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  1. Glen
    As the title suggests, I would like to see the ability to @staff be implemented on the KHV Discord server. This can be done by managing the roles on the server itself and ticking a box to allow a usergroup to mention an entire usergroup. I feel this would be useful for when someone has a question for the staff.
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    This has been happening to me for the last few days, and it's starting to slow down my responses a little. Sorry about the poor image quality, but whenever I click on edit post or outright try to post a new one (heck even right now they're messed up for me) instead of the normal images representing each of the functions, I get that. I'm not sure if it's a browser thing (I use Firefox, on a windows 10 operating system) but is there any help that can be offered? Possibly even an explanation so as to prevent this issue in future?
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    Well, neither did I. Well, it's not entirely true...I've been thinking about it for a while now, I just never thought I'd actually go through with it.

    To be honest, I don't think anyone outside of the RPA is going to care about this too much. Those in the RPA it probably won't anyway, after all I don't post nearly as much as I should. Sorry about that guys, truly.

    I'll see if I can keep this short, but no promises. Basically, everything in my life has gotten far too much to handle. Between literally about 30 days of family tragedies and drama I thought I'd escaped and all the drama online, I can't handle it. I can't cope with it anymore. This isn't a suicide thread, and I'm not going to do anything like that so don't worry about that. I initially joined KHV out of curiousity, I figured I'd make some friends and have a little fun. And damn did I do that...seriously, I have had so much fun on this site over the years I hoped it would never end, but this is something I had to do.

    As for friends, well anyone who knows me knows that I value each and every one of my friends. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for my friends if it would help them feel even a little better. Unfortunately though, I don't know that I can do that right now. Right now, I can barely keep it together (in fact there have been quite a few days I haven't). How am I supposed to help others if I can't help myself? I have made some of the most amazing friends I could ever ask for, and even though we've had our rough times I would hope that our friendship can transcend KHV and last for a much longer time outside of it. For one of you, I fear that time is already up for us, and I think both of us know it, so to you....I can't tell you how sorry I am, really.

    This site started as curiousity, as a source of fun, and eventually it became a coping mechanism. Roleplaying especially helped with things. Then gradually it became less of an enjoyment and more like my job, then eventually it felt like torture putting myself through it, and that's where we are at now.

    I will continue to post in the Attack on Titan roleplay thread until it's done, but aside from that....well, I might check in every once in a while but I can't see myself actually doing anything else. I apologise once again to all those whose roleplays I am abandoning, but this isn't something I want to do; it's something I need to do.

    If anyone wants to reach me, I'll still be active on Skype, League of Legends, Facebook and on my PS4.

    This has been a little lengthier than I originally intended, but we're almost done. I didn't plan on it having so much writing, gah it looks so bland, but I just wanted to attempt to help you all understand. I could make special mentions to many people, but let's be honest; to those I would make mentions to, there is no way that this is the end of our friendship, or at least I certainly hope not.

    It's been a wild ride, and one I am exceptionally thankful to have been on. Thanks for having me be a part of it.

    ~Dr_Wigglz/Smurfasaurus/Shu/Gexln/Glen/Sice/any other usernames I can't think of XD

    also, I couldn't NOT make the title a reference, forgive me.
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    Hai KHV

    how are we all tonight?
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    So I use Skype on a daily basis, rely on it heavily, and skype has at last betrayed me. In a particular group chat I will be in the chat and everything will be fine for a few days, and then suddenly this happens. In case it wasn't obvious, I'm referring to the little exclamation mark inside the yellow triangle. Now, I can hover over the symbol and it tells me nothing, but I have deduced that it is in fact a notification to tell me my message wasn't delivered.

    I am able to sometimes see messages getting sent through while that symbol is there, and other times I miss entire days of messages (and constantly am unable to send messages in both instances). I can tell you right now there is a fix to it, albeit a temporary one. This fix is removing me from the chat, and then simply adding me back. However the administrators of the chat are not always online and thus I can go a very long time without it being solved, so if it is at all possible I would like a permanent fix.

    Some additional information: The creator of the chat has been removed from my contacts list while I was in the chat twice I believe, but is currently one of my contacts, and I have left the chat itself several times. Unfortunately I cannot leave the chat myself as the system command will not be sent through. I have uninstalled and re-installed Skype several times in the hopes of stopping it but it does not solve the issue.

    IMPORTANT: In the chat there are two administrators. The one that I had previously removed from contacts that I now do have as a contact is still unable to add me back to the chat.

    If anyone can give me a reason why it's happening and/or a permanent fix to this, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance.
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    I'm starting to feel like I'm a regular thing here and that makes me feel pretty crappy, but at the same time it helps me vent so that's good I suppose. Thanks you guys. Anyway, onto what this thread was made for.

    I have a serious addiction to videogames. Surprised? Didn't think so given this is a website centred around a videogame series. The problem I have is I feel compelled to buy something videogame related whenever I have money and am around any stores, and this is a problem for me. Honestly, I can almost afford it given my income if I budget my food properly, so I'm not going to die or struggle with living but...

    There's something I need to save up for. I can't even tell you how important it is, I'm not entirely sure of the words that would describe it's importance to me. If anyone wants to ask me what it is out of curiousity, send me a PM and I'm happy to discuss it, but lets just say it's fairly expensive. As in, few thousand dollars expensive. My videogame addiction is slowing things to the point where IF I save any money at all from the income (which doesn't happen so much) it is miniscule and if I kept going at this rate, I won't actually have the thing for a few years, and I need it ASAP.

    I guess what I'm asking is this: How do I break an addiction to videogames I've had since I was 8 years old? I'm 22 right now.
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    Warning: This post does contain spoilers. Mild ones, but spoilers about the secret boss in KH3D, KH1 and KH2/possibly the Big Hero 6 movie itself? You have been warned.

    So, after the reveal of the Big Hero 6 world in KH3, I saw the concept art that was so kindly linked in the article on this forum, and on it I couldn't help but notice what appears to be the evil baymax. Now, I don't remember the article too well but I'm reasonably sure that that is the body of Baymax that was left behind at the end of Big Hero 6 inside the portal, taken over by darkness.

    Which makes me wonder; are there going to be other disney characters that succumb to darkness in some way or another? Maybe this is how a toy story world could fit in or something? I don't know, but that's not what this thread is about. What it is about is the secret boss of KH3D: Julius.

    KH1 Final Mix had a secret boss as Unknown, KH2 Final Mix had Lingering Will as a secret boss, and BBS had Mysterious Figure. All of these secret, optional bosses were foreshadowing something in the next game; something big in the plot (Xemnas being a thing, Terra being taken by darkness, Young Xehanort being a major antagonist too). Although, Julius seems just a little out of place with that. Strong as he is, I can't see him being a massive antagonist himself due to the nature of his lack of intelligence.

    But in Runaway Brain, which is what Julius was from, he was switched with Mickey. So is it possible this isn't suggesting Julius himself is the antagonist, but some form of evil Mickey? If Baymax can be corrupted, is there not a chance that our lovable mouse friend could turn to darkness for a portion of it? Just an interesting thought, really.
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    Moving on

    I will try to keep this as short as I can.

    About a month ago, the only relationship I have had face to face came to an end. Ask anyone I know and they could tell you how very much it meant to me, and how happy it made me.

    I could see it going all the way, but I guess I was the only one. Since it came to an end, some days have been easier than others, but there are far more days that i find myself unable to cope.

    Today is one of those days, and so i find myselc seeking help here. I am doing what I can to be friends with her, but internally its destroying me trying to stay friends because while we get along just as well now as we always have it really hurts knowing that that happiness I once had may never be had again...

    What am I supposed to do? I can't talk to her about it because that would upset her and I dont want that, but I really dont know how I am meant to just get rid of any romanti feelings i have.

    I know people will say time heals all wounds and maybe it does, but seeing as every day is more of a struggle...time is something I'm not so sure I have..
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    Evening gents

    It is I, the most amazing Australian on the face of the planet, come to grace you with my presence in this spam zone place. I migrated from the RPA, and have found a nice little seat here in this corner.

    So, how are we all tonight?
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    Surprised there isn't a thread on this guy. Per Fredrik "PelleK" ├ůsly is a vocalist with exceptional vocal range, known mostly for doing metal covers of popular songs. I'm not very good at describing peoples' voices, so I'll just throw a few videos in here and let you guys judge for yourself.

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    Link to the OOC Thread
    Firstly, I would like to apologize for the delay in starting this. Secondly, if you need me to answer any questions at all that you have about how to introduce your character feel more than welcome to ask, and thirdly...I just like the number three.
    With that underway, lets get this started!

    Inside a bar located in the town of Corvus, the city of Nobles, sat the mercenary Vex. He had made the trip from Balmar to Sharox, and then had arrived there, where he would spend a good few months there, doing mercenary work as he found it whilst making plans. He'd heard rumours that a man was trying to start a revolution, a war against the royal family to take the throne for themself. Rumour has it, it was him. Not a bad idea, he thought to himself as he sat on a stool. The bartender came over and gave him the drink that the mercenary had ordered a minute earlier. Vex silently pushed the money over to the man, not one for idle conversation but not wanting to start trouble. He could handle it, he just didn't particularly want to.

    As Vex finished his drink only a couple of minutes later, the bartender walked over again, deciding to strike up a conversation anyway. After remarking the rumours and explaining them to Vex, he then asked if Vex himself had heard of them. A slight grin crossed the axe-wielder's face. "Scared of ghost stories huh? You really think someone could start something with the royal family and come out on top? They've been in power for centuries for a reason" he replied. The bartender simply shrugged, and Vex shoved his empty glass towards the bartender. "Get me another, and save the rumours for someone who'll believe 'em" the mercenary said seriously, the slight grin vanishing from his face as he spoke.

    Inside the cheapest hotel one could stay at in Sharox was another mercenary, or rather ex mercenary. His name was Oscar Leighyard, and while Vex may have been drowning his sorrows with alcohol, Oscar was trying to sleep them off. It didn't matter that it was the middle of the day, he got rest whenever he was able to. He'd woken up rather abruptly just minutes ago, however. Looking to the other bed to see that Samuel was still there, he wondered whether the boy was actually asleep, or just trying to relax. A wave of guilt hit the older brother like a truck as he realized just how little relaxation the two of them got. Being an ex mercenary had its problems; one of them being he was a wanted criminal, so by association Samuel was constantly in danger also, and this made Oscar feel terrible. "I'll make things work, Samuel. I've lost so much since mom and dad, I won't lose you too" he said quietly, cluthing his blade closely.

    Gaius Ryan stood just outside of the castle in Corvus. The castle was huge and kind of intimidating to someone that came from the small town of Balmar, but he'd come this far and there was no turning back. He turned to glance at Caleb. "Well, here goes nothin'. Maybe the king'll know somethin' about my mother, only one way to find out right?" he asked, grinning slightly as he said so. Looking back at the castle gates, he gulped a little. He was confident that things would go fine, but there was a little voice in the back of his mind just asking one question; what if they didn't?

    Caleb Stitem gave a nod in response to his friend. They'd been walking for weeks to get here, but now that they had finally arrived it almost felt daunting. Caleb had a firm sense of justice, and he felt it only right to help his best friend discover what had happened to his mother. To an extent, he regretted it. They'd both seen quite a bit since leaving their small town, and while they hadn't lost much, they had lost a very close friend. However, rather than moping around and slowing down because of it, Caleb had decided to do his best to fulfill his dying friend's wishes and help Gaius find out what happened; to put his mind to rest. Stepping forward, he approached the guards with the intention of being let inside. Things would work out, they had to.

    Will update with banners once made.​
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    So, tonight I got deep. Reeeeeeal deep, and I figured I would vent here. This isn't a complaint, no ranting or anything like that, I just wanted to share this personal moment with the community that has become like a second home to me; a message of inspiration almost for those who think there's no way out of a horrible situation.

    February the 4th, 2015

    Just got out of a shower, and showers are generally when I get real deep and into my thoughts; this time was no different.

    I saw an episode of The Flash, where he was dealing with his past and came to the conclusion that fear of something that happened 14 years ago was keeping him from moving on. It got me thinking; how true was that for me? Obviously without the 14 years part, but wasn't I essentially doing the same thing?

    This Ornithophobia, I've had it since I was a kid, but it never truly screwed me over until a year and a half ago. What happened at that time? I got a job, and I was actually socialising. Change. It's what occurs to mess up with what's happening in your life, making it either better or worse. My natural paranoia usually thinks it's going to be worse.
    So, upon realizing that things were changing...did I just shove the fear of change onto a bigger fear? Is my fear of birds really not as big as I make it seem to myself, and it's more an excuse to not get a job, and not progress?
    Magpies attack people, but they never really hurt them too badly, certainly not enough that I should screw up my life because of it. Maybe it's time I overcame that fear and- actually, you know what, i'm not even calling it a fear anymore. I'm going to call it exactly what it is; an excuse. An excuse for not doing anything that would jeapordise the life i've got right now, an excuse for not getting a job and pretending i'm perfectly fine with it.

    These last two weeks that I've been dating a girl, i've been plagued with paranoia and the same questions over and over again: "How can I make others happy if I can't make myself happy?", "What if I can't be the boyfriend that she truly deserves?", things like that. And...I think I found some answers tonight. God I love you comic book creators, you guys solve some of my biggest life issues with your shows, haha.

    If I can't make myself happy, then I can't make others happy, right? Wrong. I bring joy to plenty around me, I just don't let myself see it. When I'm in a call, plenty of comments I make bring joy and laughter to my friends, and even when I'm not trying to be funny, they know they have somebody to come to if they have a problem, that I'll listen to them. And just knowing that they know that brings me a small amount of joy, enough to put a smile on my face, and that's a start.

    As for not being the boyfriend that she deserves...well, I think I set the bar too high, though probably not in the way most would think. In my opinion, she deserves nothing short of perfection. But, perfection isn't a thing. Nothing's perfect, no matter what people say. Fear, sadness, everything associated with that, it's all part of being human. Being in a relationship isn't about making each other constantly happy, it's caring about them for who they are, seeing them at their best and worst and not judging them, just being there for them.

    So, maybe I don't have to be an absolute god when it comes to being in a relationship. She's seen me at my best, and at my worst, and she still cares about me (god only knows why XD) so obviously I'm doing something right! So I just have to keep being myself. Not the sad, depressed me; that guy is done, I want to be full of the laughter and joy that I hope to bring to others, and I want THAT to be the me that gets the opportunity to be in a relationship with a woman.

    Tomorrow I go to hand out resumes and try to get my licence. Actually, no. Tomorrow is the day I go to get a job and get my licence, because there will be no failure. And if there is, if I'm wrong, then I'm going to keep going at it until it works, because I've lived this lifestyle far too long. I have the motivation to change, and for once in my life I'm genuinely not afraid, I say bring it on, I can handle whatever comes my way!

    So yeah, that was a diary entry in the diary I've recently started (damn it helps). Criticism and such isn't needed, and I don't particularly need advice since as you can see I am feeling much, much better. I just wanted to put it here so people know that it does get better.

    If anyone reading this has issues of their own and need someone to talk to, I would be more than happy to help in any way whatsoever :)
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    A term that is both not commonly used, or heard of.The general people live in fear of it, but what many of them do not know is that some of those that walk among them are magic users themselves. These users,if they were to be found out by the general public, would be shunned and rejected out of fear.
    In the kingdom of Rivelle, in the capital city of Corvus, City of Nobles, leads a great and wise king. He has led his people justly and as well as any single man can for the past three months.

    However, not all are happy with the way things are being run. As just and fair as the king has been, not everybody has benefitted, and in some places the gap between the wealthy and the poor has widened even further. One of these people goes by the name of Vex. Vex is a widely known mercenary, and is one of the less fortunate people that have been affected by the king's reign. Rumour has it that he wants to dethrone the king, and he is on the hunt for any that will help him in his quest. The question is, are these rumours true? If they are, will you join Vex or stop him? If they aren't, will you be one of the people to begin the uprising, and bring forth the Revolution of Rivelle?

    Click here to go to the main thread.
    1. Follow the rules of both KHV and the role-playing section rules.
    2. There is no limitations on the amount of characters you can have, but please try to keep it reasonable.
    3. Please no one liners. This is more of a guideline rather than a rule, but I would prefer if there could be at least two paragraphs in your post.
    4. No god-modding.
    5. If you do not post within one week, I will send a pm to you. If two weeks go by without a post, your characters may be killed off. PM me if you have to go away somewhere or am having difficulties posting and I'm sure we can work something out.
    6. Try to have fun with it! You don't have to follow the exact storyline I've set, you can even take it in a completely different direction if you like (please pm me about it first though if you do), I've only given you the tools to begin with!
    7: If there is a problem with the roleplay and I am unresponsive to pms or messages on my profile, shoot one of the co-creators a message! They are Beucefilous and ~Phoenix~

    Here is a map.
    OOC Sheet

    Character Name:
    Brief Bio:
    Magic/Powers (Does not have to know any magic if you prefer that) :
    Weapon (Again, optional) :
    Additional Information:
    Accepted Characters
    Currently none.
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    So, the University of Pikeville in Kentucky is offering schollarships for League of Legends players. I don't know much about it as of yet (currently searching for more info) but personally I think this is something big and amazing.

    If you want to know the details, they're riiiight here.
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    So, if you make a spoiler tag currently and put information in it, for the most part it's all fine and dandy.

    And then you click edit.

    If you edit something in that post that involves additional coding (for example, changing some text to italics) it quite often will change it into multiple spoiler tags, for some reason, and won't let me change it back. I have tried changing the spoilers to the tab system, but well..

    My first question is this: Is there a way to fix this? It really annoys me and makes posting in roleplays extremely frustrating.

    My second question? Why does it happen in the first place? Surely there has to be something that could be done about it?

    EDIT: Something that should be noted is that I HAVE gone into the bb code editor and simply removed the additional spoiler tags, but upon clicking "Save Changes" it simply places them back in.
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    We are so evil we are going to assault your ears with our horrible singing!

    We also know what you're up to. I mean, really up to.


    They are true evil tags of evil, especially the last one.

    ~Phoenix~ can only do so much with our horrendous, evil voices and terrifyingly bad timing, so it's not her fault that it's so bad D:
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    Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, as I am not entirely sure where it belongs.

    Anyway, what I'm trying to do is animate a simple sprite so that it's simply running. This one in particular.

    Now, I know it could technically be done frame by frame and simply changing the image displayed rapidly, but I was wondering if there is a program that would do this for me that is free seeing as I am broke.
    I'm attempting to make an opening cinematic for a RPG i'm working on, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I have finally hit 1000 posts. Hit me with your tractor beam and abduct me into the premium section. I will take probing if necessary, just make me pink!
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    Title says it all. What's your favourite disney villain's theme? You know, the song that when you hear a villain's name you think of that song.

    My personal favourite is "Be Prepared", played in the Lion King which I associate as Scar's theme. It's such a nicely done song, and it really sets the mood for what is to come in the movie.
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    Okay, I'll get straight to the point here, I guess.

    For personal reasons I would rather not reveal here, I am in dire need of $4000 or so. I'm not asking anyone for it, I could not and would not ever do that, what I AM asking for is advice on the best places to sell used videogames and/or consoles, but more importantly...

    I haven't had a job in a couple of years, and at nearly 21 with little to no work experience, things aren't looking good for me as a potential employee. It's upsetting me a little, but the fact it's prolonging my goal upsets me further, and I'm seriously looking to change it. What could I do to make me a more attractive employee, given I have very little work experience and struggle a bit with talking to people irl?
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