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  1. Always Dance
    today i was telling my friends how happy i was that my credit score made it 740 and i thought about this thread

    nostalgia rep weekend tho, ***** i am dead
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    An oddity

    ugh why do people remember this name.

    You used to be called...****, i can't remember. Something that sounded kinda spanish maybe?

    All I remember is that I used to low key thirst over you when you posted pics in the PYP thread. Because teenaged internet thirst is ****ing real.

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    An oddity

    ****,,,,,,,those videos of me attempting to sing still exist,,,,,,,,,,
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    An oddity


    Probably not "staying around", just dropping in every once in a while like I usually do.

    I can't believe people still remember my embarrassing Azkaban video
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    An oddity

    that's the one i was saying was vague :P
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    An oddity

    It's literally been years since i was an active part of this community, and yet STILL, whenever i'm bored at work and have nothing to do, my instinct is to type "K" into my browser bar so KHV will autocomplete. To be fair, I only do that when i've exhausted facebook, tumblr, and reddit for all they're worth, but it's weird how once those are all devoid of content i haven't seen my instinct is to see what's on KHV, even though there are like maybe 2 people that still remember me on this damn website and forums haven't been my thing for so many years. It's ****ing muscle memory to try to go back to this place.

    9 times out of 10 i just read the news on the front page (I still like KH and like reading about what's up with it) and split, but sometimes i stalk you guys. sometimes i stalk my past self. that's what i did today. it is a slow day at work.

    Anyway can somebody please brief me on the apparent drama that happened with the site ownership or whatever because the post about it on the front page is vague and i need the tea.
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    Profile Post


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    I decided to log on today on a whim. Thanks for this! i do still love you guys, even if i never have time for you anymore
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    Hi! I almost never post on this website anymore so you may not know who i am, but I decided to stop and check on the site and noticed this thread.

    I had 4 abusive parents and one of them was a lot like your mother.

    A lot of people have brought up potential reasons for the why, another possibility i would like to raise is narcissistic personality disorder. Three of my abusers, in my opinion, had this. For me, reading about it and why it's awful put my mind at ease about the fact that it was a real problem and not just my own projections.

    Regarding the how, the sad reality is that a lot of the child protective services people will fail to do anything just like in my case. For me, the best thing to do was to escape as soon as I could and try to become stable so i could be a resource for my siblings to get through their childhoods more painlessly. The ideal situation is for me to sue my parents for custody once i can handle the kids myself. I also cut off contact with my abusers, in hopes that the complete lack of my presence would make them come to terms with their abusive behavior.

    What I want to address that doesn't seem to be being talked about a lot is what you need to do for yourself and your own well being. You are an abused person, like me, and you are going to need help. Growing up like that was really ****ing hard. It took me a lot of time to accept this, but it's worth it. The fact that you can't remember so much of your childhood/incidents? You don't have "terrible memory," that's not normal, you are literally blocking stuff out because of how bad it was. There are things you'll need to address about yourself and it's going to be hard. If you can, get yourself a therapist. In the meantime, try to find support groups, even online ones help. Some of the ones that have helped me through a lot were /r/raisedbynarcissists and /r/parentlessbychoice. You can also talk to me about any of this by contacting me here or (for quicker turnaround) any of the contact info in my signature.

    I'm really sorry for what you're going through and I wish you the very best of luck.
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    Wow, I actually forgot about that
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    my name has been Slaughtermatic, Bushido in the Bedroom, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W (whywhwyhwywhywhwyhwywhwyhwy), and I think maybe Sokka at one point?
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    I'm so glad this is still a joke people still make
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    oh my god, have you ever like gone through your old facebook statuses and realized that you used to be so weird and wonder how you ever had friends?

    Going through my old KHV messages and posts is like that times ****in' ten. Wait, is that going to be filtered? Holy crap, I remember when I used to think I was the coolest kid in the sandbox because I had a script that evaded the filter and made my text super annoying with different colored punctuation. I was the worst.

    Like, I'm an adult now with my own place and amazing friends and I'm about to finish college and I have a great job waiting for me, and I look back on this, and I can't believe I used to spend all my time talking to people on the internet about a gay disney video game. But you know what's even weirder? That sometimes I really miss that. I talk all the time about how important growing up on the internet was for me, about how I probably would have committed suicide if I didn't have my internet friends, and how communities like this one shaped so many things like my hobbies and my career (yeah my ****ing career, remember that script I was telling you about? that script is how i realized I love computer science and how i got my first internship, because i wanted to have cool different colored text), but at the same time, I'm not a part of those anymore. Like, I've tried to come back to this community and to other ones, but it never sticks. It's just not me anymore. I'm so busy that all my time gets spent on my life and on my real friends, and when I do reconnect with my internet friends I can never give them the time that they need. Like I basically only have one internet friend that I still talk to somewhat consistently and I feel horrible because I don't talk to him enough. But like, sometimes I just really miss having internet friends, I miss forum bullshit and hearing about everyone's lives and being thirsty over hot people posting in the PYP thread, idk. I guess this is just my version of missing being a kid, in some ways. This is my version of being a crusty old man and going back to the park he used to play in to look solemnly at the youngins and shake his fist at them. Maybe he reaches down to feed a bird or something but overextends his fragile bones and needs medical attention. But nobody notices and he dies alone, but he's happy, because he's back in his stomping ground, he fades away feeling young again for the last time.

    Wait a minute, I'm still just as weird. Oh well.

    Uh, anyway, while I'm still here and reminiscing about ****, if any of you remember who I am, how are doing? How is this place lately?
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    Even if the candidate WAS gay, voting for someone for being gay is ridiculously stupid. Vote for someone because you agree with their policies. Sexuality is not important in determining the ability to lead a country. Or, you know, at all.
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    I've decided to replay Final Fantasy Tactics with no use of special characters. Wish me luck!
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    I do it constantly. Thankfully my friends and roommates have gotten used to it.
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    I was really hoping to see you at my birthday party! But no worries. We live way farther apart one but i would be glad to have you over at my place whenever.
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