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  1. Maka Albarn
    ooc thread here
    main thread here

    This is where all of the Jewel Transactions/Bank and Board will be at for now on. Coding is gonna get a bit crazy, so I wanted to spread this out a bit
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    So we have been wanting to get new active members, eh? So I was thinking of what got me to sign up for this crazy website in the first place. Cause despite all the drama, heartache, and tears on most nights, I'm still around. Soooo... what got me to actually sign up?


    Random Polls.

    It could have been KH related, it could have been movies, politics, random, music, and so forth... But I remember polls always being on the home page of the forum. And after about six months of downloading and watching KH videos and coming back for more, the polls started to catch my eye. But in order to vote on it, I had to SIGN UP FOR KHVs.

    And thus began my crazy journey here.

    Maybe we can bring back forum polls again to the home page? If I remember, the old set up also had polls hanging out in a window on the side where the titles of the threads were. I know this is a lot of coding work to be put in for it, but yeah. Maybe it could help attract people who will be active in the forum?
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    Hiya~! Thanks for stopping by.

    Long story short, I started to pick up drawing again because I really needed the outlet from my mundane life. I'm not the greatest, I get that. But I'll take the criticism. I know I'll only get better that way, and with practice too.

    And so here we go~

    Tea Time! Sora and Riku
    So to get back into the groove since it's been about... five years since I consistently drew everyday? Give or take. I went on Pintrest and found some references to draw from. There was a lot on there surprisingly! Anyways, I decided to try from this one:


    And then the idea came to me to draw Sora in a Neverland type sequence? Then I remembered that there was a short teaparty scene at the end of Dream Drop Distance, and so I drew Sora in that getup and then I decided that Riku got dragged along for the show. He just went along with it in the end. xD


    Aria the Cutey
    Aria is a character of mine from @Arch 's Roleplay called the Light Chaser. She's a Princess of Heart, loves rainbow and color, and is super friendly. @Marushi helped me with basics of what I had in mind which I use as my banner in the RP. This is a pose I wanted to try.


    Aaaaaaand after trying to color with color pencils and then scanning it... and the pictures coming out this way... welp. I'm gonna take the time next time to try to color on the computer on GIMP.
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    At least to me. Feel free to indulge yourselves (we founds these by accident during a movie night).

    and this one

    Of course this guy covered all them, but these ones are my favorites. xD
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    It's here! The new trailer came out today! Seems like Toothless is gonna get a girlfriend~ Ooo la laaaa.

    I am super hyped about this. We just had a marathon with the HTTYD movies this last week back and back. There's so many questions and concerns though! Like this is the last of the trilogy?! What's gonna happen??? HICCUP HAS A BEARD! And what does Hiccup mean by "There WERE dragons when I was a boy"?

    It seems like March is an eternity away, but this looks so adorable and exciting. I can't wait for this!!! What about you guys?
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    So I've liked this artist since around 2010. I came across them on accident and I've been loving them ever since.

    And then when I tried to share my love for this artist with the RPA chat, I realized I was kind of lonely in liking this band. :'D I mean, they disbanded about three years ago, but I still enjoy listening to them. Does anyone else listen to them?

    Some of my favorite songs are:

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    Based off of the Beloved Anime: Fairy Tail
    ooc here
    bank/job board here


    It's around mid-morning in the guild hall. Those who live there are just getting up, have been up, or probably sleeping in. Those who live away from the guild have either arrived early or are on their way. As one can see, the guild hall is vast. Everyone usually hangs around the "Banquet Hall" . Breakfast is cooking, hot drinks are brewing, and the pleasant smell of food wafts through the marbled hallways.

    The normal job board is posted in the Banquet Hall area, where everyone usually hangs out on a quiet day like today. One has a few options to choose from at this point:
    • Eat breakfast
    • Look and choose a job at the job board
    • Converse with other guild members
    • Do their own thing that I haven't thought about (except murdering everyone, cause that's a dark way to start off, lol)
    Everyone is free to choose what they will at this point...

    The guild master was sitting back by one of the fire places in the Banquet Hall with a teacup in her hand and Artemis sleeping on her lap. Master Midarah inhaled the scent of honey sweetened jasmine tea before drinking it slowly. She had stayed overnight at the guild hall and had been up at the crack of dawn organizing paperwork from the past that had been carelessly filed. Not that it was the previous master's fault, people were just lazy and the previous master had other important matters to deal with. Currently she was taking a break, enjoying the quiet morning thus far and readying herself for the demanding day of being a Guild Master.

    Samuel yawned and stretched, scratching at his head soon afterwards as he looked at his cabinet of herbs. Someone had went through them again without asking and arranged them all out of alphabetical order. Not that he didn't mind, it gave him something to do when there wasn't an emergency to deal with. "Let see... Ginseng goes here, turmeric goes there... Lavender here..." He was muttering to himself as he continued to sort and organize, and started to understand why Master Midarah was so particular about doing paperwork properly.

    There, all done..." He clapped his hands together and then turned around to have a look at the Healing Room. No one was here today, which was a relief. But he knew that could all changed in a matter of seconds. His stomach growled and he frowned as he looked to a plate of half-eaten toast and a cup of coffee. "Don't mind if I do." He sat down at the desk away from the beds and started to nibble on the meager breakfast he hastily grabbed for himself.

    Lakoda silently slipped into the guild hall, keeping to herself. She hadn't seen Conrad around yet, or anyone else for that matter besides Samuel while passing by the Healing Room. Now would be a great time to play some tunes that wouldn't disturb others terribly.

    The girl approached the white, grand piano in the corner of the Banquant Hall by the Job Board. She smiled to herself as she ghosted her hand over the beautiful woodwork before sitting down on the bench. It was donated by a generous client from a previous job, and it was one of Lakoda's favorite things of this place. She placed her hands on the keys, closed her eyes, and began to play a tune.

    Lakoda was becoming lost in the piece, allowing her hands to glide across the ivory keys where they needed to go. She was still smiling, enjoying the wonderful music that was coming out from the piano. This was a great way to start out the morning for her.

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    [A Fairy Tail (but not Fairy Tail) Based Rp]

    Main RP Thread Here

    Bank/Job Board Here


    Welcome to the Divine Rose guild! I am Master Midarah, the leader of this lovely division. We are one of the most powerful mages guild in all of Earth Land! Screw you Fairy Tail- Artemis, shush.

    We're located in the Kingdom of Fiore, where all the other powerful guilds are located. In order to be the most powerful mage you can be, you must join one of these alliances to build your experience and expertise in your magic. Why not join ours? We're always welcoming new mages into our midst.

    Just don't explode everything.

    • You don't have to have watched Fairy Tail or read the manga to join. We will be doing our own stuff pretty much. Fairy Tail exists far, faaaaar away from us.
    • No Godmodding/Powerplaying
    • All KHVs Rules Apply
    • Keep swearing a minimum (even though most of us are Sailors)
    • No excessive gore or killing off others just cause
    • No Over-Powered characters (not everyone can be Natsu. It’s just Natsu day. Ah-ha, ah-ha.) Only one who can be OP is the guild Master. Unless y’all wanna die when y’all attacked by enemies in the future
    • Communicate with the Guild Master (Me) or her helpers for the following:
      • Busy schedule/something popping up to keep you from posting AND when you think you can post
      • Questions on anything like jobs, Magic, etc.
      • Have a job in mind to be added to the board
    • Post at least once a week
      • Not posting for two weeks (14 Days) without notice will result in a warning, and then after further offenses your character being kicked out of the RP
    • Rules will change depending on the needs of the RP. We will let you know when that happens to not blindside anyone
    • More than one-line replies, please. Give something for others to do.
    • In the name of everything magical and friendship… PLEASE. FUDGING. INTERACT. (Nothing will be accomplished if you sit back and expect others to come talk to ya)
    • This is a drama free, trauma free RP. Yes we're going to have disagreements, but it doesn't mean you become a poop-head to someone else. If there's any, ANY bull-poopery going on where one CONSTANTLY starts arguments, bullies others, and/or harasses the RP creator or her helpers (aka throwing fits if something doesn't work out exactly in your favor or bothers them to do an idea we said NO several times), you will receive ONE warning. Further offenses afterwards will result in you being kicked out.

    The following magical classes are off limits, due to the fact Fairy Tail and the main characters are existing somewhere in the background. Meaning Fairy Tail is around, but is not an active participant in this RP. We ain’t gonna have doppelgängers of main OP characters running around in our guild. Also this list includes Magical Items.

    Dragon Slayer Magic
    Celestial Spirit Magic
    Ankhseram Black Magic
    Devil Slayer Magic

    Books of Zaref
    Magical Convergent Cannon: Jupiter
    Magic Bomber: Christina
    Tower of Heaven
    Sailing Temple: Olympian
    Dragon Cry
    Ultra Concentrated Ether Light Sphere

    Phoenix Stone

    Patrick, whyyyyy


    Helpful Links to Help Develop Your Character:

    There's only one Master (me), and ONLY two S-Class Mages (Gabi and MoK) since they are my mods for when I can't be around to make sure you're not up to stuff or you have questions.
    Brief History: (more than a paragraph? Place it in spoilers please)
    Magic Type Used: (name of it, what is it)
    Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic: (4 Max)
    Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic: (must have 2-4. All Magic takes a toll big or small)
    Magic Item(s)?: (2 max, just something extra to help out in some fights or as a last resort. Or can be used as main fighting tool, like Lucy’s keys or that one guy’s paintbrush and pallet)

    • Username: Maka Albarn
      Name: Midarah Ambit
      Age: 35-ish
      Appearance: Here
      Guild Status: IV Master of the Divine Rose
      Personality: Maternal to her guild members, can be a bit playful and joke around with the others, can also pull out her stern side if needed since most of the members are still children and need guidance from time to time. Has an aura of calmness about her and fun as well.
      Brief History: Fourth master of the guild. Grew up within the walls of the Divine Rose since she was a child and found her family with the mages around her. Trained in her own magic abilities, worked her way up the guild to become an S-Ranked Mage at the age of 16, and then not long after the master of the guide at the age of 18.
      Magic Type Used: Rainbow Magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic: Rainbow Shield (powerful force field that can cover a large area and withstand most powerful attacks)
      Rainbow Surge (blind enemies temporarily with colors and basically make them trip out until they become sick or pass out)
      Judgement After the Storm (summons a powerful, colorful beam from the heavens to rain down on an enemy, destroying mostly everything on sight)
      Colorful Mend (Heals most fatal wounds with her colorful magic. Can’t bring people back from the dead)
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic: Rainbow Shield- Depends on how hard its hit, Master Midarah takes on some damage as well. Such as if it’s hit by a huge magical cannon, she’ll be severely weakened. Jugement after the Storm- This is basically Fairy Law, and takes a toll on her body each time she uses it. Colorful Mend- She can feel the pain of the person she is healing, even though she’s not the one injured.
      Magic Item(s): Artemis, her rabbit, helps lessen the negative effects Master Midarah feels after casting powerful spells. Artemis is a rare breed of rabbit bred to help mages stay calm and stay in control of their powers (including the after shock of using it if there is any). Artemis herself does not feel pain from the spells (SAVE THE CUTE BUNNY).
      Other: Artemis can talk through a special charm she has on a collar around her neck, but chooses not to talk most of the time. Midarah has a passive ability where she can check on her guild members to make sure they are in one piece while staying at the guild hall, and to also discern the magic properties of each of her guild mates.
    • Username: Maka Albarn
      Name: Nagata Chitose
      Age: 23
      Appearance: Zah!
      Personality: Coy, flirtatious, danger-loving, yet lazy in the meantime and tries to make others fetch things or do things for her if she can convince them. She also has a strong perverted side to her, and will flaunt herself at guys at random, or comment how beautiful/handsome someone is (often making them uncomfortable). She’s not very good with commitment, and often leaves a string of broken hearts behind her. But she really doesn’t give a care for that. Likes to mess with her guildmate’s heads from time to time, but would never do anything malicious to them. She’s more like the annoying big sister. She also has an eye for fancy things and loves to spoil herself and sometimes others with the good things of life.
      Brief History: Nagata grew up in a middle-class background. Her family is rather average; her mother left her father when she was young, and thus hasn’t much faith in love and falling in love. She found out she is good at illusions, and at her father’s coaxing, joined a guild around 16 years old to be taught how to use her powers for good since illusions could be quite dangerous.
      Magic Type Used: Illusion Magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      Copy: Can make herself appear and sound like anyone she sees or comes in contact with.
      Pain Illusion: Can make the target feel immense pain, even though they are not being physically damaged. Which either makes the target faint or be immobile. Usually has her staring intently at the victim, victim hears a ringing in their ear, and then they end up in a world of pain they can’t identify.
      Psychosomatic Illusion: Can create illusions that are so realistic and powerful they can cause physical effects (cuts, bruises, burns, etc) to appear on the target and affect surroundings as they were real. She mostly uses wolves, elemental stuff, or even copies of knights/soldiers she has seen. Also can create harmless illusions in this category like flowers or butterflies.
      Location Displacement: She displace their location/position, allowing her to physically appear to be standing in one position while actually hiding or standing in another location entirely.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      Copy: Sometimes will not find all the details or get some details wrong.
      Pain Illusion: Has to be standing close by them to have it work.
      Psychosomatic Illusion: If she makes huge illusions, she loses more energy. She has to stay in that area to make the magic work. If she has to move, the illusion breaks.
      Magic Item(s)?: Perfume she wears makes her slightly more alluring.
      Other: She loves to dress up people from time to time for no reason, and likes to play match maker as well.

    • Username: Aelin Fireheart
      Name: Everette
      Age: 23
      Appearance: Bloop
      Personality: Everette is protective of the guild, as it is the only family he knows. Due to a brain injury when he was a child he can be forgetful at times, often misplacing his stuff. Besides that Everette is a strong fighter and puts a lot of his time into training, or training the younger members of the guild. He tries to help out where he can when he can for the sake of the guild, not caring what the task is.
      Brief History:
      As a baby Everette was left at an orphanage, no one really understanding why, or what happened to his parents. At age eleven, Everette was a little bit of a trouble maker. He would start wandering and out of nothing but boredom, try and get into locked areas of the orphanage. Over time he managed to get into one of the storage rooms that they children where not allowed in. The storage room seemed to be full of things that children were left with but were not needed at the orphanage at the time.

      Poking through the room Everette found a baby basket with a blanket and a note, with a rose symbol on it. It was the symbol that caught his eye, but as he picked up the note he noticed his name in it.

      Please care for this boy. His name is Everette, his mother told me to take him somewhere safe.
      If there is any fees that need paid for you taking him in, send the bill to Divine Rose.

      Everette stared at the note, shoving it in his pocket for later. Who were the people who brought him there? Who was his mother? Was she even still alive? Everette had never cared about such things, but after read the note he couldn't help but wonder about it.

      Over the next year he hatched a plan to leave the orphanage. He stored away extra clothes that he could get his hands on, and figured out the best way to get himself food. He asked around outside the orphanage about Divine Rose, until he eventually got an idea of where he was going, then he set out. Getting outside the city was a trivial matter it seemed, however what they boy was not prepared for what the wilderness beyond, between towns. He had chosen to leave during the early hours of the morning, so for most of the day his travels were safe, however as night fell, with no town in sight, Everette started to regret his decision. Gripping the note tight in hand, he traveled into a forest looking for a sheltered place to sleep when he was attacked by a creature. Unable to defend himself the creature beat him back and caused a brutal head injury, that left him unconscious in the woods.

      It wasn't until the next afternoon that he was discovered by a member of the same guild that he held the note for. The note was still in his limp hand when the man found him. Worried about the boy and a little curious about the note, the man chose to bring Everette back to the guild with him, where he could get healing from their Guild Master. And while the healing came and Everette awoke later that day, something was a little off. Confusion was normal when you wake up in a strange place, however when the boy was unable to answer basic questions about his name and where he came from, worry set in. They tried to heal Everette more, however this was something that they couldn't heal. It was only thanks to the note that his name was salvaged and given back to him.

      Not knowing who the boy was, where he came from, or what the note he was found with meant, the Guild Master decided to let the boy stay. There was no use sending him away, it would not turn out for him, she knew. Instead they helped Everette build a new life, without his old memories it wasn't hard to do, and he was happy to have people supporting him. Some of the older members trained him in the ways of magic and he picked up on it rather quickly, not waiting long before he started joining them on missions and proving his own strength. From then on out having only the guild to back him, Everette poured everything into the guild, eventually rising to S class, where he turned around and started to repay the kindness shown to him when he had first entered the guild, taking time to train younger members and even join them on missions at times, just for the fun of it, even if he was to be taking on more challenging missions.
      Magic Type Used: Mirror Magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      >Everette can create a number of mirror in his area in order to create confusion
      >Everette can create mirrored copies of himself that act exactly as he acts but vanish when damage is taken
      >Everette can mirror the exact movements of another, helping him learn another person's combat style.
      > Everette can make a small Mirror that will reflect one spell
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      >Every time a mirror or copy is broken through it weakens his magic a little bit, making it harder to summon more each time, until such time that he rests
      > If the shield Mirror is broken before it is desummoned it physically causes pain to Everette
      >Everette can be caught in a trance when copying movement, focusing enough on that he can be blind to what is around him.
      Magic Item(s)?: Since Everette focus' more on using his magic to confuse his enemy rather than offense, he also carries a sword on him that channels his magic to make his swings slightly more powerful.
      Other:Everette doesn't have a last name simply because no one knows what it is. While Everette doesn't know what brought him to the guild, Midarah still is helping search for answers of the content of the note at the very least.

    • Username: CrackedMoksha
      Name: Maira Kaiser
      Age: 24
      Appearance: !Oro!
      Personality: She's rational and tolerant. Of course she's also selfless, objective and intuitive, but in smaller doses and they're often spoiled by habits of being a bit of an air head as well. Her curiosity though, this is what she's most popular for. There are many times when friends count on this and her resourcefulness in times of need. Nobody's perfect of course and Katie has plenty of character faults too. Her curiosity has sometime gotten the better of her, fortunately this is usually while back at the guild hall. Fortunately her tolerance usually softens the worst of it.
      Brief History:
      At the age of 14, Maira had started working as a bounty hunter as a way to make some extra cash. She had taken on a few minor jobs and had a pretty successful track record thanks to her magic. The next job that she had taken was an odd one 'Investigate the guild master of Divine Rose and find out the secret to her power' Jobs such as these were not commonplace, but with a reward like that was being offer there would be no complaints from her. Maira took this job and set out to learn about the guild master. The end results were, well, not at all what she or anyone else would expect. First off she didn't see anything that really made her a threat and second her curiosity got the better of her here, leading Maira sticking around for longer than she had planned. Still she was technically on the job and it wasn't like anyone else could claim it since she took the flyer with her when she left.
      Magic Type Used: Re Equip: The Gunner
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      Re Equip: Silver Shooter - Summons her default weapon, a set of silver six shooter and can pierce through armor with a well placed shot.
      Re Equip: Phantom Shooter - Summons a set of double barrel six shooters. These shoot at a faster rate compared to the Silver Shooter and while lacking some of the power, they make up for it in speed.
      Re Equip: Destroyer - Summons a bazooka like weapon. totting the highest destructive force out of all of her weapons, she brings this out when something really needs to be taken down.
      Re Equip: Tactical Rifle - Summons an high powered sniper rifle for when dealing with long range targets.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      While she can wield her weapons without her armor, it wont be as effective as a result of the recoil most of them have
      Her armor makes it harder for her to notice anything sneaking up behind her
      Magic Item(s)?: A suit of armor that makes it easier to handle the recoil of her weapons.
      Other: She wears her armor 90% of the time, the 10% being when she's either in her room or feels like it

    • Username: Maka Albarn
      Name: Lakoda Dorvu
      Age: 19
      Appearance: Deboop
      Personality: Friendly to all, prefers to stay silent when possible since she hates the sound of her charm, but always has so much she wants to say which she will either forget about the sound of the voice coming out of the charm, or goes straight into sign language. Pulls out a cheerful side to her, yet often times appears to be lonely. Loyal to a fault to those she deeply cares about. Is often seen enjoying others company while reading a book, drinking tea, or drawing. Likes to crank out a few tunes on a piano or guitar once in a while in the guild hall.
      Brief History: Lakoda was born with a voice of an angel. Her voice often calmed others, and often she was requested to sing to various people while growing up. While traveling on the road with her parents, they were attacked by an old hag and her small band of skeletons. The hag, having heard about the singing child prodigy, sought out Lakoda to steal her voice to add it to her collection of voices for a purpose unknown. And thus the hag took Lakoda's voice and left a mark of an x on her neck, and then proceeded to slaughter everyone in the caravan with her group of skeletons. Lakoda, having barely survived, was found by local villagers and brought back to health. And then, she was passed to the Divine Rose guild when she was 10 and had been hanging around there ever since After that, she took it upon herself to learn magic and find the creature that stole not only her voice, but her whole childhood away in a single night. .
      Magic Type Used: Sound Magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      Sonic Scream♫- Creates a magic circle in front of her and it emits a wave of music notes and shrill shrieks that greatly damages and deafens the target.
      Sound Pulse♫- If a target comes too close to Lakoda, her headphone glows green and then she produces a very powerful sound wave from her palms to push them back. If she is able to place her hand on the target, it will send them flying from her.
      Melody of Sleep♫- Touches her headphones with both of her hands, which then glows a soft yellow light, which then emits a lovely song that will make targets sleepy, lethargic, or pass out (Yes, she is the jigglypuff of the group).
      Sound Wave♫- Her headphones glow red, and then she claps her hands together, making sound radiate off of her and damages the immediate area before her. Can also use snapping instead to direct the sounds into smaller areas and faster targets. (Think of it kind of like Roy Mustang's glove, but instead of fire, it's powerful sound waves)
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic: If her headphones get broken or hit off her head somehow, she has less control over Sound Pulse and Sound Waves. Thus it can become erratic and a little crazy. Depending how much energy she puts into her more powerful attacks, she will start to become sensitive to noises herself and won't be able to concentrate after a while. This effect happens faster when she doesn't have her headphones on, and if pushed enough, will probably rupture her own eardrums.
      Magic Item(s)?: Like Artemis's charm that helps the rabbit to project their thoughts aloud, Lakoda has a charm around her neck that helps her speak when she needs to. It's not her own voice though, and she hates to use it. Her headphones have been embedded with magical properties to amplify her sound magic and also protect her own ears from her attacks.
      Other: If she does try to talk, it sounds more like gurgling or a barely harsh whisper. She likes to communicate through signing the most (that is someone else knows what she's saying with her hands), or playing music.

    • Username: Maka Albarn
      Name: Samuel Chears
      Age: 22
      Appearance: Zoom
      Personality: Charming, a bit of a lady's man, can be a bit of a pervert sometimes, puts on an act of aloofness, makes quiet observations of everyone and keeps a careful eye on detail.
      Brief History: Samuel is one of the stronger healers in the Divine Rose. Samuel's older brother was in the guild before him as an S-Ranked Mage who specialized in Solar based magic. Samuel's brother tragically died when Sam was 5 years old, due to some power struggle within the Divine Rose before Midarah was the guild master. His brother died protecting others and fighting for what was right, which inspired Samuel to do what he could to help others. He discovered his ability in healing magic and worked hard to be able to join the guild where his brother was to carry on his legacy. Although he is not S-Class ranked, he has proven himself time and time again to be a powerful mage. So much so that Midarah's Colorful Mend is hardly used so the Divine Rose master can conserve her strength and energy to focus on other matters.
      Magic Type Used: Solar Healing
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      ☼Solar Flare-
      Can make a powerful fire orb in his hand that temporarily blinds enemies and radiates intense heat. Can throw the said fire orbs and cause serious damage to those in its path.
      ☼Healing Warmth- Heals most cuts, bruises, sicknesses/diseases, and wounds on contact. When he's finished healing, it's like nothing had happened most of the time.
      Purifying Light- Removes negative effects from spells/curses/poison on contact with a target
      Sun Aura- Acts as a shield. Blocks effects of harmful spells and magic heading his way, basically nullifying it for a time. Also helps speed up the healing process if anyone is injured/poisoned
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      ☼Needs to spend some time out in the sun each day to collect his energy (one can still get sunlight on a cloudy day). If in total darkness too long, his magic is not as strong
      ☼Can only heal one person at a time. Can heal up to four-five people back and back before he's completely drained of energy and then has to wait to "charge" once more before going back on a healing spree. Unless someone has been negatively affected by a curse, poison, or spell which takes all of his energy to bring them back from near death. Then other injuries have to wait before he can heal again
      Sun Aura: Can only have two people within radius of it to be effective.
      ☼ Cannot heal super severe injuries such as severed limbs or ruptured organs. That's when Midarah's Colorful Mend comes in handy.
      ☼ Cannot bring people back from the dead.
      Magic Item(s)?: His glasses are magically equipped with sunglasses lenses so he won't get blinded by his own attacks, and they help him read through books quicker.
      Other: Has a pendant of a sun that's hidden away under his shirt that belonged to his brother that he believes holds good luck for him. Knows many herbs and other medicine to help others out when he knows they'll be fine without his magical abilities being used.

    • Username :Aelin Fireheart
      Name: Thea Strive
      Age: 12
      Appearance: Bleep
      Personality:Thea is a fun loving child. Despite the struggles of her everyday life, and the sorrows of the past, Thea faces each day like something new. She loves to play games and simply be around other people. Being the child that she is Thea is naive and easy to trust. She doesn't often question those in charge, taking whatever is told as truth, even if she doesn't know the person. Thea also is a little spoiled, she often seeks out luxuries, even if her new found life doesn't allow for it as much.
      Brief History:
      Since birth, Thea was gifted, or cursed with very powerful magic running through her blood, fire magic to be exact. At a very young age, the magic often hurt Thea. When she got upset, the fire running through her blood would try to escape. Since Thea was so small it would start to burn her up from the inside out. It was a miracle that she made it through the early stages of her life, though as she got older it got no better. The older she got the more her magic found a way out of her body, causing damage to things around her, as well as still burning her internally. Thanks to Thea's families wealth, they got her the best doctors and teachers, however most wouldn't stick around long.

      At the age of 10 Thea's family got attacked in their own home. Due to their wealth and power in the area, they had been targeted and attacked at night. Tinarah awoke to a battle and crept out of the room to see what was happening. She saw a man holding a sword to her father, and another one cornering her mother. Scared, Thea stepped out trying to use her magic, but the moment the intruders saw her, Thea panicked and accidentally set off her magic in a large fit of fire. It was the last thing she saw before the world went black.

      When Thea awoke, she was not at home, instead in a small medical room. There was a woman hovering over her, trying to cool her off. There was a pulsing heat running through her, and murmurs of other voices. Eventually those voices faded and Thea also fell unconscious for a while longer. Over the next few days Thea was nursed back to health, and eventually told what had happened. They didn't however specify if it was her fire that was the cause of her parents death. And after Thea was up and around again, they started to figure out what to do with a child. The magic council had taken Thea in after the incident with her magic, keeping the dangerous child away from the general populous. The problem with taking a child in was, what to do with said child. Without much of an answer for the question they chose to ship the girl of to a magical guild who might be able to train and control the girl, Divine Rose.

      It was about a month after the incident when Thea was brought to Divine Rose and left under the watchful eye of Midarah. That didn't mean that the magic council didn't keep a close eye on her as well however. Having a child with such wild, strong magic was worrisome to the magic council and it demanded that they kept tabs on her. Thea however didn't seem to mind eventually. As soon as she found friends in the guild, Thea felt at home and was able to be happy again, running around playing with the members, occasionally going on missions, and most importantly, chasing the cute bunny.
      Magic Type Used: Fire Magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      >Red Flames: Thea can control red flames. Those flames she can control easily, creating into small shapes, no larger than 3ft x 3ft area, if spread thin
      >Blue Flames: Blue Flames signify wild fire. This fire is very destructive and comes in short, widespread bursts.
      >White Flames: Thea can cover large area's with white flames, however these flames don't cause damage, instead burning very brightly, blinding and creating the illusion of a blocked path, for those who don't know that those flames don't cause harm.
      >Gold Flames: Thea's gold flames are a desperation move. The gold flames have the destructive nature of the blue flames, the control of the red, and the spread of the white flames. These flames only come to her however when she is the most desperate and has managed to keep control of her magic, not letting it control her.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      >When Thea gets too upset or can't control her emotions, her flames often take control of her. Wild fire blue flames will spread from her, all the while the magic can start burning her up from the inside out, often acting like a fever might. Her skin can also become unbearable to touch during this state, it taking the heat of the flames running in her blood
      >After using Gold flames, Thea has never managed to keep consciousness. It takes all of her remaining magic out of her, and she can sleep for hours after that.
      >Because of the nature of her powers and how it harms her, Thea has a physically weak body. She is small for her age and can handle much in the way of physical attack, she can easily be injured
      Magic Item(s)?: N/A
      Other: If you are ever that bored, here have an over detailed version of Thea's younger years:
      “Fireheart! Come here please. “
      “Yes mother. I am coming!” Thea danced across the floor to the kitchen where her mother was talking to their chef who was preparing dinner.

      “How did your lesson go today?” Thea’s mother asked her as she sat on a chair off to the side and lifted her eight year old daughter into her lap.

      “It was good mama. I trained really hard!” Thea said with quite a bit of excitement.

      “Good. I am glad to hear it. You think you can control it now?” Thea’s mother asked with some concern.

      “Hmmmm…. Yep! I think so! Wanna see what I can do now?!”

      “Not in here little Fireheart. You can show me in the training room later.” Thea’s mother ruffled the girls hair as she put her down on the ground. “Now run along and play for a bit until dinner. Oh and your father has something for you in his office. Go visit him if you want but remember to knock.”

      “I know mom. I will. Thanks. Bye” Thea skipped off towards her dads office. Thea loves her surprises, her dad always gave her the best things. The small taps on a large door later and the permission to come in Thea stepped foot in her father’s grand office. A giant Oak desk sat near the middle of the room closer to the back window which covered nearly the entire span of the back wall. Book cases covered both side walls and couches where set up as a seating area not far in front of the desk. Thea strolled right over in front of the desk.

      “Hi daddy.” She said happily. “Oh dad, look what I can do now. My teacher taught me this today.” Thea summoned a small orb of white fire and started twirling it between her fingers giggling as she did so. Soon she stopped and the fire faded.

      “Very good Thea. He has been teaching you well. You where even able to chose the fire you summoned.” Thea’s father complemented her as he gave a small clap and a chuckle.

      “Yep. He has been helping me with that for a long time now. I am finally creating it into things but it is hard. I can only make this stupid ball and control it slightly.” Thea pouted as she spoke about it. Thea had been working on her magic for two years now, since it started to be a danger to those around her, and yet that was as far as her control had brought her.

      “Well here I might have something to cheer you up. Close your eyes.” Thea did as she was told and closed her eyes tight. Her father reached under her desk and pulled something out from a plastic bag. “Okay, open your eyes.” He instructed.

      Upon opening her eyes Thea laid eyes on a beautiful white dress with an ornate golden flower pattern on the skirt. The entire dress shimmered in the light. “Oh daddy it is beautiful! Thank you so much. Where did you find it?” Thea asked with wide eyed excitement.

      “You’re welcome sweetie. I got it on my last business trip at a little boutique on the water. I thought you would like it. Now then.” Her dad became a little more serious. “I am having some very important people over for dinner tomorrow night. I would like you to wear that dress to the dinner, I am trying to impress them and I would like my favourite daughter looking her best. Also you must watch your temper Thea, we don’t want you to get upset and have well an accident.” Thea’s father of course spoke of the flames she was cursed with and the lack of control that she tended to have when she got upset. As Thea rushed over gave her dad a big hug and took the dress he addressed her one more time. “You may go ahead and try it on Thea but please do not get it dirty, we won’t have time to get it cleaned before dinner tomorrow.”

      “Okay daddy. I love you!” Thea then turned and skipped out of the office, dress in hand and heading straight for her room to try it on.

      “Thea. Dinner.” The call came before Thea had gotten a chance to try her new dress on. It was kind of a disappointment but Thea went anyways happy to be able to tell her mom about her new dress.

      It wasn’t until the next day that Thea got a chance to wear her dress to dinner. By the time she made it down to the table her father and the important men he spoke of where already seated.

      “Thea, I would like you to meet Mr. Souke and Mr. Fly, they are some very important investors. Gentlemen this is my only daughter Thea Strive.” Her father introduced before Thea sat at the table.

      “It is nice to meet you.” Thea said with a polite bow at the end. She then proceeded to make her way down to her seat at the far end of the table. Thea did as expected of her and sat politely waiting for dinner and doing as her parents had asked of her the night before. She wanted to help her dad make a good impression.

      At the other end of the table the men started talking. “Isn’t she the one with the curse?” Mr. Souke asked only for Mr. Fly at add on. “How much do you spend on the girl? Training, clothes, keeping her happy?”

      “However much it takes. She is my only daughter after all.” Thea’s father .

      “She is not you daughter. She is a demon in human skin out to suck you dry and destroy you. That curse of hers is there for a reason.” Mr. Souke stated.

      “I have had quite enough of this talk gentlemen. Perhaps it is best you leave my house.” Thea’s father stood up seeing the upset look on Thea’s face ready to lead them out.

      “You can forget about the investment as well. We will not give money to a man who wastes all his on a demon child.” Mr. Fly stated as he got ready to leave. Soon enough the men where lead out and Thea was on her feet running, trying to hide the tears in her eyes.

      “Fireheart?” Thea’s mother said knocking on the metal door that lead to Thea’s training room. The rest of the room was made of white granite just the door was metal so it wasn’t as heavy to open. A completely fire proof room. Thea’s mother slowly entered the room to see her daughter crying in the middle of the floor. The room was warm, far warmer than it normally was, she could only guess that Thea had run down here and let her fire go wild.

      “Am I really a demon child? Are my powers a curse?” Thea asked not looking over at her mother, clearly rather upset by the men’s words.
      “No of course not Fireheart. You where blessed with powers but powers that are a little too strong for your small frail body. When you are older and can control them better they will be a blessing and can help you save many people if you so desire. Or they can just stay dormant and you don’t have to worry about them. People fear what they don’t understand, that being you.” Thea’s mother held her daughter, rocking her and stroking her long golden hair.

      “I am sorry I ruined daddies deal.” Thea said to her mother feeling ashamed that she was the cause of the important men leaving even though she had behaved herself.

      “Don’t worry about it dear. Your father had no idea they would be like that, if he did he wouldn’t have even tried for this deal. We are not mad at you, it will be fine.” Thea’s mother proceeded to kiss her on the head before helping the girl to her feet. “Come on let’s get you ready for bed. It has been a long day.”

      On their way upstairs Thea had to stop and ask. “Momma, magic is common here everyone uses it, so why are they scared of mine? Why is mine so different?”

      “It is not so much that it is different but stronger than it should be. Most people your age don’t know magic much less have one they can’t control. Your magic is special, powerful and strange. You can use different fires but you never learned the ability, you just had it. People aren’t used to that and it is scary. I know you are working hard to control it, but it still isn’t completely under your control yet, you showed that when you had to hide so not to hurt anyone. You do the best you can and that is good, we do not blame you or love you less because of it, but it does scare people. You are eight Thea, and if you tried you could probably kick both their butts in a battle so it is scary for them.”

      “Now that would be a fight I would pay to see.” Thea’s father chuckled. He was waiting for them at the top of the stairs. He picked Thea up to carry her to her bedroom as she started to giggle at the comment. It wasn’t long before she was changed and curled in bed with her parents tucking her in.

      “Goodnight Fireheart.” Thea’s mom said as she kissed her head and backed out the door.

      “I will make this up to you tomorrow Thea. How about we have a father daughter day? No work for me. I will spend all day with you?” He offered knowing he didn’t do that as often as he should since work tended to keep him occupied.

      “Alright daddy. I look forward to it. Goodnight. Love you!” Thea said with excitement in her voice.

      “I love you too. Goodnight.” With that he turned off the lights and left his daughter to sleep.

      Thea was awoken later that night by a scream echoing through her house, her mother. Thea crept out of her room, down the stairs and towards the source of the scream. Thea was not dumb however. She kept her distance and hid the best she could. From around the corner she could see three males and a female. Her parents and two others she didn’t know how they were. They seemed to be fighting.

      “Look we weren’t hired to kill you, only the girl. Now stand back and we will let you live.” The first man said in a deep gruff voice.

      “I will not let you hurt my baby! Stay away from her!” Thea’s mother screamed out, but just as she did was punched and fell to the ground. From behind the wall Thea started to whimper and shake and she felt a deep warmth bubble in her stomach. She had to keep it buried though, if she tried to use her magic who knew who she would hit or what she could destroy. She couldn’t do it… But then the next thing she saw put an end to any self control the young girl had. Her dad stumbled back clutching his chest. A knife was tightly gripped in the second man’s hand. That was the last straw, what made Thea crack. A cry of anger and sadness echoed through the house as blue flames engulfed the girl. The two assailants started around the corner. A pillar of blue flames shot up out of the roof for everyone to see for miles to come. The flames shot out in every direction engulfing everything they touched burning, leaving mere piles of ash in its wake. Thea couldn’t control the path of the flames or their intensity. Though the flames licked her skin they did not burn her. Flames she created could not hurt her, controlled or not.

      As the blue flames extinguished themselves there was very little left of Thea’s house. It had been less than a minute and the house had been leveled leaving nothing but a crying eight year old curled up on the ground in tears. As she looked up in hopes to see her parent’s safe she saw nothing. Everything was gone, there was no sign of them, there was no sign of anything familiar except for four stone walls with a metal door mounted in one side. Her training room, build fire proof with no chance of her flames finding an escape. Thea crawled over to it and curled up with her back pressed against one of the walls. “What have I done? Oh god what have I done?” She sobbed and shook.

    • Username: KHGrl15
      Name: Yukyo Alvaric
      Age: 21
      Appearance: BOOM
      Personality: Much like an alley cat, Yukyo can be mischievous and while still remaining a little stoic. He likes to tease others whenever he feels like it. Yukyo can be sweet and kind on rare occasions. He can be very protective sometimes. He's very perceptive and makes sure it doesn't show on his face.
      Brief History:
      Yukyo was only 10 years old when he and his sister wished their parents safe travels for their trip. They walked out the door and never came home. With their parents' disappearance, Yukyo was left to take care of himself and his little sister. Before they disappeared, Yukyo's parents had taught him some magic if his sister was sad or if should happen to them, he would be able to protect her. For a few years, Yukyo had scrapped by just to put food on his sister's plate and a roof over her head. He had been practicing his magic little by little on top of that. When Yukyo was 16, a fire had broke out in the village they were living in. Bandits had ran into town and some of them had been closing in on Yukyo and his sister. He had told his sister to run and as she ran Yukyo began to cast his magic. A bright light had encased the town and as it died down the bandits had fled and the fire was being put out by the villagers. However, Yukyo was not in good shape and his sister was nowhere to be seen. His magic had turned him into a cat and would spend the next three years roaming the world in search of his sister and a cure for his state. On his 19th birthday, he had gathered enough magic to restore himself back to his human form. He casted his spell and within the blink of an eye, he was human once more. He took refuge in at an inn for a bit. It took a bit to adjust back to using his fingers and walk in his two legs but after his time at the inn he regained use of it. Though once in awhile, he would pop up his cat ears and tails. He left the inn and continued roaming the world until he found himself in the Divine Rose guild. While in the guild, Yukyo continues to look for his lost little sister, hoping she was still alive and well.
      Magic Type Used: Animal Soul
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:

      • Sense Enhancement: Enhances Yukyo's hearing, smelling, vision, taste buds, stamina, and landings. (cause he's a cat o^o)
      • Catmunication: Can communicate with animals other than cats.
      • Full Body Transform-nya!: Allows to fully transform into a cat or another animal of the user's choosing.
      • Partial Take-over: Allows the user to transform apart of their body into the animal of their choosing.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      • Once his strength is used up, Yukyo will change back to his cat form and would take several naps until his strength comes back.
      • He cannot eat the meat of an animal he has transformed into for at least a month.
      • While using his sense enhancement, Yukyo's hearing will become sensitive. Any loud noises could potentially damage his hearing.
      Magic Item(s)?: N/A (cause I don't have a clue lol)
      Other: His tattoo is on his back below his left shoulder! He also a sword given to him on his birthday by his little sister. Also hi ma!

    • Username: CrackedMoksha
      Name: Zephyr Siegend
      Age: 18
      Appearance: !ORA!
      Personality: Zephyr is a fairly reserved individual. He’s fairly observant and only speaks his mind when he feels that he should. Can be over confident at times, namely when it comes down to fighting and has a biting off more than he can chew as well as trying to shoulder entire burdens on his own.
      Brief History:
      Zephyr had an unfortunate upbringing as a child with him having no memories of his father and his mother’s passing when he was 2 thus leaving him with just his older sister to take care of him. The head of the village in which he lived him did assist in raising him as did the other residents of the village. The burden that his sister faced was somewhat made easier for a duration, but it did naught to help how Zephyr was unable to fully control his magic and was often bullied for it.

      Given that it was only three people that were bullying him, Zephyr didn’t stand for it and often (on a near daily basis) got into fight against them. He won said fight, some bruises here and there, but he held his own pretty well given that each battle was a three on one. Word of this reached his sister and she did scold him at first for getting into another fight. She did offer to help teach him how to control it following her scoldings though. A surprise for sure, but not something that he didn’t turn down.

      At the age of twelve instead of heading back home for another training session, he instead had taken a detours an old abandoned shrine on the outskirts of the village. Recently he’d heard talks about something being there. Something that stuck out like a sore thumb and his curiosity had been peaked. Upon arriving, it was easy to see what it as that everyone was talking about. In the middle of the shrine was a fixture oddly in the shape of a hand. The more he looked at it, the more it indeed looked like a hand. A sudden spell of lightheadedness befell him after taking another step closer towards the hand. As the lightheadedness grew and the world around him turned to black, the last thing that Zephyr saw was the hand like object moving.

      When he next awoken he wasn’t in the shrine, but instead he was in the clinic in a room all to himself. The sudden change in scenery was both odd and confusing, even more so was how he couldn’t remember how it was that he had gotten here. He was covered in some cuts and bruises, but nothing severe. Zephyr exited his room and made his way onto another room that happened to be close by. The sight that he saw in the room was his sisters injured body. Her legs were broken and there was a fair amount of doctors doing everything that they could to keep her stable. The sight was forever engraved into his eyes as he collapsed onto his knees.

      In the following days, things seemed to only get worse for Zephyr. It had been revealed that a demon had gotten free from the shrine and cause a solid amount of destruction to the village. It was still standing, but a fair amount of lives were lost. On top of all that, the magic that had resulted in all this was Zephyrs. When word of this had gotten out, it wasn’t long for more people had started to turn on him and started treated him like an outcast. Through intervention of the village head, things didn’t turn out as bad as they could’ve. However from that day onward Zephyr was treated like an outcast.

      For two years he endured this, shutting himself away from others in his room as his sister recuperated and did his as much research on the demon that had caused all this without having to leave his house. The daily voices and shouts he heard both inside his head and outside his home were already bad enough for him to have to deal with. Then one day he’d made the decision to leave, figuring that by leaving he’d be less of a burden on everyone. His decision had lead to him meeting his soon to be teacher who would help in his learning to control his magic, how to fight with a sword, as well as give him a small bit of information regarding his father. He was taught a fair bit on controlling his magic, discovering his limits during their training before leaving with the hopes of finding more regarding his father. Eventually after parting ways with his teacher, he found his way to Divine Rose and spent the next two years there.
      Magic Type Used: Memory Make
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      Memory Make Armed Gear: Creates either a piece of armor or a full body set
      Memory Make Armed Blade: Creates additional swords for him to fight with
      Memory Make Enchanted Gear: Further strengthens his magic by adding alterations to his already formed magic.
      Memory Make Wyvern’s Flare: Creates a small flaming wyvern that gives his creations a flaming attribute depending on what it decides merge with.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      Zephyr can used up to two combinations of his magic at one time. Anymore starts to negatively affect his body.
      If anything should interrupt the flow of magic, a painful rebound will experience and render on of Zephyr’s limbs numb. It usually takes a few hours for them to be usable again.
      Overuse of his magic can lead to Zephyr becoming quickly fatigue and it harder for it to focus on his magic.
      Magic Item(s)?: Zephyr wears a set of dual Kodachi’s on his back that he can use to either fight with, should he not use his magic, or as a medium to focus his magic in.
      Other: He wears a bracelet with an emblem on it has his good luck charm
    • Username: GarrettFinch
      Name: Gavin Fenix (said like phoenix)
      Age: 18
      Personality: Protective, caring, Kind-hearted, can playful at time but knows when to be serous. Would not mind teaching others.
      Brief History: Gavin was put away in a school at the age of three because he had the natural ability to control (magic) some feared him and made fun of him. The result being that he did not make many friends. One day when he was young around the age of three or four he walked out of a school to see young children going after a hurt Phoenix that could barely fly. They just continued to go after the bird. One saying saying 'one would care for something with a last name like yours.' The words hurt but he had to save the bird. He had to protect the bird some how he knew he had some kind of thing with the wind but did not know how to use it. He did not like to hurt people and did not like using the wind. He just knew he had to protect the bird and so he did. A gust of wind came out of nowhere knocking the children off their feet and causing more fear toward him as they ran away.
      history con.
      Somehow he was able to heal the Phoenix despite being so young. Later he found out that the bird seemed to have the odd ability to somehow lessen the effects that magic caused him when he used it. He tried not to use magic but he some how had to always use it. As the years went on the using magic did not seem to be much of a issue. The phoenix seemed to like to stay with him. He later named it Storm because the day he save it, there was a heavy storm that cleared up right after he helped it.
      He continued to move from school to school trying to learn as mush as possible about magic in secret. He picked up magic rather quickly but he always had to keep moving because of the fear of magic. He met a few people on his travels with magic ability too which seemed to be the most helpful.
      One day when he was ten he took a odd job that was really odd. He wanted to hep people. At first there was a payment but that was not how it turned out. He went in not knowing much at all. It turned out that there was mages there. He only went to the place so that he could find food for a local school but the mages were using for other means. He did not stick around that much he was able to find out some information and some items. One was piece of paper with the name Divine Rose guild along with a note and the other was an anklet bracelet. Which he latter found out was a magical item. All the mages could talk about was Divine Rose guild. He put it one Storm because it looked good on him and he was able to talk. He continued to travel as he went, more and more people seemed more use to magic and more and more users of magic he met.
      He later found his way to the Divine Rose guild and begin studying there and slowly the love of reading and adventure. He enjoyed helping people and was always out helping others. Eight years later he became good at magic. He met the guild leader once or twice and his pet phoenix became close friends with Artemis. It was easy for that bird he thought.
      He is now currently away from the guild helping out others.
      Magic Type Used: wind magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic: wind
      wind Shield: Cast a air like Shield that a can protect from some damage.
      wind gust: uses powerful wind to attack things or can Use wind to trip, daze, blind things, once something is tripped the more damage thing takes.
      Wind cuts: uses short bits of wind in a citing motion to attack. Small to medium damage.
      Healing wind: He can heal some damage of others.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      wind Shield: can use this on themselves and others but they are more effective at casting onto others (it's not as effective on more than two people) and the more it is use the less effective it becomes, until they rest
      wind gust: This and takes a toll on his body each time he uses it and magic. The more powerful the wind is the longer it takes to use. More effective at mid to long range combat. Also the bigger the thing is the less effective it is.
      Wind cuts: the wind cuts are for short in mid range combat. Also is better for short fights as the more it is used the less effective it is.
      Healing wind: Draw back the closer he is to the target the more effective it is. He feels the pain of others when healing. The more it is used the less it heals and the less effective it is.
      Magic Item(s)?: pet phoenix hybrid looks like phoenix but is small (ie can fit on one shoulder without issue) named Storm, helps with wind control (magic) (has wind instead of fire abilities.)
      Other: A phoenix; Can talk through an special anklet bracelet that he has on a foot, but chooses not to talk most of the time. Prefers to talk to Gavin and Artemis (sometimes).

    • Username: Vladivostok
      Name: Conrad Heinrich Adelbrecht Carsten von Eisenstein II
      Age: 24
      Appearance: The New Conrad
      Personality: Conrad is a kind-hearted soul, making sure everyone's alright. He does in the proces forget about himself. Conrad dislikes being on his own and is easy to trust people although not much of a talker about his own feelings. Conrad is a curious man, especially when it comes to ancient records or old languages. Enjoys a good book to read and looking into history.
      Brief History:
      Conrad was born the second son to the wealthy Eisenstein family, while it meant he wasn't going to succeed his father as head of the Eisenstein Metalurgy corporation(Controlling several mines and foundries), it did mean he had quite the carefree youth. He received good education from a personal teacher. He was a curious lad wanting to know about the world, distant places and their languages and most important of all magic, it intrigued him. He himself was unaware of his magical powers back then. In the time he didn't study he looked after with his two younger sisters and one younger brother, or he practiced fencing with his older brother. By the age of twenty he had learned his magical potential and he was taking his younger sister for a stroll, a few members of a dark guild intended to capture either of them for ransom. Conrad at first only relied on his fencing to help him defeat two of the mages but the others learned they had underestimated their target. Conrad used whatever magic he had learned. And in doing so he took out another one with difficulty. He then however used Darkness which caused the last two to flee in terror soon after. However the spell had affected Conrad and the experience was far from pleasant, it terrified him. After having recovered he spoke to his teacher about a mage guild being pointed in the direction of Divine Rose.
      Magic Type Used: Dark Écriture
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic:
      - Reflect, by writing runes in thin air it can reflect projectiles back.
      - Darkness, by writing runes on himself Conrad half turns into a demonic creature being able to use Darkness Breath and Darkness Flare Bomb and boosts his strength.
      - Absolute Shadow, by writing runes on himself Conrad gets clad into black armour boosting his speed and can create a lightning ball in his hands to use in melee.
      - Destruction, by slashing the target, Conrad writes runes on his enemy enhancing the damage of the slash.

      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic:
      - He has to be able to write, with either finger or using his rapier as stylus.
      - For Dark écriture destruction, Conrad has to be able to hit his opponent, with either rapier or his hand.
      - Using Darkness results in the darkness affecting Conrad, affecting his personality and his mind. Prolonged use of the spell causes hallucinations and night terrors.
      - While using Absolute Shadow Conrad gets tired faster and if the armour is breached then spell breaks.

      Magic Item(s)?: A finely crafted Rapier.

    • Username: Swordsman_John
      Name: Shawn Galewind
      Age: 18
      Personality: Protective, caring, Kind-hearted, friendly, rational, knowledgeable.
      Brief History: When he was the age of five he started weapon training. He trained with a trainer, because magic was feared, and years before the village was attacked. Fires everywhere, people feared they would come back one day. The trainer saw something in Shawn, he seemed to have a natural knowledge of any weapon even not well-known ones.
      A years later the town was attacked again, he didn’t have any weapons with him. Out of the main part of town he was corned by the attackers down an ally way. He then caused a mini sandstorm, knocking the attackers down, they ran away in fear. Later his trainer told him, not to use magic in front of the towns people. Telling him its not well understood. (trainer saw him use sandstorm) He continued training for years until he mastered weapons, (he trained in secret for his magic although not that much) Later his trainer gave him a sword, telling him it belonged to his family, also explaining after Shawn touched it how it is bound to him now magically. He traveled around soon hearing about the guild. He set out finding to find it. He later became better at his magic, traveled around for a bit taking odd jobs. Away from guild helping a small town.
      Magic Type Used: (name of it, what is it) Earth magic
      Main Spells/Abilities for Said Magic: (4 Max)
      Earth wall (cover): Cast an earth wall like Shield that a can protect (more like cover) can be tall enough for people to be stand behind it.
      Sandstorm: Can trip, daze, blind things, once something is tripped/blind/dazed the more damage thing takes.
      Earth Make (weapons): Can Make a variety of weapons, (can choose to give to others) (swords, mace, spear ect)
      Bolder bash: Shoots rocks/earth at things.
      Taboos/Weakness for Said Magic: (must have 2-4. All Magic takes a toll big or small)
      Earth wall (cover) Can cover up to 3 people max, wall can be attacked making it fall apart. More it is used smaller the wall.
      Sandstorm: More effective at mid to long range combat. Also, the bigger the thing is the less effective it is for tripping.
      Earth make (weapons): They can brake over time. Less useful when given to others, loses power/strength.
      Bolder bash: rocks are for short in mid-range combat. Also, is better for short fights as the more it is used the less effective it is.
      Magic Item(s)?:
      Obsidian sword that is magically bound to him (fun fact obsidian is 1000 sharper/stronger then steel) (others can’t take it without permission, he knows were it is at all times) makes it useful when he his unable to make weapons.

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  9. Maka Albarn
    i wanna play Dead By Daylight with someone. ;-;

    I know this is a more PlayStation population website, BUT STILL.
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    So this time, we're going to do something fun. All you need is an iPhone or a smartphone that predicts what you're going to type next.

    So without cheating, finish this sentence below by clicking on the middle button where the suggested words pop up until you have a hilarious (or very sad) complete sentence!

    Rules: keep it KHVs rules friendly.

    I know now without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts is _____________

    Example of mine: I know now without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts is the only true man that is a good idea of a man.

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  11. Maka Albarn
    Kingdom Hearts, Disney, university, dealing with kids, cartoons, short comics, etc. Share ya memes here.

    One rule: Follow KHVs rules (duh).

    Ready, Go!


    (I know I shared this with like six people already, but it's funny to me.)
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  12. Maka Albarn
    Hey, so, yeah. I'm not back, back... and idk who would be willing to help at this point. Hearts suggested I post here too though. Dunno if it's applicable or not... feel free to move it. So -sighs- here it goes;

    Most of you know, my mom passed away suddenly on March 27, 2017. Long story short, my dad hasn't been doing so well and used the Life Insurance from my mom to pay for some of the service, his debts, and to take care of my older brother who has severe Down syndrome and needs round the clock care. My mom was our rock, and having her gone really shook things up. But now my dad says there's no funds to get a headstone for my mom.

    So, me and my older sister want closure and to honor our mom. We found the cheapest headstone possible, and set a goal. Problem is my sister has a family of three little boys to take care of, and I have some expensive medical/dental things that need to be taken care of. More information is in the link below:

    We need some help. My dad is not willing to help us at this time, and it's really hard on my sister and I. Anything will help, even a dollar. If you can't donate money, please, please, PLEASE share this publically on any social network you have. It would help us both very much.

    Thank you for taking a look, and have a wonderful day. <3

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    Gees, what a mouthful of a title

    Howdy! I'm Maka, Maka the- oh wait, wrong fandom. AHEM.

    I'm Maka, also known as Friendly_Heartless in the dark days of May 2008 KH-Vids. I noticed a lack of activity in the Writer's Nook of late and I wanted to spice it up a bit, try to shake some life back into it, y'know? The only way I know how to try to revive it is writing stories; particularly Kingdom Hearts Fan fiction.

    Now, the problem is, I'm experiencing a bit of a writer's block. You see, there's so many characters and so many possible stories that I'm a little lost on what to write about. So I'm enlisting YOU (my fellow forum peers) to help me get started on this wonderful journey of stories that were meant (or were not meant) to be!

    What's in it for
    you? Well for one, I'll give you credit for the idea, I'll even dedicate to you if you want me to. Two, you get to be entertained to see how someone takes on your story prompt. Three, if this gets off the ground, I'm planning to make a account and link all the readers there back to KH-Vids (and your story idea shall be famous, maybe. Your name will be known by the newbs as the gods of this world, blessing them with fanfiction they crave). Hopefully that'll bring some wonderful, new friends and we can see some life back in this place again.

    I'll tell you now, I'm a bit rusty with my story writing. But the more stories you send me to write, the better I'll get! You'll see. Plus, you'll get entertainment out of someone trying to write your idea of a KH fanfiction.

    Before we get started, there's a couple of things to keep in mind about all of this:


    24 Years Old Hag
    Full-time Preschool Teacher by day
    Creative Ninja by night
    Played Kingdom Hearts? Yup, KH1, KHCoM, and KH2
    Sushi is the best food ever
    Experience with Writing?: Been writing since I could remember. Didn't spell very well at first, but I got better. Writing was my first way of communicating with the world.

    Now if you're still interested, let's get started with my rules for this Workshop and what I will be willing to work with and some things I will never write about, ever.



    I will only write rated K (for kids)- T (for teens) stories
    I will not write rated M (mature) stories
    I will not write vulgarity (some swear words, maybe. Will not go into full sailor mode)

    Won't write about Smut/Rape/Super Sexualized Stories
    Won't write about Suicide/Self-Harm
    First come, first served
    I will make a list to show who's next
    I am allowed to say no to some ideas
    I may ask you for more input if it's needed before/during story
    I am fine writing yaoi/yuri/heterosexual pairings
    I will not do a story where a Kingdom Hearts character and a Disney character hook up romantically unless it makes sense. Cause that's just plain creepy.


    (currently watching the loooong videos of cutscenes. I'll be caught up soon)

    Kingdom Hearts: (100% Knowledge Power) Played It, Watched the Cutscenes, and read Manga
    Kingdom Hearts-Chain of Memories: (100% K.P.)Played it, Watched it, Read the Manga
    Kingdom Hearts 2: (100% K.P.)Played it, Watched it, Read some Manga
    Kingdom Hearts ReCoded: (0% K.P.)N/A
    Kingdom Hearts-358/2 Days: (100% K.P.) Watched All Cutscenes
    Kingdom Hearts- Birth By Sleep: (10% K.P.) Knows of characters and some plots, watched some cutscens, played it a bit, Planning on watching the whole thing soon!
    Kingdom Hearts- Dream Drop Distance: (100% K.P.)Watched All Cutscenes


    Okay, so, if you read the tidbits about me, I work full time as a teacher.
    My usual set hours are from 8:00am-5:30pm Central Time, Monday through Friday
    However, I want to make time to write a little everyday.
    With that being said, an estimated time of finishing a
    <5000 One-Shot Piece would probably take about one to two weeks. I might even work on two to three stories at once if this takes off. Just be patient, I'll get it done.
    Still cool with that? Awesome.


    (Feel Free to Post it Here or send it to me via PMs if your shy about your idea)

    Brief Synopsis of Story: {2-10 sentences will do}
    Genre(s)/Theme(s) of Story: {Romance, adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi, slice of life, horror, etc.}
    Desired Rating for Story: {K-T}
    Type of Story: {One-Shot <5000 Words, Short Chapter~3-6, Full Story~10 Chapters Max}
    Main Character(s)/Main Pairing:
    Supporting Character(s):
    What do you most like about Kingdom Hearts?:
    What do you like about KHVs?:
    What to do you want to see out of this story?: {The author work with their own ideas added to it, author match original ideas as best as possible, be the most hilarious story ever, soXso get together in the end instead, etc.}
    Is it okay to ask for you input if I need it?: (Yes/No)
    Would you like me to give you credit for the idea? (Yes/No, stay anonymous)
    Dedicate this Story to You?: (Yes/No)
    Anything else?:


    Glen's Alternate DDD Story Plot (2% Progress)

    Fearless's Story of Sora's Thoughts Post DDD Story (0% Progress)

    Feenie's Alternate Day's Story Plot (0% Progress)

    Kelly's Story of Xion's Thoughts During Day's (0% Progress)



    Feel free to leave comments of how to improve the shop.


    Thread by: Maka Albarn, Dec 29, 2016, 7 replies, in forum: Workshops & Recreation
  14. Maka Albarn

    After participating in NAON... or something like that (That writing group where you have to write a certain amount of words a day, with a goal, and get a novel done by November), I thought of this idea and I wanna run by KHVs.

    I was wondering if we could make a Discord/KHVs group of writers who just like to write about anything. It'll be casual, no deadlines, no goals to meet (unless the writers want to make one for themselves), and no real person to run the thing. We need a mod to moderate rules/guidelines, yes, but not someone to tell us to write on a daily basis or that we have to keep up with goals and whatnot. It's just a casual writing group.

    This is to work with those who have a busy schedule to more of a lay back schedule. Anyone could be writing about anything (fanfiction, original story, essays, etc) and ask for help/pointers, or a review. We can also help each other around writer blocks, give helpful advice to find motivation to write, writer prompts, have voice chats to get to know each other and help one another, read our work outloud, etc.

    I am aware that a thread has been made for those who wanna keep writing after Nanao (whatever that was)... But people on KHVs seems more active on Discord. Maybe this will open up doors to help people not be so shy and actually post some of their casual work on the forum to get the writing corner more active.
    Thread by: Maka Albarn, Dec 20, 2016, 10 replies, in forum: Feedback & Assistance
  15. Maka Albarn
    My guess is the Discord chat thingy I keep hearing about... This place has been dead since like 10am.
    Thread by: Maka Albarn, Sep 18, 2016, 24 replies, in forum: The Spam Zone
  16. Maka Albarn
    ... To the people at my work. (And since I work with little ones, this fits so well)

    Trust me. Working with an all women staff is savage.
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  17. Maka Albarn
    I wanna see what everyone's interests are these days. From the looks of it, the RP arena looks almost lifeless.

    I can of did this backwards. I posted and interest thread, got some positive feedback, posted the actual RP, and then everyone just poofs. Most people told me they were busy, and it happens, but my mind started going into thinking mode...

    I guess questions I have are (and you don't have to answer them all, I'm just curious);

    • Are you still interested in role playing?
    • If not, why do you not like Roleplay?
    • What attracts you to an RP? (story, the person who made it, layout, style)
    • What's your favorite theme/genere of an RP?
    • What annoys you about certain RPs?
    • What do you look for in a Roleplay?
    Thread by: Maka Albarn, Sep 5, 2016, 9 replies, in forum: Role Play Discussion
  18. Maka Albarn
    I mean, seriously. It seems the trend has been around since the beginning of movie making. But what's so special about it?


    I dunno, my mind comes up with odd questions from time to time.
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    ~Hey everyone~

    It's been a while since I got at it to actually sing songs. It's one of the things I'm trying to do to relieve stress and (hopefully) get better at it. I can't create original compositions, so it'll be mostly song covers.

    If you have a request for me to sing a song, I'd be happy to give it a try! Granted it doesn't have vulgar or crude language in it, I'm not a fan of those.

    If you can give me tips, comments, constructive critique, that would be great as well.
    Thank you for stopping by!

    This is one I recently did as of I recorded it and put it together today. Here's the description from my YouTube:

    Unsteady by X Ambassadors

    "I actually stumbled across this song in a karaoke app. I didn't really think much about it till I listened to the lyrics, and I felt like it resonated with me. So, finally, I did a cover of it. (Yup, that's me singing in the video)

    And I felt like going the extra mile, so I threw in some of my favorite anime and video clips to go along with it.

    Anime/Video Games in Here {Not in Order}:
    ~Your Lie In April
    ~Ouran High School Host Club
    ~ Soul Eater
    ~Kingdom Hearts
    ~ Final Fantasy: Advent Children
    ~ Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
    ~Black Cat
    ~Fairy Tail
    ~Attack on Titan
    ~Princess Jellyfish
    ~Ghost Hunt"

    And those who can't access embedded videos, here~

    Thread by: Maka Albarn, Aug 26, 2016, 6 replies, in forum: Production Studio
  20. Maka Albarn
    ☢OOC Thread☢

    Let Us Commence
    [Pay attention, and read closely. Might be a lengthy first post, but it's important. Important stuff highlighed in yellow for lazy folks]

    December 11, 2016

    Not much activity today. Kind of cold but unusually warm since the sun came out, clear skies. Haven't seen anyone not undead in a few weeks since they shut down the city-

    A twig snapped, and Kytheria lifted her head from her worn notebook. She heard the gurgling growling somewhere below her, and breathed out silently through her nose. She had perched herself up in a tall pine tree to get a better view of her surrounding area. She learned quickly that she shouldn't be posted on the ground while writing in her notebook; something could sneak up on her.

    A zombie stumbled out into the clearing, approaching a tiny cage with a dead rat, tied on a rope just under the young girl. Warm blood dripped from the corpse and onto the forest floor below. Even though their brains had deteriorated, they were smart creatures.
    They were driven by instinct, attracted by lights of any kind like moths, sensitive to loud noises and heat, and the smell of blood. They had incredible, animal like strength as well, ripping apart anything they deemed worthy to eat before devouring it whole. No, they were no longer humans. They were walking corpses that craved blood and flesh. The fresher it was, the faster they moved to it.

    hadn't seen any run just yet, but she was prepared for anything at this point. They more like hobbled and powered walked, but they were easy to get away from so long as you had good running legs.

    She had been out on one of her camping trips when the outbreak got out of control. Hospitals were overrun, people were being eaten by those affected by the sickness left and right, and panic ensued. She had tried to go back to the city on
    September 15, 2016, only to run into military personal. They took her into an exam room, asked her a series of questions, analyzed her vital signs, and then asked her if she was seeking asylum. She told them she was trying to get things from her house, and that was when they told her that her home was in an area called the Red Zone, which was off limits to civilians. They gave her an option to remain under their protection or be out on her own.

    Seeing many movies and writing many stories, she wanted to be in control of the situation and not rely on someone else to save her.

    They released her, telling her to stay out until further notice, gave her a box of supplies, and sent her on her way.

    That was three months ago. She tried to go back a few times, only to see the military personal still hanging around. Their numbers became fewer and fewer though, and things were not looking good. Beginning of November, there was no one in official uniform standing outside the gates. The entrance was boarded up with a spray painted message in red across it;

    And that's what Kytheria Z. Farrow did.

    Once things were established things were not going to be the same ever again, the young twenty-one year old adult took matters into her own hands. She found an abandoned cabin, created her own living quarters, defense system, forged as much food as possible, and even had a little indoor garden in the attic. The last three months were not a waste of time for her at all. Supplies were getting low, but she had managed to stumble across a few abandon cars and places to get things. So far, she stayed away from places where she saw people living. You could never be too sure what anyone was capable of when times got rough with no law or order of any kind enforced.

    She watched how the zombie moved so slowly across the forest floor to the cage of the dead rat. Strange, the cold seemed to do something to them after all. She picked up her pen, scribbling notes down. The zombie came right under her, reaching up to the rat in vain as it was just out of reach.

    Female, skin wrinkly and decayed, white hair. Probably was old lady. Smells awful, just like the others. Wearing matted pink bathrobe and flower print nighty, ratted dress. Determined for blood. Moves slowly.More so than usual. Might do something with cold? Will warm up later, I'm sure.

    Kytheria finished and put the notebook back in her oversized dark green, hunting jacket that swallowed body up to her wrists. Beggers couldn't be Chosers in the Apocalypse. It kept her warm, had lots of pockets, and she could still move around verily easy in it.

    She reached for her crossbow, her most prized and useful possession. It was loaded, ready to be fired just in case something happened. A quiver of arrows of various sizes and shapes was strapped to her back while a machete was attached by a belt and in a sheathe around her waist. Her hair was done in a messy bun with leaves, pine needles, and twigs sticking out of it while her face was smudged with dirt and mud. Her jeans were ripped on her right knee, and her feet were clad in dark brown hiking boots. She was outfitted to travel for the day, even had some power bars stashed away in her huge jacket, and a canteen full of clean water on the other hip.

    Kytheria raised the crossbow up, breathing out as she aimed at the zombie below. She kept both eyes open, focusing on the head. She pulled the trigger on the crossbow, and instantly the arrow released. The arrow lodged itself right in the left eye of creature, which staggered and fell to the ground.

    The girl lowered her arrow, looking down at the zombie on the ground.
    Dead. Actually dead-dead, not like dead, still gurgling and walking. Head shots guaranteed a quick kill 90% of the time she found out.

    Silver eyes glanced around, making sure nothing else was coming. All was quiet, save for a breeze blowing through the trees.

    Satisfied, Kytheria carefully began to come down. She couldn't be logging information about zombies all day, she had things to do before the day ended. Feet touched the ground, and she walked over to the zombie, staring down at its face. The arrow stuck out of it, and it made no movement. She could never be too sure though. Loading another arrow in her crossbow with her foot, she locked the trigger and then swung it over her shoulder. Her free hand reached for the machete, still looking around to make sure that she was still alone.

    She pulled out the blade, and without hesitation, sliced it over the neck of the creature in one clean swoop. The head rolled away and Kytheria couldn't help but grimace as she heard yellow-red liquid squirting out. "
    Ugh, ew, ew, ew." No matter how many times she did that, she still couldn't stomach it.

    She shook out the blade, crouching to the earth and wiping it off with the dead leaves and brush the best she could. The machete was back in its sheathe, and Kytheria began to pat the old woman's pockets for anything of value. Her hand disappeared into the robe pocket, and her fingers wrapped around something. Raising an eyebrow, she pulled it out. Her mouth fell open and she chucked it away from her. "Dentures! No thank you. Gross." She groaned, wiping her hand off on her jacket and then reached back into the pocket. A small flashlight with a dim working bulb, and a pretty penny. Useless materials, but collectible.

    Kytheria sighed out, standing up from the old woman while shoving the penny and flashlight in her pocket. "Sorry lady, I gotta take what I can." She came to the decapitated head, trying to not look directly at it as her hand wrapped around the arrow. She stepped on the head, feeling the bones be unusually soft and squish under her weight. Kytheria shuddered and yanked hard, freeing the arrow and putting it in her quiver.

    Her eyes then looked around the place. The trees, save the green pine needles, looked so dead. The crisp air entered her nose, along with the smell of rotting flesh. She covered her nose and mouth with her sleeves, walking forward to get away from the smell. It was another day alone in hell, but she was here.

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