique to the class. It dictates how long a summon will stay, and how powerful it'll be while summoned. with far less action abilities than other classes, they're replaced with various summons and upgraded forms of them. The "Ultimate summon" Has already been decided. It's a bit of an inside joke between me and Adam, but I'll let you discover it when you play the game. When called, a summon will replace the party, and be controlled by the character. Each summon will have it's own set of action abilities, and will go out with a bang by using it's finisher just before it leaves.

    • More on our Youtube
    • Coming soon!
    • You little stalker >.> Imeanwhat? Right. As mentioned we all reside on skype and hold meetings. However, for convenience you can check out our link-> Youtube channel and monitor progress. Alternatively, you can just look up Splitsoul Games. Also, want to contact us? Message us on youtube, or drop us an email at
    • Adamboy7: Head of Splitsoul Games, graphic design, 3D technition, and general computer tech.
      Rienzel: Second in command, Scripting, head of story and voice acting
      Sora's Apprentice: Third in command, Co story, concept art, beta tester, voice actor
      Star Seeker3: Concept Artist, beta tester
      Terra254: N/A
      Dr_Wigglz: Scripting, voice actor
      cloud<3: Scripting
      bluekingboy: Voice Actor
      Arch: Composer
      Nate combs: Composer, voice actor
      Heroic Roxas: Voice actor
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    Okay, I have a bit of a problem here. My problem is that I cant actually access google searches on GOOGLE Chrome. I go to only to have this pop up:


    I can still access other google based things like google/translate, google/maps, youtube, bla. So is it google or my computer? Because I can access it on Internet Explorer without a problem (I just don't feel like switching back to IE.) Has anybody else had this problem? Any solutions that preferably don't involve switching browsers? Thank you for your time and effort :)

    Obviously I use google chrome, I run windows XP pro, 32 bit java (if that even matters), and yea. Any other needed info just ask :)
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    Going from most awesome to just plain horrible, where do you place the worlds of KH2?
    My list goes like this:

    The world that never was
    Disney Castle (Because of Terra in FM)
    Space Paranoids
    Twilight town
    Port Royal
    Hallow Bastian
    Pride Lands
    Halloween Town
    Timeless River
    Olimpis coliseum
    Land of the dragons
    Beast's castle

    I believe that is all of them. Your thoughts and list? :D
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    Going from awesome to play to just a pain, where do you place each KH1 world?

    My list goes like this:

    1. Halow Bastian
    2. End of the world
    3. Halloween town
    4. Agrabah
    5. Never land
    6. Deep Jungle
    7. Monstro
    8. Traverse town
    9. Olympus Coliseum
    10. Wonderland
    11. Atlantis

    Your thoughts and list? :D
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    Has anybody here seen one of these? Better question, who has one? I got one from gamestop for about three dollers. I found software to install on my PC so it is recognised, but I cant access the drive itself. I desire to use it for my playstation 2 emulator (PCSX2). Does anybody know how to make it work? Thanks! Oh, and not sure how to add attachments, so I got the software from here, its in the attatchments:

    Edit: I forgot to mention, I use Windows XP
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    Okay, I has question.....

    Acording to Albert Einstein, the speed of light is the universal speed limit.
    the speed of light = 299,792,458 m/s
    So acording to Albert Einstein, nothing can go faster. And as far as I know, nothing can match it either. If nothing can go faster and the speed can't be matched (to my knowladge anyways), then what is the speed of darkness? Darkness it the absence of light. So if nothing can match it or go faster, what is there while darkness is catching up? What fills this void? Empty space maybe? Nothingness? Whats there? Any thoughts?

    (thanks Hopefulwishes for the idea!:
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    Have you ever been asked (probably by an elder person) "What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?" If so, this is a game for you. Here is how it goes:
    Somebody posts a video. Its your job to find and post a video that is as unrelated as posible. However there are rules.

    1. No porn.

    2. If there is an age limit on it, please put it in a spoiler.

    3. It must be appropreate for the site.

    4. Have fun!

    I will begin and somebody will find something totally unrelated. POST POST A GO GO.[video=youtube;_lbZpFBGq1k][/video]
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    Sopa is dead!

    That is all :3
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    Okay, recently I have had a project if you will. I have been looking into something called lucid dreaming. Basicly, what I am looking for is controll over my own dreams. May sound crazy, but really. I might aswell spend eight hours a night doing something productive! Anywho, have you ever known you were dreaming and had controll over what happened? And if so, what did you do? Oh, and what gave it away? Happy dreaming!
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    USB to DVD

    Well, I have a USB (cruzer micro 1gb to be exact) that has the ability to make the computer read it as having two drives. One being the information part, and one drive that reads as a DVD. The DVD part allows it to auto run and load up the menu to it when pluged in. Is it posible to make a non cruzer USB do the same? I want to take a larger USB and make it read like a DVD. Is it posible? Thankyou so much!
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    PS2 emulater

    PS2 emulater (Updated!)

    I would like to download an emulator program to my computer. I have no experence with emulator programs, and have some questions. I am aware that an emulator program can load something off of a disc. Would it be posible to have it start up a something on my actual computer rather than a disc? I would much rather have what I want to start up on my compter rather than on a disk that gets scratches, lost, broken, ect. If not, I can live with discs. Anyways, would it be posible to do so? Another question I have is can you start a disk up after another? Much like with Code Breaker, Game Shark, whatever, and then the game you want to affect. Can this be done on a computer? I would ask more questions, but it all depends on the who, what, when, where, and whys of the program I download. Any suggestions as to what I sould download? (Preferably no links for the emulator, unless its a video or something.) Thanks to everyone! :D Happy New year! (In a few days, but yea XD)

    I quoted myself so you don't have to look for coment number 7 lol.

    EDIT: I seem to have gotten the emulator up and running, thankyou all for your help! If you need me, I shall be playing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix!!! :D
    EDIT 2: I no longer need any assistance. Unless anyone knows how to make the program run smoother. But then agian, I think it just may be my computer lol.
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    Well, I myself am a big Death Note fan :D (Obvious by my avitar, the title, and all the Death Note GIFs I haveon my computer.) I am looking for a program or anything that will get the job done (Free would be lovely) and make my voice sound like L's computer voice. I have found a few ways to do it with Audacity, however I want to be able to synthisize my voice in real time for mic chats and what not. Please help, I greatly appreaciate it, and happy holidays :)
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    Well, it is that time of year agian :D The time of "Santa" and his helpers, giving and recieving, being with loved ones, and just enjoying the holidays :D (By the way, if you do not celebrate Christmas, you may want to stop reading now.) I am curious, what do the people of KHV do to celebrate Christmas? Do you do secret santa? Do you roast chestnuts on an open fire? (By the way, I have actually yet to meet a single person who does roast chestnuts, but besides the point XD). What do you do to keep the holidays special? 3, 2, 1, converse lol.
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    I think I lost a few IQ points from this, but you know what? It's still better than Bieber.
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    If you need quest help, post your quest here and I am sure sombody will be happy to help.
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    I have had the mentos and soda expiriment on my mind for a while. I was wondering, what happens when you do it in outer space? I know that liquids form perfact spheres in space, so you dont need the bottle. If you had a perfect cola sphere, stuck a mentos on the end of a stick and stuck it in the center of the sphere, what would happen? I know the chances of sombody giving me a difinitve answer is slim to none, and the chances of Nasa making a huge mess in their ship are even more slim, so what do you think will happen?
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    Well, I myself like to think I am not half bad when given photoshop and some time. I was thinking about it earlier and reflected on my ealier work. I sadly no longer have the program due to a crash that happend quite some time ago. My computer is now used as spare parts, so i got a new computer. New computer means all of the files I had are out.... Including all my work and programs. But anywho, I didnt start this thread to morn the loss of my computer or bug others for a copy of their program. I want to know what OTHERS think of what I managed to do. Here is some of my work.




    (this one I made after a friend of mine made a sprite for me. He made this in sprite form, and I made it agian in photo shop out of bordom.)

    (agian, made from sprite in photo shop)

    I have a few more, but for some reason they turned to little X's in my album. Don't really know why. I would hapily take requests, but seeing as how my program is gone with my old computer, I cannot. Anywho, what do you people think?
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