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  1. Rayku
    Everything is pretty good.

    School is going well, I'm still pretty happy and in a loving relationship

    So you know, generally been keeping well since I last came here
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  2. Rayku
    It is currently almost 1 am on the east coast, and I was finishing an essay for a class

    When suddenly I thought

    "It's been a long time since I've visited KHV, I wonder how everyone is"

    And here I am.

    How is everyone?
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  3. Rayku
    Well, actually, if we're talking about manga....
    Gossip Girl did get one too.

    So, which of the lesser two evils did it?
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  4. Rayku
    I finished XIII around the time it first came out and I thought it was okay

    Played some of XIII-2 and didn't really like it, but then again Noel and Serah were the only thing I was truly invested in

    and now Lightning Returns....I played the demo and actually enjoyed it.

    [Plus I might have seen the ending.....ooops]
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  5. Rayku
    Well they do have a right to rage, and apparently the audio drama is being translated for US/EU

    Yuna and Tidus break up for mysterious reasons, the girl protagonist of the drama is apparently Auron's Daughter? And SIN COMES BACK.
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  6. Rayku
    Considering that X is a video game very close to my heart as being the first Final Fantasy I played and finished fully, I am very excited for the HD collection for many reasons. The remastered music is what I really have to get used to but it sounds soooo good!
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  7. Rayku
    Ruby, considering it will be cold + it won't be as common to see her at a con right now
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    Hi Kirgiri how's Naegi doing
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    I guess he wants to make a disappearing act with your grades
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  15. Rayku
    Well, here is the Japan National Tourism site (which I'm sure you already looked at but anyway)

    Like someone said previously, If you're looking into the more serious side of things, Kyoto is pretty much the place to go for the shrines and history of it.
    If you're just going for fun, Tokyo is really expensive, so be prepared to spend a whole lot there if you want anything.

    Though, I believe if you're going to use the trains there, you actually have to buy some sort of pass before going? I'm not sure, I've seen ads about it a lot from The Japan Society that's here in New York.

    Also, if you have the money, go to Tokyo Disneyland! I heard its real fun.

    I hope you have fun.

    Edit: As for dates, try to go towards the end of March. Apparently that's when Cherry Blossom Season starts, and you can truly become a shojo anime enjoy the festivals?
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  16. Rayku
    I think its just the cutscenes made for HD, in theater viewing mode (Kind of like how some of the earlier Final Fantasy games had that option where you can view previous cutscenes)
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  17. Rayku
    Well, the set makes sense anyway

    Re:Chain of Memories and Days happens in between the events of 1 and 2. And since they included 1, it would make it easier for the player to understand the story more.
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  18. Rayku
    I was actually very surprised someone was using your picture as an avatar...
    I thought it was someone joking at first
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  19. Rayku
    I'm actually on the fence with Amy

    Sometimes I love the direction she's going in, and then it can all turn to crap an episode later. But I do agree her pain is being used to advance the plot most of the time, which isn't fair.

    I love Donna and Rose, though.
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  20. Rayku
    I haven't seen G4 in a very long time, it honestly just plays Cops/Cheaters 24/7 most of the time (which never, ever made sense to me) but, I actually liked watching X-Play and Attack of the Show, and as soon as a lot of it changed and you hardly saw anything about it on the actual channel, I just jumped ship.

    Its a bit sad though, because it'll most likely become a Spike TV 2.0
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