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  1. Cookiie
    So Andrew (Beau) came up with this idea for a project that I think is going to awesome. It's an audio project, 'KHV's Generation,' based off of South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation. What this family will be doing is covering Girls' Generation songs, like a chorus. You don't have to be an amazing singer. You don't even have to have a high quality mic. If you like singing, I would say "Go for it!"

    When you sign up, you will also choose a member that you want to be/sing as. There will be no auditions or casting for positions, so members will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. You are free to sign up for which ever members are left. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the songs to see which member you would like to sing as. c:

    Again, you don't have to be an outstanding singer, but the girls do have positions (lead vocals, main vocals, vocalists) so some members sing more lines and more difficult parts. In the end, it is entirely up to you which member you would like to be.

    We also need volunteers for mixers/animating. We're going to be singing songs that need to be mixed (obviously) and we need an animator to help us with the videos that we will put up on our very own Youtube account. You're help is greatly appreciated and we love you <33

    This thread will be used for sign up, as well as, general discussion about what songs we'll sing next as well as anything interesting c:



    "So what the heck is Girls' Generation?"

    Girls' Generation, as I mentioned earlier, is a South Korean girl group consisting of 9 members. The group debuted in the summer of 2007 and since then have earned the title of "The Nation's Singers" and "The Nation's Girl Group." Not only that but they have branched out of their own country, promoting in Japan and even hosting their own Asian tour. In 2011, they released an English and Korean album simultaneously titled, "The Boys," their first English album.

    Members of Girls' Generation (Still Available):

    Taeyeon (main vocalist 1)
    Jessica (main vocalist 2)
    Sunny (lead vocalist)
    Tiffany (lead vocalist)
    Hyoyeon (vocalist)*
    Yuri (vocalist)*
    Sooyoung (vocalist)*
    Yoona (vocalist)*
    Seohyun (lead vocalist)

    *These members are the dancers of the group (are pretty freaking awesome at what they do). You don't have to be an amazing dancer for these.


    You don't have to be a fan of Girls' Generation to join. Maybe you'll become a fan after joining, but if you love singing, join c:

    First come, First serve. Since there are only nine girls, this is really limited (I'M SORRY GUISE. WE'RE NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN). Look to see if the member you want is taken, if she is then go ahead and choose a different one. That being said, if you REALLY want a particular member PM me and I'll create a waiting list c:

    You don't have to be an amazing singer or have an amazing mic. If you like a member, and you think you want to sing as that member go for it. No one is judging you. (If they are come tell me and I will beat them u- I mean talk to them for you c; )

    Please stick with deadlines. It's unfair to others if you delay the release dates. :/

    If something urgent comes up, or if you think you will be inactive for awhile, please notify Andrew or I about it.PM, Tumblr, Skype, anything. If you're going to be away for a long time (ex. a 2 month hiatus) tell us whether you want to have someone already in the group cover your lines, or if you want to drop out completely (find someone else not in the group to take your place).


    For Singers:
    For Mixers/Animators:

    Username: Cookiie
    Member You're Applying for: Jessica
    Favourite Colour: #82CFFD
    Contact info (anywhere outside of KHV?): Tumblr ; Twitter ; Skype: oneandonly_judycookiiesung
    Anything else?: Let's goooo~


    Username: Beau
    Member You're Applying for: Yoona
    Favourite Colour: lighter shades of blue and purple
    Contact info (anywhere outside of KHV?): tumblr, twitter, skype (tesori.the.artist), facebook (only important stuff), cell phone (only SUPER important stuff)
    Anything else?: super excited for this project! <3

    Username: The Hero of Time
    Member You're Applying for: Tiffany
    Favourite Colour: lime and silver
    Contact info (anywhere outside of KHV?): Skype. (theherooftime108)
    Anything else?: Let's do eet!!
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  2. Cookiie
    Hey guys (: ~

    For the past week or so, I've been drawing a lot to try to improve my drawing skills. To accomplish this, I used references pictures and while drawing each I tried to focus on a different attribute (e.g. hair, eyes, hands, etc.). So the eyes might be better in one drawing, and the hair might be better in another. The other thing that I tried to work on was the time it took me to draw each.

    By the drawings, I'll post a link to the reference picture and the time it took me to draw each.
    NOTE: I did not trace anything. Personally, I like to take pride in my work and if I trace, I don't get that feeling of accomplishment because anyone can do it. Also it definitely wouldn't help my artistic ability at all.

    This isn't from an anime, but it is an anime style drawing. It is a drawing of the vocaloids Gumi and Luka from their song Happy Synthesizer. I tried to focus on Luka's hair in this one.


    This is the reference picture that I used:
    This took me 1.5 hours to draw and half an hour to perfect.

    This drawing is from the anime Anohana. I tried to focus on the shading of the eyes.


    This is the reference picture that I used:
    This took me 45 minutes to draw and 10 minutes to perfect.

    This is another drawing from Anohana. On this one I tried to focus on her "pose" (can't think of the correct term at the moment) especially that head tilt.


    This is the reference picture that I used:
    This took me 1 hour to draw and 15 minutes to perfect.

    This one is from Gundam Seed. I really tried to work on the hands, but that didn't seem to go very well ):


    This is the reference picture that I used:
    This took me 1.5 hours to draw and 15 minutes to perfect.

    Thanks for your time. Any help or constructive criticism would be nice. :D
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  3. Cookiie

    Hey .

    Hiya (:. I'm Cookiie <-not a typo , I just like spelling it with a double 'i' . I don't really know what to say... Kay so I guess I'll just try talking about myself...

    I'm a very big fan of anime. Like HUGE. I also love video games, especially Kingdom Hearts (hence joining this forum), Phoenix Wright, Tales of Symphonia...the list goes on. I've been watching anime and playing video games for as long as I can remember, literally.

    I don't really have much more to say, so I'll leave it at that...
    Thanks for your time (:
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