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  1. Rosey
    yall are the worst posting on my facebook you know who you ARE.

    also everyone is probably like who even are you
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  2. Rosey
    turns out that if you tell people you moderated a kingdom hearts forum for a few years people think you're awesome.

    thanks team, u rock.
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  3. Rosey
    this new layout confuses me. HOW DO THINGS WORK.

    clearly, it has been a while.
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  4. Rosey
    I am going to college! Yay!

    oh and hi i missed you how are you all etc etc im alive
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  5. Rosey
    victory .
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  6. Rosey

    nostalgia. booooooom.

    you are all welcome.
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  7. Rosey


    go go go go go go go go go go go go go. signs now.
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  8. Rosey

    be jealous

    Bivi and I are leaving each other video messages.

    They consist of super mario pjs, a sora poster, singing, and dino noises.

    you be jealous. I know.
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  9. Rosey
    opinions KHV.

    esp from those who know what I look like. lol
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  10. Rosey


    i am done with my EE.

    *holy music plays*
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  11. Rosey

    The Night

    Didn't actually write this as a poem. Actually was multiple texts to my ex-boyfriend. Good times.


    What will life do to this girl without a heart?
    Life will not be nice to her, for why should it be.
    Why should the world do which she cannot give back?
    Now the girl without a heart will cry herself to sleep,
    As she has done for the past few months and will continue to do for many more,
    “I love you†she said to the world. And the world
    Laughed back, “Tell her that she could not love.â€
    It would not say it back because
    She did not deserve it.

    Even though she would have taken it in a mocking tone, the still silence of the night
    Echoed through the lifeless room.
    The sound of the world engulfed the walls, seeping into
    The cavern where the heart once was. As it entered her body
    It grew a new life.
    “This is why you cannot be loved.â€
    It ached from inside of her.
    “I grew to this from nothing. If something was here, the silence of the night would be whispering different words.â€
    And so the girl cried.
    Cried to fill up the words from the silence that deafened her ears.

    She reached out her hand for somebody’s touch.
    But the only sign of life was the breath that escaped from her own lips, and the
    Darkness that spun around her hand until she could recognize it no more.
    But the Darkness calmed her. For she knew that the Darknesss
    Was not loved either, as people thrust candles to the sky to send it away.
    So she took the Darkness into her arms and sang it a lullaby,
    Hoping that she could make her body a home for somebody.

    The Darkness claimed her as its own, crawling up her legs and over her skin, entering every orifice of her frail self.
    And from that day on, the night possessed the girl, bending her to the will of
    The dark, like a helpless puppet tortured by bounded strings.
    And her eyes were no longer the green of life, but the gray of nothing, the black of the puppet master.

    “Goodnight,†she softly cried to the Darkness.
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  12. Rosey

    Les Mis

    i saw it last night at the theater with 6 other people who are performing it this year with me.

    oh. my god.

    breath taking. absolutely breath taking. if it comes near you, see it. so worth any amount of money.

    everyone in my group cried at least once. my friend who is playing valjean in our production cried pretty much every other song.

    but seriously. fantastic musical. lovee.
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  13. Rosey
    im single.
    mutual break up. still hurts.

    what now khv.
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  14. Rosey
    why hello team.

    so i am doing my college app supplement to stanford, upenn, and johns hopkins. and i can pick 10 photos to submit, but i am a fan of 25.

    I was thinking that I would submit 1 nature shot, 1 portrait, and 8 others, to show diversity. My strengths tend to be in sports photography, and angles and lines within student life shots, so I will probably stick to those (as you can see in the photos). Supplement/
    password is yearbook.

    let me know which 10 you think I should do (just do numbers... so like 3, 13, 14 etc)

    also any critique is nice too.
    Thread by: Rosey, Aug 28, 2011, 2 replies, in forum: Arts & Graphics
  15. Rosey
    i got them back today. they look pretty. yayyyyy.
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  16. Rosey
    how is it being there right now??? i hope you are all okay.
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  17. Rosey
    basically im really cool.
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  18. Rosey
    is gorgeous. srsli. love it.
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  19. Rosey
    seriously, this is ridiculous.
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  20. Rosey

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