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  1. darkmandrago
    Ok yeah sounds good, having a website for this would be great.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Dec 11, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  2. darkmandrago
    Awesome that's good to hear, i can't wait for this to be working finally. this way i won't have to buy a ps3 to see what the final mix is like in english.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Dec 7, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  3. darkmandrago
    Hey guys how's it going? Haven't seen any updates in a while and was just wondering if this is still in progress or has it been abandoned due to being to busy or something? Also how far along is it? Is it almost complete or is it still a long way off being stable to do a proper playthrough.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Dec 6, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  4. darkmandrago
    I personally would prefer the X and O swap just because I'm used to it but KH2FM is the same as this currently is even though the tutorials show the english controls and I've been having trouble getting used to it but if it's too unpopular or too hard I don't mind playing with the X and O the way they are.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Sep 2, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Ok cool thanks
    Post by: darkmandrago, Jun 22, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Great I can't wait to try it out fully completed, oh but just one question are the X and O buttons still swapped around as in like O attacks and X jumps or is it like the English versions where X attacks and O jumps?
    Post by: darkmandrago, Jun 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  7. darkmandrago
    Awesome I'll be very excited once it's done, how much do you guys have left to do now? Is it mostly just bug fixes at the moment or is there still some translations needed to be done?
    Post by: darkmandrago, Jun 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  8. darkmandrago
    Oh awesome, I hadn't seen any updates in a while so I was starting to think the project had died, I'm glad this isn't the case because you guys have done an amazing job so far and I think it will be awesome once it's finished.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Jun 16, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  9. darkmandrago
    Yes he forgets her when he gets beaten by Riku and put into the digital world but he's only there for a few days before he rejoins Sora. So the stuff he does is because of her because he doesn't really do much in the Twilight Town days. and with the scene in DDD when he passes his memories onto Sora it is believed that he had ALL of his memories back because what would be the point of showing Sora a couple of days of memories. Also take the pain of Sora's face when he receives the memories of Roxas losing Xion was if I remember correctly to saddest and most painful moment for Roxas as I am pretty sure he doesn't cry at any other time and he gets pretty angry after that too.
    Post by: darkmandrago, May 8, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
  10. darkmandrago
    That's not true though if you re watch that cutscene when she dies he forgets her for about 5 seconds and remembers her just before she finishes dying.
    Post by: darkmandrago, May 8, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX
  11. darkmandrago
    Well I think you guys are doing an amazing job and I'm glad you've stuck with it instead of letting it go dead. All of your hard work is much appreciated.
    Post by: darkmandrago, May 4, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  12. darkmandrago
    I downloaded and all that but I had to make the cheat_ws folder and there is nothing in the dropdown menu. is there something wrong with my PCSX2 it's version 1.0.0? i'll try getting the latest one and see if that works and i'll let you know how it goes.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Mar 23, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Thanks that should make it look better.[DOUBLEPOST=1395460718][/DOUBLEPOST]can't find it anywhere i've looked through the menu's and files and can't figure out where it is. sorry to be a pain.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Mar 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Hey guys, this isn't for this patch specifically but I was playing the English translated KH2FM and I set the resolution to the same as my screen and it looks great but i'm not sure whether the character is supposed to be thinner or larger because i set it as 16:9 i think and it looked great but Roxas looked a bit bigger than i remember him so i set it to 4:3 again i thing and he looked skinnier than i remember so is there anything like that in this patch and if so what should i have it set at so it looks good but isn't stretched or squished or anything.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Mar 21, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    He meant h
    He meant that he has finished the game 100% not that the translation was 100% done.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Mar 5, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    if you could then that would be awesome but if it's not possible or to then i understand that.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Feb 22, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    That would be awesome thanks. it's just really hard to get used to the different setup. oh but how do you use codebreaker codes?
    Post by: darkmandrago, Feb 22, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Hey guy's stupid question but is there a way to change the attack and jump buttons to the way they are on the original version with X as attack and O as jump instead of the FM way of having them reversed?
    Post by: darkmandrago, Feb 22, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  19. darkmandrago
    yes it is normal, the same thing happens at the end of kingdom hearts 2, i'm pretty sure the save after completion is only fairly recent in the kingdom hearts series, in fact i think it's been in most if not all the games that came out after KH2 so to not be able to save after end credits in KH1 final mix or not, is to be expected.
    Post by: darkmandrago, Feb 7, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
  20. darkmandrago
    There should be five folders within the import folder which you get from downloading the Zipball builder so those you shouldn't need to worry about then you should have all the files from the incomplete and complete folders on the google drive next to those five folders, there are 235 files in mine, i do not know however, how many files are in the original iso, i just know that i have downloaded all the complete and incomplete files for the patchmaker and it has worked
    Post by: darkmandrago, Feb 1, 2014 in forum: Code Vault