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  1. Sabby
    and I tripped on some steps while trying to walk away from the 3 starters.
    I wanted a pikachu....


    Also, sup fam?
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    Two years ago, we were blessed that Man At Arms wanted to recreated the Kingdom Key Keyblade and it looked amazing! Today, they decided to take on the challenge of recreating the Oathkeeper. After watching this, you would want to get your hands on one!

    If you want to check out the Kingdom Key version, click here

    Thank you to @Sanya for telling us!
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  3. Sabby
    @Princess ♥
    hey bbyz, you want to come over to play some nintendogs?

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    Good Morning KHV,

    Some good news! Square Enix has just announced a KINGDOM HEARTS 2.5 HD REMIX COLLECTOR'S EDITION! Almost less than a month away, Square has decided to push out a collector's edition.
    What's in it?
    • Shadow Heartless Plush Toy - 9.4 inch tall plush of the classic KINGDOM HEARTS foe
    • Collector’s Edition Box
    • 30-Page Art Book and Dust Jacket – This art book includes an exclusive foreword and a sketch from Nomura, along with art from the series.
    • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Game Discs
      Collector’s Steelbook Case
      The steelbook case contains both KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX and KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX discs and features premium artwork from the series Director, Tetsuya Nomura.
    • Exclusive Official Disney Collectible Pin- Features Sora and Mickey Mouse back to back, with the iconic keyblade with Mickey dangler. Made out of a soft enamel coating on metal, this pin’s height stretches out to 1.68 inches.
    You can check out the official reveal trailer below:

    So you get both games for the price of $99.99 USD or, for the UK & France, €79.99! You are able to go purchase it from here (it is a pre-purchase so you are charged right away). It is said there are limited quantities so go get yours now before it's too late! Will you guys be getting this? How do you feel about it? Was it too close to the release date that they announced it?

    Thank you to Arielle from KHINSIDER for helping me figure out how to pre-purchase my copy!
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    <insert hate> :]
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  6. Sabby
    I accuse the administrator @Plums for abusing his powers of name changing.

    View attachment 39413

    I would like him to be demoted. That stupid fruit ruined it all!

    Alex you are a dummy

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  7. Sabby

    Nerds :)

    Sup fools

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  8. Sabby
    I demand to be purple plox.
    Plums, I want a coffee and a magazine with the front cover being a picture of me playing video games. and all the cookies in the world. AND a foot massage.

    Herp a derp.

    What you fools doing?
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  9. Sabby
    I'm bored and assignments are driving me crazy. lol

    Come entertain me and I'll give you the key secret to getting on KHV staff. :D
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  10. Sabby

    What's New?

    I'm waiting for my hair to dry so I can go to bed =P

    How is everyone doing?
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  11. Sabby


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  12. Sabby
    (by the time most of you see this... I could already be Pink, but for the ones who saw this message and I was still purple... well, I dunno)

    Before any of you start making things up, no I wasn’t fired. I resigned because I wasn’t making a difference on KHV anymore. I created the podcast, which was pretty much the only extraordinary thing I’ve done for the site and now I’ve passed it on to a person who’s going to make it even better.

    I’m not leaving for a specific reason. If you guys haven’t noticed, I’m barely on this site anymore. You guys have rarely seen me online. Some of you guys don’t really talk to me, others haven’t heard from me in a long long time. School has been taking up the majority of my time and I don’t have the time to be on the site.

    I’ve been on KHV for over 6 years now and it’s been a god damn long time. I’m going to focus on school, work, family and my friends.

    Good luck to all of you, for the future. Hopefully I get to talk to some of you guys. I know there will be a few that I'll keep in contact with.

    Other than that. It’s been a blast. It sucks to say good bye. Right now.. I just really need to get out of here.

    p.s. I'll message from time to time on the site, but I don't know how often that would be.

    p.s.s. i hate plums. he's a moose

    p.s.s.s. i love plums. he's da best.
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  13. Sabby
    To Be a Part of the Podcast

    As in the past we have had members interested in being part of various KH-Vids Podcasts, and know that there will be a variety of guests (staff members, regular members, etc) within future episodes of the Podcasts.
    So, we are allowing all members to volunteer their time to take part in podcasts, and this is the place where you can start to apply. Please know that we would love it if all of you to contributed to this!

    The following are needed to take part in a podcast:
    The steps to apply to be on the Podcast are as follow:
    We will come to you if you are eligible and wish you to partake, and ask again if you are willing to be on the next podcast organised and if the recording time we come up with is good for you.

    Podcast Application
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  14. Sabby
    k thx.

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  15. Sabby

    Hey Everyone,

    I know it's been a very long time since the last podcast. I do very much apologize for it and I hope it does not discourage you from continue to listen to them in the future. I'll be honest now and I know many of you have seen that I have been extremely inactive on this site. I have not talked to many of the members like I've used to and I haven't been posting for days at a time. Again, I do apologize, a number of things have constrained my time such as school, work and problems that I have been dealing with.

    Nevertheless, it's my pleasure that I will be getting some help for the podcast because I'll be running it with Peace and War. :) Hopefully we will try to be more consistent with the podcast and allowing more members to join this time around.

    Wrap Ups
    First off, thanks for the people who participated in the Summer Podcast, it was a little bit disoriented but it was nice to see some members make a podcast together. I don't know if it will be around next summer, so wait till next year.

    There will be a podcast posted soon, hopefully you will all enjoy it.
    I will be posting a poll or suggestions thread about what you want the podcast to talk about and maybe there will a poll on what topics the staff or a group of members should talk about​
    A new staff questions podcast will be in the line of what's to come for a new episode, so you get to harass all the new staff members that have joined us, please stayed tuned for that​
    Thanks to the people who support the podcast <3​
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  16. Sabby
    why the f*ck are you here? >:

    Hello again everyone. <3
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  17. Sabby
    So I got a new poster for my room. Love it to bits.

    So the game is... name each reference. :) It's okay, I numbered each one. There are 68 of them, I believe. Fun game to do, just name the ones you know. I did this with some staff members, we don't know some of them hopefully you guys can answer them :]





    Remember guys this is just all for fun. lol

    If you guys can, fill in the numbers :) the ones you don't know, leave them blank.

    We weren't able to know all of them, help fill them out, and if we got one of them wrong, tell us :]
    1. Uncharted
    3. Little Big Planet
    4. Tetris
    5. Call of Duty
    7. Heavy Rain
    8. Killzone?
    9. Cannon Fodder
    10. Skyrim
    12. Silent Hill
    13. Half Life
    14. Alan Wake
    15. Grand Theft Auto
    16. Donkey Kong
    17. Gran Turismo
    18. Fifa
    19. Punch out
    20. Limbo
    21. Batman
    22. Left For Dead
    23. Angry Birds
    24. Tomb Raiders
    25. Minecraft
    26. Saint's Row
    27. Resident Evil
    28. Plants Vs Zombies
    29. Dead Space
    30. Portal
    32. Team Fortress 2
    33. Duke Nukem
    34. Kingdom Hearts
    35. Metal Gear Solid
    36. Assassin's Creed
    37. Monkey Island
    38. Fallout
    40. Sims
    41. Bioshock
    42. Professor Layton
    45. Mario 64
    47. L.A Noire
    50. Killzone?
    51. Super Mario
    52. Sonic
    53. Guitar Hero
    54. Super Mario
    55. Mortal Kombat
    57. SSX
    58. Sim City
    59. Legend of Zelda
    60. Gears of War
    61. Skate
    62. Space Invaders
    63. Pokemon
    64. Tiger Woods
    65. Street Fighter
    66. Pac Man
    67. Halo
    68. Brain Age
    rain Age
    And tell me which reference is your favourite :D (obviously mine is the KH one and the AC one )

    ENJOY! <3
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  18. Sabby
    Just kidding..

    you derps.

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  19. Sabby

    I'm not dead.

    Just sayin'

    Half of you don't care, it's cool.

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  20. Sabby



    Hi. did you guys miss me? (no I didn't go on a trip, just haven't been posting)
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