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  1. Lovely Phantasmagoria
    Don't mind the crappy title. xD I was bored when I thought of that...

    so yeah.. I'm not lying. I may not be able to go back for now. It's the final quarter and I have to give it my all. (school... could never be trusted. EVER.) So yeah, I'll probably be gone till the last week of March or something.

    To my RP mates: I'll be gone for a while. But please don't get rid of my characters!! TToTT

    To my friends: Well... you guys take care now. I shall miss you all. :(

    To anyone reading this: Hello... and goodbye for now. DD:

    This is Lovely Phantasmagoria, signing out.
    Thread by: Lovely Phantasmagoria, Feb 19, 2010, 5 replies, in forum: Departure Hall