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    I just hanged up the phone, I was talking with my best friend' s daughter. I' m helping her with her bad grades in math and I figured I might as well download some movies or series in their original English for her. She wouldn' t understand a word of it just yet without subtitles, but it would help her to get an ear for the language.

    The last time I saw her I gave her the first season of Buffy, she' s a Twilight fan so I figured she would like it. It' s the same thing except it' s good. Wrong. Apparently it scared her. So I asked her if there was a series or a movie in particular she has yet to watch and would like to.

    She told me "Well there is that movie called 50 shades of something ..."
    "I' m gonna stop you right there. No. Just ... no." (she' s twelve)

    So we settled for Twilight in English. FML.

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    So, apparently LARiA is learning French but she' s struggling with its pronunciation.
    I finally found out how to use my (lousy) mic, so I recorded myself singing a French song.
    I figured I might as well let the Spam Zone poke its fun at it.

    It' s a song from the Notre Dame de Paris musical, Belle. You should probably lower the volume first. The more the song unravels the louder I get, so chances are I' ll make your ears bleed. ^^

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    Apparently Misty would rather have this be its own thread so ... here I go.

    I' m a humanist as well. Which makes me both a feminist and a MRA, just ... not an active one.
    Can' t help noticing the MRA and gamergaters have raised an awful lot of devastating points lately. They' re just as likely to give in to cat fights as feminists though. And I wish they could use all that energy to criticize medias at large, we sure could use it.

    Precisely. Privileged is synonymous with "non-discriminated", and I sure as hell don' t see how that' s a problem.

    I' m all for equality, but I hate censorship with a passion. And a lot of these people are really snowflake censors. Even the "good" ones can be guilty of that every now and then. Misty, I' m looking at you right now. Being okay with nudity as long as it stays in your room is the very definition of puritanical. I assume the reason you made no attempt whatsoever at demonstrating why that shirt was sexist was that, at some point, you realized you couldn' t. At least I hope so. Don' t worry, I know your heart is in the right place. And you don' t flee actual dialogues, that will always earn you cookie points in my book. I just needed something concrete to illustrate my case and that' s what popped to mind.

    Actually, and that' s the scary thing, it does work. I would just laugh it out if they just stayed in their tumblr bubble, but they don' t. I read the Huffington Post daily, it' s infested with click bait tumblrina diarrhea. This isn' t just about the video games I love, this isn' t just about the comics I love, when they fuck with my country and keep painting the Charlie Hebdo staff as racists/islamophobes, over and over and over again, I lose my shit.

    What' s even worse is that the French Huff Puff doesn' t dare to print those articles, nor did it dare posting their Chapel Hill shooting article without editing it a bit first. Make no mistake, they are deliberately dishonest, this isn' t an accident. When I bitched and moaned about the Faux News of the world in the Chapel Hill shooting thread this is exactly what I had in mind. Fox is easily the worst offender, but the others aren' t that much better.

    But wait, it doesn' t stop there either ! Just look at what' s happening in American universities right now. Or the kind of laws that have been passed in Britain and Sweden lately. Those people do have an impact. They don' t have nearly as much of an impact in France, THANK GOD !!! But they sure are trying.

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    Err .. guys ? It' s okay, you can just learn a foreign language and get the fuck out. I' ll understand.
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    I just watched Sakaguchi being interviewed at the Japan Expo in Paris. He spoke mostly about his next mobile game, Terra Battle, and about mobile gaming in general, but there was a funny little snippet about Eraqus at the end :

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    Pamela Raintree and her stone are being celebrated by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community of Shreveport, Louisiana, for their incredible parts in sustaining the city's LGBT non-discrimination ordinance, which was under threat of repeal.

    The transgender woman recently confronted Councilman Ron Webb, the single dissenting vote against the ordinance, which passed in December, and the mastermind behind a repeal of the law. Raintree brought the stone with her to the council meeting and stated, "Leviticus 20:13 states, 'If a man lie also with mankind as he lieth with a woman, they shall surely put him to death.' I brought the first stone Mr. Webb, in case that your Bible talk isn't just a smoke screen for personal prejudices."

    After Raintree gave her moving speech Webb moved to withdraw his proposal. His withdrawal motion was unanimously supported.

    Source :

    Faith in humanity restored.
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    Since gender issues seem to be somewhat of a hot topic lately, not just on this forum but across medias in general, I figured I should post this trailer.

    This movie, written by its main actor and largely autobiographical, is currently receiving high praise, both by the critics and the public. Haven' t seen it myself yet.

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    Source :
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    Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy illustrator) and Michel Ancel (Rayman and Beyond Good And Evil creator) are two names I certainly didn' t expect to ever see associated in the same news, and yet :

    Source :

    Could this projet be Beyond Good And Evil 2 ? Something else entirely ?
    My bet is on the latter, but who knows ...
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    Xenowut ?

    Damn, is that ... is that a Xenoblade sequel ? It looks awesome ! XGARSBFUYHJISUSKRST !!
    Wait, it' s on Wii U, and it' s an on-line game.
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    Demons. Right. Mental illnesses are found all around the globe, in more or less the same proportions as in the US.
    There' s nothing "shadow" about it. I' ve got another dirty little truth for you, Mr Lapierre : Not to mention Asians and Europeans play video games at least as much as Americans.
    And somehow you keep romanticizing the right to own a gun. Where' s the difference ? Cause I don' t see any.
    As opposed to the NRA who faces its own moral failings instead of blaming the media. Wait ...

    Then Mr Lapierre jumped to the usual NRA fallacies, "moar guns = moar security" and "moar guns in schools". Good job NRA, stay classy.

    To get back on what I said about violent video games, that they are played all around the world, same goes with violent music, books, movies and news. If I had to point a clear difference in the US media it would be the way they treat news : the first amendment allow their journalists to outright lie, they aren' t hold to any ethical line (hello Faux News). Pointing fingers with made up or religious "facts" instead of having a rational debate is the way of the bully. "Yay, I stood my ground like a real Amurican ! Did you see his face when I insulted him lol ?" Right. And they call that journalism. What a brilliant role model.

    But then to be fair it looks like a majority of Americans can see through this bullshit, so ... in the end the huge proportion of American civilians owning a gun still strikes me as the main, undeniable factor that sets their country apart.
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    I' d like to see which ending people want to be true. Here are your options :

    1 - Cobb is in the real world.
    2 - Cobb is stuck in limbo.
    3 - I just can' t say for sure.

    Additionally, and this is the reason I didn' t put any poll in this thread, I' d like you to say whether you' re theist or atheist, I wonder if a correlation will arise. Not that I could jump to any conclusion if there was, but I' m curious nonetheless. The Inception wikipedia page says Nolan noticed that people who have kids tend to pick 1.

    I' ll start :
    3 - I just can' t say for sure.
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    Source :

    Apparently it was the diabetes medication mixed with the alcohol that triggered the reaction, rather than formaldehyde poisoning. More details here :
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    Not sure if/when I' ll be able to get my hands on it, but it seems to be worth a look.
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    Source :

    Well what do you know, turns out there' s a way for Kitty to get even manlier !
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