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  1. Dinny
    I miss this section a lot and I recently had my first project in my History of Art class. I've done something very new: working on a huge canvas at 300px for the first time so I would really like some critique and tips to help me further! I'm not very confident with my digital art either so I'm challenging myself to improve.

    Anyway, here's the piece and how I came about to it. I've been trying to find a way to do digital art on photoshop that I'm comfortable with. I've tried doing line arts then painting and single layer stuff then I tried this little painting technique, working with more layers than usual hehe

    View attachment 39359 I saved it as jpeg so it can upload to khv lol but here's the bigger file:
    First, I roughly drafted everything on photoshop. Very rough as you can see. one big lol.
    View attachment 39355

    Then I proceeded to adding in colors just to plan everything out and see its composition
    View attachment 39356

    Then, on separate layers, I began working on filling in details for each aspect of the piece. My layers were mainly a character layer, throne layer, background layer and birds later. I did this under the original draft so I could still get a guide of what the drawing would be but I eventually erased this layer completely.
    View attachment 39357
    Here's how I did the birds, which was very different from the rest of the drawing. I used a black silhouette then with that I began to fill in some details. Also, I've already added in some textures.
    View attachment 39358
    I should have really taken more progress photos but then I ended up rushing the last bit cause of the deadline (my fault for working so late on it though ahahaha)

    So yeahhhh /flails around/
    If you could critique and give me more tips with digital art, I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much! ; v ;
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  2. Dinny
    Papa @Plums I'm growing up
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  3. Dinny
    and yet they do not put the effort to build a device to send me through multi-universes of fiction.

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  4. Dinny

    I'm alive !

    (It's funny because it's totally appropriate /awkward laughter/)
    Anyway, I've decided to make a hello-I-am-back-intro thread because a lot of my buds from here were really concerned with what happened to me (ahhh ty please stop worrying i love you) and junk and it's kind of hard to retell the story over and over so I made this yay!

    Um, I disappeared for a while, going on and off but never steadily staying online for a good 4 months or so? I would go online to RP every once in a while but after that it was just complete disconnect. Long story short: I got really sick and was absent from school a lot, by the time I was well enough to come back I had way too much to catch up on, got really sick again, had exams, had surgery, had to recover, went back to school with more chaos but eventually got back on track with life! Hooray!!

    For those who are wondering and asking me about what happened here:

    For 5 months I had really peculiar symptoms including imbalance which resulted to me not being able to walk straight or alone and on some days, not walk at all and even faint. It was continuous for 2 months, died down for another 2 months (I was able to walk with a guide and go back to school - which was chaotic, cries) but came back even worse during December. I went through lots of tests and doctors that were completely baffled by my normal results and it was just a complete mystery. Before Christmas, a new doctor saw me and suspected this rare condition that was in line with an ovarian cyst I had in my system that never bothered me before. I went back to school for four days to take the exams but right after that I had a major surgery that removed the cyst. Turns out it had active brain cells that were transmitting information to my brain causing an imbalance. It's very rare and luckily, spotted early cause it may have developed into worse symptoms including loss of speech, seizures and loss of memory (NAMINE). Now, as predicted, my symptoms are gone and I officially started going back to school. My family's a lot happier now that I'm out of the hospital and cliche but I'm living life out more and really embracing my passions (wow deep cliche wow). Now that I'm balanced with school and arts and life I decided it was time to go back to my friends online too so now I'm back hehe n w n

    Anyway, I hope I can continue to stay active and talk to everyone once again! High school is coming to an end for me so I will definitely have more time once it does! I want to go back to RPing and chatting with you~ Hope to also meet new people on the forum and enjoy KHV as I've always had.

    As a small intro, hello!
    I'm Dinny. I am a magical asian school girl. I like many things and I'm sometimes blonde.
    \(O u O\)
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  5. Dinny
    and pls pls pls help me ; ^ ;

    I don't know what to do for my creative shot AT ALL
    The theme is "Find Your Own Adventure" and like,
    craaaaaaaaaai I don't know what to dress up at all \sobs

    I can't use most of my cosplays because it's not dress code lawl
    (except my Robin, Pikachu costume but Idk man)
    But I still want something mega geek worthy that expresses my first class dorkiness




    i'll give you sparkles
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  6. Dinny
    And I just found out I'll probably not be in the mountain or beach during that time (in a week) and I kind of want to go all kawaii kawaii desu but I do not have the time or cash to prepare anything i mean i have a baby doll costume but idk ummm ehhh so um help what do I do
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  7. Dinny
    and like each type of member is a different ranking of a job class

    and we all have different races

    and our posts are like the skills, magic and weapons we use:
    like the Spamzone is this PK arena,
    the Playground is a forrest field
    the Forum families are the guilds
    the Help With Life is some cleric/white mage central
    the Role Playing arena is like the olympus coliseum
    and all the different sections are just the different places where the different job classes hang and chill

    but then again some other days I'm just like
    mehhhh nah mybe not
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  8. Dinny
    I was trying to be creative but I'm pretty sure I lost my mind (for the nth time​
    over those last few weeks of this school year) but it's okay I'll find it soon I guess idk
    I missed this place so much bec clingybear abububu *shot*​
    Hop into my tropical time machine and let's have summer fune time now​
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  9. Dinny
    I swear to God I said that 2 weeks ago tho

    but nonetheless omg the wait feels like forever ; _ ;
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  10. Dinny
    I hope everyone is having the loveliest time!​
    Huggles to everyone !​
    * kissuuuu *​
    this is horrid and it's 1am but I DONT CARE I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH
    love, D i n n y
    View attachment 34108
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  11. Dinny
    I keep falling asleep while doing my work u _ u
    Do you guys know of good methods on how I can stay up with energy and stuff?

    oh bUT PLOT TWIST:
    I can't take anything with caffeine or carbonated drinks cause I'll end up in the hospital.
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  12. Dinny
    yes I got your username right!!
    H A P P Y H A P P Y H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y R A Z Z Y !!!
    ^ because you are an honorary drama llama ^
    For those who have not met Razzy yet...
    Razzy is a semi-new member on KHV, one of my best buds irl lol, an amazing singer who's joined in KHV Chorus and will surely become a grand chorus regular, and IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY. Give him nice, lovely greetings KHV since you're all wonderful and Razzy here is too!
    [​IMG] ----------------------------------------- [​IMG]
    Dinny's birthday message;​
    HEY LARRY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY OH MY GLOB. YOU'RE SEVENTEEN. YOU'RE OLDER THAN ME HAHAH. okay, sorry. Anywho, I hope you have a super fantastic day!! You deserve the greatest day ever! I say that to most people, though I mean it absolutely genuinely, but I do find it kind of awkward knowing that your day today will be spending time here at my place with the others with movies and jam sessions along with tennis but yeah, I just hope this day - though spent like how we always do when we're together - is just SPECTACULAR. It's your birthday! And you deserve that. Let's get some cake down at Red Ribbon by the corner of my street!! Hehe. You're really one of my greatest friends and I can't wait to spend more time with you in this next year in your life. We've got lots of exciting things coming up this 2013 with more tennis (I hope!), a roadtrip (I also hope!), prom twice haha, my production, your productions, the end of flippin' junior year (!!!), summer (!!!!!!1!!!), cosplays (Vampire Royalty, Avatar TLA, FCBD--- EVERYTHING. THIS MUST PUSH THROUGH!!), and oh glob, senior year. 2012 has been splendid and thanks for being there to make it great, I really can't wait for this year. So, brotha, may you stay absolutely awesome and fabulous! You're the best! See you in a bit! AND A VERRY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
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  13. Dinny
    I'm hitting the beach and being one with the ocean in a bit. Just waves, sun, sand and the sky.
    Supah excited yeah yeah yeah

    What are you peeps gonna do ? c:
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  14. Dinny

    So my bud

    and I went out for movies and the arcade and we tried to get this Lots-O bear from the claw machine and IT HATES US.

    And we went out again this weekend with friends and he was all,
    "I was supposed to give you something! But I left it... Remember that Lots-O bear we couldn't get? Yeah, I got one for you."

    oh and my examinations are over and I'm on holiday break
    Let's party
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  15. Dinny
    Been questioning my art lately and junk. I don't know what to do anymore. If I want to keep doing art and blahh, I'm very caught and confused. But um, anyway, I have been embracing my style more! Um, if I can call it a style... I guess? Ahhh so lost ; A ;

    All I know is that I've been trying to draw this way and that and it never works out until I just start from absolutely nowhere, with nothing in my head, then I come out with something I'm at least a bit content with. So yeah, I would just like to share it here - because I want to c:
    Open to opinions, critique, etc.

    Yes, I've been too lazy to go to my scanner plus I don't really have the time with my exams ongoing at the moment (lol I'm online because my family told me to take a break and stop studying) so these photos were taken through instagram. I'm cool /shot/

    Fairies, and creatures and things



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  16. Dinny
    D I N N Y ' S W R I T I N G J U N K
    ~ O u O ~
    Hello there, Dinny here hehe! Um. I actually really enjoy writing, though I don't think I am at all very good... I would still like to share some of my junk here! Hehe. Pretty sure these are going to be stuff from school! Yes, I write because I have school lol. It's really the only place that I write since I absolutely have to and I'm not too confident or comfortable just writing randomly sometimes. I might update with new ones if ever, I'm sure I'll have more school outputs! I hope you enjoy - critique would be lovely n _ n

    The False Standstill
    Here, we were to be inspired by the poem "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" and it was to be 6 stanzas long, with 4 lines each. Something really simple. We had to tackle the same mood as the original poem (she doesn't want to get fooled by love and material things, etc. She's quite sassy yep) but incorporate what boys do today for exchange of acceptance, peace and love.

    Sometimes, it's funny how things can go
    How someone can lift you up when you're buried so low
    Or when suddenly you don't feel so alone
    When a beep or two escapes your mobile phone

    The reason for such treatment is unknown
    Yet you're certain it is a little love being shown
    It makes you feel all warmed up inside
    When sweet memories cross your blank mind

    Sadly, these are only such little things
    Even if for a moment they fill you with feelings
    Time fleets, things change and ultimately
    These little things wither constantly

    The sweaters, the film tickets, the roses and letters
    Mean so little if their intention so often lingers
    Maybe if the thought was never to be forgotten
    But time flies and some things in our minds go rotten

    If the memory stays longer than just for a moment
    Then perhaps that will be a huge component
    To the confusing things in mind and heart
    Might it win me over or tear us apart

    The world is not perfect, this is not pretend
    Eventually, everything comes to a disappointing end
    But thanks for the thought, it meant a lot
    At least during that moment when you had me caught

    Home And Its Depressing Path

    This was written because we were tasked to write an elegy about nature. It's supposed to be about a poem about loosing nature, nature dying and beautiful things from the earth going away. How we would feel when it's gone and that kind of stuff. It also had to be only four stanzas.

    The first breath drawn invades as a deadly poison.
    My being chokes, it suffocates and feels condemned.
    The air has no purity nor assurance from the blissful horizon.
    It saddens me to witness such beauty wither to an end.
    The path to home holds no comfort and shows no remorse.
    I fear of what has been subtracted from the glorious world,
    Also of the aching screams of nature that sound so hoarse.
    For even they tire of their losses that are endlessly whirled.

    Embraced by the blanket of fear, I proceed to my journey.
    My bare feet can feel the shivers and cries of the earth.
    The path to home holds no comfort and is almost topsey-turvey.
    Light from the morning only gives darkness birth,
    That have stolen the companions usually by my side.
    Their lanky trunks and green leaves go missing
    And the little robin's chirps are not present to chide.
    Yet I can only long to hear the annoyance of their singing.

    It was as if someone jabbed into me and tore out my being.
    I arrive, home at last, but am not welcomed with sweetness.
    Polluted sands prick at my flesh and even cause bleeding,
    but my blood drawn holds no comparison to the murder I witness.
    The path to home held no remorse but instead great fear.
    The home that held my heart seemed to purposely crush it.
    I am left homeless with nothing in life for me to cheer.
    Although alive, I can feel death holding the world without a fit.

    The sweet smell of the ocean is replaced by the odor of death.
    The fifty-foot, ice-cold waves no longer smile down at me.
    They lose their intent to liberate but grab life by the breath.
    Hindered from escape, the darkness is locked on without no evident key.
    The home I knew fled away without my goodbyes,
    The waters so free is a foe and no longer a friend.
    Everything so beautiful left with no hope in my eyes.
    What is there to live for with no future ahead?

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  17. Dinny
    This is probably a day ahead and all that junk since I'm time traveling herderp buuuuuut
    H A P P Y H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
    I hope you're having a super fantastic birthday, you gorgeous girl you!​
    You deserve all the smiles and hugs ~​
    Wishing you the best! xox​
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  18. Dinny
    For Halloween that is. ​
    But MY Halloween spirit has not strayed!​
    So I'm going to Halloween on the internet, but I'm looking for peeps to join me​
    Skype/Tumblr/KHV/tinychat omg anywhere ​
    We can be in costume and stream movies and video chat and omg anything ​
    I'd rather spend Halloween with you guys anyway herpderp​
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  19. Dinny
    will you go to prom with me?
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  20. Dinny
    Been a while since I've posted here hehe~​
    I tried making my very first pixel thing today.​
    This is my Adventure Time OC: Tallulah the Lagoon Princess:​
    It would be grand to hear your opinions, critique, etc. about this.​
    This is my first attempt and I really want to try and improve because,​
    oh my glob I really love pixels and I just want to be good at it lol u v u ;​
    Thank you for your time!​
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