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    He watched as Fluffkins was playing around in mud. He listened to how Zephyr seemed frustrated. "I wouldn't worry to much I can remove the mud whenever we want. We can let her have fun." To prove his point he moved some of the mud off Fluffkins using his magic, making it hover a few feet over her. He let it back down onto the ground making a small splash as it did so. "See, besides she is probably so used to following the rules and doing whatever the farmer wants that it can be good for her to have some fun. I can also make a wall around her so she can't move if we have to, but we don't want to make her feel trapped."
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    As Gavin and Zephyr distracted Flulffkins he noticed she opened her mouth in that moment he pulled away. He then walked over to were water was. Finishing washing the spit out of his hair, he walked back to the others with his hair wet.
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    He walked over to the shead grabbing the perfume and tools. He then walked over and set them down by zephyr. "My name is Shawn" he said to Fluffkins. Giving a slight bow to her.
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    "Perhaps we should see what Fluffkins wants. Did the farmer leave a time frame in which we need to feed her or play with her or for anything else on the list?" He really didn't have much more of an idea then Zephyr had in what to do.
    There job was more or less to make Fluffkins happy so hopefully them winging it would be fine.
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    He stood there after the guy gave them the information they needed. Personaly he would rather keep a close eye on Fluffkins. "Do you need us to do anything else why we are here?" Having nothing else he needed to ask.
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    They finally arrived with Gavin asking all the questions, one of witch was if someone could or would use Flukkins as a pillow. " Where do you want her at night or us?" He was secretly hoping they wouldn't have to stay up for three days or sleep outside, although that last point didn't really matter as he could make a big cover like building with his magic or at the very lest they could hand make something out of some random tree or something. With what happened on his last mission it helped to expected the unexpected, he wouldn't be surprised if the dark guild showed up out of nowhere for the alpaca. Or if the alpaca was a mage or something it probably had wool magic if he had to guess.
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    Nagata had transformed back into her self, asking them if she can join them, while she was being her usually self. He moved slightly away so her arm was no longer leaning on him. Nagata always seemed to be like this so it was to no big deal with her acting this way. Everyone sure was used to her well strangeness by now. It could be useful to have an illusionist to have on this mission if hydra claw showed up again. "Sure why not", what do you guys think?" he asked Gavin and Zephyr.
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    He had been doing nothing for a few days with Midarah finally back he could talk to her, but given what they just learned it was highly possible she didn't know anything at all so he decided to wright her a letter:
    In my mission,we ran into two people and a bird, there names were were Reuben, Lytton, and Jy. They are from a dark guild named hydra claw. Conrad mentioned that the mark from that guild was probably on a serpent he fought on his mission. Wanted to see what other information you could gather from this information ~ Shawn
    He ended up putting the letter in MIdarah office where she would see it. He didn't feel like mentioning the fact that they already had a member of this dark guild inside there guild with information spreading like wildfire. He walked to the job board passing everyone there reading what was there with the pet sitting one gone which was probably in Thea's hand. "I'll go with you Thea if that's the pet sitting mission." He really didn't feel like saying much of anything else.
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    He sat there as Lakoda and Conrad talked, Lakoda mentioned what happened on there mission. She talked about how they were attacked on the way to the baby shower. He wasn't sure to begin with if they should tell Conrad, but guessing what he had to deal with it seemed he had just as much trouble as they did. He decided as this point he might as well tell him everything. "They are called Hydra's Claw, with people and a bird, there names were Reuben, Lytton, and Jy. The bird had egg magic, one of them had shadow magic and the last had speed magic. The guild mark had three heads on it of I'm guessing a hydra in a shape of a circle, kind of like the heads were following each other, and linked in the middle. We still don't know why they wanted this artifact, but then again why would a dark guild want anything. I'm assuming the baby is a mage of some short and the artifact is to help protect the baby. As for telling Samuel, about everything I think someone should, he seemed tired though and I thought it would be nice to let him rest for a bit."
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    He fallowed Lakoda to where Conrad was. He listened to what was being said. Conrad telling them bits from his mission, fallowed by him asking how theirs went. "You could say it wasn't a cake walk, but it was interesting, we learned a few interesting things." He looked over to Lakoda wondering how much they should really tell Conrad, telling him about Samuel's having an older sister, was one thing an other to tell him the mess with the dark guild Hydra's Claw, with the people/bird Reuben, Lytton, Jy, and the pendant of power thing they we for sure after, that was most likely in the cake that Lady Erin ended up opening and holding on to.
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    He looked around as the fighting was still happening around him. He was wishing he could explore more or at the very lest could get his hands on something electronic, at this point he would even take a small bit of wire. It wasn't like he could try and leave the area with guards watching them, he was more interested in what exactly the out come of all this could be. A few people seemed to be gathering around the table with the guy with silver hair. He wished these people didn't take his stuff. He listened to what people where talking about but stayed at his table, no one seemed to be near him at the moment and he really didn't have input on what the people at the one table were talking about.
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    They finally arrived back at the guild hall. Lakoda asking if they wanted to join her for some food.
    "Sure I would be happy to. Just give me a few minutes." He walked away notice a few minutes later more people arriving Everette mentioning something about Midarah. So she wasn't here, that put a hold on him asking her something for now. He walked to where the food was grabbed a sandwich and ate it quickly. He then grabbed three more and walked back to his mission partners handing one to each of them, keeping the last for himself.
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    He stood there waiting for something more unexpected to happen. He wondered if this pendent was the thing the people were looking for. He looked around waiting for the bird thing and the shadow mage to pop up out of nowhere. "Now what do we do"? He had some question for someone when ever they got back to the guild hall for now He decided to wait for whatever came next.
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    He looked around as they were put in some sort of prison. They were all handcuffed together he looked around more after the orientation. He could remove the muzzler if he really wanted to but to play along with what was going on for now. There were a few cameras around the place. the place seemed well built. He then walked around the perimeter of the mess hall after he got it there there wasn't anything out of the place. A few people seemed to be fighting he wanted to stay out of that as he was sure they were all being watched. He saw an android of some sort he wondered if it was part biological or all machine and how he/it was built. He finished walking around and stood by a random table.
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    He was about to agree with meeting lady Erin as they had a message for her. They were hurried into the large building, he only see his masters house that seemed to be as large as this one. They ended up walking up to Lady Erin. "Yes, the message: look for the power with in, does that mean something to you?" He wounded if lady Erin knew about the artifact and maybe that had something to do with the power with in. "If you don't mind me asking where is your husband?" He kept thinking Madam Madeleine had a thought that Lady baby was magical also, so maybe that had something to do with the power with in instead.
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    He started moving the wagon forward with haste. Hopefully they be at this place they needed to be at soon.
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    Name: Jace Terry (JT)
    Crew Position: techie (gussing similar to shipwreck)
    Age: (How old are you?) Appears to be in his 20s in human years
    Race: Human/Alien (is alien but appears human)
    Birthplace: (Home planet or city) tecnio
    Personality: can be caring, likes inventing, and can be reserved. Sometimes he like keeping knowledge to himself.
    Bounty: 20,000 U
    Crime: (What were you initially arrested for?) Making a new invention when he was to be somewhere else, blamed for power grid going down because he wasn't there to fix it.

    Hair: Black
    Eyes: green
    Skin Color: tan
    Height: 5'9"
    Distinguishing features: (Tattoos? Piercings? Scars? Facial Hair?)
    Always has home made goggles on his head (see below)
    Weapon Proficiency
    : guns, bombs, chemical or electronical/machine things.
    Special Skills:
    Lockpick/hacking: can open any door/lock physical or electronical/can hack into computer systems or things that appear electrical/machine in nature.
    Can remake his googles.
    Can make almost anything out of very few or strange items.
    Goggles: let him see inferred, ultraviolet, in night vision, and see farther distances. (Swich between visions, Googles only work on him because he put a safety figure it it)
    Spoken Languages: (Existing or Fictional)
    English, binary( read and understand, it be weird to talk in 0 and 1's, although he can just chooses not to) Morse code, and varry few alien languages.
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    He was getting really tired of this, his few options he had was fight them more, threaten to destroy the wagon or let Lakoda take over. It wasn't like he could attack the shadows them-self's anything he did to them would just do nothing.
    He leaned over picking up a sizable chunk of rock and threw it with all his might at Lytton head. "Let me take over Lakoda". He then reached for the rains so she could do something. It wasn't like he could do much. He was secretly wishing Yukyo could take care of the bird, he also was keeping an eye out for the other mage that seemed speedy.
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    Shawn looked up as Yukyo grabbed the box. "wait don't." but it was to late there one chance to surprise them was now lost. He quickly cast sandstorm tiring to blind the bird thing, so hopefully it couldn't see them, he then used boulder bash controlling the size of it so the eggs and rocks would just cancel each other out it small parts of dust, he then made a spear (weapon make) and shot it at the bird thing still in the sandstorm cloud.
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    Shawn looked up seeing the bird thing was back. He still had the fake box with rocks so they could still use that as a distraction. "Should I throw the box or send boulders behind us, or use sandstorm?" He asked both of them.
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