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  1. Sumi
    i was out drinking last night with my coworkers and as tends to happen every time i go to this specific bar i ended up making out with some guy twice my age between playing ping pong and galaga and anyway i was so exhausted when i got home but i added him on fb and fell asleep bc i was enchanted bc he could quote book passages i liked ANYWAY not only is he 27 years older than me he's also a friend of and works for richard dawkins and im just wondering
    is it my moral obligation to turn him from being a militant atheist [read: elitist dickwad]??? or do i block him and find a new bar with galaga tables and paintings of dogs on the walls?
    happy 8 year khversary to me
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  2. Sumi
    no, my fish is way cooler than you.

    (how is everything around here? / general check-up thread / it's been months lmao hey)​
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  3. Sumi

    ayyyyyyy lmao

    @Saudade is on my bed and also he snores
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Sumi
    and have no clue who anyone is
    stop changin your dang names every five minutes ya fools idk who's a hand or a foot
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  5. Sumi

    i'm desperate

    hi so i need a place to sleep while i visit a college for an interview
    and i don't know anyone in ohio
    does anyone live in ohio
    please let me sleep on your floor
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  6. Sumi
    and my classmate reaches up to tap my shoulder

    "hey i go on there all the time!"
    oh god oh god oh god
    "haha but it's been like a year or two"
    that's not even all the time you lil ****
    "what's your username?"
    please don't know me please don't know sumi
    "yeah don't remember you"

    i am both pleased and saddened by my apparent unpopularity.
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  7. Sumi
    i will kill you and eat your skin and muscles.
    also your softer organs.
    that is all.
    thank you.
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  8. Sumi
    i keep sneezing and coughing blood
    i think i might be allergic to boarding school

    (luckily they have free coffee here)
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  9. Sumi
    thank you antidepressants and tetsuya nomura you have made this possible
    bless you
    may your crop yield remain forever high
    may your wives have male babies
    may the odds be ever in your favour
    may the force be with you
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  10. Sumi

    i s2g i just coughed up my lungs i've been laughing so hard
    this is perfect and makes my life worth living

    he's so awkward
    bless him
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  11. Sumi


    how do you feel about this khv?

    edit: okay sob more than an hour left
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  12. Sumi
    Japanese 1: learning to say what you like and your name and hiragana
    Japanese 2: hiragana still and how old you are
    Japanese 3: katakana also still hiragana because 80% of the class didn't get it the first two years and where you are from
    Japanese 4: still katakana and how to count things
    Japanese AP: here are 500 kanji learn them by next class also please write a five page essay explaining the significance of the Dole Banana Man in modern Japanese culture also please translate the 16 page verb sheet and learn two more tenses this will be due tuesday

    i feel like it's a little uneven.
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  13. Sumi
    you'll be used to all the changes in like a week. B|
    why waste time complaining about them?
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  14. Sumi
    I open it to the first page and the first thing I see:


    This school year looks promising.
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  15. Sumi
    staring at EB Games
    not owning a 3DS
    crying inwardly

    random person walks up to you

    "Kingdom Hearts feels?"
    "Yeah, man."
    "There's always emula-"

    the little things that happen in the real world sometimes.
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  16. Sumi
    Hey lovelies. :3
    Just saying hi, I'm alive, I love y'all, and how are you? Things here are great and I've kinda/sorta been on msn but it's really really busy here. I have three more days of classes and I come home on Saturday. I miss you all a ton. Fill me in on what I've been missing on here??

    edit: also Forsaken your voice has been narrating my dreams thanks to listening to the khv podcast while i sleep
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  17. Sumi
    Hey guys! Not much to say here. As a lot of you already know I was (somehow) accepted to Interlochen for their summer arts program as a high school creative writing major in poetry and fiction. I'll be leaving in a few short hours and won't be back for three weeks. Once I come back and don't have all that packing and preparation to do, I can assure I'll be back to being a regular poster around here. :3
    I definitely will not have any internet access while I am away but I'll be calling either Plums or What? at least once a week so use them
    as you please as your personal lines to me /shot. Jest, but I really will try to stay in touch with happenings through the phone lines.
    Can't wait to come back and miss everyone already! <3
    Thread by: Sumi, Jun 22, 2012, 3 replies, in forum: Departure Hall
  18. Sumi
    go on, make this a good thread.
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  19. Sumi
    the line up is:

    Brave Story
    Summer Wars

    starting whenever some people get their butts into this room right hurrrrr

    EDIT: Streaming tomorrow night once I have a desktop and more people are on.
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  20. Sumi
    attempted a slightly larger piece. so much art block right now ugh. but anyway BRIGHT COLOURS AHOY.
    cnc would be grrrrrreat please and thank you :3 ??

    Thread by: Sumi, Apr 3, 2012, 6 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics