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  1. Anixe

    On Sunday morning, Christopher Lee, 93, had passed away. His wife didn't want to inform the public until after his family had been told.

    Truly sad news. Not only known as the beloved voice of DiZ in the Kingdom Hearts series, but he was also well known as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings series and of course, Dracula. He's also personally one of my favorite actors of all time. May he rest in peace.
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    the fact that they actually got Sakaguchi to do this is amazing in of itself...
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    Yugi and Seto Kaiba are confirmed for a brand new movie in celebration of its 20th Anniversary in 2016, featuring the original Duel Monsters cast. A Famitsu article confirmed a release date sometime around 2016 and seems to be co-produced by 4Kids Media.

    No other information is available at this time, but I sure am excited to see them back~ The artwork definitely looks better than that other Yu-Gi-Oh movie released by 4Kids. Where will this be set? When will it be set? Who else would you like to see? Only time will tell~
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    Herp derp

    I attempted to adjust my reading glasses on my face but then I realized I wasn't wearing any glasses so I poked my eye really hard and now I'm just sitting here with my right eye twitching uncontrollably trying to finish a paper due by midnight tonight

    how was your morning, khv?
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    I'm hosting a party tonight and I just need to know what chain people like better.
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    CNN Article Here

    Truly a sad day today as one of the most well known literary authors has departed us. Especially in the light of other recent events, this is quite tragic. Her poems may have not have specifically spoken to me as it did to others, but her experiences are captured so well through her beautiful poetry. Rest in peace.
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    If you remember (or don't) my little survey a month or so ago, there's apparently a follow up and now here's two more questions and I would like at least 10 peeps to respond.

    1. From the top of your head, what superhero do you think of?

    2. Describe in one word your room/place you are currently staying.

    Thanks in advance, y'all!
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    Because I'm a socially awkward motherf*cker, I need at least 10 people to answer a few simple questions for a skewl project. pls and thank you

    1. Describe a childhood memory in one word.

    2. What animal do you associate with nighttime?
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  9. Anixe
    Welcome to DJ Time with Anixe! Today's program will be playing Today at 1:30 EST on KHV Radio! I'll also be commenting briefly during the half hour, so please take a listen and enjoy the music!

    Here's the playlist!

    :~DJ TIME WITH ANIXE - APRIL 12TH, 2014~:

    1. Easy as Life - Aida (Original Broadway Recording)
    Performed by Heather Headley

    2. Crazy in Love - Emeli Sande ft. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
    As heard in The Great Gatsby (2013)

    3. SHUFFLE - Masami Okui
    The Second Japanese Opening of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

    4. Me Muero - Utada
    From This Is the One (2010)

    5. I'd Give My Life For You / Inochi wo Ageru yo - Miss Saigon (Japanese Version)
    Performed by Minako Honda

    6. Radioactive Remix - Imagine Dragons ft. Kendrick Lamar
    Featured at the 2014 Grammys

    I won't put up a download link publicly for this DJ Time, but you can request one by messaging me or something.

    Hope you enjoy!!!
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    First off, this is NOT about April fools (well, maybe) BUT BUT BUT BUT BUTT BUT BUT BUT


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    also reminder to watch it tonight on your tv at 8:30 EST (do da math urself)

    and see the wind rises get severely overshadowed by frozen hype
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    (I didn't know where to post this exactly, but I guess mods can move it if not appropriate here lol)

    A couple of days ago, news surfaced about Utada Hikaru (theme song performer for Kingdom Hearts and Evangelion reboot series) being engaged to a 23-year-old Italian bartender. The official announcement of this engagement can be found on her site here. Here's an English translation I found:

    I think there were some rumors that regarded her health about a month ago but that was most likely speculated due to her keeping quiet about the situation. But anyway, congrats to her and hopefully she'll have a great life ahead of her!
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    As your friendly neighborhood Chinese person, January 31st is when the Year of the Horse actually starts, not today.

    Just so you know.
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    Nickelodeon has the balls right now to air The Last Airbender movie.

    Welp, I know what drinking game I'm playing tonight...
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  16. Anixe
    I attempt to type in "Okie dokie." But evil spell-check happens and instead I sent her "Okie [insert offensive lesbian term here]"

    And that was my morning, KHV.
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    They say...

    So, they say that if you sneeze once, good things are being said about you. If you sneeze twice in a row, bad things are being said about you.

    Today I sneezed 20 times. How should I divide up these premonitions?
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    I asked what day it was.


    And no one responded to me.
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    That awkward moment when...
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    ugh gawd

    Fruit at the bottom of yogurts has become my new pet peeve (aka don wanna mix it >:c )
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