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  1. PrincessKairixXx
    Hey there!
    Idk if any of your remember me since I've been gone so long, but I used to post a bunch of videos here back in the day. My videos are still clogging up the Trending and Popular Media sections x'D I'm so FLATTERED

    Idk why, but the video portal gives me issues now every time I try to post. :/
    I guess I'll just post some stuff here.

    I mainly edit with Sora, Roxas, and Kairi. Idk why but I like working with love triangles xD
    I made this last year, it actually managed to make it into the video portal:

    And last year, I started working on this project, forgot about it, and kind of quickly finished it a few days ago xD
    This one is with Namine instead of Kairi. I like the idea of using Namine, but I'm not used to her.

    Anyways, I guess from now on, I'll post my videos as a response to this thread. I just figured I'd share here, like old times.
    If you know how to get around the portal's weirdness, please let me know >_>
    Thanks, and have a wonderful day (/'o')/ ✨
    Thread by: PrincessKairixXx, Feb 11, 2018, 4 replies, in forum: Production Studio