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  1. Chevalier

    ADELE - Hello

    So has anyone heard this song recently? It has over 30 million views on Vevo (54 in just two days) --- dethroning Taylor Swift's record.

    I was driving and suddenly this came in the radio and I screamed lol. She's a total babe.

    It's a pretty cool single. Here we go:

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  2. Chevalier
    So this is a longshot. But I figure there might be members who are far more informed than I am regarding this.

    Well, taking it from the top, I recently renewed my phone contract and switched phones to a LG G3. Which I was only content with.

    Fast forward to a few months and my phone falls and the screen completely breaks. It has no insurance. I go there and they tell me I can repair the screen but that it won't be the same as it was originally.

    So I decided to look into a phone I actually want. Enter the Sony Xperia Ultra series.

    These phones are big and range from 6 to 6.4 inches, which was the maindraw for me. Out of these, the Xperia C5 Ultra caught my attention. Its a phone that came out this year, and seems to meet my requirements almost perfectly.

    There is one issue, however. It's not a phone that's available in North American markets. No biggie right? I can just buy an international version off the internet.

    Which is where Networks come in. My SIM card is 4G LTE. And I don't understand how it all works but there's a chance this phone might not be able to go into...4G speeds? I'm not even sure.

    I have done my research. I inquired three times to my carrier's costumer service and they said that it would work. But I am a non-believer and stubborn. Specially since I am getting mixed signals from the sellers on Amazon (that state it has no 4G LTE in NA). I've also scoured the web and found lots of numbers (Mhz...?) That say which signals it can get? I presume.

    So to do a tl;dr

    Will the Xperia C5 Ultra connect to my mobile data at 3G and 4G LTE speeds and will it work as long as its SIM?
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  3. Chevalier
    Hey guys, welcome to the first ever Member Council.

    Before we move on to the subject, here are some added rules besides the Member Council ones:
    So we have a nice subject at hand, and I've been doing a bit of my own research, so I think this subject will be interesting to most.


    We have certain rules when it comes to what content can be allowed on KH-Vids.Net. But recently the thoughts on what should be allowed or not seem a bit blurry. Here's what the rules say:
    Now then, let's talk about this.

    Don't be shy. You can post even if your overall view isn't popular or different. The point of this is to discuss things and hopefully get things happening on the site. I repeat, don't be afraid to state your opinion as long as you follow the member council guidelines, you should be alright.

    Don't be afraid of being controversial or direct as long as you don't target specific people or groups. So have a it!

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  4. Chevalier
    Member Council Info Link

    I'm putting up this thread as a sort of preliminary thing. If you have any questions or doubts, you can post here. Once I start getting a considerable amount of subjects and the councils begin, I'll remove this thread.

    But for now, feel free to post here.
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  5. Chevalier


    derp derp derp derp derp
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    This is a new feature we're trying to implement for the members. It's very experimental at this moment so I ask that you bear with me here. It's not going to be pretty or formal. This is the real deal.​

    What is Member Council?
    How does this Work?
    What's the Fun Part?

    What's the Catch?
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  7. Chevalier

    Hello people,

    Hope that you're doing well. Just wanted to announce that pins will be returning from today forth. I've been through some ups and downs recently, but I'm trying. The features we had will slowly make a return.

    Now then, the pin shop is still closed. But you will be able to request Achievement and Event Pins. If you have no idea what pins are, here's the FAQ about them.

    Here's a list of the pins as a whole.
    All the pins should have a parenthesis explaining how you can get them. As an example:
    To request the pin you want, please send me an Inbox message. In it, you will state what pin you want, and if necessary, proof that you earned the pin.​


    Remember that the pin shop is still closed. And only Achievement and Event Pins will be given out. Only by sending me a private conversation.
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  8. Chevalier

    Hey all! It's that time again~ Incredible submissions this week! Sorry this is a bit late. Your Host is sort of a dumbutt this week, so...

    This Week's Judge(s): Chevalier

    1. Radioactive

    Radioactive - Kingdom Hearts

    Submitted by: minicoop55
    Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
    Details: Very crisp. The use of effects is nice, even though some variation would have been great. I was half expecting the lines and static to disappear at a certain point. The use of static to match up with the beats is great.

    2. Reach for the Stars (My Friends)
    Submitted by: Sonicfan23
    Song: Sonic Colors Main Theme
    Details: Really colorful song (HAHA GEDDIT!?) It's such a nice song and the editing makes it really nice to see the video overall.

    3. Thousand Years FF7 and KH
    Submitted by: cloud <3
    Song: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
    Details: This song is a favorite of mine. I tend to think it's corny, but I love it. Specially when it's mixed with Kingdom Hearts footage. Your editing was paced and clean. Good work.

    Congratulations to all who placed this week!
    Haven't placed yet? Don't give up! Your video certainly was not bad, and you may place in a future week.
    Thread by: Chevalier, Jun 22, 2013, 0 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
  9. Chevalier

    SQUARE ENIX France has posted on their facebook that both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts will be at "full force" during the japan expo.

    For those wondering, the Japan Expo is an event that covers Japanese culture---video games being a great part of it. SQUARE ENIX key staff such as Yoshinori Kitase, Motomu Toriyama, Naoki Yoshida and Shinji Hashimoto will make an appearance.

    Japan Expo will be from July 4th to July 7th.

    What do you think? Will they show something new in regards to Kingdom Hearts? Will we see more of 1.5 or something else? Tell me your thoughts by posting! ; >
    Thread by: Chevalier, Jun 5, 2013, 21 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  10. Chevalier

    Hey guys, our news today come exclusively from Yoko Shimomura herself. According to her, an HD Remix Ost is still undecided but definitely a possibility.

    It's all according to demand, she says. Here's the tweet in question.

    But why release an HD Remix if all the songs are the same as the older games?

    There you have it.

    What do you guys think? Would you like an 1.5 HD Remix OST with the Live renditions? Would you rather wait until 2.5 comes out? Would you buy the OST if it does come out?

    Thanks to Roxam and lycoris_moon29 for the information.
    Thread by: Chevalier, May 31, 2013, 10 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  11. Chevalier

    I was bored the other day and I made these. They're sort of eh, but I didn't really spend a lot of time on them. Anyways, CnC and all that jazz.
    Thread by: Chevalier, May 14, 2013, 3 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  12. Chevalier
    Hey guys, we're a few hours away from a new year (for some). Let's remind you of a few of our current events!

    First off, we have Castle Oblivion. All the details are here. If you haven't started, I suggest you do so now because it'll be ending tomorrow.

    Next up, we have New Years Resolutions. It's something very simple, but fun. This event will also be ending tomorrow. So if you haven't done that, get to it!

    Now, to see if you read this. If you reply to this thread, you will receive the KH-Vids 2012 pin. This will only last for a little a few days, so reply while you can.

    Thread by: Chevalier, Dec 31, 2012, 123 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
  13. Chevalier
    A small heads up for those who bought a 3DS and still don't know what to do with it. BradyGames is giving away Dream Drop Distance along with the strategy guide.

    All you have to do is SHARE and LIKE BradyGames on Facebook. You can find more details on their facebook page. Make haste, though; the day is almost done.

    Thanks to ZeroIII (Keyblade Spirit) for the info!

    note: KH-Vids.Net is in no way affiliated to BradyGames. Any complaints or claims should therefore be directed at BradyGames. We are not responsible for anything that happens in this giveaway.
    Thread by: Chevalier, Dec 11, 2012, 1 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  14. Chevalier
    Hey Guys, I got these awesome news which I'm super excited to share with you all!

    They will show a video for it and it'll also be playable. For those not familiar with the HD Remix, it's a game collection that will bundle Kingdom Hearts, Re:Chain of Memories in glorious HD and improved textures. 358/2 Days will also be included in a compact form only showcasing the important cutscenes in the game.​
    Major thanks to Vanellope(Axel91) for the heads up!​
    Thread by: Chevalier, Dec 5, 2012, 26 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  15. Chevalier
    Hey guys, this is Chevalier here posting something for the podcast in place of Peace-and-War who passed out after drinking too much at the pub...Nah, I'm just kidding, he's just resting himself for all the hard work he does!

    So, in here we have something very peculiar, a very laid-back podcast! Let's put Kingdom Hearts aside for a second and see what our podcast team has to say about themselves, about the world, ect. PaW and friends will surprise you with their shenanigans.

    If you use a music player other than iTunes, you can subscribe using this feed.​
    To be Added!

    Have suggestions or questions for the members of the KH-Vids Podcast? Let Sabby, Peace and War know, or bring it to our attention in the posts below! Just be sure to follow the rules and guidelines here.
    Thread by: Chevalier, Nov 21, 2012, 8 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
  16. Chevalier
    Café Session # 5
    Literate Beans Group: Here

    More beans fer you lot.

    Anyway, as the last session revolved around the ever present setting, we will now delve into the third big topic. So you’ve got your character and know where they live, but now what? What is happening there? What is driving them to do the things they do? And with that, we now enter the fabulous makeshift reality of Plot.

    And as a kick start to discussion, some questions for you lot (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER THEM ALL LOL):

    Out of the things you have read, seen and/or played, what do you feel had the strongest plot? The weakest?

    What types of plots do you feel are cliché? Why do you feel this way?

    If you’ve written a story before, think about one of them. What was the plot? Describe it. Do you think it could have been better, what would you change about it?

    Pick a story on KH-Vids. Read at least a chapter and post you thoughts on how the plot is developing so far (was the exposition good, is the tension increasing, etc).
    Thread by: Chevalier, Nov 7, 2012, 2 replies, in forum: Archives
  17. Chevalier

    Hey guys! We have something very interesting to tell you today! With Novemember here, we're gonna soon be in the midst of the Black Friday deals.

    In particular, Best Buy seems to have a great deal for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. From what I can see, the game even goes as cheap as 15 USD! Pretty neat, huh?

    Thanks to Axel91 for the heads up!
    Thread by: Chevalier, Nov 7, 2012, 19 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  18. Chevalier
    Hey guys, since the move to Xenforo we have been adapting to things and trying to improve most of everything. Unfortunately, moving is a slow and daunting process sometimes--things need fixing, and you have to sort of 'unpack' things.

    Sadly, all the pin info has been lost. So all the pins have to be re-awarded. We have made preparations to try and compensate for it. Event Pins which you can re-gain in another year do not apply.

    This means that while you can request pins like KH-Vids 2010 or KH-Vids 2011, pins like Castle Survivor or Party Lover, you'll have to wait until the event happens again.

    But first a small reminder of what Pins are:

    Pins are collectible little medals you obtain from accomplishing things on the site. While they really don't serve a practical purpose, they're nice for having fun and showing them off.

    That said, I want to happily announce the opening of BULKY MEDAL, OUR PIN EMPORIUM! (click the image to be taken there)

    In this new Pin Emporium you will be able to do more than what the older pin system allowed:​

    • Request all your pins (so a claim-it-yourself kind of deal)
    • Create Pins with Materials
    • Trade Pins with other members
    • Modify which Pins appear in your posts (still being worked on atm)
    So go ahead and check it out! We hope you enjoy it!
    Thread by: Chevalier, Nov 6, 2012, 8 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
  19. Chevalier

    • Welcome all to the Pin Emporium! In here you craft pins with Synthesis Materials and even trade them with your fellow members. So step right in and see the wares we offer.

      Did you Know?

      That on KH-Vids there are cute little heartless roaming about called Bulky Vendor? These little creatures usually roam about, but are too shy to approach people directly. So instead they'll drop little treasure balls that contain Synthesis Materials. They do this because they're happy to see you achieve things on the site!

      Materials & Pins

      We here have a special group of Moogle workers which we've specially assigned to craft pins. They seem to have a special knack for it! But what do we know about Synthesis and Materials? Well that's simple. Materials come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the quality and size, our Moogles can create (or re-create) whatever pin you request.

      Crafting and Trading Pins

      To Craft Pins

      Check to see the Pin you want out of the Bulky Pins list (Provided below) and post here saying which one you want. Each pin has a Synthesis Material requirement (So you can't really create a pin that requires a Crystal Synthesis Material if all you have is a Shard). If your cost does not require materials just show up here with proof that you meet the requirements.


      • You may only post requesting to craft pins here ONCE a day. So be sure to read everything before you decide to craft pins (this doesn't apply in understandable cases where the pin shop restocks and you JUST posted or new pins are added and posted minutes before)
      • Once the transaction is done, it is impossible to reverse. So consider it twice before you decide to use a material.
      • You cannot use the same material for different pins. This will be kept track off and those who try will lose all their pins.
      • Be sure to specify which pin you want and be sure to have the required material for it.
      • Only specified pins can be created. Not every pin can be obtained with Materials. Some require achievement or event participation.
      To trade Pins

      Here you can also trade pins with your friends! But it must follow a certain set of rules. Each party involved must be conscious of the change and you must both post in here.


      • You may only post requesting to trade pins here ONCE a day.
      • Once the transaction is done, it is impossible to reverse. So consider it twice before you decide to trade pins.
      • Both of the people involved must post in this thread stating that they want to trade.
      • Both must specify what the terms of the trade are (which pin for which)
      • Only specified pins can be traded. Achievement and Event Pins cannot be traded unless otherwise stated.
    • Pin Selection

      Here is a table was too borked had to destroy it like 3 times list with the whole selection of pins, each with their respective cost and requirement and also stock. Pins are still being added and designed as we speak.

      Follow Suit
      Followers,'s all the same to a kind heart!
      Have 20 followers and 20 following
      Unlimited Stock!

      Premium Craze
      Welcome to Premium, now bask in the glory of a dead section!
      Become a Premium Member
      Unlimited Stock!

      You have left your mark on the site. You're a Legend!
      2,000 Posts and 250 Likes
      Unlimited Stock!

      You have seen the passage of time on the site, memories Everlasting!
      3 years or More on the Site
      Unlimited Stock!

      Red Skull
      Wake up, leave your hesitation. Time to keep collecting...
      Collect Ten Pins or More
      Unlimited Stock!

      Blue Skull
      Calling, you hear the calling. Someone is calling...
      Any Shard Type Material
      20 in Stock! (can only buy one)

      Pink Skull
      Calling, you hear the calling. Someone is calling...
      Any Shard Type Material
      20 in Stock! (can only buy one)

      Green Skull
      Calling, you hear the calling. Someone is calling...
      Any Shard Type Material
      20 in Stock! (can only buy one)

      Platinum Skull
      Calling, you hear the calling. Someone is calling...
      Collect over 4 TWEWY themed Pins
      5 in Stock! (can only buy one)

      Bulky Token
      A Pin that signifies the Pin Emporium Mascot!
      Any Shard Type Material
      50 in Stock!

      The Beginning
      Every Journey begins somewhere...
      Any Shard Type Material
      25 in Stock!

      The Beginning: Final Mix
      Some journeys begin with special surprises in store...
      Any Gem Type Material
      10 in Stock!

      Decade of Hearts
      Our Dearly Beloved Series. Long Live Kingdom Hearts!
      Any Crystal Type Material
      OUT of Stock!

      Sometimes memories just need a little help getting out...
      Any Stone Type Material
      7 in Stock!

      Righty Cat
      Merciless power, when wielded with Wisdom and Courage, shall surely break the Gods' spell over all...
      Any Gem Type Material
      10 in Stock!

      Brainy Cat
      Fierce courage, when joined by Wisdom and Power, shall surely break the Gods' spell over all...
      Any Crystal Type Material
      10 in Stock!

      Lefty Cat
      Sinister wisdom, with Power and Courage in hand, shall surely break the Gods' spell over all...
      Any Gem Type Material
      10 in Stock!

    • Question & Answer

      There's no particular point to pins. They're just something for fun and collectibles. You can presume them and show them off in your posts.

      Go to your profile. And right under your profile picture (your avatar) there's something that says Material Points. Click on the number, and your materials will show.

      No. Your materials will still display nicely even if you use them here. It's only a ~pretend~ crafting scenario.

      By counting how many you have overall. It's not that hard. Just read the instructions on the page and you should know how.

      They'll go on a ~cooldown~ mode until I post here again saying materials are replenished. They do so universally, so even if you haven't used all your materials, they'll replenish at set points.

      You need to check this thread. I will post in here replenishing our stock of pins. I suggest you subscribe to this thread.

      Events usually run yearly, so you can wait until that event comes around.

      Some pins can only be obtained on a certain date or certain year. However, occasionally, the emporium will put these pins up at a special high cost. So even if you missed it that year, you can still get it.
      That's possible. Your event needs to meet a specific criteria detailed here:

      • If it's a recurring event, it must run for a year without dying.
      • It must be an event that isn't discriminatory to people.
      • It must follow the KH-Vids.Net Rules.

      Even then, you will not be making the pin. You can however, be extremely specific about what you want in the pin design and we'll make it for you.

    The code in the thread got borked again so all these updates will have to WAIT
    Pin Shop will be closed for a week.

    Thread by: Chevalier, Nov 2, 2012, 213 replies, in forum: The Playground
  20. Chevalier

    Hey guys. I have something interesting for you today! Some of you may have gotten some alerts. Don't be afraid! there's a reason for that.

    the Trophy system has become Synthesis Materials. See the whole list HERE!

    Okay so what are these Materials for?

    Well, we'll give out more details soon. But they are very closely related to our Pin System, which is getting major upgrades and additions as we speak.

    Now, before you ask. Pins will still not be given out. You'll have to wait just a bit more for the Pin system to be fully in effect. But the pins are being put up slowly, but surely.

    For those who don't know, Pins are our collectible system where people get different medals for achieving things. The system is gonna be expanded further soon.

    As for materials, the list is not full yet. More materials will come as time goes by. There's a total of 44 materials planned. So wait for that!
    Thread by: Chevalier, Oct 18, 2012, 18 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects